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15/03/2004 at 09:38
Good running folks. I ran the Inverness Half Marathon yesterday. The conditions were variable as we has an extremely strong gale blowing thoughout as well as hot sun for a few miles early on then driving rain for about the last 5 miles. By the finish I was soaked. The course is predominantly flat so is pretty good for a PB.

My pre-race target had been to hang on to 7:30's for as long as possible. So split my times:

Mile 1 - 7:18 (avoiding folk but as I usual I started a little fast)

Mile 2 to 4 - 7:31, 7:33, 7:44 (these three miles were directly into the wind so I was keeping up the pace quite well);

Mile 5 - 7 - 7:36, 7:30, 7:18 (we had turned so the wind was helping and some of this was slightly downhill);

Mile 8 & 9 - 7:44, 7:31 (uphill mile 8 into a the wind and driving rain, Mile 9 was half into wind then turn and downhill with wind helping);

Mile 10 & 11 - 7:06, 7:10 (wind directly at back and I was feeling good. I was passing loads of folk)

Mile 12 & 13 to finish - 7:44, 7:24 (12 was into wind again. I was still going past peeople though).

Finish Time on my watch was 1:37:55. A personal best by about 6 minutes.

I was really pleased as I held my target pace all the way. After about 7 miles virtually no-one came by me and I was passing loads of folk. This is the first time I've properly run a negative split race and it was satisfying that I had it in me to pick up the pace in the second half.
15/03/2004 at 10:28
PPB those figures look VERY impressive to me, are you sure you shouldn't be on the 3.30 string ??. With you finishing strong it looks good for the FLM. Just don't fall into my trap of being on such a high I trained too hard all last week and then had a terrible long run on saturday, only 16 miles in 2.21 and my legs were very heavy at the end. More easy days booked for this week !!

will let you know how todays speed session goes later on this aft !
15/03/2004 at 10:55
Morning everybody.

Well done everybody on some great runs, and don't worry if it didn't go so well - it would be worrying if everything went TOO smoothly in training!

Woony, you're right about the ultimate 3.30 schedule. I'm stil pondering as to whether to aim for 3.30 in the FLM - it's a difficult decision as I don't want to blow it by going too fast. Anyway, your time of sub 1.40 is still really good considering you didn't quite get the pacing right, and wind can be a b*gger.

PPB that's a great performance - both in terms of overall time and in your pacing. Quite satisfying when you have a plan and it works out.

I ran the Forest of Dean half yesterday. Foul conditions - wind and fairly heavt rain throughout, a few nasty hills, massive puddles to run through - by the end I was soaked through and completely filthy. Mile splits were:

1 - 7.29 - lots of people to avoid/overtake so this felt harder than it looks

2 & 3 - 7.23, 7.25

4 & 5 - 7.54, 7.52 - some nasty hills and wind in the face too

6, 7 & 8 - 7.29, 7.23, 7.35

9 - 7.04 - I was feeling a little tired by now, but then some guy overtook me so I took the opportunity to slot in behind him, and his pace pulled me along well

10 - 7.08 - overtook the guy and found another to follow

11 - 7.07 - guy overtook me again but I stayed with him

12 - 6.21 - massively downhill mile - fabulous - kicked the guy's arse here and he never recovered!

13 - 7.03 - nice flat final mile so I kept the pressure on.

Final time on my watch - 1.35.40. I was filthy, wet, and delighted!

15/03/2004 at 11:06
Peter - I'm happy on this thread and I've no intention of moving to 3:30. My fear would be if I set off in London to run 3:30 I would probably hang on to the pace up to about 17-18 miles then I could die a bit of a death. I'd rather run a bit more conservative and try and pace it so that I can run the entire distance. I'm also still nursing a knee injury so there's no danger of me changing my target time.

Puggers - what a great time you ran. It sounds like we faced similar conditions at times yesterday.
15/03/2004 at 11:18
on a down note....

I've still got a cold - not run properly for a week and feeling VERY ANXIOUS. I'm simply gonna have to try something tonight even carrying a chest as it's driving me mad. Any ideas on how long you go before you start losing your fitness levels ?
15/03/2004 at 11:52
I think the generally accepted wisdom is that one week of complete non-activity is safe and you won't lose any fitness (as long as you've not spent all week eating cakes!). After two weeks you will have lost some fitness.
15/03/2004 at 14:03
Snap Adam. Started sniffling Sat pm. Marshalled in howling gale Sunday & now feel alternately hot & cold & chest hurts . 10hr working day & on call tonight which is not helpful. Have you tried Echinacea? Really hope I feel better tomorrow. Hope you do to. Would be ok for you to do an easy run if you don't actually feel lousy.

