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28/03/2013 at 23:46

Youve not had an injury. You've benefited from a mid season break, and your body is very grateful, and will repay you in Paree.
After my 14 miler on Tuesday, I didnt want to take the easy option of doing nothing else except for my standard Saturday run. So at  7pm tonight, I ignored the lovely meal all prepared for me n threw on the gear. Just set off to see how the legs were, n ended up rattling off another comfy 10 laps which is 11.19 miles at 7.52 pace. Must be building up a bit of strength in these magnificent thighs! 3 weeks on Sunday is race day, so between now n then, I'm gonna do a bit more hillwork, n throw in some lung bursters, to get used to digging deeper.
Long weekend til Tuesday, yet I still cant swing my new golf sticks?! Bloody Spring?!?! 12 months ago, it was 21 degrees up here.


Camlo    pirate
29/03/2013 at 10:34
eerrrr little stoker and sporty badger am I missing something?
Thought I would have a little look on here and your paces are incredible - surely faster than 3:45?
29/03/2013 at 19:13
Watcha Camlo. We started on here years ago, inspired eachother and couldn't tear ourdelves away to go to faster threads.

Final run of decent distance today before a week of virtually nothing before Paris. 10 miles and didn't know how to run it; mixed it up but didn't feel as comfy as it should have. My Garmin complained it was full half way round and I accidentally deleted the run I was doing! Measured the last 5, got angry and threw in a final mile of 7.05 pace.

At the moment I don't feel I can beat my 3.25 PB as I've missed too many LSRs but I will go for it and if the wall approaches I'll ease off and just enjoy the ride.

29/03/2013 at 19:22
I still keep an eye on you
29/03/2013 at 20:44

Mr Staypuft Stalker..

Welcome Camlo. 'alter the page number in the address in the bit at the top to 800ish for September 2007. Scotland bt France in France. It was a long time ago, n I was just getting into my pre FLM08 longer runs.

Stay optimistic Badge

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31/03/2013 at 23:47
Took a risk today on my 4 miler. Felt good once I got going so decided to do one more quality session due to the lack of lung busters in this campaign. Averaged 6.40 which I'm super pleased with and injuries behaved themselves.
Only going to do a single 4 mile easy run on Wednesday and that will be it until Sunday.
A real confidence booster. just hope I have endurance to see it through to a PB challenge.

01/04/2013 at 01:03
Wondering if I should aim for sub4 or sub 3:45. In training three 20 miles hit at 2:54, 2:56, 2:58. Did VLM2012 in 3:47:51 and this would mean holding average 8:30 consistently for most of the race??? Planning one long run next week then taper
01/04/2013 at 18:54

Hey AW! If the weather is good, Go For It! Sounds like it's within reach for you.

With a good taper and race conditions, a 50 minute 10k after 20 miles should be possible.


02/04/2013 at 00:28
SB when you put it like that sounds a doddle to do 50 min 10k
Pleased to get a PB today on a regular 5.5 miles in 42:04 mins.
Even a minute mile slower in the last 6 would get me 3:50 so best aiming for this rather than sub-4 ... Just need to ensure I don't burn out early on in the race!
03/04/2013 at 19:57

That's it, all done. 4 miles at 7.35 pace. Felt like my run all day pace, so I must be taking some kind of form onto the Champs Elysees on Sunday. Back in February it didn't seem possible. I'm feeling some small sense of achievement for just making the start line at the moment. Managed to get 475 miles in since December 1st but of varying quality. Sunday will either show lack of sessions or display how a new, alternative training approach can work.

Normally I'd have a beer to celebrate this sort of milestone but can't. That will have to wait for some fancy bistro off Avenue Foch at the finish when I intend to drink the froggy capital dry!

What was your latest long 'un like, Stoker?


03/04/2013 at 21:39

Well I had a 'funny turn' on Friday Badge. On 3 or 4 occasions in my life, I've woken up confused n feeling a bit nauseous, unable temporarily to remember straightforward stuff. Friday was one of those mornings. Went to the doc Friday afternoon, n she reckons it might be a nocturnal fit? Because they are rare and only when I'm asleep, its no threat to driving liceence etc, but I'm going for some tests soon. So no weekend run, but I plodded out 7 n a half on Monday. Was gonna go out tonight, but I've been busy preparing for a daft court hearing on Monday. My ex nutty neighbour had sewage problems in 2009, spent £3,000 trying to solve it, and is now trying to blame us n sue us.
Played the gowf at http://www.drumoiggolfhotel.com/drumoigvideo.htm on Monday with the new sticks. Rusty would be a kind description of my play, but glimpses of genius.....
I'll run tomorrow, and again on Saturday.
Have an incredible weekend in Paris, and don't allow a single negative thought to enter your head throughout the race. I'm very jealous.
17 months since I last had sex, and it was probably a similar time again before that?!? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Scottish Right Handed Arm Wrestling Champion 2010/2011/2012/2013......



