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23/02/2013 at 13:19

Is this now my blog, or still a thread...?

Out this morning at 7. Want to see wee improvements every week, so today I nudged the run into double figures, doing 10.63 comfortable miles at 7.59 pace. I need to keep the 3 runs a week thing going n I know the times will tumble. So long as I know I'm running further n faster than my 2 mates in Brechin I'll be happy ! Read some RW info last night on the benefits of hill work. This Monikie Half in April has that hill at the end, so it'll be a big gamble on ensuring there's enough in the tank at the end to keep things going. My runs are hilly enough, and I'll keep hoping to improve the pace on my midweek laps. Took 10 seconds per mile off this week. I'd love to see that go into the 7.20's. 8 weeks to go, so plenty time. Just don't want my times to level out. I know I need to get used to the levels of discomfort I'll face on both the race days.
Out for a few pints with my brother this afternoon.
Managerless Dundee v Dundee United is the live match on Sky next weekend, n we've got that Frankie Fryer character off Soccer AM doing his spiel on this magnificent home city of mine.

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26/02/2013 at 19:15

I'll support you on your Blog. Keep up that training, there's some good signs showing there fella.

I've been sulking again due to injuries and manflu. After sorting the right achilles issues, I did a 17 miler nice and easy and somehow burst a blood vessel in my left calf. I didn't notice it for a few days as I just thought it was DOMS from the run. Took a look at the leg and it was just a huge bruise. Went to the physio again who on seeing the bruise opened up with "Oh my God!!" I thought that was a bad start.

Anyway, he gave me a few tests and a decent massage and declared no real damage apart from a burst blood vessel that filled the back of the leg. He said it was the wirst he'd ever seen without an actual tear in the muscle. That would have been curtains for Paris. Bruisng has gone down and I can now run again.

Comeback was delayed as the dreaded manflu took proper hold and even now it's sitting a little on my chest but is defo on its way out.

Managed a nice and easy 14 miler on Saturday at 8.15 pace. Very paranoid about the injuries but they seemed OK.

Tested them in the gym last night with 5 treadmill miles at 6.56 pace. Full of confidence in the repaired legs, I ran an 8 miler at lunchtime today and somehow managed 6.55 pace. 

I have an 18 mile LSR on Thursday night which will put me on 95 miles for Feb. That's around 65 miles short of what I should have done but with some smart cross training and the use of a foam roller, I seem to have got myself back in a position which will hopefully let me get through the rest of the training and attack sub 3.25 in Paris.

Tomorrow I have my first ever sports massage. I know it's gonna hurt!


26/02/2013 at 20:05

Badgeur de Sportif.
Running 5 miles in the evening, then another 8 the following lunchtime, all at sub 7m/m pace is way beyond any level of fitness Ive ever been at. I'm on 67 miles for Feb, with probably only an 8 miler or so tomorrow to be added to that. I did 27 miles last week, and am maintaining the 3 runs a week. You seem to be better equipped at regularly going into, and training for, zombieland than me ! Just been reading the free half marathon advice on the RW site from some fella called Bud Baldaro. Id like to extend the weekend run as he suggests over the 13 mile distance, whilst blasting the 8-10 mile midweek tempo runs.
Remember n watch the Soccer AM Dundee thing!
How are Wokking doing?
Hope the masseuse is an ugly fat hairy fella n not some Ulrika in her pomp lookylikey.

Stay healthy monsieur.
Arc de Triomphe.
Le Petit Stokeur

26/02/2013 at 22:00

Just got back from watching us win 2-0 against play-off contenders, forest Green Rovers. We should be home and hosed for Conference premier status next season now, that was always the goal for this term.

Woking were featured on the Soccer AM away days with Frankie back in November. They did a great job and it was great fun. I'll watch yours this weekend too.

Bonjour. Mange tout. 


27/02/2013 at 20:21

Well this fitness thing seems fairly straightforward.
Run regularly n dont rest on yer laurels n get faster.
Last Wednesday I ran my 8 laps of the industrial estates, 8.84 miles, @ 7.33 pace. I commented that I'd love to see that pace in the 7.20's. Tonight I ran the same route. Set off quick, n had a few mental wobbles after 3 laps that I should slow down n cruise the rest, but ground out the next 3 laps, then only having 2 laps to go saw me finish well, as I knew I couldnt allow mental weakness to ruin runs, especially when race day has a killer hill over the last mile n a half. Anyway, I didnt manage to get into the 7.20's, as my time of 1.04.39 translated as 7.19 pace. I consider my 9.57 mile training run @ 7.10 pace pre FLM2008 as my best ever run, so my fitness really is improving.
A glorious blue sky day surrounded by snow covered mountains and hairy coo's up Glenshee today. Had my bath n shave, now time for tea.

