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03/08/2012 at 09:22

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03/08/2012 at 09:23

Dogfish ah well done for Sunday.  I can still feel my quads too.

04/08/2012 at 07:59
Out the door at 5.55am to a beautful blue sky over Dundee. Did a hilly route of 10.61 miles. Legs seemed to feel stronger, or maybe my mind just felt more confident, as the run went on. Finished well in 1.25.23 @ 8.03 pace. Last weeks time was a combination of lack of training, my aversion to running in anything like a warm day, and me not being used to really pushing myself mentally in a race.
Have a good weekend folks.
06/08/2012 at 11:44

Good stuff LS, really good pace, but blimey that was an early start!

I did my penultimate 20 miler yesterday, a loop going over the Sidlaw hills north of Dundee, and back a different route, so lots of off-road, ditches, fences, cow pats anjd soggy ground to conrtend with.  Great fun..  I have been meaning to do this route for years, and yesterday was the day.

At one point I could see for miles in every direction and absilotely bno sign of human activity, just p[retty much undisturbed countryside.

I must confess I felt a bit vulnerable at points since I was not carrying any gels, water, phone or ID (stupid boy). Finished the run in 3hours:15 for 9:45 pace, but it was the time on feet that was important to me, and the fantastic scenery of course.

One more long run next weekend, then the taper begins!

I am already thinking about next years training, and have decided to try fitting in some 2-a-day sessions, which means adopting a Stoker "up and out the door" strategy 2-3 times a week. Not suet if it will happen in reality, but it's worth thinking about at least 



06/08/2012 at 18:43
You still not gotta mobile? 07513197645 if you fancy a plod one evening.
Had mince n tatties at 5pm, and am restless so will probably go out for a wee run at 7.30-8 ish.
Know I enjoy my Saturday crack of dawn run, so wanna try n do 2 midweek runs as well n build things up.
365 miles for the year so far. Last year I only did 500. 2010 I did 700. And I think about 1,000 for 2009 n 2007 with 2008 about 1200. I think.

07/08/2012 at 08:43

Spent Saturday at the Olympics...SUPERB!!

Looking forward to seeing us break our record medal haul today. Hoperfully a Brownlee will win the triathlon while Pendleton and Hoy go for gold in the superb velodrome.

The commtment shown by these athletes for scant reward puts our footballers to shame who are overpiad before achieving anything.



07/08/2012 at 20:14

Came home from work n slumped down n watched an hour n a half of excellent cycling. The wee clip of Sir Chris Hoy doing his hellish lactate threshold blasts on the bike made me realise what digging deep really is. Didnt go out forra run last night so went out tonight n picked up the pace a touch, to get me more used to a bit of discomfort. 6.72 miles @ 7.36 pace. I'll try n do at least one run a week where I'll do at least that distance n see if I can get quicker each time. I know it'll help my half marathon length runs feel a lot comfier.

I think since Nursey left the thread after FLM2008, Ive just been playing at this running lark !! That Brownlee lad is lucky I'm a rubbish swimmer.....


14/08/2012 at 22:26
Went out at 6am Saturday looking forward to banking a decent 10 miler. Set off at maybe 8.30 pace. After half a mile I felt a bit funny then after that it was like I was on mile 11 or 12 of a tough half marathon..? Carried on thinking it was all in my head but after 2 miles I knew I was never gonna get anywhere close to 10 miles so walked home. I really felt that tired!! I was in the bath at 6.30 wondering why I felt so bad. Had a great weekend otherwise. The wife still finds me resistable..
Went out tonight n did 6.72 miles @ 7.45 pace. Today my son started primary 7. Tomorrow my girls start 2nd year and 4th year. Yesterday they were just babies.

14/08/2012 at 22:41

Did a 9 miler on Sunday, 2 weeks into my 16 week programme for Valencia, splits (9.07)(9.03)(9.14)(9.11)(9.14)(9.33)(9.34)(9.27)(9.00), as 4hrs is around 9.12 average i take it this is acceptable?

