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29/10/2012 at 13:21

Freemers !!! a time I could only dream of ...ooooooh just spotted "3 of us from the sub 3.30 thread" I do like you but ... you name dropper ...  very well done indeed

30/10/2012 at 21:31

Very well done Freemers. A superb bit of digging deep at the end. A time I could only manage if I either stopped helping little yellow shirted ladies around London, or laid off the deep fried chicken...
Went out tonight, somehow resisting the temptation of a huge plateful of home made chilli n rice n pitta bread n chips. I soon wolfed it down when I got back though! Set off to do 4 quick laps of the industrial estate. 4.42 miles in 31.34 @ 7.09 pace. Happy with that, so carried on n did the same again at what felt like a jog. Really pleased with how quickly I recovered n how good n comfy I felt the second set. 4.42 miles in 35.17 @ 7.59 pace, so overall, 8.84 miles @ 7.34 pace. I could very easily have carried on n done a few more laps, so am pleased to see I'm approximately at the level of being able to do 10 milers at about  7.30 pace.
93 miles for the month. I havent done a 100 mile month since September 2010, so might go out again tomorrow night for a slow plod...?

30/10/2012 at 22:52
Wicked skills Stoker!
I'm on 99 miles for the month and have 5 miles of intervals tomorrow. This is already my biggest month since October 2009. Feels good to be getting into the groove again. Go get that ton up tomorrow lad.

31/10/2012 at 09:56

That's good going Stoker. Are you aiming for sub 1.40 at the Glen Campbell?

Come on guys - you need to crank up the mileage...I did over 200 last month

NN - I had to go over to the sub 3.30 once you dropped off here...need some faster company...let's face it Stoker was dragged round to his marathon PB by your good self

31/10/2012 at 10:42

 girl power I like it !!


Freemers I have just done 185 this month , the most in well over a year I have started doing more miles again leading up to my schedule which starts in Dec and has 50 miles the first week peaking at 70 later  is that enough ?  I would appreciate your input so please keep popping in  as apart from me you seem to be the only serious runner on this thread  all the others seem to go on about is football and pool.

LS always seems to be able to post these speedy training runs but whne it comes to actually running a fast time in a marathon things dont quite add up 

31/10/2012 at 14:22

200 miles!!! 185 miles!!! You birds are plain mental!!

Did the intervals today with my mate and clicked the mile counter to 104 for October. Really good session today with 8 x 2 mins hard with 90 secs recoveries. We both had long runs in our legs from the weekend but we still put in a week on week improvement once again. Some of the recoveries were barely walking pace but we still averaged 7.25 for the 5 miles with half of the fast splits under 6 min/mile pace.

He starts his Florence taper soon, so I'll back off a bit and get ready for the Paris campaign in December. Funny how a race entry can focus the mind, I'm well up for it! Well, at least until the novelty wears off, so I'll need some inspirtational comments from the "Serious" runners on this thread...and Stoker.



31/10/2012 at 15:08

NN - my max weekly mileage for this marathon was 60. I would have done a little more if I had time - so maxing at 70 sounds a good way to go. I'd never done 200 miles in a month before either, but managed it in both August and September. It was helped by doing longer long runs - did two 22's and a 23, plus three more 20-21 miles. I also ran 6 days a week pretty much without fail, sometimes 7 (I think by best "streak" was 11 days)...but a lot of that was easy paced and recovery runs.  Also never skipped my intervals each week - they are my favourite session as I am a glutton for punishment

SB - the best inspirational comment I can give you is "Don't Be Shit" . It worked for me !

31/10/2012 at 15:33

My best inspirational comment is "Don't be a girl..."

Nursey, Nursey, Nursey.........5 minutes on the thread, and already you have corrupted Freemers. You girls with your zero percent body fat n bony bums have it easy, especially adding in the aisles at Lidl's, n fetching yer men beer from the fridge to your training logs. You both know that me n the Badger are just playing at this running lark, n are capable of running much faster. After FLM 2008, I gave a shattered Victoria Principal a congratulatory peck on the cheek, which further reduced her legs to jelly, then ran the route in reverse to look for the 20p piece I think I dropped on the way. I eventually found it on the grass at the start line, then ran back to horseguards to meet the missus, hoping that Nursey n Jellybaby would have checked out of Russell Square by then, in case they followed through with their plan to pin me to the floor n stuff items of their clothing in my mouth!?
Do you ladies really feel you need to be running those numbers to get the results you are after? Or are you both just shit at running n need to try harder than natural Guinness drinking affleets like wot me n Badger are?The long uns are the same as what me n Badger advocate, but wouldnt the midweek tempo's n intervals gradually lower the times of your long uns until you are at sub 3.30 pace?

My boss rang me today. Wages day. Turns out he accidentally transferred £14,784.85 into my account, n could he have it back please? It broke my heart making that transaction!!




31/10/2012 at 16:36

Stoker - my husband keeps telling me I don't need to do as many miles, but it's just what I like doing and seems to have worked! You are right though - it is the tempo and interval sessions that really count, as they teach your body to be able to run faster for longer, which translates into a better sustained marathon pace.  I think if I did another sport or did something like cycling I would substitute some of my easier runs, but I just like to run

31/10/2012 at 16:46

Zero % body fat and bony bum I wish !!!

