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16/11/2012 at 09:59

One leg shake out (Monday) and two good runs this week. 7.6m on the undulating wooded trails of the most local Wolds dales on Tuesday. A lovely mild night and was pleasent to run in shorts, t-shirt despite rural route. And of course headtorch as very dark so I didn't run into trees or stumble on tree-roots and trail shoes as the trails have muddied up a lot already this year. Last night 11.2m, basically a big WU before I joined club for a shorter communal WU and some lamppost sprints. Was going well, espcially at first when managed top lean back to force a good form, does work! But unfortunately that form becomes hard tio maitain through the session. Finished of with communal and some personal extended CD.

Whats everybodies plan for the weekend? LSRs? 20'ish miles of the Rudolph Romp for me as my last long one before I taper for event (1st dec). It;s my most local LDWA challenge and lots of flat sections interspersed with hills so it's marathon pace at times, especially with a large local runner turnout to crank up the competitiveness.

16/11/2012 at 13:46

Plans for week end are...3 x night shifts  running plans are 11 later today before work, 6 tomorrow after sleep and food and before work and 8-10 sunday after sleep and food, before work .

Euph 11.2 miles warm up ?????? did I read that right ? on the subject of pushy parents there is a very fine line between encouraging and pushy as I found out with my youngest (now 19) he was a very good runner and showed promise over middle distance (800m) as 10/11 year old but I realised  it was time to let him make his own mind up about racing when he started throwing up with nerves on the track at the start of races  looking back I think I was pushy and he stopped running/racing as the "fun" went out of it and then just played football  he has done a couple of local 10ks in the last couple of years and I am hoping he will, like his older brother get back into it..but its up to him now.


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16/11/2012 at 13:48

So today was the last scheduled run with my Florence marathon pal as he goes into the final week of taper. He wanted to do a short race pace run out today, so we set out to chat all the way round. It felt like an easy stroll and we had a good old natter. He was over the moon to see the clock say we did the 5 miles at 7.15 pace.

He's in great shape for next week and his 11 week campaign has delivered me into fine form going into teh Paris campaign which starts on Dec 10th.

He should be low 3.20s or sub that next week if everything goes his way. Meanwhile, I'll treat myself to a cheeky 10 miler tomorrow as I need to keep some distance work going before campagh proper.

Good luck with romping Rudolph, Euph!


16/11/2012 at 13:52

SB sounds like your mate is in very good shape for the marathon I hope the rest of his taper goes well , how any 20 milers ? has he followed a specific training plan ? or just lots of speedwork ?

16/11/2012 at 14:42

NN - he followed an 11 week plan that I put together for him, based on 4 runs per week, LSR, recovery, intervals, tempo (as I've banged on about before!   ).

I'm really pleased as it shows the attention to quality sessions really delivers. He's managed 5 x 20 milers with a few 15s in there too in alternate weeks where possible.

He did a 43 mile week recently which was his biggest, so not as big as some others. Again, the focus was on higher sustaned speed over increasing distances. I paid close attention to the structure of the interval sessions, never doing more than two identical sessions and increasing the efforts steadily over the weeks. The same goes for the tempos. As I said, doing the speedwork with him has brought me on a treat too!

I really don't know how you run so much before a shift...heroic!


16/11/2012 at 20:59
Blimey I managed 5 miles last night with the club and just hung on at the back. I felt much better today though, definitely over the worst and back into it.
16/11/2012 at 21:27

SB I have no choice , I dont know how people get up at 6 in the morning to run OR go to work I dont surface till 9 at the earliest on my days off. I am virtually nocturnal these days after over 20 years of night shifts.

11 weeks thats a short time to prepare for a marathon...or was he already running alot ?

Mr puffy glad you are feeling a bit better, but that night nurse has made you all wobbly...

11.5 tonight in 1.44 all easy low HR..concentrating on base building before schedule starts in December

