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28/03/2012 at 22:01
Had to go to Keith today. Left at 5.30am n got home at 6pm. Did well to delay the pepper steak with mushrooms, toms, onion rings n home made chips n wine. Needed to do a midweek run. Did my hilly 7.43 miler. Shorts n t shirt. No leggings or flm kagoul. Got into a groove, n as I never felt too bad I kept on going at a decent lick. These runs have been between 8.07-8.14 pace. Tonights run was 7.40 pace. Its incredible the huge leaps in improving times just doing 2 decent runs a week. Tonights me wouldve finished half a mile ahead of last weeks me. And last weeks me thought he ran quite well? !?
29/03/2012 at 16:16

Tuesday nights me would have been happy with that Stoker, I was a tad creaky in the warming weather and after a hard month. 7.5 at 7.49 pace, three weeks back I did a simialr distance in 7.05's without much effort. One hard session tonight and 10 days taper till Hull marathon 

Funny how quite the forums get when we get a few days sun

29/03/2012 at 16:49

I have my final hard session tonight, well a reasonably face paced 7miles.  I tried to do a fast 5 on Tuesday but my legs were tired from Saturday's long run so I listened to them and didn't push it.  I then have 17 days tapering, which seems quite luxurious compared to Drunken!

I'm getting slighlty anxious now, I don't have any worries about completeing the distance I do however worry about getting round in a time I am happy with. 

29/03/2012 at 18:04

Bec - Over the last few years I've never really tapered much for anything. Ten days is enough as I had an easy week last week post-Hardmoors. my best marathon came off a two week taper. 25m on Sunday may seem a lot, but on trail thats my bread and butter, so I class that as taper. If I tried to to that fast, or something on road faster of say 12m+, that would do me more harm. I wouldn't advise my approach to everybody though, I've learnt mostly how I work since FLM 2005.

So, have I missed a list of marathons, time, target, etc...? maybe too early for VLM crowd, but as I'm next week:

Name        Marathon               PB         Target         Road maras          No       race day kit      

Euph          Hull (08/04)          3.39       3.20-30      5                                ?         purple City of Hull AC vest

The No and race day kit is mostly for you doing the popular marathons, its a nightmare trying to find people at start of VLM for a pre-race hello, post-race "autopsy" etc...

29/03/2012 at 21:05
Bec , - I am with you. I know I can do the distance- its just the pace........and its just one race on one day- and who knows how I will feel on the day?

I've got just over two weeks to go now.......(15th April) and feeling well tired and fatigued.

hmmmmmm tommorrow I plan to revisit the 'crime scene' of my bad 10k from last week and go round again.

Drunken- not long to go now.

won't be long folks till its all over, we can lounge around , eating chocolate and contemplate the option of an autumn mara.........or hauling my bones around borrowdale fell race again.....
30/03/2012 at 12:56

I think I put this on another thread the other day, one of the best bits of simple long distance running advice: "Its not the distance, but the pace that kills you". Beders who used to post on here used to have a great stat, something like, 30 secs too fast per mile early door will cost you two minutes per mile after 20.

I'll be starting steady, building to my slowest target pace over first 5m. If i pick up some pace without effort thats ok, but I won't be pushing it or watching pace till beyond halfway.

CR - May see you at Borrowdale

31/03/2012 at 08:37
Well thats me just out the bath after doing my 13.1 mile lap of Dundee. Beautiful morning with a pinky sunrise coming up over Broughty Ferry. ( Lorraine Kelly lives there!). Anyway, after my good midweek run n 3 days rest, I found myself running comfortably at a pace I knew was quicker than last week. Kept it going n finished well in 1.45.51 @ 8.05 pace.
Im amazed at the big leaps forward in fitness Im getting off just 2 runs a week, n maybe this will get me to book an Autumn marathon. My race in 3 weeks will still be run with my mate, but the plan is to run 2 more halfs on the next 2 weekends n see if I can lower it further, then hopefully accompany my mate on race day to another pb.
Have a great weekend folks.