27/02/2013 at 22:56

That's made me smile. Good work Stokesy boy! 



01/03/2013 at 00:10

18 miles tonight after work. Stomach cramps for the last 10 miles. had a stoker style pit stop at 15 miles to try and sort things out.

A good time on feet run (8.25 pace) with the injuries behaving themselves.

Next up, race pace (7.25) 12 miler on sunday. Youngest has his birthday this weekend, so that's why I got the LSR out of the way tonight. I'll have a few beers with his birthday curry tomorrow night!


03/03/2013 at 22:31
12 miles at 7.19 pace today before football. A bit huff and puff but at least the injuries held up. Hardly any sleep due to the youngest lad having a sleepover with what sounded like a herd of elephants throughout the night.

04/03/2013 at 20:15

Well I did my first half marathon-ish distance run on Saturday. 12.84 miles @ a very comfy 8.18 pace. Now that I know its comfy, I'll crank it up over the coming weeks. Was with the kids Sunday, so didnt see the dark blue half of the city get edged by the unbalanced tangerine half. I'm pretty sure Desperate Dan had to be a Dee with those initials...?
My boy turns 12 on the 15th, so I'm in charge of the annual multiple sleepover, which last year had mattresses down the staircase to make a big slide etc.
Came home from work today, and crumbled when I saw it was sirloin steak n home made chips with a couple of spoonfuls of Ma's chilli over the top. So no run tonight. I'll still make sure I do my 3 runs this week though. The last 3 weeks have been 23 miles, then 26, then 30.
Hope the pit stop wasnt on Woking High Street Badge?
Like an oversized walnut whip?


05/03/2013 at 15:34

Managed to find a ditch outside some poor sod's house which had overhanging trees. I had to take off my bright neon yellow running top to make sure I was unseen by passing motorists. A liberating experience, I'm sure you'll agree.

Sounds like you're speeding up nicely. good work. the interval sessions really do work. Did a 7 mile circuit at lunchtime which included 8 3 mins fast with 2 mns recoveries. First interval session since January due to my various woes. Half of the reps were in the 6.16 pace area which was pleasing and just under 0.5 of a mile was covered each time. Good to see I haven't lost too much speed in Feb, just got to be sensible on how I progress in the next couple of weeks.

Trying to give up beer for March in an attempt to lose 4 or 5lbs and be 13st or just under in Paris. But, there is a bottle in the fridge and there's footer on the telly box tonight. I think I've earned it.


06/03/2013 at 22:00

Tuesday I came home n blinked n soon had a mountain of homemade Thai Green Chicken Curry on my lap, so no run then either. Went out tonight n stretched it a bit further n did 10 laps of the industrial estates for 11.19 miles @ 7.49 pace, n it felt comfy. Forecast looks a bit grim for the weekends run. Old Dogfish Dave emailed me today. He has put on a bit of beef over Christmas, so we'll maybe meet up for a plod or two.
Badge, did you dig your fingers in the mud n give your face some commando stripes to blend in? Was it a grassy wet wipe or doc leaves, or do you plop the dry pebbles?
Wanted to buy new golf clubs but could never justify the £300 minimum to get an OK set. Had a look on Gumtree last week n spied a sparkling set of Wilson MOI Titanium clubs. Went to the fellas house. His mates pestered him to take up golf. He bought this set new. Had 2 lessons, then 2 visits to the range, then the penny dropped that he hated golf n loved motorbikes, hence the quick n very cheap sale! They have never visited a course, n some clubs have never struck a ball. Cost to me? £60. Job done.
Bubba Stoker

06/03/2013 at 22:11

Great deal! I bought custom made Callaways last year, only my 2nd ever set of clubs. Justified the cost (good sale price though) by the fact I'll have them 10-12 years like my last set of Callaways.

I have a 10 miler tomorrow night and then a golf society day on Friday. First time I'll have swung a club since last September. With no practice at all, I bet I win!


14/03/2013 at 23:45

Recent activity: 22 hilly miles with a mate onsaturday at 8.15 pace. 4 miles recovery and a 7 mile interval session earlier this week. 18 miles after work tonight at 8.06 pace. felt comfy but the last mile was tough. No wonder as it was 51 miles in 6 days, bound to have an effect.

Taper time on the horizon!!

Hope all is well with everyone else?


17/03/2013 at 19:32
10 miles in 69 mins today. This training lark seems to be working.

