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22/03/2014 at 14:16
That's bloody good running SB. I look forward to the day I can crash out long runs at that pace with ease.

I've really not been able to make up my mind what pace to run my marathon at. Have geared all my training towards 3:30 but have been thinking that may be a touch out of reach, being a first timer I'm not really sure. I ran my last 20 miler today as Saints are away at Spurs tomorrow and I didn't want to worry about a run on top of that.

Anyway, I did 20 miles with 16 at 8 min/mi. to try to aid my decision. I felt ok through 18, the last couple were tough and I didn't really have anything left in the tank at the end.

The McMillian calculator isn't much help, it reckons 3:23 is possible from my 1:36:53 HM, that seems way too quick. I know it's subjective but thought I'd ask your opinions. 3:30 too ambitious?
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04/04/2014 at 01:41

Hello remember me ? 

LS still harping on about his 3.43 ?( thanks to perfect pacing ) 

VLM next week anyone ?

Had to defer last year due to tendonitis , 

not quite so much pressure on me now , I don't need 3.45 for GFA , now I am over 50 It's sub 4 , would still be great to get under 3.45 though , training as usual based on high mileage at slowish pace which seems to work best for me

JH87, the general opinion is the, macmillan calculator is rather generous , it all depends on the training ,what's your average weekly mileage ?  how many 20+ milers have you done ? And at what pace ? 

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04/04/2014 at 11:40

Nursey!! Oh how we've missed you. xxxxxxx

No VLM for me, I'm doing Brighton on Sunday. Did 3.23 in Paris last year so I'm going to give sub-3.20 a go. Weather looks grim but the second half of the course is flat and the wind may be in our backs. Here's hoping.

Do you still get to run around Weybridge during family visits?
Lost any more car keys in the Devon country lanes?

Aaaaah, fond memories...



07/04/2014 at 09:59

For any thread lurkers out there. managed to bag a 3.19 at the Brighton marathon yesterday. Top 3% field finish too!

Chuffed to get into the teens and it's a Boston Qualifier too.

Was lucky to be in the VIP start tent before the race and had a nice picture taken with Paula Radcliffe. She's lovely!

Good luck to the VLMers this week. Gor for it!!


07/04/2014 at 20:41
Hi NN. I peaked at 50 mpw in training for VLM, averaged 31 mpw since getting back from injury in the middle of January, I had to build up slowly again through fear of a repeat of the injury. My longest few long runs have been 20.5, 20, 19, 18, 17. Generally ran my LSRs at +-8:40 min/mi, but ran my last 20 miler with 16 @ 8 min/mi, and have done lots of mid-week medium-long runs with lots of marathon pace miles. I feel pretty well prepared, I think I'm going to set out at 8 min/mi, if I'm feeling good on the day, and see how I go. If it's not feeling easy enough at that pace then I can ease off before it starts to become a problem later on.

Cracking time there SB, nice one! Hearing and reading about the various marathons over the weekend is getting me excited for Sunday.
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08/04/2014 at 12:51

Good luck on Sunday, Jack. Your times suggest sub 3.30 is certainly on. Don't be scared of going quick but at the same time don't be too confident. The marathin has bitten the arses of better runners than us so please run sensibly.

*** Cliché Alert !! ***

Remember it's a race of two halves, the first 20 and the final 6.2. It's all about that final 10k, so remember to save some back for the showbiz miles from Tower Bridge to the Mall.

If it's any help, our training has been virtually identical. My 5 longest runs were 20, 20, 20, 21, 18, so not far off yours and all at over 8m/m.

Total campaign mileage before the race was 448. I only did 3 to 4 runs per week with emphasis on hills and speed sessions. Went for quality over quantity this year.

Trust the process, be ready to go from plan A to plan B (as I did at Brighton) and you'll be successful.

Looking forward to reading your report oin Sunday.

Good Luck!!



09/04/2014 at 06:23
Thanks for your advice SB, it really does help to pick up all the little bits from different places. I'm definitely not going in overconfident, but my training has been geared towards a 3:30 and I think I'd be disappointed with myself if I just went there and plodded round in 3:40. So those times are plan A and B, plan C is finish the thing and head straight to the pub.

6.3 miles easy yesterday and I was thinking back to how all this started. A year ago my longest ever run was about 10k (and that seemed a long way) and I was just starting to convince myself I could get fit enough for the Great South Run if I put some more miles in. A year on and a 54 min 10k is pretty much the shortest and slowest run I consider doing, and I barely break a sweat.

I'll definitely post here when I get a spare 5 minutes after the race, and on the Minni v Dubai Dave thread, they've been very helpful in there too. It might be a couple of days before I get time though, will be on the piss Sunday afternoon/evening then off to Mexico first thing Monday!

Thanks again.

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11/04/2014 at 00:16

Nursey Nursey Nursey.
Is it really 6 years since I let you take me by the hand and led me through the streets of London?
'I'll show you something, that'll make you change your mind!'

If you'd like me to return the favour, then google Glencoe Marathon, and let me know if you fancy by far the toughest marathon in the uk in October.
Cant believe you are 50, when you were a 32 year old Victoria Principal lookalike in 2008. Albeit with monstrous feet, if I can recall the posted images...http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/spring-marathon/a-bit-like-sub-4--but-15-minutes-quicker/30492-951.html

Badgey Badgey Badgey.

To think I once ridiculed you as you werent fit to post on a sub 3.45 thread!!
"Stoker beat the cook!"
I recall your post from '08 like it was yesterday. You mustve beaten some Ethiopians!! Whats that? 7.30 pace? Superb old man. Absolutely superb.That minute into the teens does make all the difference to your tales in the pub.

Have a grand day on Sunday.
If that link thing works, it'll take you back to the time when this thread was brilliant for a marathon virgin like me.My mates doin his first on Sunday and is aiming for around 4 hours, but Ive told him goal number one is to run all the way, with the proviso that he makes sure he really enjoys the day. Nurseys bum distracted me for 22 miles until she sped off into the distance. Her father, Andre the Giant, gave her an extra long stride...

Hurt my achilles a wee bit so have pulled out the Dundee HAM half marathon in 2 weeks. Been sweating puddles every other day at the gym though to keep the UK's most magnificent thighs in perfect working order. Glencoe is the one and only goal this year.

G'night folks.

Time for some Lloyd Bridges Airplane pics Badge??


14/07/2014 at 22:15

boing !!! 

You up for Lochness Stoker ? 

14/07/2014 at 23:56

Ive sent you a message Nursey.

The internets finest thread, left to wither.....?

Im looking more like my pic every day.

Was I cropped out of your photo Nursey?
I mustve been just in front of you...

Badger, where are you?

Time for bed. 12 miles and a gym session today.
Did 42 miles last week. Still just 3 runs though.


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