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12/06/2013 at 20:14

DS2 - there you are!  Take it easy with that hockey business - all that bending over can't be good for you. Did the knee ease with some thigh stretching? I've had knee issues before that just came down to tightness.

I think Sarah is still on holiday.

On that subject how is your July holiday looking - have your friends patched things up or are you playing marriage guidance counsellor for the trip?

Reg - I'm a bit of an Apple fan I'm afraid, have been for years. Those Nexus things don't even come close. Sorry. 

That said, up until recently this site wasn't very 'i' friendly. They seem to have improved things now but that's more the site as opposed to the hardware. Hmm, going into geek mode now 

Clive -  I haven't read that one but I did hear about that challenge. Totally amazing stuff. 

Ady - how's the, err, sore bit today?

Jen - fully recovered now from your weekend experience?

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13/06/2013 at 11:32

To all fellow dads for Sunday

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13/06/2013 at 12:47

Malcs- love it!!

Re the Karnazes book- remind me nearer TR24 and I'll take it with me for you to borrow?

Did my first 2 session day yesterday- 5k at lunchtime followed with a 1 mile open watewr swim on way home from work. don't know if it was because I'd been for a run earlier, or not eaten but really struggled with the swim. My breathing was rubbish and felt lethargic. Not the confidence booster I wanted before the weekend. However sure the adrenaline will get me through.

Off the fracture clinic with my son now so hopefully pins are in the right place- if not doesn't matter about how I'm feeling as will be staying here for him to be operated on again

13/06/2013 at 17:33

Hey guys, still not running! Although should probably start!  But since I last posted I have swam my first open water mile! Bought a wetsuit! And been for a 32 mile bike ride today!! 

Kit for TR2is sorted and so now just have to sort out the camping!

Love reading about everyone runs!

And got a new tablet which is a little frustrating as it doesnt let me see what im typing argh!

Happy running peeps x

14/06/2013 at 12:39

Tigger- respect on 1mile open water swim! just the idea of it makes me feel ill  and you too Clive! It's really not good for you... stick to running!

DS2, hockey is dangerous to knees! I think we all need to stick to running. (says she who aches today cos deadlifted 87kg last eve )

Ady, sorry to hear you are suffering. Hope you get it sorted quickly, 1st July seems a long time to wait in pain of such delicate origin.

I'm at a bit of a loss now, with no races planned for a few months, but I'm planning on starting my SNOD programme 1st July, so that will give me focus. Castles relay made me realise how much harder I am going to need to train, and that I need to work out lots more evil hilly runs.

Malcs, let me know when you are down my way over the summer. It will be great to meet up.

14/06/2013 at 14:28

Clive - Many thanks, that would be great. That said I am the worst at remembering things but let's see what happens.

How did the fracture check go? 

Best of luck for the weekend!

I have no idea how you can bring yourself to swim for that distance in a non-sterilized environment so you have my total respect.

Tigger - same goes for you. The only open water I will contemplate immersing myself in is the sea and even then it has to be freakin' hot for that to happen. 

If that wasn't enough you then park your backside on the most uncomfortable seat in the world dor 30+ miles while car drivers take turns at trying to take you out.

Really well dons but I'm sticking to running

Thanks again for sorting th eTR24 kit. If we all want to be together then we'll need to work out roughly how much space we need to cordon off. Yes, I did say cordon off - people had tape and poles that they used last year to reserve space. We need room for tents and cars as well.

Jen - I certainly will let you know when we'll be down. We never seem to be organised until the last minute (and even then we're not really organised). 

If you need evil hilly runs then you are in the right part of the country!

14/06/2013 at 18:10

All this open water swimming malarkey has me thinking I'm missing out on something! Quite a few runners I know after running a few marathons have progressed on to triathlons. I find it very impressive anyone who trains for more than one discipline. 

DS2.......I hope the knee pain has subsided completely now. I always get PF problems when I play squash, but I enjoy it so much , that it seems worth the extra pain!

If you could actually see a video of me at Comrades, I'm not sure it would still rate as a top performance - there was an awful lot of walking done!

Age definitely shouldn't be an issue either. There was a British lady in the over 65 category that breezed past me with 10km to go, and that was after falling over and fracturing her humerus! Utterly impressive!