I'd rather have a lurgy now with 10wks training behind me & over a month to go than earlier or later in the training
15/03/2004 at 14:47
Good afternoon.

PPB and Puggers, great running (too ashamed to post my half splits now!) I won't be trying to hang on with you two next month.

To all those that are ill - yes me too, still. Unwise decision to attempt the pacing run in Sutton Park in Birmingham on Sunday morning in the wind and rain, but still. Had a lovely weekend in Birmingham and staying at Malmaison with James more than compensated. I agree with Blott's mate - if we're going to get ill it's probably the best time for it to happen really. Don't panic and don't do anything your body tells you that you can't.

Did a gentle run at lunchtime. Why is it that you don't sneeze and your nose doesn't run whilst you're running?
15/03/2004 at 15:17
Totally agree with PPB, A weeks rest while you get over a cold will do you a hell of a lot more good than trying to run through it, and probably making yourself feel crap for an extra week or so. With all the miles you've already got in the bank, the rest will do you more good than harm. PPB I would not be suprised if you do better than you think by aiming for the sub 3.45, it should mean you're fresh for the second half and the holy grail of negative splits will be in your grasp !!

After my poor showing on saturday was a bit nervous for my 5x1k speed session. Did feel a bit heavy legged, but that may have been the howling wind and rain, anyway managed to do all 5 sets within +5 to -1 seconds of my 1k sets 2 weeks ago( 4.11-4.25) so quite pleased.

Hows today's running gone for everyone ?

16/03/2004 at 08:27
morning all

looks like it's going to be a blustery day for running at our end of the woods, at least it'swarmed up a bit. May even try out the shorts rather than the tracky bottoms today, will give the pasty legs a bit of a shock. Havn't worn them since about october last year and thought I'd better get time in with them to avoid chafing on the day. Also picked up my FLM trainers today , Asics gel kayano's so taking them for a little run up Carters Lane and across the top at dinner time. It's a bit of a pain getting up the hill but once you're there you've got lovely views across ilkley valley.

How many miles do you like to have on your trainers before the big day ? I always stick with gel kayanos but these ones are my first 2004 model and I want to make sure their broken in properly.

Thinking on nearer the time, when are you all going to book in at the exhibition ? I'm travelling down on the friday so will probably go across saturday morning, anyone thinking of around the same time. I've only been on the thread a fairly short time, but I definatly get the feeling of camarardrie (is that how it's spelt ?) , so wouldn't mind meeting up if poss.

happy running

16/03/2004 at 08:43
hi guys

I ran last night(following my cold) for the first time in a week. The chest is still there and a struggled in doing 10k in 49 mins which normally is breeze. Hopefully it's onwards and upwards from there though i'm not sure it's wise to contemplate a 20 miler again until i'm absolutley clear.
16/03/2004 at 09:56
Morning gang!

Pete, I will probably also go to register on Saturday, although not sure exactly what time yet. I've not yet had my pack from the FLM - is anybody else still waiting?

Put the trainers in the washing machine after my ultra-muddy race on Sunday. They came out dazzling white, but the outer lining of the insoles came off which means I will be running on slightly sticky rubber - I'm going to give it a go today to see if it makes any difference. If it's a problem I may have to get some more insoles. Do you reckon it would be possible to get replacements from Nike or will I need to buy some generic ones?

Still feeling quite stiff today - didn't get a shower on Sunday until an hour after the race, and I was so cold that I couldn't face the cold shower on the legs routine. Think I'll do a steady 6 miles as a sort of combo recovery/tempo run. Got a 20 mile race on Saturday so I want to be quite fresh for that so my schedule hill reps for Thursday may have to be a bit slower than normal.
16/03/2004 at 10:07
puggers - i read recently and was told when buying my latest shoes that putting them in the washing manchine completely wrecks the cushioning system, do you find there just as good afterwards ?
16/03/2004 at 10:07
Morning everyone - It's blowing a gale in Aberdeen and looking like it's going to pour with rain. I had a day of yesterday after Sundays Half marathon effort. But I'll be back out tonight for about 9-10 miles with my running club. I'm not in the mood for running fast though so I think I'll just potter along at the back.

I still haven't got my London race pack and details through yet though I understand (from another thread) that they're going out this week. I'll be going to the Expo fairly early on the Friday as I want to avoid the crowds on the Saturday.

Puggers - I just bought generic cut to size insoles for one pair of trainers at one point when the insole fell apart. They worked fine. I wouldn't worry about trying to get special Nike ones.
Pete - My race trainers will have about 100 miles in them by race day. This is an ideal amount of wear I reckon ahead of race day.

I'm going to Birmingham this weekend so I'm going to do my last 20 mile plus run after work on Thursday or Friday this week. I can't wait until the following weekend as I'm racing a triathlon.

Have a good day everyone

16/03/2004 at 11:25
Good morning all.

Hope you're feeling better Adam.

I think I'm going to aim for aobut 100 miles in the shoes I wear on the day too. Sounds about right to me - worn it but nowhere near worn out.

Still have this cold but aiming to go to the track and see how I get on. (Adam I had all the achey, tired, chesty stuff last week. This is just an irritating runny nose really, feel a bit foggy but otherwise okay which is why I'm choosing to push on through. Would think twice if I was having difficulty breathing though.)

As I live in London will probably go the Expo on a week night and then be a couch potato on the Saturday.

Frank (the coach at the track) is away this week but I think he's left the session details with someone. Wil lbe a surprise for me though.

Happy running everyone - let's hope better weather is on the way.
16/03/2004 at 12:08
hi puggers, it'll prob be in the morning that I'll register ( give me time to take missus shopping in aft, but not much walking !!) it is quite an impressive exhibition, very organised with loads of stalls etc. They also do leg massages which is quite handy for getting rid of last minute aches and pains.

Must admit I don't wash trainers in machine as also been told the cushioning gets naffed, tend to rinse them after a muddy run and put them on a radiator to dry out. 100 miles for my new trainers gives me 4 weeks to wear them in, a couple of last long runs and some midweek sessions should sort it

Woke up with a slight tickle in throat which has now gone completely, I think I must be getting paraniod about getting a last minute cold, at least you all seem to be getting yours over and done with before the day !! Adam let me know how the 20 miler goes when you're colds gone, the rest may do you good.

Ah well off for my run ,will clock in this aft with results !

16/03/2004 at 13:52
Hello one and all.

My aim is to get round this one in under four hours. Training the past month has gone a lot better than planned and 3.30 is now a vagure possability. I know i can now achieve the first 20 miles at an 8 minute pace confortably but the last 6 could be another matter, especially bearing in mind that I will be stopping for a hug and bottle of champagne at mile 18 with the Forumite Supporters.

Question is if any of you guys and girls see me on the course (maybe lying in the gutter) could you give me a shout of encouragement (or abuse) to gee me up and hopefully I will be able to drag myself around behind you all and get my sub 4.
16/03/2004 at 14:47
Hi Ashley

20 miles at 8 min miling makes it 2.40 leaving you 1.20 for the last 6.2 miles = 13 min miling even walking should be feasible. I should think if you tried 8.15 -8.30 miling you should breeze through the full 26, not too sure about the champagne stop at 18 mile though. Should certainly be different from water or an isotonic drink, didn't Brasher drink someones pint of beer during the first FLM due to lack of water stations ?? unless that's just an urban (FLM) myth.

Did 5 miles easy round ilkley park in my new trainers, seemed to feel ok, no rubbing bits, and I managed to GO SLOW !! so hopefully will be ok for thursday speed session then saturdays 20+ effort. Lovely warm day, first outing for shorts this year, I think the legs were a bit dazzled by the glare but seemed to cope ok.

sounds like the colds better now donna, what sort of a track session are you doing today ? I can run every lunch break but there's no tracks available nearby. The only track session I've ever done is when I went to the Algarve running camp last march and really enjoyed them. Running round ilkley lido is not exact, but is the nearest I can do to track work .

good running

16/03/2004 at 15:15
Hi Ashley

I'm feeling somewhere near where you are too (although just a bit behind). My one pure goal is to beat 4 hours this time around. The next step after that is to beat 4 hours gun time. The next after that is real unknown stuff.

My 22 mile training runs have gone really well - and for the Reading Half Marathon I managed to get down to 1:38 (which impressed me anyway) and felt OK at the end, completing the second half off 7:15 minutes per mile.

So based on this, I reckon I could complete the 26.2 anywhere between 3:31 and 4:05. Suddenly, I find I'm not sure how to choose what pace to run on the day. I fancy trying to run negative splits but I'm not too confident what I can achieve over 26.2. How are you currently working out what to do?

It's a nice problem to have!

16/03/2004 at 15:32
Hello all

Haven't posted since the weekend as I've felt a bit miserable after my 1.46 at Hastings, nothing a kick up the backside wouldn't have sorted out.

To those of you who are feeling under the weather I hope you are all in top form again soon, it must be hard waiting for colds,etc to pass but I'm sure you will be fighting fit come the day with the rest of us

Puggers and PPB, Well done on great times,

Yasso's tonight for me.

Have a good night everybody
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