Little Stoker.
5ft 11.5 ",12 stone 12, n balding.
But still George Clooneyesque..
01/04/2012 at 14:08
Did a 20 miler this morning. Furthest I've ever run. average pace was 8.40min/mile. Just about made it with a bit of help from some jelly babies. I don't know where I'm going to find the extra 6.2 from though!
03/04/2012 at 08:40
I am meant to be doing 1mile jog, 8x400 with 200 recovery and 1 mile warm down. I'm currently back home and it is indeed grim up north, it's chucking it down, I have turned in to a southern softie and really don't fancy going out! Given that my marathon is in 12 days will it really make a difference if I do today's session?
03/04/2012 at 15:23

Bec - I'd say the makeup of session isn't that important, the schedule just wants you out the door doing the last semi-tough intensity session before the big day. Leaving it till tomorrow or next day wouldn't do much harm, but I'd still do something, if just to remind yourself you can still do a harder session as legs seemingly turn to mush and lungs to concrete during the taper. personally I'd get out there, can't be the worst conditions we've had this year for training. Put an extra layer (or waterproof) on and do it ;)

Getting there LS, sub-8's on the horizon now.

Sounds good LM, you'll be suprised on the day that it'll feel easier at the same pace and even a bit faster if you taper your training right, take life easier outside of training too and eat properly, loading up carbs a few days before the day. Prior to my best marathon (not PB) I did 20@8:19(flat race), 22.6@8:58 (flat), 20@8:44 (undulating), 22.75@8:39 (undulating) for 26.2@8:34 (on a course that was quite a bit more undulating per mile than the 20+s in training).

And my comment on my log after the 22.75 was:
"Painful LSR, hope I'm a bit fresher on the big day so I'm not thinking of giving up running from 3/4 distance. Good pace, not sure I could maintain much better with challenging hills"
So we've all been there, thought the same and its come good on the day

Edited: 03/04/2012 at 15:26
03/04/2012 at 16:29

Hi all, I'm hoping some of you will be able to help! I'm doing London in a few weeks!

I have never done a marathon before and not kowing my pace put myself inthe 4hr15 group (pen 7!) but training has been going well and I'm on for about 3hr30mins or just over (did 21.5 in 2hr55 at the weekend).

I've spoken to the people at VLM and they're completely immovable on switching pens at this stage. Does anyone know how easy it will be to sneak forward to a different pen on the day? Or if anyone's done this before can you please let me know how I can avoid being slowed in pen 7 and cancelling out all this great training I've been doing?!

Help much appreciated!!!


03/04/2012 at 16:37
I did it

I wasn't quite warm enough as I'd rather stupidly only brought shorts with me but I do feel better now I've done it, thanks drunken
03/04/2012 at 17:37

Hi GL2 - Pens aren't guarded or seperated as such (if I recall), I think they check you go in right pen, but you can always weave, push and shove your way forward before the start. The earlier you get in the easier that would be as I'm guessing many people are thinking similar.

Good stuff Bec My missus always thinks I'm mad with my "go out in almost any weather" policy, but I rarely finish a run thinking I wish I hadn't done that, due to the weather. And I usually find if I can get a shower/bath quickly after, before skin cools down, a run acts as an effective central heating system on colder days. So its a double win for this "tight" northerner

Edited: 03/04/2012 at 17:42
03/04/2012 at 19:17
Euph is right GL2. I saw that little scamp and his sharp elbows at the front pens in FLM09. If you get there early enough, you can move forward, just make sure that you obscure your number with folded arms so that he pen fuzz don't scupper your move!

The hills around work have been doing their stuff during my lunch runs. I'm at home with the kids this week and had to escape the chaos with an 8 miler at lunchtime. Furthest distance for some time and it was a doddle, felt proper strong, ran around 7.30 pace and it appears my running mojo is back!

The Masters golf is on this week. I'm like a kid at Christmas...can't wait!!

Hey Stoker, Woking are so close to the BSS title, I can almost taste it!