Malcs........the sore bits are still sore....but not as acute and painful. I was really struggling Wednesday and came down with Chills, Fever and a Severe Headache as well so managed to get an emergency appointment at the doctors. I've been signed off work for a week (although being a stubborn little git, I'm not sure I'll manage this!) as the doctor thinks it is a real bad sinus infection. The lumps in the groin were swollen glands, so like Clive said, no hernia. I have to have blood tests done for Glandular Fever and Malaria as well just as a precaution, but I have to wait 2 weeks to have this done! I don't have a sore throat and no other glands are swollen so I doubt its Glandular Fever.

Feeling a different person today, so hopefully a few more days of rest and I'll be back to normal again!

Clive...I hope all went well with your son?

Tigger.......are you training for a triathlon?

Jen...I'm in the same position. No races planned so nothing to focus on. I think I'm going to focus on speed and stick to 5ks and 10ks over the summer and see if I can get my PBs down. A sub 20min 5k might be asking too much presently though!

14/06/2013 at 19:04

Ady..I set bringing my 5k down as my spring goal.. I crashed n burned  I don't want to knock my confidence again, so my new plan is attacking some hills and setting myself personal challenges to get up them! That should be a good starting point for SNOD. Glad you're starting to feel better.

ps malcs, I love lego!

14/06/2013 at 19:21

Jen - I used to love lego but having been dragged round legoland last Sunday in the freezing cold I'm now starting to go off the stuff (we had dressed for sunshine thinking it was June....what's that? It is June?). The night before was the Stone Roses gig in Finsbury Park so that didn't help things as I was slightly the worse for wear

Btw. I spent the first half of the gig keeping my eye out for flying pint pots of p**s. I kid you not! There were more than a handfull of retards who were p***ing into empty pint pots and lobbing them into the crowd. Never seen anything like it.

Ady - good to hear that you have a diagnosis now and you're feeling a bit better. I'd take the full week if you can. You probably don't realise how much of a bashing your body has taken. You were ill before you even started too so you need to recover! 

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15/06/2013 at 11:09

Morning all. Did the Orpington parkrun for the first time today and ran into none other than Steve Smythe! 

Poor chap is injured at the moment so he was on his bike. Was nice to talk to him as I never really got the chance at bootcamp.

15/06/2013 at 20:53

Malcs- can't believe you were cold last sunday! castle relay runners were suffering from heat exhaustion!!  you were still delusional after gig!!

oooh hobnobbing with the famous now are we!

bought myself some really light 'barefoot' running shoes today, (mega sale bargain) I thought they may be good on holiday, but aim to try them out cautiously in next week or so. Anybody have any experience/tips to share?

15/06/2013 at 23:30

Hi all, sorry I havent been around. Its been a busy week and when I had time to go on the internet I never had good internet access, especially in skye (that didnt seem to have 3G) and south queens ferry. Stornoway was surpisingly ok, but we spent more time viisting the middle of nowhere in lewis and harris than in stornoway.

Enjoyed reading the thread and catching up with everyones achievements. Ady your marathon sounded so tough....sounded like everything was against you..the heat, the hills, the travelling, the early start...the list is endless. I have to say reading your report doesnt make me want to attempt the moment! I remember saying never again at about mile 24 of VLM last year....I soon forgot and enjoyed my second attempt this year! Your report will certainly put mine from skye to shame!

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend aswell Jen , have you made a full recovery? Liked your comment on the bird of prey!!

How did you get on today Malcs at the park run?

DS2 I hope your knees feelng better?

I ended up getting 1:33:20 for skye which I was very happy with. I had predicted 1:33 months earlier and when I read it the night before I laughed, thinking I would never get that time. For the first 5 miles my legs were just not feeling it (? from the 10 hour drive up to skye the day before) but after that they loosened up and felt increasingly better allowing me to pick up my pace. I ended up running past 6 ladys in the last 6 miles to finish in 4th lady position, winning a £20 voucher. I rested after that and didnt run again until today. After 2 days my feet were itching to run and I felt so sluggishafter eating to much food and having too many full cooked breakfasts with little milage. I went out today and ran 15 miles, at 8:24 min/ml pace which has made me feel alittle better.

16/06/2013 at 14:34
jenf wrote (see)

Malcs- can't believe you were cold last sunday! castle relay runners were suffering from heat exhaustion!!  you were still delusional after gig!!

oooh hobnobbing with the famous now are we!

Just the kind of circles I move in Jen. What can I say

Regarding the heat (or lack of) - no joke, it was nobbling. There was a serious East/West divide that weekend.

