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08/06/2007 at 16:18
Ooh, I must be really back....TOTP!!!!!!
08/06/2007 at 18:05
NickM ... found you on facebook, but you won't know who I am from my friends request :-(. Clairster, can't find you.

Back to proper business ... managed 8.5 miles slow last night, first run after Dartmoor last weekend. Clairster asked for a report, so here we go.

Dartmoor Discovery started at 9:30 last Saturday. I combined it with a visit to my folks, who live in South Devon. Had a good night's sleep the night before, amazingly, and set off from their place at around 7:20. The roads were clear and by 8am I was driving through the clouds that were wrapped around Princetown. Quickly registered, collected some safety pins, and made my way to the Fox Cafe where I had a second breakfast of scrambled egg on toast, plus a couple of cups of coffee. Excellent, especially since I'd weaned myself off coffee the last few weeks to try and make the most of it when I do take it pre run. I still had some time to spare so went back to the car, got changed and settled down to radio 4 for a while.

It was soon 9:20, so I roused myself and switched on the garmin, which promptly told me that the battery had run out. So I took it off, along with chest strap, and searched for my watch among my cast off clothes so I would have some measure of how I was doing. Made my way to the start, among 170 or so other runners, having decided that it was warm enough for singlet rather than long sleeves, despite the low cloud. I wore my Fetch top so I was quickly identified by a couple of forumites ... Pit Stop Crew and Bobo, along with Mr Mac who was also running. I hung around at the back of the crowd with them as the start was announced, and off we trotted at a very gentle pace, chatting away.
08/06/2007 at 18:18
The course went away from Princetown down a small incline (which somehow transformed into a major peak on the return at 32 miles) and some further hills towards Poundgate and Dartmeet. At 6 miles we hit the first major hill, and everyone around me stopped running and started walking ... keen to preserve as much energy as possible. The downhill on the other side was fairly steep too, as my quads are still telling me. Got chatting to three runners from Blackheath club and ran/babbled along with them, as well as Mr Mac and Bobo as the fantastic Dartmoor scenery was unveiled beneath the cool clouds. The conditions were perfect and the running was fantastic.

I took a gel every 7 miles or so, and some SiS watermelon flavoured energy drink that I actually quite liked. The water stations were staffed by cadets and other volunteers, and they did a great job. 13 miles marked Ashburton, and the lowest point on the course. Running through the town centre after being up on the moor was a real contrast, and the long long hill (2 miles) out of Ashburton was steep enough that much of it was walked. Then on to the beautiful village of Buckland in the Moor, the half way point. I had been running something like 10 m/m for the first 20k, but the third 10k went a bit slower, with that long hill.
08/06/2007 at 18:31
From there it was back up onto open moor and Widecombe. The strategy of starting slow enough to chat worked well, as I was now beginning to pass people who were beginning to flag. There was another big hill before Widecombe, with very narrow lanes and high Devon hedges, making negotiating several landrovers etc a bit of a pain. Then another very steep downhill into the village before a bit more up out the other side, passing a wedding on the way. I was looking for the 40k mark and it seemed a long time coming. In fact, it didn't exist, but the marathon was marked and I was feeling not too bad at this point, but now on my own, and not so keen on talking to anyone anyway. More puffing than talking. The route finally came onto the A road that led from Postbridge, through Two Bridges, back to Princetown. There was a "5 miles to go" marker at Postbridge, which I really could have done without. I was out of gels, out of energy drink, and surviving on orange squash at the water stations. The uphills seemed harder than ever, and we were back up into the clouds and it was a little too cool if anything. Anyway. I soldiered on and those last 5 miles were counted down, one by one, with wayside signs. Too slowly for comfort. Eventually I could hear the tannoy at the finish and this spurred me on. I quickened my shuffle and made a good finish, I think. Quickly had a cup of tea and a massage, then three rounds of sandwiches because it was 3:30 by this time and I had missed my lunch!!!

It was a tough run. Very hilly, Very long, but the company was great, the scenery wonderful, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in trying longer distance.

During the race I kept seeing the same support crews of varous runners, which was nice. In particular, Pit Stop Crew took many photos along the way as we passed him by. If you want to take a look at them, he has put them all on
. I'm the one in the FETCH top.
08/06/2007 at 19:35
Clairster, good effort, you won't be allowed to compete in NI again winning prizes on your debut.

BW great report, think I'll stick to marathons they are bad enough.

Beders looked at the Leicester web site entry form not yet available, only about 160 entrants last year. got to check on accomodation but definately looking favourite for autumn.
08/06/2007 at 22:03

I cant get anything up when I try to look at the Dundee Half route. Can you email me something, as I'm a real block of wood when it comes to computers. I knew from the "Tele" it was the Ferry to Invergowrie, then a snakey uphill bit the back of NCR then thro' Campie....what has changed ?
I can't even download the entry form.
Will bite the hand off 1:50 right now.

