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02/10/2012 at 10:07
Im doing the Glen Clova half marathon on November 10th. Im on fetch, n log all my runs, but am not very clever at how others access your training etc. Only did 508 miles last year but up to about 500 already this year. I really couldnt do the streaky thing. Sounds like your doing great.
Chatting with my 2 mates last night who are also doin Clova. I said Im gonna try n get faster over the next 6 weeks n maybe target 1.42-43ish on the day.
02/10/2012 at 13:12

I take it  you have the same name over there I'm Night owl i'll buddy you you can buddy me back if you like then  i can give you access to my full training log

Streaky thing is ok up to 131 days today will be 132. Some days just do a 1-2 miles felt it worked for me when i did it before

Best of luck at Clova

03/10/2012 at 12:42

Good to see Pammie back on the best thread.

I've just about recovered from the Ryder Cup. What a superb piece of sport that was! It was also my birthday on Saturday so didn't get much running done what with coaching and watching football as well as drinking lots of ale!

Still helping my mate train for the Florence marathon in November. We did another interval session yesterday and improved on last week's stats. 8 out of the 12 one minute efforts were sub-6 min pace this week. The others were mainly uphill, but were still low 6s.

For thise that want to run fatser, the intervals and your regular paced longer runs really do work. They're just bloody horrible to do!

I have yet another VLM rejection magazine. With my latest training programme, I really should enter something to make use of the effort I'm putting in...



04/10/2012 at 23:04

6 mile tempo at 7.16 pace at lunchtime today. First mile was 200 ft straight up! Ouch!!

The mate who I run with trains in hilly areas and it shows on these runs as he always goes ahead on the uphill stretches. I murder him on the downhill and flat bits though. Horses for courses.

An hours football tonight, Legs now mashed!


05/10/2012 at 00:35

Hiya Badger

Training going well? Can understand about your friend i moved nearly a year ago i have hills on every run infact each run starts with one as live i think is the lowest part of town. It probably helps i did a 5km last Friday in Hyde Park and that last hill managd to have the strength to  catch and overtake someone. It doesn't feel as bad as it was once.

But had to work to keep ahead on the final flat stretch. Think i shall have to start 200s again for that  speed i need esp at the end now i have a Garmin again - can't get to a track no more too far away

06/10/2012 at 09:02

Morning folks. If any of you have been watching the Dunhill Cup, you'll have seen the glorious weather we are enjoying up here. Im gonna go watch some of it today. Carnoustie, Kingsbarns n St Andrews are all within 20 minutes or so.

Out this morning at 6. Did my usual lap of Dundee, but with race day only 5 weeks away now, I was a bit more focused on getting a decent run in. Felt strong all the way around, and the shuffling feet or voices in my ear to slow down just never came. Im not running these to a zombie level, so was very pleased to see a time of 1.41.31 for 12.84 miles, which meant the pace was under the 8's @ 7.54. I only ran one other run this week, and that was just 4.6 miles @ 7.33 pace. Delighted that the regular long runs have gradually dropped from 8.32 pace down to 7.54. Hopefully with the focus remaining sharpened as we get closer to Glau Coma, it'll fall even further.

Played my brother n his mate at golf yesterday. Crushed my brother by 7 holes, and had to par the last 2 holes to sneak a 1 hole win v his mate. Bought my first ever laptop yesterday too. The wife's had one, but for the last 18 months, all of this and emails etc have been done on my mobile. Im not the cleverest on a computer, but have managed to set up some app to suck the photos from my phone onto picasa. I preferred the old days when you took photos, developed them, then bunged them in a huge cardboard box. Nowadays, unless you are super organised, years pass by and photos that were on phones that are lost or pc's that crash are lost forever. Pick the wife n kids up from Glasgow Airport at 2.30am tomorrow. Sounds like theyve had a ball. Hope she comes back smiling..


07/10/2012 at 13:25

Looks like you're smoking along nicely, Stoker.

Just treated myslef to a 10 miler. Only done 3 of that distance this year. Knocked out at 7.39 pace. It seems that helping my mate train for the Florence marathon is helping me out too. At this rate, I'll be at my fittest ever going into the Chrsitmas party season! 

I really must find a race to enter.