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03/04/2013 at 22:17


03/04/2013 at 23:01

Have a great time SB!

04/04/2013 at 22:23

REALLY couldnt be bothered running tonight, but forced myself out the door. Almost knocked it on the head after 5 miles, so took a turn which meant I had to do 10.6 miles to get home. As normally happens, I got into the run once I had 6 or 7 miles under my belt, and ended up doing the run at 7.51 pace after a slow start. I'll run again on Saturday, maybe with one of my mates as I'm up in Brechin seeing the kids, then 3 good runs next week, followed by a very drunken sportsmans dinner with my fellow runners, then an easy last week, then race day.

07/04/2013 at 14:47
3.23 new PB!! Injuries tried to defeat me but I was having none of it. Had to stretch the left calf at 16 miles. If I hadn't I'm sure it would have blown. Nursed my way to 20 miles and then decided to go all out for a decent 10km. Started to overtake loads of other runners. I could see a PB was possible so kept tapping out the pace at 7.40-ish. Legs held on and I did it.

It's been a really tough campaign with injury woes but I'm reallybplessed with how I managed the whole thing. More lessons learned.

09/04/2013 at 23:04

Well done The Badger!!!

Superb running fella. I did a 10.6 miler tonight at 7.46 pace, so have an idea how unbelievably well you ran to do 16 more miles at a pace a smidgeon quicker. Great determination to ignore the devil on yer shoulder whispering doubts in yer lugs for the last 10 miles.Did you have a mate doin it too? 3.23 is a crackin time. You trained hard Badge, n those runs in zombieland helped on the day. How was Paree? Haven't been since I was 13 on a school trip to Switzerland. Couldnt sleep in the Hotel Star coz of the heat, so got up to goforra shower which was a communal one on the landing for all the rooms, As I got there, an Amazonian black lady walked out bold as brass n butt naked n glistening n pert, said 'Bonjour' to the wee white Scottish lad, then glided across to her room. I was so naive n innocent, had she dragged me in, I wouldnt have known what to do anyway!
Sportsmans Dinner at Brechin City FC on Saturday. Will I be so drunk that I'll end up bending the ear of their new manager Ray McKinnon, and reminding him how as a 10yo boy in 1979, I man marked him out of the semi final of the Banks Trophy. Admittedly, he later played for Dundee United, and Brian Clough signed him for Forrest for £750,000, but he does not have a Banks Trophy winners medal from 1979, does he!?


09/04/2013 at 23:34

Tell the fella he was lucky to progress as it should have been you but for the shrapnell wound, beer, fags and wimmin'. His loss.

Paris was great, beautiful city and a nice running course. organisation was mental, total chaos at times. As the dogs of the city seem to show everyone, there's no priority on toilet areas, just go where you want to. Before joing the 3.15 pen, I needed a wee, so joined the others in just slashing in the shop window of the nearest store. it was like having Jimmy Riddle up against the spring/summer display collection window of Burberry's on Regent Street in full view of passing public.

I was on the start line with two pals. One was supposed t do 3.10 but bombed in the last 5 but still scrambled a 3.18. He was gutted though, he trained really hard. My other pal and I were supposed to run together. I thought he went off a bit too hot and I was worried about my injuries so I told him after one mile that it may not be my day and I'll have to nurse my legs for a few miles.

I met him at 10 miles, he was actually behind me but caught me at a water station! I was having a really bad section but he was worse. stangely and selfishly his misfortune made me feel better. I told him to follow me for a bit but I found some new bounce and left him. He came home in 3.39 when he should have done 3.20-ish.

Paris was the most mature race I've ever run. I didn't panic when things went wrong, I worked out a new strategy and saw it through. I should have got a 3.16 to 3.19 but if I had chased that I would have blown the left calf and struggled to go sub-4, it really was that close. Mile 24 was done at 7.24 pace which shows I was in shit or bust mode by then. I could smell a PB to rescue my day and it worked. Feel proper proud of myself to be honest. 

The heat in London cost me 5-10 mins in 2009 but I'm a better runner now. maybe I'll hook up a real injury free and ideal conditions marathon one day.

For now, I'll enjoy my new PB and dine out on the fact I've now got a Boston Marathon qualifying time!!






10/04/2013 at 01:14

Nice one SB , Paris is a great course, and I hear the conditions were good,I did it in 2007 and it was really hot..

obsessing about the weather for the 21st now..looks like its warming up, sodding typical

10/04/2013 at 12:55

Nice run SB, great PB all things considered inmlast few months! Fancy Paris, but for a hol rather than the marathon I think.

Enjoy Boston if you do decide to go for it. Making it there is half the challenge! I'll probably need to wait for a few years as 3:05 sounds a bit hot for this road-dodging hill plodder.

Best of luck NN.

10/04/2013 at 13:58

Well done SB! It is a wonderful course isn't it?

NN I just looked at the forecast, not good.


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