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20/04/2011 at 22:29

Hey Al - your thread has hit 1000 messages!

21/04/2011 at 06:57

Wooohooo! Congratulations to us!

Chris - I know exactly what you mean. Aside from the heat, I also felt there was something in the taper that affected my performance on the day. I still don't know whether my quads were sore after only the first 10km because of the (admittedly not particularly deep) sports massage I had three days before the race, or because during the two week taper my quads lost their newly-acquired susceptability to long slow running. For example, after my 20 miler, my quads were quite sore, but by my half marathon the following weekend, they recovered much more quickly (even taking into account the fact it was 6.9 miles shorter). I felt as though I 'lost it' more quickly than I had expected to. 

As for training - I followed the RW sub-4:00 garmin schedule to the letter over the last six weeks, aside from one long midweek run being about a mile shorter than it should have been, running 5 miles instead of 10 on the final Sunday before the race, and not running the 2 miler the day before. Otherwise, all went perfectly to plan. My 'marathon pace' increased during this time too - originally I was running at about 5:45/km (9:15/mile) for marathon pace, but became quite comfortable running at a marathon pace of 5:20/km (8:34/mile).

In other news, I didn't quite make it to the pool yesterday - ended up watching 'Without Limits: the Steve Prefontaine story" on youtubem which was quite gripping. Am heading up to the pool with a book shortly though. I fly to Sydney tonight!

21/04/2011 at 09:32

Morning Morning all!

 Firstly Alex I want to congratulate on your Paris mara. Yes I know I'm abit late but have had to deal with family funeral etc so have been out of touch for a while. I missed the thread considerably as I followed you daily and enjoy the banter on here so I hope the thread can continue. Anyway, you did very well and there isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said by all these lovely people on here. We all know you can run sub 4! I ran 10 miles yesterday and it was sooooo warm and I struggled with that heat. Was 15 mins over my usual time. So yes that heat can kill you off!

 As I had to pull out of Brighton at the last minute due to back issues I am now booked up for a number of runs to get me back into the swing of things. In fact I think I doing a few that some of you on here are running in....Peckham 10k, Richmond 10k, Bupa London 10k,  St Albans half and then Abingdon marathon in October. I think I need a few halfs in around August/Sept so if anyone knows of any around or near to London town that would be great. 

Hope you enjoy your hols Alex and everyone else enjoys the time off over Easter.

Oh and I'm not sure if I dreamt this but I thought that at some point during this thread there was a discussion about Garmins...but I can't find it. I am looking at buying one but can't afford £200/£300 on one. Whats the thought about one of the older Garmins? Do they do the job just as well?? 305 possibly??

21/04/2011 at 09:40
Hi Marmalade - sounds like you've had a tough few weeks.

On the Garmin issue - I treated myself to a new 305 from Amazon about a year ago for just over 100 quid. Best bit of kit I've ever bought
It is a brick to wear, especially as I'm quite little, but it has been a real lesson in pacing and effort - I understand what's happening in (and recently, what's been going wrong with) my training so much more for having it
21/04/2011 at 09:56

Marmalade - woo woo, i'm doing st albans as well. Its always been a bit of a bogey race for me and i have many demons from them that i hope to conquer. Its hilly and normally hot so a real challenge.

I also have the garmin forerunner 305 - its really evertything you need in a watch without paying more for the newer version. Yes its big but its not heavy and really does not hinder you. Get it  and you will become a full time running tech geek. Don't go for the 205 as this does not have a heart rate monitor.

21/04/2011 at 10:00

Welcome back Marmalade! Thanks for the vote of confidence - and sorry to hear about your back troubles. Sounds as though you're all fired up for the next few months though. I will see you at the Peckham 10km. It was pretty funny last year - 2.5 laps or something around the park, through a field of standing crows and several bus stops. My pace definitely suffered when the no. 36 stopped and let about ten people off right in my path. Which Richmond 10km are you doing?

Re the Garmin, I have a 405 so not sure about the earlier models, however a running friend has a secondhand 305 after having lost her 405 and finds it to be just as good. Always difficult picking up satellite arond the City anyway.  

RIght, to the pool!

21/04/2011 at 11:41
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21/04/2011 at 15:29

Thanks guys,

 Alex I'm running the Richmond 10k on 21st May.

 B.V - didn't realised St Albans was a toughie!!! Oh well hopefully by then I will be fitter than I am now!

Re Garmin - I have just ordered a 305 off Amazon after your comments. So thanks for that. I hope its not to techie as I am about the worse one for gadgets! Hopefully OH with be able to help.

Anyway time to get back into the garden...... glass of pimms anyone???

