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seren nos    pirate
15/12/2011 at 12:26
if you look up the heading spring marathons......then look back for the asics super will depend how long ago they last posted.
15/12/2011 at 12:27
ooo, I'm already booked in for Reading too! It was my birthday present to myself. Would be great to see everyone
15/12/2011 at 13:41

Hey Richard - I run with the Marlow Striders (apologies to all - that was my OH that won last weekend - seems he caused a bit of a stir LOL). 

We'll all (well mostly) be dressed as fairies this weekend just for a giggle - it being Christmas and all that!  I'll make sure to look out for you.

Right then - I'm going to put Reading in my diary - even if I don't run - I'm going to plan to be there to cheer you all on! I'm not from round these parts but I don't think it's very far away!  My OH is due to be at his new desk in Waddington on April 2nd so I may be stuck here all by myself if a house hasn't become available by then so it's the perfect excuse to get out n aboot! Yes they really do do thatto us - he came down here 2 months before me last summer - am hoping they don't have to do it again.  

Right - am busying myself planning next year's race calendar to cheer myself up - so many exciting races - so few days off!

Plum    pirate
15/12/2011 at 14:45
There is now a thread up on Clubhouse looking for people who would like to be mentored by a forum member to help them to achieve their marathon goal, anyone who wasn't successful from the original 40 would be more than welcome to come and make their pitch for a mentor......
It worked really well last year and a lot of the Threads are still going a year later. Please come over and have a go, you are more than welcome (but you get no prizes or goodies sorry just help and support)
16/12/2011 at 09:13

That's sweet - Plum thanks - I won't be doing a spring marathon now but I may well have a nosey at what's going on anyway.

It's snowing here - how about everywhere else?

I'm going to hit the gym today.  I got bored last night and tried to run with my heels well and truly padded - joy of joys - 40 mins later - felt much better.  Am going to stick to the treadmill until they're healed properly though so that I can jump off if I feel them rubbing again.  I can't believe it - my spikes didn't rub me last time I wore them - maybe my feet have shrunk?

16/12/2011 at 09:16

 Oh and Richard - did you know there's a TVXC threa?  If not - here it is - it keeps hiding...

TVXC thread

See you there

16/12/2011 at 09:21

 Crikey - must get stop getting distracted by the snow - have you all seen this?  

Boot Camp video

16/12/2011 at 11:16
Ran in to work in sleet this am......a nice 4.5 7 of my running streak..........have a good weekend if you are racing as Sleepy(not)Bear is!!! Have a god race. I will be out with as many of the family can get up early and doing a long one tomorrow morning.  If not too much least its not as bad as last year. The pic below was before it got too bad......this time last year. Off to check out that video thanks SB.

16/12/2011 at 11:51
Running in sleet for the first time ever. Going to need better gloves!

Right, I'm in the Reading run. Gonna take it easy, only four weeks before MK, so don't want to blow up (that would be just my poor luck).

Did we have a conversation about meeting up?
16/12/2011 at 12:04

BoD - good to hear from you.  Yes, we talked about meeting at Reading Half - let's see how many enter and we can fix something up.  If enough enter maybe hire a box in the stadium ???

Looking forward to the XC race on Sunday - weather should be good and crisp (that's a gentle way of saying bl..dy cold!)  Got a race an my hands against Sleepy Bear !!  Will not be chasing her OH as he's a whippet !

16/12/2011 at 12:52

Game on Oscarr - 4 degrees forecast -hmmm won't be wearing shorts then! LOL

Great news BoD - am still waiting to hear about Fleet first before I enter! 4 weeks before is about perfect timing isn't it? (according to most marathon programmes I've ever seen anyway)

Great pic mcs - ours has all melted here though there were some big flakes this morning.  Don't be under any illusions - I'm definitely a take-parter so that I can justify my afternoon nap on the sofa .  I rely on Ben getting back first and snaffling a good selection of cakes for when I get there 


17/12/2011 at 02:53
Hi Guys,

Just gone a bit crazy... I'm in the five. Have a look:񟺹

What a mental situation! Not sunk in as yet...
17/12/2011 at 10:18
Good news BD! Hope you're ok too JB?
17/12/2011 at 10:32
I'm gutted but it turns out that walking a marathon counts as running one. I never hid that and genuinely didn't think that it would make me not qualify for running a marathon for the first time.

I hope that they are having a great day today.
17/12/2011 at 10:59

awww honey - that sucks! I can see your point too! What a shame!  We were a bit shoe-horned into the new categories don't you think?  I changed mine at BC because I didn't really fit into busy lives in my opinion but I'm not 100% on a plateau either (not at marathon distance anyway).

Can you buy yourself a consolation prize?  What are you going to get?

Big hugs!

17/12/2011 at 11:12
jelly_bean - Commiserations to you. That must really bite. Don't forget about the forum competition  
17/12/2011 at 11:14

I might have gone a little nuts last night and ended up buying myself entry into this - The Wall Run Oops!

So I guess some trail shoes, a rucksack/camelbak etc are on the consolation list! I also sorted my entry into the Manchester Marathon which is two weeks after Paris so will still be following the threads with interest.

And of course, will still get myself some new road trainers as at BC was told I wasn't in the right ones anyway.

17/12/2011 at 11:21

Wow - that looks amazing - too much for me at this stage I reckon so good on ya! Am liking your shopping fest - quite right!

Yeah - I'm aiming to do a marathon later in the year so keeping an eye on the threads too.  I like the idea of the Forum Six but it's easier to trust a coach you've met in person (I'm odd like that).

Hold your head up chick - you did nothing wrong. Make sure you stick around

17/12/2011 at 11:25

jelly_bean - thats rotten, so commiserations.  Having walked and run a marathon I agree the training is very different indeed. I was at the boot camp last year and a similar thing happened in that time targets were chosen arbitarily so some really good people didn't get it just because their aim didn't match.  I think RW need to be more upfront at the beginning at what they are looking for.   Alice explained that the catagories aren't chosen till the boot camp stage but thats a bit too late in my mind.

On the other hand I would recommend the forum 6 mentoring very highly.  Much more individually focussed and extremely beneficial.  Don't be shy - put in a pitch.  I think the link has already been put up early so get in there before its too late. 

17/12/2011 at 11:31

Thanks Sleepy Bear Any idea which marathon you might go for?

I've checked with my 5k time trial time and that says I can get a sub 4hr so i'm thinking of using the RW Ultimate sub4hr plan for manchester with some slight modifications to incorporate the beginnings of my other plan. If I start now I should be able to build up slowly enough to avoid injury.

TSD - I didn't even train for the walk! My sister dropped out at the last minute and my mum was still insistent on walking it so asked me to support her. In reality I should have said no anyway as she ended up hospitalised at the end for four days and now for this, but hey! I'm not bitter about it, still had a great time at boot camp with everyone and I will definitely be keeping in touch with everyone. 

I don't think that I will go forward for the forum 6 purely for the fact that I want to tailor my training towards completing the ultra at the end of June with the 20mins run/ 5mins walk tactic I think.

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