ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)

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14/04/2011 at 18:15
Going to change my nickname from tortoise to guinea pig the way she wants to keep experimenting on me lol
14/04/2011 at 18:17
Trigger what food/ nutrition are you carrying around with you for London or are you going to take whatever is t the stations?
14/04/2011 at 18:48
Matt - good news there we won't recognise u soon! Hope it goes well.

Seren - oh blast at least you can defer instead of hopping round the course hope you get better soon. Thats why I opted out of football for three weeks, cant trust those pub teams. But again you are a pirate and dont say no to anything!!

Trigs - I remember that goodies bag I bought one when I went two years ago and will be on the lookout for them again, best wishes to you on sunday - what's pace are you going for. I am starting in the blue pen and hope to stick with the 11:00 pacer as long as I shall will.

Opted out of the club run today as they going on the fields and don't want to mess my ankle or get my shoes dirty - am I suffering from tapering syndrome?

I been think hard what to do on my fueling and am opting to take a jelly baby as a reward at every mile point with some water and gels at every 5km point with the salt tablets. I am opting not to take lucazade but will take elecro drink at start as my tummy does not agree well with lucazade.

I had a big problem this morning when I discovered my running shorts were ripped so bought new one and hope they will do the same job and not chaf me.

Off to London tmr afternoon staying at cousin house, then venture the expo on saturday with my son and cousin's little funny boy - so expect some stories....

Really looking forward to it and wish the weather cool off on Sunday....
Edited: 14/04/2011 at 18:55
14/04/2011 at 19:36
Good luck to all you sub-5s on Sunday! I can't wait!
15/04/2011 at 08:09

Silburbas there's a chance that we might meet up somewhere along the course then.  I'm on red start pen 9 same as 11 min pacer and I intend to stick with him and then hopefully try and pick it up a little at mile 25? so that I come in under 5 hours for sure.

Am really nervous now - MKT good luck with the change in meds, hope all works out for you.

Am staying with a friend in Greenwich tomorrow and so have to think about what to pack -we'ere going out for an Italian meal to celebrate my son's 18th birthday which is on Monday!

15/04/2011 at 08:28
Hi Silburbas looking forward to hearing your stories about the weekend. I am going to look out for you and the others on the tele Sunday morning. Sounds like a good nutrition plan to keep you juiced up for the 5 hours. I know you can do it have that focus and determination...focus on every mile...when the going gets tough go again...I lost concentration on what I was doing in the last hour and a half when of course it still matters...learn from my mistakes and you will be sub 5 Luke you deserve but if go over it then try not to stress and enjoy the day. As Steve said to us all better to be a few minutes over Target and enjoy it then a few minute under and of hated the experience...

A nice 800 metre swim for me this morning in 24 mins, going to go out on the bike and for a run in a mini tri this morning....lush

15/04/2011 at 08:31
Thanks trigger..enjoy the meal and get a load of pasta in you to carb load before the big day. Fingers crossed for you. If any of you get chance post your bin number and I'll follow your progress on the computer too.
15/04/2011 at 09:16

Hey MKT how can you do that?  My number is 53302 and there are folks that would like to track me on line.

With regards to your question about nutrition on the way round?  I'm a jelly baby girl - never really experimented with gels as I get a jippy tummy and in fact will be taking immodium before I set out (enough said) and will also pop 2 at the finish just to be safe.

Is ironing too strenuous an activity for tapering?

15/04/2011 at 10:05
Yes Trigger - no ironing till Tueday at the earliest
15/04/2011 at 10:10

Just what I wanted to hear Suze78 - Tuesday it is!

15/04/2011 at 10:36
Matt - My number is 34649. Determined more than ever to get within 5 hours - 3rd time lucky, got to be done in London!
15/04/2011 at 10:50

Fingers crossed for you then too onlysevenmoremilestogo! I am feeling like it is your weekend....sending positive vibes your way

 So numbers so far.....

Trigger 55302

7moremiles 34649

...trig take it easy with the ironing lol...maybe pace at a shirt an hour

I am going to find out about tracking the numbers. People were able to do it for paris and so i would have thought that the same would apply for London as we are as technologically advanced as our french cousins...i will get back to you as soon as i know.

Done this morning-

800 metre swim 24 mins,

8.4 mile bike ride 33:30 mins (15.5mph avg)

1.09 mile jog 11:34 pace with the cycling and jogging back to back. Legs felt all wobbly lol.


15/04/2011 at 10:58
well done on your mini triathlon this morning. Not sure London are doing the tracker system.
15/04/2011 at 11:36

I think you need a GPS on your phone to track people. I'm not techy anough for that But if you do happen to spot me i'll be wearing this vest >

I have been following your progress Matt from the start, I to will be concentrating on tri after London in a hope to increase my 10k speed to half marathon, then maybe try another marathon in a couple of years. My PB marathon is 5 hr 24 mins, my recent half PB is 2 hrs 9 mins and working out my average pace from my training runs I should be able to come in under 5 hours - but that's easier said than done in a marathon!

Staying positive though, got everything sorted for race day! Nearly time for my lunch - Pasta pasta pasta then off to the gym for 3 mile run followed by swim

15/04/2011 at 11:43

Sorry MKT I'm 53302

Feet up watching a rubbish movie at the mo.  Washing in the machine!

15/04/2011 at 11:55
I'm 36259
15/04/2011 at 12:57
Sounds like with your training you will go great 7moremiles but try and enjoy the event anyhow also nice for having a plan for after the marathon. I think yours is a great idea for focusing at the shorter events to increase speed and then return to the marathon at a later stage with the new speed in the legs. I am loving going for the London triathlon as it means pushing it for each of those sections instead of holding back with a marathon and pacing it out. Of course there is still a bit of that but not for as long a duration. During the training for Paris I got the half distance time down to about 2:20 and actually I have surprised myself how eager I am to being this right down. I remember feeling soooo cuffed when I did the 1st and only time I did 6 miles in under an hour.

Sorry trigger I must have number dyslexia when I was trying to type

Trigger 53302ng
7moremiles 34649 (love the pic of the bib!)
Mrs gentles 36259

Steve thanks for the message about my mini tri and I think that you are right-from what I have found out it was done by addidas last year but there seems nothing activated so far for this year but I will keep on trying. Either way I will use my eagle eyes to scan the tv pics to look for you! It would be easier if you'd consider a last minute wear of fancy dress?!

I suggest
Trigger- tigger from winnie the pop
7moremiles-giant squirrel
Karen- dangermouse or penfold

What do you reckon? lol

what film is it trig?
15/04/2011 at 13:13
Steve are you doing London or is your let still bad?
15/04/2011 at 13:26

Off sky anytime - Motherhood!  Now gone on to all 3 hours of South Riding!

My nickname is derived from Only Fools & Horses lol! 

15/04/2011 at 13:27
Haha! I would have liked to be "Puff the marathon dragon" for Asthma UK but somebody else is doing that. I was going to dress up as an Asthma pump but just haven't had the time recently to sort that out I'll cheer and wave at a camera if I go pass one I know what you mean about achieving PB on half! It was a great feeling, as previously raced last marathon in 2 hrs 24 minutes and in training 2 hours 14. Hopefully get to London half way in 2 hrs 14, then pick up the pace abit in the second half. Some of my mile splits are 11 min miles, then rest are 10.18 or there abouts. Fingers crossed, will update you on Sunday.
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