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07/06/2007 at 14:08
well, we could have been in for a long wait
07/06/2007 at 14:30
Hi DfD, Bevvy Park is out but I should be OK ish for the Dundee 1/2 on 1/7.
07/06/2007 at 14:55
congrats to Mrs dfs. I must have been good to have you to pace her, as that prevents that painful hanging on feeling for the lst 3 k!!!! I will try the visualisation method. I have a feeling at the moment that I am unwilling to push into pain, after London, the memory is still too strong.

remind me again nearer the time about your club friend.
07/06/2007 at 15:49
Excellent stuff BAW re Dundee half. I notice they have improved the route a little bit, so it spends a more time down at the waterfront, and a little less time meandering round the industrial estate behind NCR. Still got the same net uphill though!

I'm off to the club tonight for (I think) some long intervals. Total mileage for the week is likely to be about 45, which is definitely a record for me.

Thanks for the offer again JBSS. I have broached the subject of Osmotherfukkerly Phoenix with the female of the species (which is generally more deadlier than the male)and she is fine about it, but wants me to promise not to do the full 33 miles. Maybe I could just go to the pub while Euph, Clairster and Ozzy amble off into the distance.


ps I hope I am not making Mrs Dfd out to be some sort of ogre, or "she who must be obeyed" .. not at all, she is my best chum :-)

pps .. and of course I don't to be thwacked with the baseball bat (again)

07/06/2007 at 15:56
Good Afternoon all. Its got cold here again, whichever weather expert said england had a stable climate with mild winters and less-than-searing hot summers missed the point. These facts are true but what the climatologist (?) didn't mention is these extremes regularly occur within the same week.

I was planning on running out with one of the club groups tonight but I'm probably just going to go out for a few easy local miles, or bike, as not upto a big one. Feeling a bit beat-up, nothing serious, just lots of little things. Outstep of right foot hurts, left knee aching, left glute also a bit tender - probably all a result of the rigours of a mondays piddling 12.4m trail run.

Beders - Chevin race sounds quite mental and tough. The races alone are fun but the informality and slightly chaotic nature of a fell race really makes your day doesn't it.

"Ultra" Wombat (BW) - Your mad!

LS - They found 6000 people in the Faroe Islands??

Ceal - Well done on the 10k win! (again!). Sounds a convulated course you did well not to DNF by virtue of taking a wrong turn.

DFD - Well done to Mrs DFD, maybe introduce some fun trails for variety. We'll let you get away with running a mere 26 miles at Osmotherly if you like, naturally we expect a round of drinks waiting for us.

JBSS - Enjoy the race and the fun 10 mile off-road this weekend. After monday I was considering being the first human sheepdog on "One man and his dog". All sorts of wildlife on my routes - best though is the tame pet pig at the farm on the hill, one of those designer ones with a band striped around its belly. Always makes my day to see it trotting around its pen.

NickM - I'm looking forward to Wheldrake too. By race day I'll have gone a mammoth 25 days without racing. I'll be intrigued to hear your experiances in running a 10k just off base training - I did basically the same before last years Wheldrake and got within 20 seconds of my PB at the time.

07/06/2007 at 16:04
Euph, I listened to the weather forecast on R4 this morning and it was all doom and gloom. Up here we are having our best day of the week ... flippin' East coast haar has meant we missed all the sunshine and heat earlier in the week. I've noticed there has been a lot of Easterly weather this year .. hope its not going to be a long-term trend, otherwise it will be global warming, local cooling around here. Bring on the Sou'Westerlies!

I have also noticed that my posts contain more typos than anyone elses ... can I have a job at the Guardian please?

07/06/2007 at 20:03
Beders brilliant race report, can almost feel the pain in my legs. Excellent time, but is it a run or a moutain climb.Thinking of doing Leicester will have to check out accomodation.

Ceal well done on the 10k first in age catergory and just about enough prize money to pay for the petrol.

Did a small speed session this evening, 1mile warm up 1.5 mile warm down, 10x300m at a snails pace with 100m recovery.I'm getting slower thinking of joining the "ramblers thread" but they might be too quick.

The not so soaring Eddie the eagle.
07/06/2007 at 20:57
BigAl, does this mean my stigmata reduced training has not affected the Tom McKean Alf Tupper battle along the Dundee Prom we are gonna have ? The sole of my foot is still sore, but I think I'll cushion it and go for a run tomorrow after a week of idleness. Looking forward to the challenge. Just hope I've been able to run the diustance before the big day.