I have only just started doing that kind of mileage recently with a view to starting my schedule I have only been running 30-35 miles a week for the past year

LS I dont know about being s**t at running as such just s**t at running faster than 10k pace dont forget I am also a granny and find running fast hard...my conversion times dont really add up somewhere it says you need to be able to run sub 45 mins to go sub 3.45 but I get no where near that the best time I have had over 10k in the last 10 years is 46.30..these days I am happy with 47 mins yet I can get 1.41 for a half . Oh well at least you had a healthy bank balance for a few hours 

Freemers so did you actually follow a schedule ? the furthest I have ever done in training is 22 and only the one so maybe I shall go a bit further this time, I can happily run 6-7 days a week as long as its all easy paced stuff I find quantity helps me big time as I really dont enjoy speed work thats why I like the P&D schedules as these faster sessions arent introduce till a bit later

my OH also says I dont need to do so any miles but I like it 

Edited: 31/10/2012 at 16:51
31/10/2012 at 16:58

NN - I sort of made up my own schedules using stuff from P&D and others. I can't follow P&D precisely because they have the medium-long run thrown in during the week which I can't really do because of work etc. But I use a lot of their theory about splitting the training into three phases and also about pacing (lactate threshold etc).

02/11/2012 at 14:30

Ooooh that's set me up for the weekend! 8 miles with my work pal at lunchtime. He wanted to have an easier tempo as he has a lot of miles in the legs from the past week, so we took it a bit easier today. Did it at 7.10 pace and had LOADS left in the tank. I was like a dog straininig on the leash at times. That's a really nice feeling and one that I've not had for a while.

I have a sore foot and achilles from football last night and the intervals on Wednesday, so I may have the weekend off. However, I have a burning desire to do a sub-7 pace run over a longer distance, just to test myself and get it out of my system. Could be folly so best rest for a bit as more speedwork is scheduled for next week.

Certainly on a running high at the mo. Haven't been here for a few years.

Have a great weekend all.


03/11/2012 at 07:39

13.23 miles in 1.45.06 @ 7.57 pace.
Frosty morning n I needed a willy warmer.

Very Little Stoker.

03/11/2012 at 13:34
Nice work LS. is the GC next week?

Booked the Paris hotel this morning. It's happening!!

05/11/2012 at 12:38

Was speaking to a coleague at work this morning who told me of her friend at the New York marathon. The guy turned up to the event, completely unaware it had been cancelled. He arrived at the start line, raring to go in his race number...and wearing a Spiderman outfit!!!



05/11/2012 at 13:26

SB where's your hotel?  We stayed just off L'etoile it was amazing on race morning.

05/11/2012 at 15:05

We're over near the Eifel Tower, next to the river, around about the 18.5 mile mark. Just under 2 miles from the start, so should be able to have an easy walk there with my mate on race morning. Meanwhile, our families can have a lie-in and stroll across the river to see us puffing along in the last third of the race. 


05/11/2012 at 16:30

Glen Campbell is this Saturday. I was gonna take my missus to Paris, but finances n me never being one for forward planning meant it never happened.... You're certainly flying along Badger, having loads in the tank at 7.10 pace. Bumped into a girl from Forfar Roadrunners who I see at Clova n Edzell every year, on Saturday n today. She was unsure what to aim for, so we're gonna run together n target 1.42-43 n see how we feel later in the race. Who knows what we'll achieve after a week of rest n someone to hang on to? Looking forward to the occasion more than the race as I dont race that often n it'll be good to see old faces again.


05/11/2012 at 17:20

I have to say that after not racing for over 3 years, getting back the race day feeling really stood me in good stead at the Kilomathon. I quite surprised myself. I guess it's the proper eating, stretching and going to the bog beforehand that gets you into race mode and makes those runs so much different from regular training runs. That and the occasion itself.



Edited: 05/11/2012 at 17:22
06/11/2012 at 09:03

I agree SB - I love racing so whenever I've had an injury break that first race back is so exciting. Just pinning a number on does it for me!

LS - some of your training timeswould indicate you could target something nearer 1.40 or a little quicker? Or is that the point - play it safe as it's the first race and hopefully negative split?

Did a slow 12 miles on Sunday, freezing cold and rain and not at all enjoyable, not helped by the fact that despite the total absense of DOMS my legs clearly hadn't fully recovered from the marathon...by about 8 miles I was ready to stop, but it was a choice of running to at least keep some semblence of warmth or walking and freezing to pieces

I'm racing again this coming Sunday - the Stowmarket 7. An odd distance for a race but it's a nice one and I haven't done it in a few years so could be on for a PB. I think I need to beat 50.42...must be able to do that, so long as my legs behave themselves .  Then 2 weeks later I have the Norwich Half.  Unsure what to do in between really - don't want to overdo it, so probably a couple of faster sessions and maybe a 13-14 miler the Sunday before. With any luck I can just use all the marathon training to get me round. Would really like another PB.

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