ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)

Follow the progress of Mustkeeptrying, our sub-5:00 hopeful

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16/04/2011 at 15:42
On the bus back from the expo, went with three kids they seem to enjoy grabbing every possible freebies and I have 3 large bags full!

Best of luck everyone and enjoy it.
16/04/2011 at 23:23
Can't sleep maybe overdid the carbo loading!!!
17/04/2011 at 00:08
Glass of milk buddy...count sheep...visualize the finish line...ur bound to be pumped just try not to stress...

17/04/2011 at 08:01
My preparations are complete...Bacon sandwich made and coffee now to three-dimensional sofá

Good luck everyone
17/04/2011 at 12:58
I have started anxiously checking the results sections and I know how things have gone at the halfway stage...all the best for the second half guys
17/04/2011 at 13:52
Update of race from results pages.....

race (7more) is flying around the course...
Silburbas is consistently plugging away....
Karen is going well.....
Trig at the moment is on track for 5:03 come on trigger...
17/04/2011 at 15:03
And grace is across the finish line! Great going grace cant wait to hear the details of your epic run- party time
17/04/2011 at 15:31
And debra aka trigger is across the line - well done trigger!
17/04/2011 at 15:38
Ace pacing has seen Karen across the line too well done
17/04/2011 at 15:53
Silburbas is across too...well done buddy

Big sigh of relief now that you are all back across the line. So nervous for you all and I can't wait to hear how it went. Hope you all enjoyed the day
17/04/2011 at 18:00
well done everyone hope you all got the times you wanted. it looked a tough one
17/04/2011 at 20:48
Hi all

In the car back to Bristol now.

Across the line in 5h52ish so a PB at least.

Had the worse preparation at the start as due to train work so arrived after the starting gun went! So no time to warm up prepare kit etc and use vasaline.

Will submit full report tmr, wife need help directions.....

Well done everyone else too.
17/04/2011 at 22:16

soooo happy to cross the line. The sun was relentless, I really felt like giving up at about mile 21...then to my amazement, the runners world pace maker for 4.48 (sub 5 11 min minutes) ran past me so I kept with him for 2 miles. After that I dropped off and decided to do a walk, run until the end to get within the 5 hours, which was my ultimate goal, didn't feel like killing myself to get 10 minutes faster.

 The crowds were thick all the way round the course! Just so much support.

Well done everyone, I had had an amazing day, will post pictures and race report tomorrow. It really was as special as I thought it would be, and my nephew was just so chilled out, he gave me a huge smile at the end, and I burst into tears

I had just got back from a long train journey (as my dad managed to lock his keys in the car so we couldn't get home - yes, just what I need after running a marathon). But we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and had a nice beer and burger...

O Matt - I saw Pete (sub 3 Paris) in the crowd - I shouted his name and wanted to congratulate him but he kinda looked at me and probably thought "who the hell are you?" lol! But I was in my stride by that point. I think I was a bit surprised to see someone who looked familar, apart from Denise Lewis of course!!! woweeee that was cool!!!!

17/04/2011 at 22:33
7 more miles....what can I kept me on tenterhooks all afternoon as I was checkng out the race results that updated every 5 km and gave you a predicted finish time and you did soooo well SUB 5 YEAH you are an inspiration truly well done and one day I aspire to repeat your amazing feat!
Look forward to hearing about it all- rest easy with some beers can't believe your dad locked the keys in the car lol
That moment with your nephew sounds so special and one to cherish lifes about those sorts of moments
I'll pass on to Pete about his celebrity status he did do bloody well...skinny git lol I used to have a crush on denise Lewis so glad I did not do London as she'd have distracted me from the running

Well done again your a star!
17/04/2011 at 22:39
Silburbas- hope you made it back to bristol ok and nice going for the personal best sounds like a nightmare beginning for you and I will act as barrister is you want to sue the mayor of London for any chaffing that occurred due to lack of vasaline. Sleep well buddy..I prescribe two pints (extra strong lager) for you!
17/04/2011 at 22:50
Still on I phone no Internet quick well done twas hot out there.
17/04/2011 at 23:43
Got back home half hour ago! Wife was getting tired so I had the energy to drive from Newbury to home.

I actually feel still have energy in me just could not run faster. My dad who flew from France had a pint with me after the finish!

Well done 7moremiles excellent run. Now hitting the sack and thank goodness booked annual leave tmr! So plenty time to do the report.

See y'all in the morning
17/04/2011 at 23:44
P.s. No chafs thank god just a very very stiff left shoulder.
18/04/2011 at 00:24
Just a quick post - 5hrs 19 so a pb by 9 minutes for me!  More later!
18/04/2011 at 08:27
Hope you are all not too stiff this morning and that your shoulder feels bit better silburbas.
Trig great going for the pb! seemed a great day on Tele although was getting warm by early afternoon...
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