18/03/2013 at 19:58

"Everyone else?!?" It's just me n you!!!!!

Suberb running Badgy.
Double figures at under 7's is an incredible benchmark.
Well I did two 11 milers last week at 7.49 then 7.39 pace without any real digging, then on Friday I had my boys 12th birthday annual sleepover/kick the shit out of Finlay's Dad night. 7 of his pals stayed over, Log fire on and umpteen mattresses in the front room for a big old fight fest. My arms are covered in bruises, but I did give out plenty of dead legs n arms. Interesting to see which boys had the real surges of adrenaline to keep coming back for more of the same! I'm thinking I might be able to risk one more year of punishment before their growth spurts mean I'll take a kicking.
Got up early on Saturday to do my old favourite 9.57 miler. Took the dog, but 2 years away has meant a drop in her fitness level, so there was a fair bit of stoppin n waitin.
Don't like this much smaller font, or is it just me?
Sunday afternoon pint with the brother n old man stretched on a bit yesterday, so Monday has been a tough one. Meant to be in Keith tomorrow, but the weather forecast looks grim, n Keith is way up beyond Aberdeen. ps.....Keith is a town, and not some very close but faraway friend of mine...
All this running you are doing is on tired legs.
You will be like a cocaine sniffing gazelle come race day.


20/03/2013 at 12:36

Uh Oh! Chugging along nicely on my 12 miler at steady 7.20 pace last night when the right calf started to play up and pull on various tendons around the achilles area. I'd done 9 miles, so stopped the watch, stretched, massaged and walked for a bit. I started the watch for my second run of the night, a 3 mile warm down jog at 8.15 pace, some limping was involved. I had to run as my youngest was left home alone...and I was starving!

So, 12 miles covered but the right calf is sore today. I can stretch it but there is some pain, not as bad as before though.

So, I think I'll just kick back and do light jogs for the next 2.5 weeks and just patch myself up and see what happens on the day.


21/03/2013 at 22:39

Sorry to hear the body is creaking Badge.
You've done great training n the legs n lungs don't forget that quickly.
All this week with the snow, n various domestic 'challenges', I haven't run, so tonight at 7 I ventured out to do something. Just some steady laps of the industrial estate. The wind was blowing harder on each lap n throwing in a wee bit of stinging hail, but I got into a groove n the laps flew by. Realised after maybe 7 laps that there was no reason why I should stop at my usual 10, so did the extra 2 which gave me 13.31 miles in 1.46.29 for exactly 8 min mile pace. Very comfy.
I'm on 82 miles for the month, so should easily get over the 100 mark, n that'll be the first time since September 2010 !


23/03/2013 at 10:11

7.45 miles through a howling gale, with snow n hail threw in. Didnt sleep great with the still throbbin thighs, so just happy to get a run in. Needed the woolly hat to protect the lugs n baldy heid! Momma is 66 today, so whole family are goin to the working mans club for a night out. Should be great.
Keep yer chin up n put yer feet up Badgy. Thursday teatime I felt sluggish n felt my fitness was slippin away, but come the run, I was fresh as a daisy. You'll be the same come race day fella.


26/03/2013 at 22:24

It WAS a great family night out!
2 years ago today, I left the family home. Didnt think in a million years it would be forever, which it definitely will be.
Went out tonight for the first time this week. Doin laps of the industrial estate, and again just got into an easy groove, so bumped it up to 13 laps for 14.37 miles @ 7.49 pace. Can see the sense in the RW advice which advocates doin runs longer than the half marathon distance to build up the strength in the legs. Tonights run was very comfy.
Over a month to complete a page on this thread?! Shocking, especially when there are thousands of London virgins out there who would benefit hugely from the massive input of two experienced old sea dogs like me n thee Badge....

26/03/2013 at 23:33
My Dad was 67 on Saturday. Parental coincidence!
Good running there Stokesy boy. I always bash out a couple of 15 milers before a HM. It makes sense.

Managed to do 4 tradmill miles on Saturday. Felt good so went and did 5 road miles on Sunday. injuries felt ok so gradually upped the pace. Fifth mile was at 6.40 pace. There was some anger taken out in that mile.

Saw the physio yesterday who said I had a small haemotoma in the right calf and that's what caused my woes last week.

Did 7 miles at a steady 7.10 today. 5 tomorrow, 10 on Friday and maybe 4 recovery miles on Sunday and that's me done for Paris.
I reckon injuries have cost me around 8 runs and 80 miles during this campaign. Going into the race I'll have done 58 runs and 470 miles. Hopefully it's quality not quantity that will count.

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