What kind of shoes did you get? Are they the hobbit's feet kind which just cover your foot in rubber with sections for each toe? One of our TR24 team uses them and swears by them. Took him a while to get used to them but after he did all the lower leg problems he'd been having just evaporated.

Sarah - welcome back! Congrats on an excellent, prize winning HM time! When you stack that up against the long drive etc. it looks even better. Nice one!

My Parkrun time was 21:04 - not too bad but I really wanted to get under 21. That was my first one and I reckon I went off a bit too fast. By the end I was staggering to the line

That was a very good 15 you got in. I did 10 today but very slowly (8:50 pace).

16/06/2013 at 22:34

Thankyou Malcs 

Thats a fantastic time for your first park run/5k as they are difficult to judge. The first time I did one I went off far too fast and at the end a few people passed me. My second one I paced myself better and managed a better time and to hold my position all the way round. Are you planning on doing another one soon?

I had planned to go to the gym today to do my weights (for the first time in 11 days) and to do a short recovery run. I managed to do the  resistance training but a mile in to my run I had to stop due to a pain in the outer edge of my right foot. I had dropped something onto it earlier when I had been packing for our (fingers crossed) house move next week. It was painful for several seconds when I first did it but then it seemed to be wasnt until I started running that it showed its angry head again. I decided to stop running and went on the bike for a bit instead. Im just hoping that its just a bit of bruising and it will settle down quickly as im not sure I could manage another 6 day rest, especially if we dont get to move on friday like planned.

Hows everything with your house/move?

10 miles @ 8:50 sounds great after your park run yesterday. When do you start your training for York?

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17/06/2013 at 09:28

Whoa - moving next Friday! Blimey, that came up quick. I think that's the part of the whole process I am dreading the most.

We are under offer again (hurrah). However, we've been struggling to find anything. We have quite a small search area due to schools and nothing is coming on - not even things we don't like!

I say this but we have offered on a house that we looked at a while ago. They dropped the price but it's still too much for us. Our first offer was turned down so we had to do a bit more thinking about whether we could stretch further. Decided that we could and upped our offer on Saturday. Not confident that it'll be successful though.

Sorry to hear about the bang on the foot. I'm sure you'd know if it was anything more than just a bruise. Bit of regular icing should sort it I'm sure. Bit of a pain but at least it's easily fixed.

Re. the parkrun - it was my first one at Orpington. I have done one other with Jen in Wales. I agree, it was very difficult to judge. The temptation is to fly off at the start but it's still a fair way. I'm confident I'll breach 21 next time. Longer term, like a few of us here, sub 20 is the ultimate goal. 

Mrs Malcs has been doing the parkrun for a while. She's training for a tri so she bikes it there, runs and bikes back. We decided we'd get the children involved as they like sport. My youngest is 7 so she needs one of us to go round with her. So we decided we'd take it in turns, racing one week and playing chaperone the next. I think it could work well.

I'm already thinking about York. 6 weeks to TR24 then 12 weeks to York! Seems very close when you look at it like that. I wanted to be up to 18-20 mile long runs by TR24. It's still possible so I'm going to be gradually increasing mileage over the next 6 weeks. I'll then do a 12 week programme with hopefully 2 to 3 20 milers per month.

How about you, got a game plan or are you too consumed with moving to even think about it?

17/06/2013 at 10:43

Morning everyone!

Sarah- Great result in Skye- you must be really pleased as it is quite an impressive course profile. Sounds like you had a good week off too- I have never made it out as far as Stornoway although one of my best friends from Uni was raised there. good liuck for the house move- always stressful despite how well organised you are!

Ady- Glad to hear things are settling down and that diagnosis is more benign than it could have been. Most likely all reactive after the stresses of Comrades?

Malcs- well done in Park Run- sure you can get under 21 mins soon. The mileage you are looking to for York is quite high- I think I'd struggle to do so many 20 milers. Mind you maybe I'm heading for the proverbial fall in cologne when the bubble will burst and it will all go wrong.....

Jen- good luck for the barefoot shoes. Never been tempted myself but read a bit about it. General consensus seems to be take it really slow in terms of getting out there- like only walk in them for the first 2-3 weeks?

So race report from Great North Swim in Lake Windermere at weekend...

Went up on Friday and weather was dreadful, cool windy and massive rainstorms on the motorway. Kept checking website as it was cancelled last year, and forecast for weekend wasn't great but at 5pm the organisers said it was all on as planned. we were in a caravan park nearby as could walk to the start as the traffic was supposed to be horrendous.

Heavy rain all night, but light breeze and not too cold in the morning as we got to the start (I was in the 9.30 wave). Water temp a balmy 15.4 degrees. In the 'acclimatisation' zone- ie the shallows to paddle in whilst getting some water in your wetsuit- the lifeguards were insisting people put there fasces in the water so it was not too much off a shock! Back into the starting pen, loud music and a motivational talk from David Davis (Bejiing Olympic medallist) and we were off! The entry gantry was quite narrow, and my only gripe with the organisers was that they didn't tell people who were going to do breast stroke to go at the back- in the same way when people cross the start line at big events and start to walk, then look annoyed/suprised when people shove into them- a few people went in, and pootled off doing breast stroke. funnily enough they got dunked as people swam over them and then bobbed up like corks panicking- not good for anyone...

It can be a bit daunting at the start as everyone dives in together so had to go off quite quick to try to get some room. I kept telling myself not to swallow the water! There were 290 people in my wave so it didn't string out till about 400m but I felt ok. The wind was from the SW so was pushing us intowards the shore, but at least wasn't getting faceful of water when breathing. The course was pretty much an out and back, so it wasnt till I passed the bouy at 1200m that I realised how much stronger the wind was- I was getting a fair bit from the 'racing line' so really had to fight against it coming back in. I could hardly breathe to my right due to the waves and was starting to feel a bit tired. Managed a final spurt to get me past a couple of others as we came on the finish gantry and didn't need to be helped out of the water as staggered over the timing mats..

Finish time 32:46, 680th overall (of over 5000), 90th in age group. 5sec slower than I did in Manchester last year, but technically a much harder swim. Really pleased, and going to look at doing some more during the summer as a bit of 'cross training'

17/06/2013 at 12:25

Malcs. 21.04 is great time, but I know how frustrating those 5 secs are!! 5k just doesnt give you chance to make mistakes.

Sarah,  brilliant race yet again! And what lovely pics on facebook, it really was the middle of nowhere. Good luck with the move.

Clive, that race report sounds like pergatory to me! I can think of nothing worse! I am in awe of anyone who completes such an ordeal. Well done!

I've not bought hobbit shoes, they are really just minimalist trainers. I'm only going to use them for short runs I think, see how I get on. I've done a bit of reading around and have done the exercises. It says that if you cant deep squat barefoot without heels lifting you shouldnt run in minimalist shoes. They are so light, and when I wore them yesterday they were v comfy -  perfect for hot weather!! lol

I set myself a hill challenge yesterday, There is a v steep 1.5 mile long hill near me(first gear job in a car) I've set a 10k route including going up and down it. My first attempt took me 61mins and I had to walk briefly once. I reckon this will be good SNOD training.


17/06/2013 at 18:13

Jen - many thanks and best of luck with the shoes. Sounds like you are acclimatising well.

That hill sounds like a killer. I know what it's like around there. I attempted to run up Swiss Valley hill once - never again!

Clive - you are a braver man than I. Nice job! I remember Mrs Malcs being told about dunking her head before her first tri. I don't know how you can do it.

Can't believe they had people doing breast stroke! Was there a doggie paddle wave? If so I could have a chance

We'll see how my programme goes - I guess it does look a bit mileage heavy. I did 4 20 milers last time so I wanted to get 6 in this time as a minimum. The higher mileage seemed to work for me as long as I kept it very slow.

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18/06/2013 at 12:51

Ha malcs, Swiss Valley hill is on my 'to do' list! I'll be taking it v slow

How's the foot Sarah. Hope it's ok, because you are doing 3 peak challenge this weekend aren't you?

How are the TR24 teams doing?? team names? kit sorted?

18/06/2013 at 15:59

Hi everyone,

Been reading all your exploits with great interest whilst nursing myself back to fitness. great stuff from Malcs, Sarah, Clive (defo not for me!!!) Reg (on the bike) and Jen.

Unhappily, I'm still on the bench. Knee has been quite sore and definitely 'Runners Knee'. Been icing and rested for a week. Decided to ride to work today - 17 miles - and home tonight. Knee was uncomfortable all the way. Not looking forward to the ride home. I should be embarking on my training for Abingdon very soon. Looks like being a bad start. I guess I may need to rest again and carry on icing. Not a happy bunny!

I will stay in touch on here and look to you all for inspiration!

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