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24/12/2010 at 13:02
Morning MKT, I fell like I have just done a 6-miler in the local shopping centre!!! Like USB said try and not overdo it too quickly, your enthusiasm is top notch, but don't do like I did last year going off to fast and too much, I have problem and deferred my VLM entry.

Have a great Xmas
26/12/2010 at 11:32
6 miler done! Seren I couldn't get over to Cwmbran as we had relatives so went out as sun was coming up but sounds like a good laugh. Did it on track @ 1.15 but just pleased 2 log milage havin overdosed on turkey. Silburbas hope I've had a good Xmas too- have u got an injury? Tryin 2 write this on wifes Xmas present i-touch and has taken ages- damn fat thumbs lol
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28/12/2010 at 11:53
Heading up to Leeds to see my family and stayin for new year so gonna be an evening session for the 4 miles- will c how legs are after few hours on motorways
28/12/2010 at 16:35

Hope you had a great Xmas. I was a madhouse here. Yeah I had to cool off as I was having problems with my knees as I was going too much too soon.

I had not run over the last three weeks to give me body a rest before starting the 16 weeks Marathon training, and also because of the weather.

Had to delay yesterday's 2 miler to today due to family commitments, so see how that goes.

Have fun in Leeds.
29/12/2010 at 11:58

Silburbas- probably best thing to rest your legs for a bit. I did the same my first marathon...was really enthusiastic and was doing 14 miles by Xmas but then started getting sore knees. I have used a knee band in the past that helped (it pushes in the bit that rubs). This time i'm hoping to do the training properly and fingers crossed not get any injuries.

4 miles was done last night but did not get chance to update. first mile was great and was chuntering along at 9min 30 sort of pace, thinking, oh, maybe i can aim for 4hour 30 for the marathon and then...........attack of the stitch i hate stitches AAAAARRGHHHHH and not had one for ages and so bad that i had to stop completly twice and barely registerd a walking pace for 10 minutes.

Calling out to running land for a cure please.......

but really enjoyed the 4 miles after the long drive. Was completed, despite stitch in 50 minutes and i could have kept going.

PS- just realising it was the first time i used my heart rate monitor strap so maybe it was just toooo tight...doh  

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29/12/2010 at 20:43

well done thus far MKT - until Bud arrives, if you need any feedback on training let me know.

re stitches - doubt if it was the heart rate strap I find mine are usually caused by breathing too deeply or by digestion problems - eating or drinking too close to running or too long from eating.

Some find it goes by breathing differently or by accelerating the pace or by touching the toes and some find they disappear as they get fitter but there seems no steadfast rule

29/12/2010 at 21:26

Hi steve and thanks for the advice re dreaded stitches . I think it was because i ran at completely a different time to usual (late evening compared to day) and a long time after eating so body was having tooo many shocks.

Also going to try singing less while running and concentrating on the breathing.

I'm looking forward to the interval type of training tomorrow and i know that i going to have to concentrate to do it properly-

1M jog, then 2 x 1.5M (or 15 mins) fast, with 800m (5:30-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog = 6 miles of leeds scenary!

29/12/2010 at 21:36

Hi MKT - How are you feeling after your first week?

I was almost over excited this year and was about to book my place in the glos 10M, until my other voice said NO.

First session in the bag for me, however due to very busy festive period I am behind schedule by one day!

Did the 2 miler last night in 21:23 out in the cold rain, but at least the icy surface has gone.

Note to myself :- dont have a curry before a run! Last year week one didnt start til after the new year made things a lot easier.

3 miles to do tmr morning.....
30/12/2010 at 10:19

Nice one silburbas!  Bet it feels good to get going again. I've had a curry experience too, 2 hours in to cardiff half marathon and scrruying round the streets for a toilet, lol.

Morning 6 miler timed sessions done  and heres the headlines.....

6 miles- 1hour 6 min 30 seconds...avg speed 5.410 mph... avg pace 11 min 5 secs

calories 1662 (he gets out his mr kipling calculator to see how many mince pies he can consume)

A breakdown of the session:

1 mile jog in 10:17

1 & 1/2 mile 15:15

800 metres slow 6:09 (good drink of water)

1 &1/2 mile 15:37

800 metres 6:31

1 mile slow jog 12:38

and i felt really strong still at the end. I went out heading for kirkstall in leeds and got the bus back and i think this helps as you feel like your physically getting somewhere and achieving something and so when i next drive in to town i'll be like yeah i did that....awesome!

I'm still amazed sometimes for pyscological running can be. It seems like at times i convince myself that i need to slow down to a walk when i don't really need to. Its like theres a dominant lazy gene in there that tries to overpower my system. Today i showed myself what i can do and i feel well chuffed. Now just to be able to keep it going for 5 hours.....