23/04/2011 at 08:31
Greetings from NZ! Just had a look around and found a 20m pool, three outdoor hot tubs and the most stylish fitness centre I've ever seen- high ceilings and wooden beams.

Can't wait to eat chocolate again tomorrow...! Hope you're all saving space.
23/04/2011 at 21:14

I had choc today... Was coerced by nephew and niece, and really couldn't let them down! Broke Lent with posh choc tho - Lindt Lindor egg - YYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!

 All well down under? Eggs upside down?!

23/04/2011 at 23:22
Oh Ally don't worry- you were being so good with your chocolate-only-on-weekends policy before anyway. The Easter bunny brought Lindt chocolate! And Belle Fleur (Australian handmade) chocolates. Yum!

Had a swim before breakfast this morning and starting a two week 10km program tomorrow- I'm quite looking forward to following a schedule again!

Happy Easter! Hope the bunny came.
25/04/2011 at 09:43

Happy Easter all - I did think about you and your chocolate yesterday Alex. Good to hear everyone is feeling so determined on this thread to keep up with all the good training. I've entered 5 marathons for the year so far, will probably sneak in another, and my first ultra in May, if that goes well I will do a 3 day 106 miler. My legs may well have fallen off before then though.

25/04/2011 at 23:00
5 marathons and an ultra! Kate- I repeat- you are a machine. Hope you're leaving plenty of time between each to recover.

Ran a fast 5km yesterday, then 18 laps, and same again this morning, with a quick 10kn cycle. Looking forward to getting back to my long runs though! Am going to scope out a longish run today- it's 8km around the lake here, so my mum and dad have suggested circling it twice, while they take it once at a more leisurely (walking) pace.

Right, there are outdoor activities to pursue! All in aid of eating that next bit of chocolate of course...

And happy ANZAC day!
26/04/2011 at 09:57

London Marathon ballot opens (and probably closes today).

 Heavy weekend of drinking at a wedding and am doingh my first bit of exercise since the Marathon and feeling prettty anxious about it. Anyone else feeling the same? Feels like so long since the London Marathon.

26/04/2011 at 13:58

BV - I know, was thinking yesterday that it was only a week ago and seemed like months ago.  Had a nasty shock on the scales on Friday so have had very sharp nudge in terms of shifting ingoing cals from carbs to protein!   Haven't run yet since marathon but been doing plenty of cycling as am supposed to be doing a tri in 6 weeks....less said about swimming the better.

I think back to running next weekend, and yes, I do feel a little anxious about that - but keep telling myself that it's a completely irrational feeling!

26/04/2011 at 16:31
The weighing scales are not being kind to me either, and back to carb loading again on Thurs. Wine and ice cream are taking their toll....
26/04/2011 at 20:14
Hi Barry / Kate / Simbux! I was worried I'd be a total dunce once back on my legs again but started with a short one and found I had so much energy stored up in those legs! Did a yoga class too last night and while in some inelegant squatting position feared my quads might not be able to hold me up- but found they were completely recovered and back to normal strength levels. Off for a short interval session now and can't wait to run around outside today- there's a lake that needs circling.

Have been swimming for the first time in ages too- amazing how it seems to be working some lateral core muscles I haven't felt for a looong time!
27/04/2011 at 13:09

Simbux - that extra buoyancy may come handy in the swim event. Little run out the way, much relieved and whilst there was some hesitancy from my legs, who i think were just scared that i was taking them on a long run, they were more than happy in the end.

Alex - extremely jealous of your lake, the south circular doesn't quite have the same natural features.

01/05/2011 at 09:52

 Morning all

Hows everyones running going? Today I am due to run 10 legs are currently telling me they will be lucky to run for 10 minutes!!! Sometimes I do feel that they are just tired all the time. They always manage to get me round but sometimes not in the time I would like. Not sure if I'm just tired or my diet isn't quite right. Anyway I will finish my cuppa,plug in the ipod and head off on what is a sunny but windy day here.

I meant to say that I am using Dr. (Mad Dog Mike) Schreiber for my training programme. Does anyone else use Mike or anyone ever heard of him?

Also if you don't know but Eddie the kidd is still running the London mara. He has now completed about 6 miles. I see him quite a bit as at the moment he is still in my neck of the woods. What a true inspiration!!! In fact while I have just typed that it makes me realise what a wimp I sound that my legs are tired!!!! I shall stop moaning and get on. Have a good day all!!

01/05/2011 at 17:55

How was the run marmalade?

Reporting in with much smugness, and breaking the rules and talking about it, I did sub 4 today - 3.56.57 to be precise. Very pleased as there was quite a bit of undluating, London was only 2 weeks ago and I had to climb over a stile for a tactical loo stop.

Will see how legs are feeling tomorrow, for now, I'm off to numb them with wine and/or cider. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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