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18/06/2013 at 16:34

DS2 - nooooo! I didn't realise it was that bad. Really feel for you. Get some quad stretching in too. I had really bad knee pain a couple of years back - worried the hell out of me. However, once the osteo looked at it and told me to stretch the quads 3-4 times a day it soon eased off. 

As you know I started this year with medial problems and it didn't do me any harm whatsoever so don't worry about making a late start.

Obviously you have your mammoth cycle challenge to deal with first so I'd focus on that and try not to worry about the running for a bit. Easy to say I know but you've been injured before and came back stronger. You'll do the same again.

Jen - I think we are all ready for TR24. Tigger has the kit fully under control. I'm running with the guys I did it with last year and we'll be "Team Adam". The other two teams are "Eclectica" and "Zombie Shufflers" I believe. Not sure which is RRR's pair and which is the 8. 

I have been incorporating some woodland running into my pre-marathon training in prep. for TR24. It's good acclimatisation for the uneven footing but more importantly gets you used to those pesky mouth seeking insects! I have developed a new way of breathing to stop me from swallowing the buggers.

The probelm is there are always a few that get through the defences. I can't help thinking about what said insect was last sitting on as it slides down my throat

18/06/2013 at 20:14

OOOH DS2, I'm so sorry and gutted for you, how frustrating for you. Take care, don't rush recovery, listen to your body, as I'm sure you are. Malcs has a good point about stretching the quads, and I'd say the IT band aswell as it was a twisting injury. Hope you are back running very soon. x

18/06/2013 at 21:29

Evening all!

Jen.......sorry to hear your 5k PB Spring goal didn't go to plan. I don't expect to be anywhere near my 5k PB to start with as I haven't done any speedwork for weeks, but I'm hoping by the end of the Summer I should have some of my speed back! I think improving my speed is the only way I'll ever bring my marathon PB time down.

Have you tried your barefoot running shoes?

Malcs........your Stone Roses experience reminds me of my last trip to Glastonbury. I got hit by a pint of pi**, but luckily only down the back of my legs. I saw others get hit flush in the face with pi** and also bags of puke. Another drunk guy just started urinating over the people in front of him. That almost caused a riot! Can't say I miss that part of going to festivals and gigs at all!

Not a bad 5k time at the weekend. Did you get any useful tips from Steve? I take it he won if he was on his bike!

Hopefully your bid was successful on the house?

Sarah......huge congrats on your Skye HM time. I imagine the scenery made the miles pass very quickly. The pictures on FB look nice. Good luck with the house move. I'm planning on become one of those house owners sometime next year and I'm not at all looking forward to the move. I can already envisage arguments on locations to move to.

Clive........Nice report on your swim. How does doing an event like that compare to running events? Very impressive to be almost in the top 10%. With my breastsroke, I would have definitely been in the bottom 10%! I've never been a strong front crawl swimmer.

DS2........Sorry to hear the knee is still causing grief. Is there anything else that can be done other than rest? Like Malcs has said, I was told to do more foam rollering and stretch my  hip flexors, which were the cause of my knee pain. Hopefully it won't stop you from cycling. 

19/06/2013 at 11:48

Ady - how is the swelling now? Are you still resting?

Your Glastonbury experience eclipses mine. That is just foul. How people can do that is beyond me. I've been to plenty of these things in the past (including Glastonbury in '89) and never saw any of that kind of thing.

Yeah not unhappy with the 5K but I reckon I can do better. Ha - thankfully Steve decided not to race on his bike  

House bid was unsuccessful  We have upped it twice since including a best and final but neither of these were accepted either. There's 15K between us - feels a bit too much to bridge (we already came up 11K with no movement from them).

19/06/2013 at 20:40

Hey Malcs........the swelling has receded thanks and feeling back to normal. Played squash at lunch and will be venturing for my first run in more than a week tomorrow. It's nice to be back exercising again.To be honest, I think a good 2 weeks off was definitely needed.

Sorry to hear the house bid was unsuccessful. I take it that's the end for that house if the owners aren't willing to budge? 

I'm sure you can push under 20 mins for a 5k by the end of the Summer once your York and TR24 properly kicks in. 

I'm quite happy I'm getting growing nearer middle age when it comes to gigs and festivals - I'm more about having a good view rather than getting squashed and covered in all kinds of bodily fluids by trying to get to the front! Plus you're nearer the bar as well! 

Have you entered any 10ks or Halfs in prep for York?

20/06/2013 at 00:25

Run out of time...should have been in bed 25 mins ago....will catch up with you all tomorrow so I can read through everything properly

20/06/2013 at 08:18

Ady - good to hear you are sorted and returning to normal activity. I used to hate resting but now I really believe in taking a complete break for 1, 2 or even more weeks if necessary.