03/04/2012 at 22:02
Out with old Dogfish Dave Rodley tonight. He ran an uphill 13 miler home from work last night, then wanted us to do a 7.44 mile run tonight. Mini blizzard halfway round. Felt easy n done at 7.45 pace.
Geraldine. Welcome to the greatest thread in the world. Badger n Euph are right. I wouldnt worry at all about the pens. Before the start, people are nipping in n out for a last minute pee etc. Keep pushing forward n dont be shy about doing it. Better to be surrounded by Ethiopians than rhino's n Darth Vader. I didnt run freely until the 20 mile mark in 2008. So long as you stick to your pace, it'd be a HUGE advantage to not be dartin n dodgin around slowcoaches. If you go in pen 7 then just nudge forward with a bin liner covering yer number. Youll have plenty time to move forward.
Said to my old man last night that Id happily forfeit every second of the Olympics to watch The Masters. The greatest sport event of the year.
Badger, Dundee are doomed to another year in Scottish footballs 2nd tier.
Well done to the mighty Wonking.

05/04/2012 at 09:43

Sounds like there is some proper good running going on chaps and chapesses... well done... keep it up and good luck in London GL2!

Good luck Becs - whens your run and which one ya doing?

 I've had a couple of days off, resting the tired legs.  Local annual 5mile race tomorrow - previous PB 36m 40s - hopefully beat that tomorrow, then breaking more new ground with an 18m LSR on early Easter Sunday.... 16m being my previous furthest... then just 7 weeks to go to build that mileage...

05/04/2012 at 10:13

LS - Good to hear Dogfish is still running (and still fast). Cracking pace for your run yesterday, good signs for the HM!

Masters should be good, gorgeous course, I always watch it despite the limited coverage we always seem to get in the UK. I'd still take the Olympics, well some of it, I'm not really into sailing, field events, shooting, weight-lifting, sync swimming, gymnastics, but love to see the track and road running and cycling at that level. Love to get up early and watch the marathon's.

I'm properly into tapering mode, legs feel like running through treacle and little short runs this week just seem mundane. Only one more run in next few days and then its Hull Marathon on Sunday! 8am start, which is far better than a later start as I should be done and dusted by midday and in a beer garden (weather depending) soon after

05/04/2012 at 10:14
Aiming for sub 3-45 at the VLM, but like all marathon  runners I worry and whittle about times in training and will I achieve it? I think London is difficult for times as the roads are packed and you spend the race weaving and dodging other runners, so my advice is just to treat it as a big event and enjoy the crowds especially as it is Olympic Year. Did 2hrs 57mins at the Great Oakley last Sunday following some advice I read somewhere that recommended the first 7 miles at 9' 30" pace, next 7 miles at 8' 35" and final 6 miles at the slightly faster than 8' 35". Managed the 9' 30" but it got a bit tougher for the next 13 miles! Never sure how to handle those last 2-3 weeks of taper, but I shall definitely not drink several pints the night before the marathon as I normally do, justifying it by saying I've done all the hard work. Good luck to everyone who is running the VLM or a spring marathon.
05/04/2012 at 10:28

Hi all, seems I'm late in joining this (massive!) thread, but thanks so much for your advice! I will get my elbow spurs on for the VLM this year, in a binbag - classy! Only problem I envisage is not being able to have a last minute pee if I manage to push a pen forward as I won't be able to get back in! But I will cross that bridge when I come to it!

Sounds like there is some excellent running going on! I'm in my taper for London now, and looking forward to the next couple of weeks very much taking my foot off the gas before the big day.

 Good luck to everyone else!


05/04/2012 at 15:53

Hi Tom - thats one way to pace it, but I'd have thought a more even pace would work better for 26.2. A negative split (faster second half than first) is a rare thing in a marathon.

As I dust off my first beer just after midday on Sunday - to celebrate a PB of course - I'll think of all you lot with two weeks to go till VLM. And I'll toast a drink to your achievements on the day, whether first, second, fifth or thirtieth mara, whatever the time, pace, ..... As Tom says, Enjoy, its a lot of effort to put into something that you don't.

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