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02/02/2013 at 21:16
thanks Jen. I tried my new skins out yesterday, not only did they keep me warm at the match (worn under my jeans), my legs also felt fine this morning. I dont think i could physically get into a bath of ice!

Hi Tigger. So thats 6 weeks away. How far have you been running recently? From what I have learnt you can safely increase your mileage of your long run by 2 miles a week, so if your doing around 8 now you can safely increase your long run by two miles a week and reach 20 on the 17th of March, but that would mean no taper and no training run of 20 miles. If your doing more than 8 at the moment then you would be in a better position. Would you run the 20 as a race or training run?
03/02/2013 at 12:45
Hi tigger, echo what Sarah said but don't think it's essential you run 20 before the race. In addition to LSR, also try to get some tempo runs in each week as they help with stamina. Even a one week 'taper' would help.
Anyway sure more expert people like DS may have a better idea

Good to see people buying into compression gear- I would run in mine all year as sure it reduces DOMS

Did a 9 1/2 mile running 'mini pub crawl' last night- set off with head torches in the peaks at 7.30pm, and ran home via 3 pubs (mandatory drink in each). Great fun, but running flat out down a hill better suited for sledging with only a head torch is a bit scary
03/02/2013 at 17:54

Clive , I really could buy into that idea of a 'pub crawl run', wonder who I can persuade to do one with me! Malcs, when are you next in S Wales??

steady 12 miles again for me today, danced along to some oldie cheesie rock songs n had a great time!

04/02/2013 at 12:32
Steve loves bacon wrote (see)

Good luck with the sports physio Indy - hopefully he or she will give you a positive prognosis!


jenf wrote (see) frustrating for you. Lets hope the sports physio has magic hands!


Clive Kelty wrote (see)

Indy- that's a nightmare about your knee- what do they actually think you've done? As long as you are fit for TR in July, the team should be great fun.


sarah osborne wrote (see)
Indy I hope that sport physio is able to work some magic.


Malcs wrote (see)

Indy - echo Clive's question, what's the diagnosis? Is it strained medials? If so I don't think there is much they can do (though maybe the docs are better placed to comment). When I did mine it took 2 months before I could do anything. All depends on the severity of the strain. Best of luck with the recovery - I certainly feel for you.

Sarah - good luck with the 20 miler. Wow - 20 miles already! I see you're also doing the 18's like they're a walk in the park.

Steve - glad to see you didn't miss too much due to the lurg.

I'm still crazy busy so won't be able to post much


Thanks for the support guys, glad to hear things are looking up your end Tigger.

I was back at the NHS physio today, but not much news, he's gone from thinking meniscus tear to muscle imbalance to meniscus tear. He's given me another 4 weeks to carry on with various excercises and if there's no improvement he's promised a referral to a knee specialist. I've got the sports physio tomorrow, so fingers crossed he'll be able to help further. by hook or by crook I will be ready for Thunder Run.

Speaking of which have we moved forward on hoodie designs, not had anything in my inbox for a while? Also Malcs I presume I need to repay your generosity with some funding?

On a positive note I've booked a 2-Day spa break with the wife next week in Cardiff. I literally cannot wait to get back to my old uni stomping grounds and partake of some serious relaxation/reminiscing!

I must confess I've speed read a lot of the posts so good luck to all with any upcoming races/interviews/training sessions, etc.

04/02/2013 at 14:21

Indy - hmm, 4 weeks? Seems a long time to just wait and see what happens. Again, I'd take more notice of what Sarah and Clive have to say on this but personally I'd feel I'd waited long enough.

My sister just had a knee op a week ago. She'd been having problems for a long time (6 months plus). They suspected a meniscus tear but said they wouldn't fully know until they poked the camera in (it was done keyhole). She was worried they would get in there and find nothing then she'd feel bad about wasting people's time. Turned out there was a massive zig-zag tear. They cut a load away and she is expected to make a good recovery. 

Your situation may be different but unless I'm missing something, for now all they can do is make an educated guess. Only once they poke around inside can they really know what the problem is. Sarah/Clive feel free to correct me here.

TR24 - yes I probably need to do some cash collection. Would you all be ok with bank transfer? If not I can take a cheque. I'll PM you all individually.

Jen - congrats on the PB! You show those pram pushers who's boss! Where is the parkrun? We're due to come down at half term so perhaps I can grab Mrs Malcs and we can all do one together? Not sure on dates yet but it will be part of the school holiday week (16th-24th Feb). Are you around?

Sarah - I feel I need to clarify the ice bath situation. I am a bit of a wuss so I never use water in its ice form. I find it's cold enough just to run it from the cold tap (especially at this time of year). I then top it up with a little hot until I stop screaming like a baby. Seriously though, for the longer runs it works superbly. It doesn't have to be ice cold but you do need to stay in for 10-20 mins to get the benefit. Also you need to avoid a hot shower immediately after so as not to negate the effect. Hmm, I guess I'm not really selling this 

Tigger - hope your mum is ok. Re. the running - I agree, you can definitely do it following the advice given so far.

