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07/05/2012 at 09:17

Sorry to hear things aren't improving with the missus LS. 

6 weekends of 13 milers is very impressive, I've only run once since the marathon! I'm hoping to do a 10k in a month and use the marathon training to get under that elusive 45 mins. Speed work starts tomorrow!


07/05/2012 at 20:09
Bec, looking at my photo, do you think if Id looked after my teeth that my missus might still fancy me..?
Speedwork starts tomorrow. Is that like diet starts tomorrow?
Ive only done one 10k in my life but my traing at the time got me my 44.17. Unlike a half or a full marathon, I do remember that I was breathing out my backside right from the word go! These last few years, Ive been running mainly just to stay fit n heathy. I read the other day that "jogging" regularly adds 6 years to your life. That's Badger sorted, but the rest of us it seems will have to slow right down to get the Brucie bonus.....
3 missed calls on the mobile from the missus today. I'll ring her shortly n see which direction the rest of my life is going!
Cheers all.
Little ( 5" 11.5" n 13 stone n balding. G.S.O.H. ) Stoker.
09/05/2012 at 22:54

Wow!! A hilly 5 miler at 7.22 pace today with a 6.48 downhill 5th mile!!!




10/05/2012 at 22:26
Statto Jogger...
Wife turned 41 today.
I posted her card yesterday morning but immediately realised I hadn't stamped it. Considered buying the same card n re writing the same message but thought it would be daft as she'd then get 2 cards the same. So tonight I spoke to her on the phone n Im not so sure she'll pay the surcharge to receive a card a day late from her useless hubby.....
No run again this week.
Im gonna write me a book.
Run 13 Miles Once A Week n Stay Well Fit...
Jamies 30 Minute Meals will be blown off the bestsellers list by it.
11/05/2012 at 16:03

I'd buy it

13/05/2012 at 16:06
Felt dicky Friday night so no run Saturday. Brought the running gear up to Brechin with me. Its easy getting up early when you sleep on the setee...
Took the dog today. She's unfit now Im no longer there to give hersmething more than a plod round the block. Had to stop quite a few times in the first 4-5 miles for her to catch up, but the last 5 miles she was ahead of me n lovin' it !? Dog physiology is not my strong point. Anyway we did a very blustery 9.57 miles. Texted my mate to see if he fancied it, but he did 12.7miles on Friday, so good to hear he's maintaining the fitness. Sat here by the open fire with a few logs burning n my dog at my feet. All 3 kids have gone off to their separate pals. The wife'll be back from shopping soon then I'll head back to Dundee.
Cheers all.

13/05/2012 at 16:10
I hope that the term "felt dicky Friday night", translates exactly the same for everyone?!?
Dicky rhymes with sicky.
I did not go to some footloose gay bar n get frisky with the regulars....
15/05/2012 at 21:18
Today in my wee van, a 3kg powder fire extinguisher fell over in the back as I drove down Glenshee from beautiful Braemar. The pin fell out n the handles 'got together", n 3kg of the powderiest powder known to man was expelled all over the inside if my van. Took AGES to clean EVERYTHING meticulously with dust pan n brush n hoover n soapy water.
Watched the brilliant 56up last night. Asked the missus to try n get the kids to watch it n see that 7 year olds do very quickly turn into old people n that not every life turns out perfect.
29/05/2012 at 13:02

Two weeks since the last post? Shame on us!

Had a couple of hot runs recently, real hard work but satisfying at the end. 6 hot miles last night at a pace that was 24 seconds per mile better than last week on the same circuit.

Went to the PGA Golf at Wentworth over the weekend. Superb golf going on. Followed Luke Donald for a while and saw Rory McIlroy hit most of the trees and crowd on Friday.  Free golf umbrella for BMW drivers as we entered the BMW car park and then off to the BMW owners lounge for complimentary coffee and soft drinks. The Volvo biys didn't do that when they sponsored it (never had a Volvo anyway.)

There's a sale on a Wiggle.co.uk. Bought a pair of Ascis gel GT2170 shoes last night as my old pair have worn holes in the side. Should see me bouncing along nicely later this week and shaving some more seconds off my summer routes.

Hope you're all getting on well with hot summer training?

Remember, more miles means more beers!


06/06/2012 at 00:00
Cant let the thread die.
Havent run in over 2 weeks so entered the Dundee Half in 8 weeks time to give me something to work towards.
Hope all are well.

06/06/2012 at 19:43
Haven't really run since the marathon I did something to my knee and I can swi and bike no problem but can't run. I saw a physio who said it was my IT band but I knew it wasn't. I'm going to see a osteopath on Monday so fingers crossed he can fix it
07/06/2012 at 20:45

Ooooh, the dreaded T-U-M-B-L-E-W-E-E-D is blowing across the thread.

I've not posted in ages, usual excuses, either too busy with other stuff or not running for various reasons.  2011 was my anus horriblis (I'm sure that's how her Maj spelt it way back in '97) ... 2 house moves, crocked almost all year (knee ... recurring war wound ..Jap sniper, Burma 1942), and a serious chocolate habit.  Amazing how quickly a sedentary lifestyle can catch up with you.  Oct 2010 I ran a PB in the Loch Ness marathon, sub 3:15, and by October 2011 I had put on almost 2 stone and could barely run 3 miles at 10m/m pace.

Been injury-free for the last six months and I've dropped a stone and back to reasonably comfortable sub 8 m/m over about 10 miles.  Long haul though ... phew!  As with LS I am signed up for the Dundee HM, and in September will run the first ever Highland Perthshire marathon, a 2 loop course, the first loop includes the HM  runners too.