The Little Thicko.
09/06/2007 at 06:50
Hey freemers, not sure if I ought to complain to RW about infringement of copyright... using that picture of me without my permission ????? Blimey that bloke must be a body builder not a wimpy runner like the rest of us.

Fantastic race report BW, have to say that sounds a long long way !, starting veeeery slow seems to be the key, would have hated the thought of another 8 miles or so at the end of the FLM. Expect your legs were well mashed at the end, did you have to then drive home ?? ouch !!

Off for a much shorter run in a minute, a recce of leg one of the Bradford Millenium Relay for next weekend, only 10 miles and 1600 ft ascent , slight problem in that me and my relay partner have never run it before and are crap at navigation...should be fun !

Cheers eddie, I'll keep an eye on the website and get my entry off as soon as they're up, better get off now, picking up my new car after the run, well it's new for me, second hand but it's the only way I'll ever be able to afford an M3 convertable (a posy BMW for those non car buffs amongst you oh yeah and a very cool looking blue/black colour for the ladies) hopefully the sun will be out so I can look a right pratt with the roof down in my sweaty muddy runners gear !!!

see ya lata


09/06/2007 at 08:09
Morning all
Dense fog here at Guisborough but that's not going to stop heading up onto the moors for a long fell run, got to get some training in for Osmotherley. Only aiming to do at most 2 hours so nothing compared with BW and his Dartmoor adventure.

Will report back later.

09/06/2007 at 08:25
Good morning you fine people,

what a cracking 4 mile race, 7 tide breakers to clamber over, you did great gal.

wow, winning prizes when you have only just crosssed the water. Well done indeed. I hope the job works out good for you.

I loved your race report, it sounded a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry challenging course, but a lovely one in terms of scenery. But with a huge degree of difficulty. Well done yet again for a splendid effort and finish. You are a tough cookie.
09/06/2007 at 09:01
Good Morning all. Weathers looking up here just in time for my weekly speed session. I'm sure you'll all agree there's nothing like short intervals in the blazing sun :¬(

Ozy - Enjoy the moors, ideal training, especially considering your not that far from the Cleveland Way route of part of the Phoenix.

Beders - Enjoy the posing in the M3 and the running/navigation experiment too - a very varied morning. I take it this relay is off-road/trail and hilly? being near Bradford.

BW - Sounds a great event. Your description and the photo's paint out a picture of a hilly but quite inspiring route. How many gels, energy-drinks, other snacks, did you get through in total?

NN and Clairster - Well done with your respective races. Impressive results and a decent prize to boot for Clairster. I didn't realise 10k was so universally hated, I've always quite enjoyed that distance, is there something wrong with me?My very favourite thing after pulling legs off spiders and stepping on the cats tail ;¬)

Osmotherley - What are everybody's current thoughts distance-wise? As a sponsored challenge its 33 or bust for me. I gather that the shorter routes both go out along the same course as the 33 anyway so I look forward to running along with company at least part of the way.

09/06/2007 at 10:18
Euph - I want to do 32, we shall have to see :)

BW - top stuff, does indeed sound very challenging! How do you search for people on facebook? my email is donw as clarabella2005@gmail.com. I found Nick through her email.

Beautiful day here...off for a nice pootle round the lanes :)

Happy running everyone :)
09/06/2007 at 10:20
BW what a great report...anyone else up for it next year ?? realy enjoyed looking at you pics...I spotted a club mate of mine too SWRR yellow vest..a couple of guys from our club did it.. if you look on the tamat trotters website they have the split times ...the winner got to 10k in 40 mins..thats not HUMAN is it ???...

Thanks ceal !! when you racing next ??

Beders ...so my suspicions are confimed it IS you on the home page ...great legs ..!!

Ozy enjoy your run..hope the fog clears...clear as a bell here ...hot too !!

Euph...no there is nothing wrong with you..you are just obviously built for speed !!

easy 4 miler for me today...dojng Ruby run half tomorrow as a training run..
09/06/2007 at 11:34
Beders, you can enter earlier via RW universal entry but thought I,d wait as I've got to sort out accomodation and I'm trying to get a mate to join me. Hope you enjoy the run and the top down posing, it's definate convertable weather "darn sarf".

LS, Hope the recovery is going alright and 1-50 would be a great time for a post injury half.

Clairster where in the NI are you living I was over there in the early 80's I bet a lot has changed for the better.

NN good luck for tomorrow hope all goes well even though you are treating it as a training run.

Euph enjoy the speed session, bet you are a lot faster than mine.

Having a rest day today I'm trying to pysch myself up for about 10miles tomorrow evening after work.

Enjoy the weekend whether racing, training or being lazy.

09/06/2007 at 11:50
Well that was a shock to the system. Fog never cleared so it was cold and wet on the moors.
Didn't managed two hours as planned, turned my right ankle a bit after about 2 miles. Ran it off but did it again after 8 miles. It really hurt this time so turned for home and ran/walk back. In total 10.62 miles in 1h38. Don't think I've done anything serious, which is good since I've got a 10k next weekend where I'm going to try and get some points for Euph's team on Fetch.