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16/11/2012 at 22:45

Only a real nutter would get up at that time Nursey, especially on a weekend if they had no race to train for and had had a heavy cold all week......
The runners around you look less congested, so I'm guessing your pic was in the latter stages of FLM08? Plus I cant see George Clooney's body double helping you along...Puffy has adopted the only surviving video clip of me just after crossing the line that year.
After a week of sniffling n no running, I feel like I haven't run in months n have lost all that I gained pre Clova. I had a doze after tea tonight, so will get up tomorrow abefore 6 n just go forra jog n see how far I get. I don't want the year end to just fizzle out. I only found out what this parkrun thing is all about noseying on the computer Wednesday, so maybe me n the lads will work at them over the Winter months? I'll maybe rejig my runs, n arrange to run that with my novice older brother on Saturdays, to get him into the competitive side of things. If I can keep him running through the festive season, then he'll be a shoe-in to continue it on into next year. The Dundee run is a mile from here, although it is a hilly muddy route.
Quiet, nondescript weekend ahead. Most are like that when you are the outsider in a separation. The highlight will be watching my pension plan play football in Carnoustie. In 10 years time, the top players should be on what, a million a week?
Is anyone clever when it comes to cameras? My soon to be 15yo daughter wants one for Christmas. Budget is about the £100 mark.I'd like her to develop a real passion for it.I guess I'd like her to develop a real passion for anything that isn't facebook or older boys ! I'm sure that at our amateur level they are all pretty decent. Big optical zoom n easy uploading would be the stand out features for a computer idiot like me. Anything else I should be looking for?

After that doze, I'm wide awake now....


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17/11/2012 at 00:23
Falling asleep now and can do detail tomorrow. have a look at the Canon sx 220 or 230 with GPS option. an excellent unit that is both fully automatic or manual. I bought one the day I flew out to Turkey in the summer.

19/11/2012 at 14:02

Don't know a lot about cameras either. But, I'd agree with SB, at least used to be a case you couldn't go far wrong with a canon, sounds like still holds true. 'Bigger' I agree optical zoom (rather than digital soom) is the way to go, though you usually need a big expensive camera to get one that has much effect, so don't worry too much and take best option for price. I just use one on my camera these days, no zoom on that, but much easier to carry around on the run and take pics of nice places where I go.

Did you feel well enough to get up for that jog LS, nice cool morning but sunny morning for you if like was here?

Good going at a nice easy HR NN, proper job on the base building, how long will you go before schedule starts?

 MrP, you'll be back upto speed in weeks I'm sure!

Interesting plan SB, its been awhile since I've regularly done tempo and intervals in same week, but can see how it might work for some.

My take on training these days as I'm a fan of "event specific". I may only do one interval/reps/genrally fast session per week, but I make the remainder as specific as possible. E.g. for a mountain trail event I did this year a fairly typical week I'd do was....

Mon - Easy, leg stretch - 3-5m
Tue - Hill reps or run off-road (not fast as hills are effort enough) - 5-12m
Wed - Easy/Steady, leg stretch - 3-5m
Thu - Hard sesh on/off-road (harder hill reps, tempo, intervals, etc) - 6-12m
Fri - rest day
Sat - LSR (off-road, hill and pace profile to try and match upcoming event, usually carrying race day kit requirement for weight familiarity, test race day clothes/shoes, maybe late morning to early afternoon to get used to warmer conditions) - 12-35m
Sun - Nuthin

Not strictly marathon relevent, but even a marathon might have specific challenges, not so much the surface as in a trtail event, but there still mifght be hills, or heat to deal with?

So as a bit of a specificity exercise and also because its a pleasent route i ran the middle 20.1m of the 24.5m Rudolph's Romp the other day. I know the area quite well, but nice to get a feel for likely race day conditions (it's muddy at one stage I passed a part sunk 4x4 - not a chelsea tractor either - being approached by a big wheeled tractor copming to pull it out) and test out my pacing at various stages and see how I coped generally. I was out for 3:07, which is alright, just need to hold a slightly faster pace for a few extra miles in two weekends time and I can officially say I've improved (on this course)

19/11/2012 at 14:25

Ohhh.... new kit arrived today S-lab 5

..... But now I've got to give it to the missus to hide til xmas

19/11/2012 at 19:32

That's a good looking bit of kit, Euph. I have no need for it, but I want it! 

7 weeks ago a bloke at work asked me for some advice on a 10k he was running. I gave hom the usual stuff on speedwork etc and sent him off with a plan that should get him his target time of sub-50 which he'd never done before. He did the race Yesterday and smashed out the race in 44 mins. The lad was beaming!! 



20/11/2012 at 11:29

You should be charging for these coaching services SB

20/11/2012 at 14:06

Well SB looks like you know what you are talking about ( that hurts to say )  serioulsy well done to your mate and good luck to the one running the marathon.

I will add though I coached y 16 stone couch potato brother to a 13 stone 4.30 marathon this year  so maybe both approaches work .

Euph my schedule starts 17th Dec 18 weeks. And like you I only tend to do one hard session  week, high miles and fast running dont mix I find I get more strength from high mileage, and if you DO end up wearing that new kit before christmas..remember you have a baby to pay out for soon so you wont be getting any more surprises to open christmas day 

LS teenage daughters and older boys ?? well I havent got a teenage daughter but I can assure you teenage sons and older women can be right bloody nightmare (I will say no more )

14.25 in 2.12 yesterday all easy low HR 


20/11/2012 at 19:59

It's a good feeling when the protegés achive under our guidance, eh NN?