Anyone else running an autumn mara?


14/06/2012 at 12:38

Great to have you back on the thread DFD!!

I'm slowly getting back into proper running again. Since FLM09 I've had a hip operation to fix a bone defect - they had to file it back into the right shape! 12 months of physio/rehab and I got running again. Fully fixed but playing too much football to do serious running or races. lost my job last year but found another. It did mean that lunchtime running was out for a while but I can get out once a week now.

Over the past 2 Sundays, I've done my first 10 mile runs since Jan 2010. managed 7.47 (1hr 18m) pace which I'm very pleased with on one hand but on the other, that's 10 mins off my best, so lots of work to do.

Bought one of those Garmin watches and it's great! Did a 4 mile interval session last night and it tells me I did some sprints at sub 5 min pace...only for a few seconds but it looks good on the stats.

Let's keep the thread going, gang!


14/06/2012 at 14:25

Hi SB.

Jeez, and I thought my bad knee was a disaster. Sounds like you've been right through the mangle there SB, but 10 miles at 7.47 m/m is far from shabby!

My "comeback" race was a HM (Angus HM - same as Stoker).  Undulating course with a fairly brutal last few miles so I set off very conservatively near the back of the field (about 200 runners I think). Ran the first half without blowing too much as I knew about the sting in the tail, and also not having raced for 18 months had no idea what was in the tank. In the end I finished quite strongly for a a shade over 1:40.  Next race is Dundee HM which is an easier course and I will have another couple of months training in the bag, so hoping for 1:35 -ish.  I'm going to try the slow start approach again and just try and gradually wind it up.  In a small field It means you get to pass lots of slower runners without weaving, and you don't need to waste energy warming up beforehand.  I have a feeling I may have reached my high water mark in terms of race times (HM 1:28 three years ago), but I'm enjoying running again at least, and still trying my hardest!

Are you planning on going racing anytime soon SB?

18/06/2012 at 09:21

Well,  first long run of the marathon campaign yesterday.  Set of on tired legs after several hours spent shopping with my girls (I have the mental strength to complete a marathon but crash and burn after an hour of shopping). The plan was torun 17 miles and try and keep to about 9 min miles, but I had an option of shortening the run in several places if I felt too knackered.  Amazingly I had a really good run, and finished on strong legs with 2 sub 8 min miles.  I think the weather probably helped a lot ... about 10 degrees, hardly any wind,  and drizzly.  I passed a woman walking a dog at one point and she said "nice day" as I passed by in the rain.  I agreed with her comment but almost immediately realised she was kidding!

Legs are tired today though, but good miles under the belt.



18/06/2012 at 19:56

Good work there DFD. Sounds like the weather was ideal for that sort of run this time of year but not so good for Pimms in the back garden with the shades and bermuda shorts on!

Tore my achiles at football last Thursday night, really hurt and was limping for a day but recovery seems quick. Did 16 miles on the bike yesterday and it felt fine. Will run again later this week to test it out.

No races planned for me yet as football coaching gets in the way. Might try one of the mad extreme races in Battersea in November as they're on a Saturday. Just waiting to see the football fixtures for Woking first. We won promotion to the Blue Square Premier and I don't want to miss a match!


21/06/2012 at 12:14

Squeezed quite a lot of running in this week ... 17 on Sunday, 8 on Tuesday, 9 yesterday, and I might get another 6 in tonight while my daughter is at Gymnastics.  Just trying to build up the miles a bit before we go off to the sun for a couple of weeks mid-July.



02/07/2012 at 22:59
Havent run much lately. Only a 7 miler at the weekend these last 7 or 8 weeks. Did 9.5 Saturday, then tonight at 10 to 9, I felt bored n lazy so went out n did 7.43 miles in 1.01.00.... 8.13 pace. Dundee Half is in 4 weeks but sub 1.50 would do me right now.
Hope all are well.

03/07/2012 at 20:17

Interval session for me tonight. First time I've used teh Garmin to manage it. 

1 mile w/up then 10 x 1 min fast and 1 min recoveries, 1 mile w/down
4.7 miles at 7.31 pace. Some of the intervals hit 4.10 pace for a few metres. If I can keep that up, I'll have a tilt at the next Olympics....yeah, right!! 

I love that gadget!

Hope you're all keeping well.



Edited: 03/07/2012 at 20:17
03/07/2012 at 23:17
You only hope they are keeping well coz I said it n you'd look cold n heartless if you didnt say it !!!!!!
Thought back on last nights run how over the Winter of 07/08 I dabbled in things like mile repeats with a minutes rest in between. I think I managed to do them at about 6.35 pace. Wouldnt be anything like that now, although I did feel good last night. It doesnt take much for the fitness to take big leaps forward if you run just a little more regularly.
I won ??50 by pulling out Spain in the pub Euro 2012 sweepie. As my brother aint working, Ive said if he spends it on decent running trainers, he can take ??30ish out the jar behind the bar n I'll have the change. Hope he can get the same stress busting, self esteem boosting boosts that I get from it.
Worked at Kenmore today, on the banks of Loch Tay. Beautiful.There again tomorrow, then Alford n Elgin n Braemar Thurs n Fri. They all look even nicer when its sunny but the forecast remains dreich.
Man walks into a baker, and points and says,"Is that a doughnut or a meringue? "
The baker looks n says, "No, you're right enough. It's a doughnut."
"NURSE !! I said prick his boil !!!!!"

Im here all week.
I thang yaow.

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