I'm currently following a rough programme which incorporates a tempo run, and a LSR run. minimum of 2 runs a week , hard to do more really as i work shifts!

15/08/2012 at 10:05
Some would say theres still 24 hours in each of your days Si regardless of shifts, and that you'd really benefit from making it a minimum of 3 runs a week. I did a 10 on a Wednesday morning (6ish). A 10 on a Friday morning then my long run early on Sunday (again 6ish). The midweek 10's naturally just got quicker as I got fitter, then my Sunday run felt a cruise at a 'slower' pace. Maybe 7.30's on the 10's and 8.30's on up to 22 miles. It delivered me a perfect FLM2008 as Id targeted sub 3.45. Last nights run for me was me getting closer to the old 7.30 pace of runs. If I run regularly it will come. 3 runs a week will give you quicker improvements. Some thought I was nuts planning to run a marathon on only 3 runs.
Good luck anyway.

15/08/2012 at 19:20
That's fair enough will try & do the extra run if time allows, if I don't get the time only myself to blame I suppose!
19/08/2012 at 18:31
6.7 miles around Montrose Saturday morning at 8.12 pace. Felt good. Any soft Southerners fancying doin the Glen Clova Half in November n taking home a mug need to be on the forfarroadrunners website from 6pm tomorrow night when entries open. Only 300 can run due to the size of the hotel (its miles from anywhere n November can be dreich!) I'll fill up my mug tree finally with my 6th mug this year.
Dundee FC took a tanking from the Arabs across the road today. (Theyre known as the Arabs coz they used to use loads of sand on their pitch, in the 60's I think.)
Back to work tomorrow.
G'night all.

20/08/2012 at 22:07
Well me n my two mates are entered for Glen Clova, n already the banter has started. Who will be Monarch of the Glen? Ive lost the last 2 halfs Ive plodded with them in 1.56 and 1.48, but I havent trained well and raced a half in a long time. Tonight was day one of 11 n a half weeks when the horrible thought of nit beating my mates will inspire me to dig deeper n run further. Only did 6.72 miles, but I kept a decent pace going n did it in 50.23 for 7.30 pace. When I was running well in 07,08, and 09, I would rattle off my 10 milers no problem at 7.30 pace Monday, Wednesday n Friday. I need to keep that pace up n gradually increase the distance. As Ive been doin a lot of gardening to keep me distracted n sane, soon Autumn will come so I might find a wee gym n go once or twice a week. If I didnt enjoy having green fingers n bulging white thighs, I'd be a basket case.
12 stone 10 after my run n just out the bath, but 3 pints of cold water n another bowl of mince n tatties before bed n I'll be back in the 13's.
Gnight all.

22/08/2012 at 21:59
Thats incredibly interesting Stoker.......
Reading some of the advice from some half marathon expert in the RW Training section. I dont really do all these complicated Yahoo 800's or intervals or Fartlick stuff. He does advise doing tempo runs of 8-10 miles to get used to the discomfort, and a run of 15-16 miles at a relaxed easy pace. I enjoy getting out early on a Saturday so thats the long un and I did 6.7 miles at 7.30 pace on Monday, so with 11 weeks to go, Im happy Im heading in the right direction. Just need to add a wee plod midweek, or a gym visit.
Im actually considering getting up at 5 tomorrow n having a run before work.
Relations between me n the missus aint great so this helps distract me.

394 miles for the year so far.
25/08/2012 at 19:33
Thats great running Stoker!!!!!....
Out the door at 5.58am.
12.84 miles in 1.49.23 @ 8.32 pace. Happy with that. Good to get the distance done no problem.
Watched dismal Dundee FC lose 1-0 at home v Ross County.
Not good.
Would like to do that run every weekend between now n November 10th to gauge my fitness. Might add an extra quarter mile to give me the half distance.
Great talking to you all........
27/08/2012 at 10:06
That's great posting , Stoker!