Clive - I have trouble enough running sober let alone having a cheeky one at every tavern en route. You already had my respect, now I'm just plain jealous! 

Edited: 04/02/2013 at 14:22
04/02/2013 at 15:02

Hi all,

Indy -  sorry to here you are still struggling. Sounds like it needs a scan - any chance of a referral?

jen - great stuff.

Tigger - I'm certain you can do it. Just build up no more than 2 miles extra each long run. As Clive said, the midweek Medium Long Run can make a huge fifference. I'd recommend it to anyone. I feel really strong since I've been doing it and it makes the weekend LSR less daunting when you are used to doing something close to it midweek. 

For my part, I've realised there is little or no chance of running York marathon so I've entered the Abingdon Marathon instead (20th October). It's a very fast, flat course apparently and highly recommended. I missed out last year because it sold out so quickly and I didn't want to take the chance after missing the York entry.

Going to be a busy autumn considering I'm doing my cycle ride in August!

Did 18 miles yesterday in 8:03mm. Total for week - 57. Most since 1994! I'm getting strong but not very fast. Hopefully, that will come later!

Keep at it everyone.

Malcs - did you manage anything long this weekend?

04/02/2013 at 20:21

DS2 - that's a real bummer about York. After all the buzz and us all talking about doing it I'm really gutted you missed out. Really looking forward to Spitfire though. Will be great to meet up again.

Yup - just about managed to get a long one in. I think you must have posted here before reading Ady's thread so you already know about my 14.5 round the mountains of Sevenoaks - absolute killer! I was running with my mate who hasn't run that far before. Will need to check if he made it to work 

Having said that, I noticed something quite strange during this run. My legs were very sore by about 12.5 miles and quite heavy. We were about to pass my mate's house so I said I'd run ahead as I needed to check if I'd had a message on my phone. I picked up the pace and fairly quickly my legs felt much better. Checked the phone then went to catch up my mate. I had to run a bit quicker to do this. Before I knew it I was going sub 7 and feeling way better than when I was lumping along at 9. It was very strange. My legs still had a bit of an ache to them but nowhere near as bad as before. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there some explaination as to why this would happen? 

I had to slow down when I caught up but I swear I would have felt better carrying on at a faster pace. Weird.

Edited: 04/02/2013 at 20:23
05/02/2013 at 13:01

Hi Malcs, the parkrun is in Llyn Llech Owen country park, near Crosshands. 9.00 start, coffee n cake in the cafe afterwards! I'm around those dates.

Have a great spa break Indy, n enjoy Cardiff.

DS2, thats over half my months running in a week!!! I can't keep up with you all!!

05/02/2013 at 13:33

Excellent Jen, pencil us in (though not sure which weekend yet). You managed to stump Mrs Malcs on the location. She knows where Crosshands is but she doesn't know the Park in question - disgraceful lack of local knowledge. 

DS2 - I had completely missed that mileage total until Jen highlighted it. 18 miles in 8mm sounds pretty damn fast to me but then you're in a different league. Were those 57 miles in 4 days? Impressive stuff.


05/02/2013 at 15:10

Hi all,

Malcs - I regularly experience that when I run. I think I have nothing in my legs until I try to run faster and then out of nowhere it seems to happen. I think it's as a result of running slower than you are used to and not getting heart rate up very high so the blood flow is reduced and it's only when you speed up that bloodflow increases and the result is everything feels easier. I think it's the same theory as warming up to race pace!

I haven't been at this mileage in nearly 20 years Jen. I just listened to the guys on the Sub 3:15 thread and spent ages building up my mileage - to a certain extent I still am, but at the same time increasing the intensity a little each week.

I think the beauty of running is that there is a direct correlation between input and output. In recent years I have tried to run fast and long without the base and it's been horrible and unenjoyable.

I used to get away with it when I was younger but now I have to do it the right way.

The 57 miles were over 5 runs but one was a 4.8 mile recovery run. I think anyone can run a quality marathon on 4 runs per week. My key runs are the LSR, a tempo run of 9 with 4 or 5 at Half marathon pace, and a MLR of 11-14 miles midweek. Throw in a 5 mile or two and it's job done. Best thing I've learned this year - run slowly for all but the tempo and last few miles of long runs.

Finally, I'm in a different league to where I was 9 months ago when I ran 3:44. Only difference has been my commitment. Same genetic make up! Malcs - I'm sure Shady-Ady will break 3;30 in Paris and you will in the next year or so as well if you can stay healthy and get consistent weeks of 40+ miles in.

05/02/2013 at 16:46

Hey guys!

Indy I was off it... but luckily I'M BACK ON IT AGAIN!!  WHOO HOO I'll email you all soon re hoody's!!

Thanks all for the advice, I seem to have picked up a hip thing, not pain as in muscular..... more like how it feels if you press your leg with your finger.... it's not a ouch pain, more just aware of it! don't get it when I'm swimming just running and walking when my knee comes forward....... anyone follow that? SO I'm going to do a 10 miler on Friday and see how I get on!