Just as I finish the sun has finally appeared.
09/06/2007 at 12:05
Ozy..I have just got back from an easy 4 miler..its got to be 26-27 degs here ..not a cloud in the sky hope it cools a little for tomorrows half..how selfish is that??! Take care of the ankle Ozy..

Eddie..working on a sunday ??..I thought only I did that !
09/06/2007 at 19:32
Little Thicko, I know what you mean about biting the hand off that offers 1.50. I 'm struggling to build any speed into the schedule. 6.5 today - 2 slow and 2 quite quick then 2.5 warm down. Felt ok but sluggish.
09/06/2007 at 21:16
Well what an absolute corker of a day !!!

First of all set off to Ilkley with meet up with Keith my running partner for the Relay, sun was shining so down came the roof for the last drive in the old girl, 4 years of stirling sevice, she's done me proud.

After meeting with Keith at his place at 8.00 (with large cappacino from Costa in hand for some extra carbo loading) it took over an hour to get my car dropped off in Oxenhope and back in Keiths car to Bingley Rugby club for about 9.15. It was then time to get out the map, energy drinks, etc plus a (luckily) very detailed route description downloaded from the race website. And yes euph it's all off road, not a hard core fell run perhaps more like the Rombalds but more scenic but still with plenty of ups and downs

A quick jog down the lane, over the main road and then it was 2 hours 17 minutes of probably THE most scenic and enjoyable run I have ever had . We were taking it steady stopping regularly for me to read the directions which were superb so it was never that hard even with over 2500 ft ascent in total over the 10.3 miles

A couple of the parts that stuck in my meomory were dropping down through a wood and then cutting left up along a river bank under the spreading trees with a babbling brook on our right with several glorious waterfalls tumbling down over the rocks as we scambled up over moss-strewn rocks and trails. All of a sudden there was a mass of flowers on either side of the trail for 20-30m and it felt like we were running shin deep in a living carpet of colour.

Suddenly coming out onto small hamlets and running through what felt like people's back gardens , quite often the owners were sat out, no doubt admiring the magnificent views and they never failed to hail us, 'beautiful day' 'enjoy your run' We waved back saying hello and could only say to each other ' what fantastic places to live !!!

Up over the top of denholme looking down over the houses and past several reservoirs looking gloriously cool and inviting, across fields and under a viaduct looking up at the soaring arches. Through a field where 3 miniture ponies had 2 tiny foals who were laying down resting in the heat but raised their heads to stare at us with curious eyes as we stopped to admire them. A flock of 5 huge herons burst into flight as we approched a tree standing alone in a field and we ran on through the field watching them soar into the sky.

Some steady climbs but nothing too extreme although we might not be saying that in 2 weeks time when we're trying to race up them, but also some glorious twisting descents through the fields, keith is as mad as me , spurring each other on as we blasted down sometimes laughing our heads off on the faster bits.

past old mills and beautiful cottages out on their own, crossing little lanes and off again over the fields and moors with the sun beating down, the old bit of wind was very welcome.

It went so quick as we chatted all the way round, soaking up the scenary and although I thought my legs were still heavy, at the end of the run they felt fine and even now there is no trace of stiffness or aching, what a great run.

Then to cap a great day called in at Mike who sorts out my cars, handed in the keys for the old girl, but all sorrow at her passing was soon forgotton as I sat behind the wheel of the new (for me anyway, only 23000 miles ) black/blue BMW M3 convertable, black leather, fully specced up , satnav, electric seats, stacking CD, sequential gearbox (what I call flappy paddals !!) ahhh bliss. Lots of gadgets to play with and the roof down for some serious posing ahh bliss !!

gotta split this post, it's too long and rambling so here's part one

09/06/2007 at 21:17
and here's part 2

Looking back at what I've written I would say that I'm a seriously happy bunny today !! You were right eddie, perfect day for running and posing

Sorry to hear about the ankle ozzy, told you about running fast, you've gotta go slow like old beders and you don't get injured. MMMM somehow I don't think my legs are as good as those NN, for a start I don't use immac (or is it Veet now) but there again how come I know about things like that ??? oopps !!!

Hope you enjoyed you country lanes run clairster and were you having a 'smell the roses ' run today ceal ? go on you know you want to, treat yourself to a scenic jog out !!

I was going to have a rest tomorrow but after missing friday with work I might just nip out for a cheeky 6-7 miler if I feel as good in the morning as I do at the moment.

Have a good weekend everyone

a happy bunny beders
09/06/2007 at 23:13
Beautiful description there Beders, lovely run. And topped off with your new toy, no wonder you are a happy bunny. Good to have a guy like Keith to share your run with too. Thanks for your report, the joy of running!

Enjoy your run tomorrow, if you manage to get out. All female wombats will be running race for life tomorrow, so I will be doing the support crew bit. Today I had a very nice run around Heddingham Castle ... two laps and 3.5 miles through fields and woods. Pleasant enough, but not quite as glorious as your outing.
10/06/2007 at 00:25
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