07/10/2012 at 14:23

Thats a decent lick too Badger. Reminds me how when I was in my pomp, I would just rattle off my midweek 10's at 7.30 pace as standard. Getting closer every week. And off only 2 runs instead of 3 a week. Might up it these next few weeks.You turn into a bloater at Christmas don't you??


07/10/2012 at 16:29

Hiya fellas

Badger thats pretty good they say the best training is marathon training but without the marathon at the end so all good training for you

I was down at southend (or as the locals call it sarfend) for the 10km beautiful day  glorious sunshine managed 51:18 which is my 2nd fastest ever only my pb in 2005 was faster obviously!!!!! So well pleased today

08/10/2012 at 14:30

Well done Pammie. great to get a near PB after so long. Nice one!

Just back from the 5 mile intervals with my Florence marathon pal. 5 miles which consisted of 1 mile w/up, 8 x 90 sec with 90 sec recoveries and just under a mile w/don.
Average pace for the whole thing was 7.30. First mile was 204 ft uphill. The mile splits were 9.01 (slow 200ft uphill w/up) - 6.59 - 7.01 - 7.13 - 7.24 which I'm really pleased with considering the very slow 90 sec recoveries.

Structered speedwork really does work - but you knew that!


09/10/2012 at 09:36

Hi folks - just thought I would pop in to say hello....glad the thread has perked up a bit, and great to see you guys running again. Nice 10k there Pammie  And stoker - looking good for the Glen Campbell

I'm running a marathon on 28 October - the Newcastle Town Moor - small field, flattish course, but 5 laps so that might get a bit monotonous. Training has been going OK - not aiming for a PB but hopefully something not far off 3.30 would be nice. I've actually done my highest total mileage of any previous marathon campaign, with more 20+ runs than before (6 of the blighters, with the longest one being 23 on Sunday just gone) so I know I have the endurance in my legs, just haven't done as much faster paced stuff as I should have really. But having written second half of last year off with an injury this one was always going to be about enjoying it rather than any specific target. What I would really like is a negative split - never managed one in a marathon and I'd like to do it at least once! If it goes well I'll be aiming for 3.20 at VLM 2013


09/10/2012 at 12:35

Freemers is back!! Watcha Missus!

Sounds like you're on course for a good time at the NTM. 6 x 20 milers is part of my formula for marathon success, plus speedwork. If you read back, you'll see I currently have a protegé under my wing who I'm assisting for his marathon in Florence in Novemember. He's doing really well and is doing some great long runs as well as doing the speedwork with me twice a week at lunchtimes. I reckon he could break 3.30 or even 3.20. If he does, I reckon I may write a book on my training plan, last bloke who used it got a 3.15 in only his 2nd marathon. (it's no big secret but humour me a little!)

Legs feel knackered after the Sunday 10 and the 5 miles of intrvals yesterday. Next up is a 6 mile tempo over rolling hills on Thursday. Ouch!


10/10/2012 at 22:02

Hullo Freemers n Pammie n Badger.
Beautiful blue sky day today, n drove home from work looking forward to going straight out for a run. My brother was in so we had a coffee, then I drove him home, then I saw Ma's irresistible home made chicken cuury n rice........ Wolfed it down, n knew as I ate it that my run would now be in the dark, n at 8.30ish rather than the pinky skied 5.30-6. But I went out, n with future JK Rowling super author Badgers wise words ringing in my ears, I put in a wee bit of speedwork. Last week I only did 4.6 miles at 7.33 pace midweek. Today I added an extra lap for 5.66 miles at 7.20 pace, and it felt good. Could have carried on, but the plan is to add a lap each of the next 3 weeks. And get quicker each week.
Was up in Brechin Monday, so went out with the pool team for the first time in a year n a half. Won my game. Me n 2 others in the team are running Glen Campbell. I've embarassed and blackmailed a 4th player, a 33 year old in the team to commit to doing it next year.  Sounds like my mate Neil is after 1.50ish, Kenny is targeting sub 1.47, and I'd like to do 1.42ish. We'll see...

G'night all.


Entered tonights run into the RW race time predictor, n it reckons I should be capable of a 1.41.03 half. I reckon I coulda done another lap at that pace, so I could be knocking on the 1.40 door in 4 n a half weeks.....?
Worked out what the time woulda been with another 1.06 mile lap at 7.20 pace, n entered it, and the predicted half time is now 1.39.59!

