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03/07/2012 at 23:19
?? came out as ??
03/07/2012 at 23:20
16/07/2012 at 23:24
My thread is dying....
Ive the Dundee Half in 2 weeks n Ive not been running much.
Went out tonight at 8.30 n did 8.7 miles @ 8.11 pace.
Ill bite the hand off 8.30 pace over the 13.1 in a fortnights time.
P.s. Dundee FC are back in the big league....!
Mr Zuvai    pirate
17/07/2012 at 09:18

how'do stoker - saw Dundee FC in the news last night and thought about you! 

 Good luck with the 1/2! 

17/07/2012 at 09:21

Saw Zuvai comment on here and popped in to see what he was saying...   But now I'm here, Stoker I'm doing Dundee in a couple of weeks too.  Have you done it before?  I'm trying to get my head around the course.  I'm thinking its three miles uphill followed by 10 miles down/flat/undulating and run both on and off road...?!!!




Mr Zuvai    pirate
17/07/2012 at 09:56

Minni meet Stoker! Stoker meet Minni!   

haha - we should get freemers to pop her head in too so say hi & keep the old thread alive! 


17/07/2012 at 11:30

As if by magic....Hello everyone

minni - stoker has a pair of thighs to rival DD's.  And he has some fantastic tips on pre-marathon fuelling, or at least which fried chicken outlet in London to avoid the night before VLM

17/07/2012 at 12:10
Hey Freemers we're doing a bit of thread crawling today!
18/07/2012 at 20:37
Hullo Minni.

As the lovely Freemers intimated, I'm the handsome baldy 42yo with magnificent white thighs....

Runner 307 if you don't believe me. (My picture doesn't do me justice.)

I havent run the Dundee half for maybe 4 years. It was my first ever race in 2005. I ran too fast up Lochee Rd then died along the riverside to the Ferry. Then one year it went from Camperdown along the front to the Ferry, then the last time was from the Ferry to Campie. Haven't run this route before, but it'll still be 13.1 miles!

Went out on Monday n did 8.7 miles @ 8.11 pace, then tonight in the rain I did 10.8 miles @ 8.19 pace. I feel like a daft school kid cramming for an exam with less than 2 weeks to go!

Zed. "The Dees are up to stay!!!!!"

Happy days. Glad to hear someone is thinking about me. You when you hear about my team, n Freemers if she's ever tempted to pop into Ali Bali's Deep Fried Laxatives in Wembley Park just before a marathon....

Last year I got my mate into running n he has now run 3 halfs, getting a 1.52, a 1.50, then a 1.48. Now another mate is doing his first ever half at Dundee. The plan is we are then all gonna race each other at Glen Clova in November for a friendly wager. I reckon with incentivized training, the winner might need to knock on the door of 1.40 to win!

Based on tonights run, I should be able to do 1.48-1.50 next week.

Keep my thread alive people !!!

Edited: 18/07/2012 at 20:38
18/07/2012 at 21:21
I'll look out for you! How do you know your number already? Is it the one on the entry list? If so I'm number 8!
22/07/2012 at 20:02
Went out at 6am on Saturday n rattled off 11.6 miles in 1.36.15 for 8.17 pace. Chuffed with how it felt. First 3 run week in years. I certainly needed it to boost the legs n the confidence for next weeks half. Also rediscovering my enjoyment of regular decent length running.
My marriage is possibly breathing its last, so I'm pulling on my trainers to get rid of the stress n to also feel good about myself. If I was an overweight couch potato (instead of the magnificently thighed balding love god that I am) then Id be wallowing in the hopelesness of it all. Who needs drink or anti depressants when you have a pair of trainers !!?

Little Stoker.
25/07/2012 at 08:45

Good luck with the domestic stuff Stokey Boy. I know it's been going on for a year or two now, can't have been easy. At least running has maintained your regular level of insanity.

I've been trying to up my game and run more regularly. 3 years ago I managed to run twelve consecutive 100 mile months and then the hip operation set me back. these days I barely hit 50 miles per month due to playing too much football and getting on the bike.

Did 9 very hot miles at 8 min pace on Sunday, 22 secs per mile slower than when I did it last month. The heat was definitely a factor so I'm not panicking. I can see that my interval sessions are paying off with other runs. A recent 6 miler at 7.17 pace was a good sign.

I've entered the ballot for London so maybe that will be a big motivator?

Off to watch Cav and Wiggo as they fly through our way on Saturday, then Team GB at wembley on Sunday. managed to get Team GB basketball tickets for next Saturday too. Really can't wait for the games to start. GO TEAM GB!!!

Great to see Freemers back in the room!!

Keep on keeping on, guys!