We shall see re. the house. Three houses we've been following have dropped 20K in the last week so demand seems to be falling (there's nothing obviously wrong with the houses except for the price). I'm sure the owner will be wondering if they have made a mistake letting us go just as we're wondering whether we should try and raise more funds. It's a case of who snaps first

Ha - I'm with you on the good view and bar proximity for gigs. I still prefer standing though. We saw the Killers at the O2 last year and it just isn't the same when you're in a seat. Not that I am much of a dancer. I can be coaxed into a gentle bounce but when it comes to dancing I have always been known as 'Minimal Movement Malcs'

I am toying with the idea of the Dartford half marathon in July and maybe the Orpington 10K in two weeks. However, I may just stick to parkruns for now.

How about you, what's next on the list?

How is Mrs Shady and the Shady bump?

Sarah - Get yourself back to your packing, don't worry about posting here you are moving tomorrow! Good luck, hope it all goes well!

Edited: 20/06/2013 at 10:12
20/06/2013 at 12:09

Malcs, its a horrible waiting game putting offers on houses! I sympathise. You may like to know that next door to me has just gone on the market  It comes with a life supply of granola bars!!

Ady, I think you are right about speed work, I just find it so frustrating, I did manage to knock seconds off my time, but I am impatient, and think I should be much better !! 

I tried my new shoes out for two miles Tuesday, Don't think I'd like to do any great distance in them, I was aware of the impact as I plodded along. However, I did find sprinting much easier, my stride seemed more fluid and efficient if that makes sense. I will continue to play!

I've been looking at marathons early next year. Anyone fancy Dubai?

20/06/2013 at 16:09

Hi All, i've not eloped but been out of posting action.

Sick children and sick better half has taken all time i'm afraid.

Good news here on the running front last pb I wanted was 10k at 47:07 on sunday. Well happy with this and now to the next challenge.

Glastonbury, now there is not enough space here to give you all my memories from this.  Next week all the influx of visitors start for us. Lovely times.

20/06/2013 at 22:42

Evening all!!

I am lurking just have issues posting off my tablet! but anyway....

I have a race report.......Yay...... I didn't run it but I'm very proud never the less!

THE HAIRY HELMET - 2 and a bit relay race hosted

So this was our club race, its the third year we have held this event,and it was amazing! 1 week before the race we had sold out, we had the capacity for 150 teams, along with the 100 places in the kids 'Little Loop' and they were all full!! I arrived at the park venue at 1 last friday afternoon, and did not stop, putting tents up, staking out courses you know the norm for hosting an event! and as the the runners started arriving I was busy running here there and everywhere, organising is hard! we had 148 team actually run and whole night was a complete success, for running our race you get a pint of beer from the local brewery they ran out and had to replenish their stock twice! After a few beers and dismantling gazebo's in the dark we hit derby! Fab night, that's the good news! and no hangover even after Jaeger Bombs!!

The bad news is that my knee is really not happy! I am really worried about TR24 but what ever happens I will be there! I decided not to do what was to be my first tri on the 14 July (Day before my birthday!) It just doesn't seem to be getting any better!

But on a brighter note...

On Tuesday not only did I do my first ever 2 mile pool swim, (first 20 lengths broken up, the 108 straight lengths) I also did a 23 mile bike ride with a 12 mile time trial in the middle! OH HOW EXCITED WAS I!! I loved it, yesterday I only did a mile. But lets face it I may not be running but if my knee is ok then maybe I can wing tr24 right??

Im really missing running, but can't really bring myself to think of any other races, just get through TR24 and my OW tri in august!

I am swimming at Treeton Dyke again near Sheffield on Thursday and can not wait!!!


20/06/2013 at 23:03

Hi All,

Quick drop in as about to go to theatre , but only one more on call In Doncaster to go . Been frantic this week, so no time to think let alone come on here.

Sarah- good luck with the house move!

Malcs- hope the house offers come off- hang tight as suspect they will be more desperate to sell, and likely might budge. Are the Estate agents doing their job and tried to meet half way?

I saw the Killers last year too- I agree about the seats, but loved the show. That was the second time I'd seen them and the first time my wife said if they sang 'read my mind' at the end we would go back to Australia; they did and we did! Same prediction last time but I'm only going as far as Sheffield it seems...

Tigger- love the race report! That is great about the swimming- think I'd struggle to do 2 miles, especially in the pool. what time are you swimming at Treeton? It's on my way home so might try and come next week? Sure you will have a good time at TR whatever happens with your knee.