Fear not old chum, I'm back from 2 weeks in Turkey with a big red belly full of beer and kebabs and witb renewed running enthusiasm. Seeing the scales at 13st 10lbs was a bit of a fright.

Read a book called Keep On Running by Peter Hewitt while on hols. He's a marathon addict, has done over 26 but his best time is only 3.20. I'd expect to be a bit quicker after that many runs. He hates intervals but recognises the difference they make after setting his PB by doing them regularly for one campaign. Now, I'm not one to say I told you so...

Maybe we should get him on here for our expert insight?

I'd love to be the M of the Glen and would no doubt put you Sweaties to shame. I have seriously considered entering but my football commitments with the youth of Woking take priority. This may be my last season as they're now under 16s, so maybe next year.

Time to get out there and do my first run in August. Decided to have the month off and give the dodgy knee a rest. 4 easy miles in the woods beckon.

27/08/2012 at 18:36

So, did the easy 4 miler and was pleasantly surprised that it was sub-8 (average of 7.40).

Used he HRM on the Garmin for the first time. HR seems a bit high but it was very warm and I am full of lager and kebab from Turkey. The stats came out thus:

1) - 1m - 7:46(7:46/m) - 149bpm avge - 170bpm max - 95cal
2) - 1m - 7:31(7:31/m) - 162bpm avge - 167bpm max - 103cal
3) - 1m - 7:41(7:41/m) - 164bpm avge - 167bpm max - 107cal
4) - 1m - 7:43(7:43/m) - 168bpm avge - 173bpm max - 111cal

I love that gadget!

New campaign started, not sure what for but maybe I'll get (un)lucky in the VLM ballot in October, that'll give me focus.


27/08/2012 at 19:44
One day Badger I'll tuck your morris dancing self into my pocket after wiping the floor with you on my sodden home turf. You might be allergic to proper hills and fresh air and beautiful scenery and stovies and wimmin with ginger hair and not know it until you dig out the passport!?
Will you lie comfy on your death bed knowing that youve never supped a cuppa from a Glen Clova mug? Beautiful lodges for hire with hot tubs etc within 50 yards of the hotel which is the start n finish. Book early to avoid disappointment!
407 miles so far for the year. Chatted to my mate Sunday. Told him I did 13 miles Saturday. Turns out he did 14 on Sunday! For a half marathon in mid November! ?!??!

28/08/2012 at 12:03

When I hit my 1.30 PB for the Fleet half marathon, my training involved plenty of intervals, longer tempo runs and a couple of 15 milers thrown in for good measure.

Get that speedwork in, Stoker and put some manners on that mate of yours.


28/08/2012 at 19:08
I was trimming the ivy around the windows at the back of our house chatting to my mate. We were both ripping into each other, to the extent that it will undoubtedly inspire us both, and my other mate, to train that little bit harder over the next 11 weeks. My life, although its barely worth living now...will be unbearable if I come up short on a track I know so well. Im 43 on the 8th of September n I think they are both 48, so I should be ok. I know how fast I can go, and aim to run the 13 miler every Saturday, so its just the ever quicker speedwork in between that will dictate what my time will be. I want to set off at a pace outside of their comfort zone then just rattle off the miles. I'll be gobsmacked if either can manage 8m/m pace. Each Saturday run will hopefully be a good indicator. Saturdays was 8.32 pace. I'll now run each one looking to up the pace each week, and occasionally I'll bump it up to 15 to give me extra confidence.

My biggest challenge is resisting the temptation to eat my tea which my Mum has ready for me as soon as I walk in the door. Tonight was a delicious home made curry....

Ive to be in Braemar early tomorrow, then Ill be driving over the Cockbridge to Tomintoul road, so might nip out later tonight.

Cheers Badger.

My boys team, Brechin City youths, have a tough match v Arbroath on Sunday. This is their last season on the reduced 7 a side stuff, then its the BIG pitch!

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