26/07/2012 at 14:42
Badger. The Dees are up n the once mighty Rangers come to sleepy Brechin on Sunday. Cavendish's sprint to win maybe the 3rd last stage was one of the most incredible bits of sport Ive ever seen. Was he on a motorbike??! Minni. Im now number 333 on the list. Steven Grieve if it changes again. Look out for the man who makes Sir Chris Hoy jealous. My wife used to cal me The Old Man of Hoy but that was for a very different reason...
Ran 8.7 miles easily at 8.11 pace on Monday so should be ok for just sub 1.50?
29/07/2012 at 17:55
Great day for my hometown half/full marathon. Over 1,000 entries. Half on nature trail paths n half on roads. Warm day (for Dundee!) but it added to a great atmosphere. Felt the lack of miles in my legs from 10 miles onwards but managed, just, to keep things going. Somehow I knocked my watch in the first mile so that buggered up my accurate timekeeping for me n my novice mate, but he motored on at a steady pace, picking off the struggling optimists as we went. We both forgot to glance up at the finish so dont know what we did. Mid 1.50's I think. It was a chipped race so we'll find out soon enough. I was pleased with what I did off very little training but am now determined to be much fitter come Glen Clova in November when I'll be running against my 2 mates in a friendly wager. Can I get things back to the low 1.40's or below again? Only if I get back to doing a decent regular mileage, when the pace of each run cant help but get quicker.
Hope Minni had a great run.

Mr Zuvai    pirate
30/07/2012 at 10:02

cracking run stoker - bet was great to be in a racing scenario!


30/07/2012 at 17:51

Well done Stoker. I'll be a virtual training partner as I step up my autumn schedule.

Watched the cyclists on Saturday and went to the Wembley football yesterday. Fantastic to see so many different national supporters going to the different venues via London stations. Can't wait to see the basketball on Saturday.

Got into Wembley and was asked to give an interview to Swiss TV. Enjoyed that. #mediawhore

Anyone else got tickets?



30/07/2012 at 17:58

Hi Stoker!  Sorry I didn't see you (or rather your thighs!).  I managed 1:38 but found it hard.  I think those two downhill miles knackered me before I'd really got going!  I quite enjoyed it and would do it again - a bit of everything thrown in really. 

31/07/2012 at 22:08
Cheers folks.
A long way away from 1.37.58...
My mate did 1.54.48.
He texted me today and said "There's a new sheriff in town!"
But it really aint no magic formula. Run more. Get fitter. Run faster.
August tomorrow.
When does Summer begin?
Great run in the sun Minni. There were a few who looked struggling in the woods at the start. Mustve been a long day for them.I saw a pic today of some cyclist whose thighs were like mine...
Night all.

01/08/2012 at 15:32

Hi All,

Minni ... I was just in front of you on Sunday. (1:38:18)  My quads are still mashed after the long downhill.,miles 3-5 -ish.  I run that bit of the route all the time (close to home) but not at sub 7 m/m pace.  I found it surprisingly hard, given it's a net dwownhill course and the wind was favourable..

Stoker, it's all in the mind. If you can run 11.6 miles in 1:36 at 8:17 pace you've only 1.5 miles to add for a sub 1:50, and that's on a training run.  I think you should be running sub 8m/m, and with 3 months to Glen Clova HM and your new training regime sub 1:40 beckons, nae bother. Give me a call if you want to go for an evening run sometime (I'll look out some shades to protect my eyes from the reflection of your milky thighs)

4 weeks to the Hghland Perthshre marathon, first mara for 2 years, so really looking forward to that.  No particular target, though sub 3:30 would be nice, but really a building block for an assault on the PB in 2013.

SB, sounds like you are having a great time@olympics ... can I have your autograph?  Watched the highlights of the GB wimmin vs Brazil last night ... good stuff.

Fingers crossed for Wiggins today.


02/08/2012 at 22:06
I know Dave Im not a big fan of warm weather running. Give me drizzly hell or biting frost anyday. Went out last night for my first run since the race. Set off thinking it'd just be a plod to get some miles in. Up past Liff Hospital. A surprisingly decent time at halfway so I didnt ease off too much. 7.43 hilly miles @ 7.54 pace. At the end on Sunday I was knackered and did feel a bit nauseous, if thats any indicator of effort. My neice's fella, 31yo, wants to get fit, so tonight at 6pm, I took him out for a wee plod. We did a 2.5 mile loop in 22.36, including a wee walking bit after 1.5 miles. I then set him up an account on fetcheveryone and I hope he is motivated by the training log as much as I am.
Badger, did you point me towards fetch 6 years ago? I can remember I used to measure out my runs in the car til you mentioned gmap!
With my new protegee hoping to come out with me a few teatimes a week, Im hoping to up the mileage and gradually push the pace of an average run down towards the 7.30 mark. Im glad at 42 that I can still complete a half marathon, but Ive done the last 4 or 5 halfs alongside mates and have forgotten how it feels to chase a time. My mates have been told that they'll need to be very low 1.40's to have a chance at Glen Clova.
Dave, Ive got your number. Most nights Im twiddling thumbs or cutting grass, so a few runs would be great. Just make them your recovery runs though, yeah?!?

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