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28/01/2013 at 15:55

Sarah my race is 17th March. Training is currently on complete hold as you can imagine!

28/01/2013 at 17:54

Awwww... it was so great to see DS2 at the Canterbury 10 yesterday! I must warn you ALL... he's looking super lean, fit and speedy, I almost didn't recognise him . DS2 you ran a great time yesterday on that windy and hilly course... kicked my butt you did! Gosh, you said you once ran 58min for it - maximum respect!!

Great seeing & chatting to Sam Murphy too. She must meet 1000's of people daily so unsurprisingly I had to remind her who I was and especially as I know I didn't stand out at BC  . She's super friendly and nice, I might look into going to one of her day / group workshops one day.

Loving the beach pictures Jen... I can't believe you didn't go for a swim . Malcs, my OH and I have entered the Tunbridge Wells Half, you entered? Great catching up on hearing everyone's news xoxox

28/01/2013 at 21:31
Hello everyone, sorry for long long absence, I couldn't even begin to explain why I left for a bit and wow the forum has moved a pace and I've got no chance of catching up.
I hope everyone had a great Xmas and new year and all your running is going well!!!!
28/01/2013 at 22:23

Hi Paul, welcome back! Saw your name down on SNOD list, I've entered it this year!

Hey CaroT, good to hear from you!

28/01/2013 at 23:38
Jen, your friend is crazy...heres me worrying about 20 miles this week!

Whens your marathon DS2? Minni has been really supportive and helpful so far, I feel like I'm progressing well.

Tigger, sometimes there are far more important things than running, I think I would be completely the same if I was in your shoes. I just hope you get some good news soon and everything will be ok.
29/01/2013 at 12:45

Hey guys, If anyone's feeling guilty about low mileage... Don't! I've managed a sum total of 0 miles since bootcamp 

Physio doesn't seem to be able to help much with my knees, reckons it could take 2 weeks to 3 months to fix (talk about hedging your bets!), since I've already been out of action for 2 months this is not that inspiring. Needless to say I have now booked to see a specialist sports physio, fingers crossed he can do more for me.

Tried swimming too but it just exacerbates things, a man can only take so many pushups! On a positive note 3 months still gives me enough time to recover for the Thunder Run!

Green & White Tigger wrote (see)

Sarah my race is 17th March. Training is currently on complete hold as you can imagine!

Hey Tigger, I'm a bit out of the loop having not been a ble to get on here for a little while. I hope things are ok over your way.

29/01/2013 at 19:38
Hi Jenf, good luck with marathon Eryri (snod) it's one hell of a race, the toughest but the best!!!!
29/01/2013 at 20:09

Hi everyone, how are we all keeping?

Good luck with the sports physio Indy - hopefully he or she will give you a positive prognosis!

The Snowdonia Mara really does look epic - hope you both enjoy it, Sam and Jen... Expecting plenty of pics now you've conquered technology!

30/01/2013 at 17:50 frustrating for you. Lets hope the sports physio has magic hands!

Good luck with the 20miler this week Sarah. It may hurt, but you'll feel great after I'm sure!

I did an interval session today, 8x 2mins, why does speed HURT so much?? Anyway, my recovery skins came yesterday, so I am now wearing them, and they feel good,I'm interested to see how my legs feel later and if the do help recovery. I will let you know!

30/01/2013 at 18:42
Hi everyone, sorry not been around much as trying to revise for this interview- 5 days to go and counting!

Indy- that's a nightmare about your knee- what do they actually think you've done? As long as you are fit for TR in July, the team should be great fun.

DS- races wise thinking of 10k in Sheffield end of Feb, maybe the rock and roll half in Edinburgh in April (depending on whether visiting my brother in half term), the great north swim in Windermere in June, GNR if get through ballot, another 10k in Sheffield in October and Valenica Marathon in November. Sounds like quite a lit when I write it down!

Jen- compression tights are the way forward after a tough session. I know the science is a bit tenuous, but my legs felt less sore and for a shorter time after marathons when I wore them for the 2-3
Days after. Just need to get your head round wearing tights to work!!

Went out at lunchtime today and it was sunny when I left, howling winds that knocked someone off their bike half way round and finished in thunderstorm.... Only went for 8 1/2 miles
30/01/2013 at 19:11

Evening all!

Sorry, the last week or so has been a nightmare so not had any time to sneak onto the forums. Looking to move house - need I say more? 

Back soon.

Good to see you back Paul!