DS- sorry to hear about the injury- hopefully a bit of rest will ease it, and then you can get back 'in the saddle'- mind you after the bike challenge you are about to do that might be the last thing you want

Ady- glad to hear things recovered, and that you are back to exercising. What plans have you got lined up?

Reg- hope the family feeling better

Jen- Dubai might be a bit hot for me... What about Walt Dsney World first week of January??? Mickey Mouse shaped medal...

21/06/2013 at 00:15

Lol, thanks Malcs...really cant believe how much moving house involves. We've been packing since I got home from work at 18:00 and we still have stuff left to pack and dismantle. This is despite more than 20 hours of never moving again!

after we move in tomorrow we've got to drive up to newcastle as were watching the athletics and then were going out for a leaving party so I have a feeling im going to struggle to come on here again properly for a few days as we will need to continue unpacking on sunday....wish I had a week off now!

happy running everyone and good luck to anyone racing...looks like I will be having a few more days off running!!

21/06/2013 at 12:04

Nice pb Reg!

Hi Tigger! hey you are seriously on the dark side now!! but I'm so pleased the swim/bike are going well for you. I'm sure you can wing the TR24, but hopefully the knee will have settled by then. Any diagnosis on it??

Sarah, with all your fantastic runs recently I think you deserve a few more days off running. Hope move goes well. With regard to unpacking...I moved 15 years ago and I still have unpacked boxes under the stairs! ( obviously can live without those things!!)

Clive, I must check Disney out, although I have ulterior motives for Dubai, as my daughter is out there, they run at 7.00am, and its pancake flat.

23/06/2013 at 11:59

Jen - ha, that would be fantastic. Granola bars on tap .

So you're going the other way now with your running - sprint instead of ultra? Its all the power squatting!

Dunno about Dubai - I'm with Clive, might be a bit hot for me too or is it indoors and Iain conditioned?

Reg - well done on the PB! Are you in Glastonbury then? Do the bags of sick land in your garden?

Tigger - congratulations on your event, sounds like it went really well. Sorry that the knee is still playing up. At least you are killing the swimming and cycling - brilliant stuff!

Youll be fine for TR24 and even if you can only do one lap you'll love it. Dont overdo it though - keep the knee in check and stretch and ice.

Clive - killers were amazing. I wish I'd seen them before now. My son loves them. Im enjoying this brief amount of time where our musical tastes overlap - I know it wont last!

Nice try for the second Aus trip btw  

Someone on the Paris thread did Disnand this year and loved it. 

Funny you should say about hanging tight on the house. We did and they came back and said they would accept just a couple of K more than our best and final. They are chain free so it's game on now! Scary stuff though.

Sarah - hope the weekend went well with the move and your trip away. Now you've just got all the unpacking to do

23/06/2013 at 21:47

Thank you Malcs.

I live in Street which is right next to Glastonbury. The actual festival is in a place called Pilton which is 5 miles from Glastonbury. The whole area this week is going to be hectic with fesitval go'ers. Hopefully no sick though! 


24/06/2013 at 11:39

First run for two weeks this morning. Oh dear!!!! Knee uncomfortable all the way. never got worse but wasn't expecting this. In fact, I've had no real pain since last Wednesday and cycled 34 miles on Thursday really hard and no discomfort whatsoever.

I have to make a decision today or tomorrow at the latest whether to go ahead with the End to End bike ride. If I commit to it then the charity has to settle the organisers invoice which means everything I raised during my marathon will be wasted if I don't recover in time.

It's only 10 weeks and would be pretty much starting from scratch again and 1000 miles in 10 days would put huge pressure on my knees as would training for it.

Feeling a bit despondent to be honest. Thought I would cheer myself up by submitting my GFA entry online but the link isn't up yet despite VLM saying it would be there today.

Sorry to sulk!!!

Back to better things! Sarah - can you put the link up for your three peaks sponsorship again please? How did the house move go?

Will comment on everyone else's exploits later when I get a minute or two, but suffice to say effort of the week goes to Tigger - It sounds like you earned a few beers there!!!


24/06/2013 at 14:23

DS2 - so sorry to hear you're having to face these decisions. If you had no pain from it on the bike on Thursday then surely that's a good sign for the cycling at least? Maybe it's just running that's aggravating it?

I guess you're probably asking yourself the same questions. If you think that the training will be touch and go then the event itself is going to be tough. Might not be worth the risk. It's a shame that you can't do a few weeks training and then decide.

Really don't know what to say. I'm just gutted that you're wrestling with this issue so close to your event. 

Reg - what's the general feeling about the event locallly, is the festival viewed as a positive thing for the area? