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19/03/2004 at 12:51
Hi Donna,
just checked on track lane distances, every lane is about 6.70 longer than the one inside of it, so you did run 4 x 6.7 metres + 400 metres each lap.
I didn't realise any of the inside runners, didn't you run with the whole bunch of Frank's group? They were always starting together just before I reached them. I was at about the end of the first third of our runners yesterday.
I will not do the last half, will be in Milton Keynes instead. Are you doing it? You must have registered before the race to be able to run, everything is online on the right corner of the webpage!
Are you going to do other club runs? On Saturday morning the usual crowd isn't there so BigBob and I are doing the organisation this time. And don't forget to turn up for the handicap every first Saturday of each month.
19/03/2004 at 13:01
Thanks for that info Lars - will go off with my calculator this evening and work out how off my splits were then!

Frank sets 2 sessions short/middle distance and long distance. Only 2 people opted for the long distance session me and a much faster guy. Hence I was all alone. Whatever they sprayed the track with was pretty potent too.

Good luck with the half on Sunday. Might look into the Saturday morning run. What will you be doing?
19/03/2004 at 13:22
Did it, plus an extra 1/2 mile as I teamed up with another runner around the Bermondsey Loop to take in Quebec Way. Final miles was 22.5 in 3.12. Was on perfect time to 18.2 miles at 8.2 average but the next three miles went a little pear shaped, the last mile was however back on track.

Decided to try this cold bath thing. Wife loved it! I only filled the bath to ankle depth and once I put my left foot in watching it turn an instant shade of blue I thought lets give it a go and lowered the rest of me in. I obviously made quite a noise as my wife got out of bed and had a great laugh at my expense... In between the laughter all she wanted to know was it realy worth it and why did I put myself through it... a question I was asking myself at the time! Still let out some of the water and topped the bath up with hot water. Still had the shakes though and managed to pour half a bottle of deep heat in, which is maybe why I fell asleep in the bath for two hours!

This morning apart from going downstairs sideways first thing things are starting to return to normal. A little R&R today and then a gentle five mile tomorrow morning I think. Next run after that will be club run Tuesday night, eight to ten miles of hills on Wednesday and then on Friday my last 20 mile run.

Then its rest rest rest... (ok two weeks in Disney)
19/03/2004 at 14:52
Ashley - you poured half a bottle of deep heat into the bath? Then fell asleep in it for two hours? Has your wife phoned for an ambulance yet???

(great running, by the way)
19/03/2004 at 16:17
Ashley, looks like you ad a great run d other day bud, Well done. I 2nd read yr post after writing my last and realised it would be a bit outa yr way, as you were startin from d bridge. Always up for getting 2gether thou. And goin back a while now- mothers day is this Sunday, Paddock Woods the next. Thou Im not too sure Im doin d PW 1/2 now, I might look at one of the two 20's that day. (Hemel Hemstead & Worthing).

Donna, if you run after work around London at all, maybe we should get 2gether for a little run. As a rule I don't run after work but anything for a FORUMITE.

Lars, was yrs a Club place then? and yr on Blue! I said I might be wrong.

Take it easy people

19/03/2004 at 17:25
Lars no she went to bed... I woke up and it was 12.30am so I went downstairs and watched Drop the Dead Donkey instead, the laughter got the muscles going again, well at least enough to climb back up the stairs and into bed for a couple more hours of sleep.
19/03/2004 at 23:47
I broke down in this evenings long run. I had reached 14 miles into a planned long run when I just couldn't contine due to severe knee pain, hamstring pain and extreme exhaustion. I don't think running after work helped and I was also guilty of setting off a little fast in the first 6 miles.

Still it's very annoying as I had planned this on being my last 20+ long run. I may try again for 20 miles next week but if I break down again then I'll just abandon long runs ahead of marathon day. I've got the next couple of days off from running as I'm away for a couple of days. Have a good weekend folks I'll catch up with you next week.

20/03/2004 at 11:18
PPB I did suffered exactly the same in my last long run before 2002. I was so scared I had done an injury that I went to see a physio who advised that the only problem was the one in my head!

Being so close now you have done all the hard work, there is no reason to continue pushing yourselve if your body is screaming for a rest.

Woony and I are expecting to see you at the start line as I think the three of us are all aiming for a sub sub 3.45, (not quite a 3.30 but not a 3.44 either. REST build your strength, and if need be see a physio. Don't overdo it and pay the consequences on the day.
21/03/2004 at 18:15
Back from Milton Keynes, a new half marathon PB in the bag, 1:42:06.
I could have been a bit faster but just at the start the batteries of my watch went dead so I didn't know any split times. Did run with my girlfriend for the first 3 miles in just over 25 minutes before I went of. Running hard the next 6 catching a friend, he didn't wanted to run with me so I kept going. At mile 11 I eased of a bit, I didn't wanted to overdo it just 4 weeks before the marathon. If my watch would have worked I might have kept pushing for the last two miles but so I saw the watch jumping to 1:42 just when I came on the finishing straight.
Still happy with my time now being officially somewhere in the region of other 3:45 marathon runners.
21/03/2004 at 18:22
Cracking run Lars. I've just popped back from 'sub4' to see how you're all getting on. I did a half today in 1:48 which puts me comfortably into 3:50 territory but not quite up with you lot.

21/03/2004 at 19:03
Nightmare, PPB, hope it's just a sprained brain.

Great runs, Lars and Higs - showing some fine form at the crucial time.

With 14 days to go, today was my first Tapering Sunday (Mothering Sunday? What's that?), and I took on the Broadland 15 nice and slow - 8:40 pace intended, 8:36 got. Loved it. This is all going far too well......

Hope everyone else had good long 'uns.
21/03/2004 at 19:16
Well done Swerve. Never done Broadland. Was it windy?

Club went up to Nottingham today for XC finals & won it. I have a natty little medal now which says National XC final winner.


22/03/2004 at 08:40
morning all, bit busy end of last week so just catching up on the news. Sounds like there is some good running going on, don't worry too much PPB, the next few weeks taper will work wonders for the knee, and you've got the training in the bag already, so you'll be fine on the day.

How did the weekend runs go. I did just over 22 miles in 3.24 in the wildest weather conditions I've ever run in. At times we were almost running on the spot,funny how the wind was hardly ever behind us !!. Did half the run round my reservoir then had to find another route as the spray from the water was making it impossible to see. Very tough but exhilarating at the same. Not too worried about the time as the wind was so strong,

Had the legendary cold shower after and my legs felt as right as rain, so feeling cautiously optimistic about the distance, just a bit concerned about the time. Have got a tough speed sesh for today and again on wednesday, then off to Barcelona for 4 days, but will taking the running kit for some early morning runs, hopefully in better weather.

Still not got my info about the start yet, not panicking yet as they have got around 50,000 to get out (although only around 32,000 turn up on the day).

Starting to go to bed dreaming about the race, how sad is that, 4th time and i still get nervous.

22/03/2004 at 09:26
Good morning all

I hope this wind has disappeared in 4 weeks! Logest run yesterday for 4 weeks, the usual route of about 23 - 24 miles conmpleted in 3:27. Legs ache a lot today despite the cold bath treatment. Not looking forward to a recovery run later.

Well done Higs, Lars and Blott's mate. Good running.

Starting to feel nervous now (but also quite glad there's only one long run left, apart from the small matter of 26.2 miles on the 18th April!)
22/03/2004 at 09:30

Another 21.5 miler on Saturday in 3hrs 15mins. Nice and easy with a few walks thrown in for good measure. Next week is my final 20 plus and I intend to push it a bit more and try for 24 miles
22/03/2004 at 11:10
Hi all

Sounds like theres some really good running going on out there. If it isnt most of you putting in good LSDs its Lars getting a
PB. It all adds to my running looking even worse. I've been seriously lazzzzzzy the last few weeks. Looking at doin a long run 2day...............possibly 18 on the Treadmill............... I know sounds boring but I feel more comfortable on it than outside at d mo, what with the winds and rain.

Hopfully I'll get me @rse in gear next week and put in a real good week with maybe one of the local(ish)20's at the end(28th). Anyone else considering the 'Worthing Open 20' or the 'Gade valley20'? I think theres one in Bedfordshire somewhere as well?


No go on that run Donna? I don't bite y kno.

Take it easy people

22/03/2004 at 11:44
Hi All

Glad to see there are some good times and runs going on here.

After the race at the weekend, I'm definitely counting myself in as a 3:45 candidate now! I've even changed my urwfrc time. No more of this sub-3:52:30 talk for me. But fortunately 3:45 is less than 4 so I can still talk to the great team in the sub-4 locker. I'm also tempted by the idea of trying to cling on to the back of the pacer for 3:30... They do give piggy backs for the last 6 miles, don't they?

Woony - I'm tempted by the idea of a 20 but have decided to stick with my original plan which is my last long slow run this Sunday - so the first time I go more than 16 miles "at speed" will be 18th April. Also, the Bedfordshire 20 is Oakley - and I think entires closed yesterday...
22/03/2004 at 12:19
just off for a quick speed session, will let you know how I get on, hopefully not gale force winds !!
22/03/2004 at 12:22

Sorry, completely forgot! Been so busy at work lately as well as all this running!!

Run would be great - what times are you free? Will probably run this evening (but quite early out about 5 hopefully). Sometimes run on a Wednesday evening too (Tuesdays and Thursdays are track days and Fridays are rest days!) Send me an email to arrange.
22/03/2004 at 13:20
Hi all

Did 22 miles yesterday in 3 hours and felt really good about it considering the conditions. That's until my training partner did a 20 mile race in less than 2.30. The pressure's now on. Must go faster!



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