The Little Shrapnel Injury
07/06/2007 at 23:04
bugger, just pressed esc by mistake and lost my whole post !!!!!! damm. Nice one ceal, another great race, you're just getting better and better.

Building up the mileage there dfd, fraid it looks like I won't be joining you on the osmotherly jog out as got one of our harriers league fell races on the same day, one I missed last year and I've gotta make up some ground on my mate who beat me by less than a point last year %"^&%$**&^

sorry SB, bit slow there, too damm busy at work but will be looking out for a TOTP tomorrow.

good luck with the harrogate league race tonight JBSS will try and make the next one on the 27th and see you then.

right off to bed

see you tomorrow


08/06/2007 at 10:44
08/06/2007 at 10:51
shoot that bl**dy rooster and let us get back to sleep ....
08/06/2007 at 10:57
Baaaa, Baaaa...Moooo, Moooo!
08/06/2007 at 11:00
Oink, oink, pfarhh pfarhh!
08/06/2007 at 11:47
Bleeet, Bleeet...G-BAAAAW-cluck cluck cluck cluck!!
08/06/2007 at 12:12
Looks like its friday madness again !!!

I did a 4 mile race last night...first mile of it on the sand with 7 tide breakers to clamber over or under...whatever took your fancy...I did 29.40...so weel chuffed really seeing as the first mile was so tough

JBSS ouch !! sounds painful..are you sure you can race...good luck !!

Ceal...as ever you are an inspiration..very well done on the time ..and 1st in your catagory...not that anyone would stand much of a chance LOL !!

I have an undulating half planned for Sunday...just a training run you under stand..think its going to be too hot for much so will aim for around 1.50...looking for a faster half in Torbay in 2 weeks !
08/06/2007 at 14:33
hurrah for friday madness..am loooking forward to reading back over all your crazy ramblings at the weekend as no time now.

BW - how was Dartmoor, am sure its written in a previous post, bnut was wondering how you got on.

Craigavon 10K - I won a prize!!! I am sooo chuffed..never been placed or won a rpize (apart form a spot prize)...was 6th in the open female category and won £30...HAS to be a good omen :). Did 48.30, not quite a PB and I hate 10Ks..was a beautiful evening and invloved 2laps of the lake, this country running is great. Now I just need somewhere to live

DfD - I am contemplating dropping the distance for Osmotherly, depends how the next couple of weeks shape up. My friend is doing the 17mile option if this is any help.

NickM - I am on Facebook, will try and lookfor you next time i get access

Missing the madness of this thread but have to scoot, dont wanna get sacked in my 1st week! see y'all soon..good luck to all racing and running this weekend :)
08/06/2007 at 15:30
Just had to quickly post to say, fellow ladies, I hope you are all enjoying the current RW home page! I have to confess I'm thinking about making it into my PC wallpaper.
08/06/2007 at 15:31
Nice and nifty, Night Nurse. That is some going for an obstacle course! Good luck with the HM.

Clairster, I like your style. Find a race first, then worry about where you are going to live ... that is class! And you won a prize, well done!!

I have 18 miles planned for tomorrow, but have this pesky man-plague thing going on (OK its a cough and a runny nose, but its a bad cough).

Looks like Osmotherley is F.A.B for me, but I have promised the missus not to do 33 miles, partly because I won't get home until midnight, then have to get to Dunnet Head (most northerly point in the UK) the next day and pitch our Tesco-value tent on the beach. Its all go.

08/06/2007 at 16:12
Congratulations..CLAIRSTER... £30 is a good prize...it must have been a fairly high profile race !!..isnt it strange how we all hate 10k ??why is running a marathon so much easier ??LOL !! and nice to see you have your priorities right..racing and running top of the list !!

Freemers..yes a very impressive thigh going on there !!

DFD I am sure you will recover from your man flu...sorry I mean really really bad cough..in time for your 18 miler !!
08/06/2007 at 16:18
Great running everyone. Esp Ceal and Night Nurse.

Am finally getting over the knee niggles and coughs etc. Maybe more of a Fish Supper v. Tom McKean, Stokes come 1st July. In fact, I'm feeling rather lardy in general these days. Might have to go for a bit of purging therapy. Any suggestions anyone?
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