Edited: 11/10/2012 at 18:23
12/10/2012 at 11:24

Popped in a training PB for my hilly 5 mile route yesterday, 7.21 pace.

Could have gone quicker but felt rubbish in the first mile and then felt a bit lazy en route. I might test myself on a flat route soon to see what genuine pace I have right now.

The run set me up for a storming game of football in the evening, played really well despite tired legs.

Looks like I've been talked into entering a Kilomathon in 2 weeks. It's a 26.2k route, so 16.3 miles. Having only done three 10 milers all year, it should be interesting. I've told my mate I'll use it as a training run, he'll be racing it.


12/10/2012 at 18:26

Can I join you folks....?    I need a sub 3:45 in my life.  If not, life won't be worth living...  Can you guys help me? 

12/10/2012 at 18:51

You can join other high brow fancy dan lactate threshold Yahoo 800's threads, or you can stop right here n learn from a couple of Alf Tuppers n the occasional expert who pops in.

Welcome to the thread. The only thread for me and has been since 2006 or 7.

I did my 3.43 off 3 runs a week. 10 Wednesday, 10 Friday then a long un Sunday. Did 6 or 7 20+ milers at approx 8.20-40 pace. The 10's were between 7.30-8mm pace, but closer to race day I managed to get one down to 7.10 pace.
Badger has managed quicker than me. Right now I'm down to 2 runs a week, but am hoping for 1.40 or thereabouts in a half in 4 weeks.
13 stone n 5ft 11" man. I think Badger might be taller n fatter...
Is your real name Herbert Owzaboutthatthen?


12/10/2012 at 19:03

Stoker, I have lurked on and off this thread for a while, your posts have me laughing to myself.   Love Herbert Owzaboutthatthen.    Nope, its HerpesOwner.  

I ran Chester on Sunday, 3:54.  Second marathon, first was Manchester in April which frankly, was a 20 mile warm up with a 6k recovery pace jog at the end (4:06).  HM PB was set at Blackpool in August at 1:44.  I shall be entering Manchester again in April and really want to give it everything.  So, you reckon it is possible?  I mean, can you wave a magic wand like? 

12/10/2012 at 22:13
Lars wrote (see)
3:45? Training is not going well, but after a 3:46 in Berlin I think this is what I should aim for.

8 1/2 years after posting my intentions of running sub 3:45 on page 1 of this topic I finally ticked it of my list, 2 weeks ago in Berlin. Confidently running 3:44:49. And I didn't even start with the intention of going for it.

12/10/2012 at 23:39
Having been separated from the missus for 18 months, the magic wand is now long term unemployed, but I really dont think theres much of a secret. Run regular. Run faster. Get fitter. Run further. Run further faster. But have enough days off so that you enjoy every run and retain the love of running. I felt fresh on every run. Etc etc. Having just watched a pirate dvd of Ted, Im finally into bed now with the alarm set for 5.30. I'll do my regular 12.84 miler at 6, n so long as it aint stupidly windy, I should be round about 8 min mile pace. Next midweek I'll do six 1.06 mile laps of the industrial estate at the back with the target pace 7.20. As sure as my fringe aint growing back and Scotland aint going to Brazil, I'll get fitter n faster.
Stick around scabby.
You're worth it.
ps. Well done Lars for getting your act together! And with an easy 11 secs to spare too.
Edited: 13/10/2012 at 06:10
13/10/2012 at 08:58

Out the bath n supping on a coffee, waiting on Sky Sports News showing me how Scotland got humped in the second half last night. I watched the first half, then watched my film thinking it was a formality....

Did my 12.84 miler this morning. Set off fine, then I let the negative thoughts take over my thinking. I was tired, I'd started too quick, etc etc. Kept it going, but didnt push at all for any time, just wanted to get the run done. Quite surprised then to see 1.44.06, which is 8.06 pace. Not too shabby. Maybe I needed a 'mentally weak' run to give myself a shake for race day, so I make sure that Im thinking only positive thoughts. At least I know that even going through the motions with no digging deep Im capable of a steady 1.46.

One of the lads who is doing Glen Clova with me turns 50 today, so we're going to an Indian in Brechin tonight to surprise him.

Have a good weekend folks. I'm sat here all clean n smug before 9am having done my weekend run, knowing that most will have it hanging over them until its done. Better to do it while still half asleep!


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