I'll be interested to see your longer distances for your campaign. I'm probably going to peak at arounf 45 in any single week. The speed sessions may well end up as mile reps and tempo rather than anything too strenuous. This time round I want to train smarter to avoid injury. The Garmin will help with the interval discipline and HR on the longer runs.

I did a 10 miler at 7.24 pace a the weekend. It should have been 7.15 pace but I had a mega stitch for about 3 miles. made the mistake of trying some gluten free bread with my pitch eggs earlier in the morning. Turns out it caused more problems than cured.

Today I ran at work and tackled a hilly 6 miler that hurt me bad 2 months ago when I started the training with the Florence pal. I used the hills for strength work and killed off a few ghosts from the last time I did this run. averaged 7.15 pace and I took it steady rather than tempo. really pleased, strongest feeling run for AGES! 

So, celebrating with fish and chips now. 


22/11/2012 at 21:58

So I did Clova, then the week after I had a heavy cold so didn't run. Then this week I didnt run, til tonight, when I realised how sluggish n lazy n fat I was feeling! So went out at 7.30, just intending to go forra 'jog', to get some kind of run on the board. Had no idea how it'd feel, but got into a groove. I do laps of the industrial estate, which is 1.06 mile laps. Thought I'd maybe do 5 or 6. Felt good so thought 8 would be a decent number. Felt good so continued n did 10. All at a pace that I was comfortable running at with no digging deep at all. Could've carried on no problem. 1.27.33 for 11.19 miles @ 7.49 pace. Realised these last 10 or 11 days just how much good running does for my general mood, and how much of a lazy slob I feel when I'm not running regularly.


22/11/2012 at 22:45

I know what you mean LS. I gave up football tonight and instead did a 10 miler just on feel. Made sure I didn't get too out of breath, just wanted to run strong, attack the hills and get the legs used to doing more endurance work. Averaged 7.24s and had plenty left. Another sub 1.15 for tha distance and I feel a world away from the fat git I was back in September who was struggling to do sub-8s on most runs.

13st 5lb this morning. havent been down there for a while. Will do my best to pile it all on over Christmas but at least with the Paris campaign starting on Dec 10th I'll have some excuse to carbo-protein-alcohol load.


22/11/2012 at 23:16

After the run I weighed myself n was 12 stone 11, but I'm sure after a pint or two of water n a bit of supper I'd be back up close to the 13 mark. You're taller than my wee 5' 11.5' aintcha Badger? Great running for a big lump. Must be so much easier for the 8 n a half stoners with zero per cent body fat. Football update. My lousy team have these last few weeks thrashed both Edinburgh teams n drawn with the 'Well, and so look forward to going to Paisley Saturday to meet St Mirren, who are only one point ahead of us. Then its the derby v the arabs across the road. I'll take my boy to that. He'll be blown away by the white hot heat of the closest derby in world football.
91 yards at the last count I believe.

Time for bed.


23/11/2012 at 10:20

Nice running SB and LS .Although I don't know how you get your head round mile laps LS  especially 10 of them.

SB   whats the distance of your first long run of your schedule ? mine is 15 so I am trying do a 13/14 once a week at the moment.

I couldn't get into work last night due to road closures thanks to all the rain and flooding, so an unexpected day actually seeing some daylight and not sleeping for me today, the weather looks as if its going to be ok today then horrendous again tomorrow so I will take advantage and go for 10 miler, also work off some calories ready for nice Indian meal with the girls tonight, they get really annoyed as I never have to say no to that extra naan bread or dessert..." just go and run 10 miles ' I say...I would rather do that than turn down chocolate cake any day  

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23/11/2012 at 13:32

Ha-Haaa Nursey, I like it! that's the great thing about regular running, we NEED that energy while others store it and never use it. Take care on those wet roads, especially if the drains are up and hidden under puddles.

Like you, I'm ticking over by doing regular LSRs before campaign proper begins. For me it's a weekly 10 miler with some shorter hilly distances during the week to build leg strength. My LSRs are now planned and in the spreadsheet. Paris campain begins w/c 10th Dec. and the LSRs look like this:


The idea is build up, sustain, alternate for recovery and then come back down before hitting the big one.

It will be tough but I'm almost looking forward to it.

My Florence pal just bought me lunch in Prezzo to say thanks for coaching him and to carbo-load for Sunday. Nice one!  I'm just as nervous as he is!


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