30/12/2010 at 10:23

Oh and no stitch today-yeeeaaahhhh. I could feel it brewing but really shallowed my breath and it crept away from under the ribs. That and i put the heart rate strap much higher up on my chest as well.

Todays run was fuelled by banana- 10 mins before setting off.

30/12/2010 at 13:25
Excellent runs MKT, isn't it good to be outdoors rather than the dreadmill?

One note of warning, when you do the 1M jog warm up and cool down make them like in your case a slower jog like in the regoin of 12:00 pace, as 10:17 is pretty fast to start with.

This was another bad habit I had, which I am trying to get away from doing this time. Did my 3 miler this morning in 33:54.

2M tmr morning (hopefully as attending a party tonite - but probably more the wiser that I offered to drive - so no drinking!) Theme is 'G' - so probably go as a Geek with those 3D glasses from the cinema - popping out the lenses, greasy side parting, carrying one of my computing books.
30/12/2010 at 17:51
Good time 4 ur 3 miler! and itis good to be out on the roads again. Please please post pic of ur geek costume! Your right about going out too quickly but i find it sooo hard to pace though I'm hoping to get better. My bro is bringing his friend jack Daniels round for the evening! We gonna watch iroman 2 but I've heard it's shocking- although cannot be worse than pirates of the carribean 2-truly dreadful
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30/12/2010 at 18:16

Hello MKT!

Congratulations...and well done on your training!

I followed the sub 5 plan for this years VLM, finished in 5 hours 12 mins (I was pleased with that) as two year ago I finished in 5 hours 31 mins!

I am following the sub 5 plan again for VLM 2011...a bit of a dodgy start with snow, Planter Faciitis (SP) and broke my thumb Christmas eve (shut thumb in car door)! Hopefully I will be able to cath up!

30/12/2010 at 18:50
Good running MKT - yes agree with Silburbas - much too quick on the warm up - try and make a real effort to warm up slowly even if it's almost walking pace.
30/12/2010 at 19:37
Hi mad welsh woman! Sounds like a he'll of a time for u over the past few weeks- I grimaced when reading bout the car door- ouch! What's the planter thing? Please follow this training to and let us know how its going. I'm finding it great that others are doing it its a real motivator. Impressive times as well compared to my 5 hr 55 in 2009 so am really going for the challenge but...
I truely, hand on heart promise to take it easier from now on with the warm up making it an intrinsic part of the session ( he lowers hand from heart and scribbles slow warm up onto back of hand)
30/12/2010 at 23:12

hi all

can I play?

2011 VLM will be my first marathon and although just getting across the line on my own 2 feet (or hands n knees) is all I want i'd hope i can manage it in around 5 - 5:30, so I'll try the plan!!! 

Just getting back into the running after a few issues this year ( plantar fasciitis,low iron count plus a few nasty colds!!) Being off work this week means I've had chance to get out and do a steady 5k every day so I'll start the plan from Monday....

any/all advice/support out there is very welcome!

31/12/2010 at 06:13

MKT- slowly does it! Planter Fasciitis is inflamation of the fibrous tissue that runs along the underneath of the foot....very painful at times.

Diggin-deep- I have planter fasciitis...not nice, but I am still running at the moment. Good luck with your training!

31/12/2010 at 09:01
Hi Diggin- deep this is the place for you a supportive family to help you coast gazelle like towards that 1st marathon! That feeling your going to get crossing the line in April is awesome- just the few weeks training to fit in 1st but we are all in it together and we are bound to be successful (realises trying to sound like braveheart does not work so well without blue dyed face and Ginger wig, lol) Planter foot sounds like a right pain- could it be due to type of trainer and support inside or just one of those things? I'm an overpronator and so got trainers with support. RIP my last marathon pair- did not get a single blister!
31/12/2010 at 10:50
I'm liking the gazelle metaphor!! I don't know what's worse - the few weeks training ( loads of worry about injury etc ) or running 26.2 miles! Lol
I've had the plantar problem for best part of this year, tried rest, paid to see podiatrist, had orthotics, changed trainers, had sports massages to loosen calves! Trial and error i think. Ran my first half marathon without a twinge or a blister and i'd only taken up running 12 weeks before, its been a downhill road from there!!
Any tips on fuelling? What works best for you?

Oh & ouch on the thumb MWW, hope it's mended soon xxx
31/12/2010 at 14:07
I do most of my running in the morning and grab a banana 10 mins before heading off. I think this fuels me ok for the 1st hour. As the runs get longer I'm gonna carry jelly babies and sports drink (although I willing to experiment trying different biscuits- bourbons v hobnobs lol). I got a bottle I can grip ( the kind with a hole in the middle) tried gels before and are ok but expensive. If only you could buy packets of black and green jelly babies as they are lush!
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