DS2 you are officially on fire, that some awesome running!

Jenf Well done you, I wish we had a park run around here! one is being set up on our local park but as yet nothing! Mr Tigs should be letting me know when his block leave is so we must hook up then! Aiming to go to Northumberland in half term to stop with my friend... although she will have me swimming in the sea! humm

Clive a Pub Crawl Run is right up my street!

Malcs glad to have you back in the room!

As for me a little 4 miler today and I swam, up to 6 lengths non stop, for me that's a BIG THING!!!!!



05/02/2013 at 20:35

Malcs, tell Mrs M its turn left opposite phoenix pub! and its actually spelt Owain, but at least i got the other two right!,

05/02/2013 at 23:45
Haha, I love the sound of your pub run Clive....might have to give that one a try sometime.

Hi Indy, hope you had more promising answers and advice from the sport physio today. Have fun in Cardiff.

Malcs....your mad 10-20 mins in cold water with no hot shower afterwards to keep me would be torture!

Its hard with knees. Mine had been problematic for about 6 months and the NHS physio kept giving me exercises to do and promising that she would refer me to the knee specialist. After a run across moorlands, my knee pain resolved completely and touch wood hasnt returned since. Now im relieved that I didnt see the specialist and have a camera poked around inside my knee as sometimes that can take a while to recover from.....however if i still did have pain now, i would have wanted it doing sooner rather than later to get the problem solved so I could get back training.

Think what im trying to say is that there are pros and cons in waiting and trying conservative measures first, but then there are also pros and cons in just getting on with surgery straight away.

A mid way point would be to get an MRI

Im happy to transfer you your money as soon as your ready to receive it Malcs. I was looking on the TR24 website today and was getting quite excited about it
05/02/2013 at 23:52
Fabulous training run DS2.....8:03 min/mls but you lack speed, hahaha (in my world).

I had heard that they were releasing some more places for the york marathon (but only about 500) so I was hoping that you would get one of those, but the race that your doing instead sounds good, especially if you missed out on it last year. We will miss you in York though.

Malcs I get it all the time. My OH says that im just showing off when I sprint ahead in front but its does help my legs. If im doing a long run on the TM aswell and my legs start to tire, rather than slow it down, i speed it up and they seem to get better - they end up feeling more light rather than heavy like lead!
05/02/2013 at 23:59
Congrats Jen on your PB.

Thanks DS5 for your running tips and taking note so I can discuss your tactics with Minni and steal some of your ideas!

Sorry to hear about your hip Tigger, do you think it could be your IT band? Is it only present when you run or at other times too? How you have described it im guessing its a dull ache rather than a sharp pain?
06/02/2013 at 16:23

sarah - Minni is one of those I have stolen all of my ideas from!!!

Tigger - sounds like you may need to get stretching those hip flexors!

06/02/2013 at 17:10

DS/Malcs/Sarah.. next time my legs get tired, I'm going to try speeding up

Tigger, hope you have a great time away half term... but swimming in the sea this time of year sounds as appealing as the ice baths the guys have being trying to promote!!

06/02/2013 at 23:58
I wouldnt even swim in the sea in such a wimp!

DS2, can I ask you a quick work question....if your having a suspension spring replaced because one is broken....should the other one be done at the same time?

I decided to book the monday off after TR24 today...just incase!
07/02/2013 at 00:22

DS2/Sarah - very interesting to hear you find the same thing with the legs. I feel suitably reassured.

Sarah - good idea re. the Monday after TR24. Many people camp over on the Sunday to recover before driving home, though it's mainly the nutters in the pairs or solo categories. Last year Mrs Malcs did the driving home - just as well, I was spent. Had the best nights sleep of my life that Sunday evening 

Tigger - I get that kind of pain alot and it's always relieved by stretching. Agree with DS2, most likely hip flexors. I find the "pigeon pose" stretch works wonders (freakin' odd name - see Google). Can't say I can complete the full stretch but it really does help to loosen things up in the hip, groing and glute areas.  

07/02/2013 at 08:19

Sarah - not sure where you got the idea that I am any kind of car mechanic - sadly, I do something far less useful to society and help feed the insatiable lust for capitalism this world seems to embrace - I invest people's money!!! (usually rich people so they can have even more!!!).

Having said that a couple of years ago I had exactly the same issue as you due to a rather large pothole in the lane in which I live. I had to have the spring replaced because it had snapped in two. My experience of my dealer (Alfa Romeo) is that they would use any opportunity to drag every penny out of me for whatever reason they could..............but on that occasion they said it wasn't necessary to replace the other one. They did try to convince me to change the 'sports shock absorbers' to 'comfort' versions at a princely sum of £800 though. That was typical of them.

I hope your car is repaired soon, fairly and cheaply. What have you been told?

Malcs - glad you feel reassured. I seem to experience this on nearly every run at the moment. I'm sure it's as a result of running on tired legs.

Agree - Pigeon Pose is about the best thing for hip flexor stretching Tigger!

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