31/01/2013 at 21:03

Evening all

Well my skins were really comfy to wear and my legs felt good today, no aches at all. I've done a heavy weights session this eve with lots of deadlifts, lunges etc so I plan on sleeping in them tonight. I usually get DOMS after such a session... so lets see..

Hi Malcs, hows the training going? Have you fully recovered now from the lurgy?

Clive, that sounds a fun programme of races! My next race is Llanelli Half on March 3rd

31/01/2013 at 22:37
Indy I hope that sport physio is able to work some magic.

Thankyou Jen for the good luck for tomorrow. Im starting to feel alittle nervous now! Went running with a friend tonight who is planning on running the first 13 miles with me so least I have some company. A friend got me some skins last week from sweat shop as they were half price but I havent seen her yet to get them..have a feeling they would come in handy tomorrow after my run. I have been wearing compression socks after my long runs and I really do think that they help.

Hope you saw a rainbow after running in all that awful weather clive?
31/01/2013 at 23:04

Jen - fully over it now thanks. I've done two weeks of 5 day running and I'm starting to feel like I'm getting back into it. Still no speed work yet, just trying to get some slow miles in.

Have you considered an ice bath to avoid the DOMS? I took one after every long (18+) run last year and they worked brilliantly. The screaming (a requirement during the acclimatisation stage) aprovides great amusement for any children who are around at the time. 

Indy - echo Clive's question, what's the diagnosis? Is it strained medials? If so I don't think there is much they can do (though maybe the docs are better placed to comment). When I did mine it took 2 months before I could do anything. All depends on the severity of the strain. Best of luck with the recovery - I certainly feel for you.

Sarah - good luck with the 20 miler. Wow - 20 miles already! I see you're also doing the 18's like they're a walk in the park.

Steve - glad to see you didn't miss too much due to the lurg.

I'm still crazy busy so won't be able to post much


01/02/2013 at 09:43

Morning all!! Not that this is a running related post at all......

Amazing that 4 months ago I had never entered into the world of forum posting, thanks to this amazing competition I have met some brilliant people, yes I may be a little on the gushy side this morning! My mum has been in hospital this week and things have been rough, but a big thank you to Sarah for her medical advice, and very quick email responses! and to Indy, Jen and Bacon  for your general concern! Anyway mums out of hospital this afternoon fingers crossed!

Gush finished xxx

01/02/2013 at 15:27
Tigger, glad to hear your Mum is better- didn't know she wasn't well. Nice to get home for weekend too....
01/02/2013 at 16:18
Glad to hear that your mum is hopefully getting discharged from hospital today. I felt honoured that you asked me for advice and I am glad that I was able to help.

Not sure I would have called the 18 milers a walk in the park Malcs but they were quite enjoyable and much more enjoyable than the one that I did last year. I successfully completed my first 20 miler of the year today. I did the first 14 with a friend and the last 6 miles on my own. I really enjoyed being able to run with someone for the majority of the run...the miles seemed to fly by despite me even running 8 miles last night.

I know im a little early getting in a 20 miler already, however I feel that I have built up to it slowly and felt ready. Im planning on dropping my milage next week alittle, then the following week is my half marathon and then the week after that belvoir challenge (15 miles). My problem last year was a lack of long runs and hoping that wont be the case this year!
01/02/2013 at 22:19

I think that mileage plan sounds good Sarah, getting the legs used to mileage is a key, but also not doing too much, Its so hard to get that balance right, but I think you are doing great!

Tigger!! SO pleased to hear your mum is doing well. and I agree, I've met some briliant people through this competition/forum also!

Malcs. Ice baths have been mentioned to me before, but I just can't pluck up the courage! I was really pleased no DOMS today, so they may be the wussie option, but skins win for me so far!!

02/02/2013 at 10:43

Right guys I need your help!

Is it ridiculous to aim to do a 20 mile run on the 17th March? ( this is where you guys come in!!) If not I need some advice on a plan of attack! I admit I'v been off it of late, but today is my wedding anniversary, when I was running this morning I thought of how far I have come, and how far I want to go! I really want to do this race (oh and ideally under 3hrs 19 please if possible!)

02/02/2013 at 21:11

Tigger- if you want to, you can!  I'm no expert, but you have 6 weeks, so get out and start increasing that LSR. everyone I speak to about distance running says the LSR and time on your feet is the key.

I did a parkrun today and got myself a new PB   think it was the fact I was following a runner pushing a buggy.. there was no way I was letting him get away!! lol

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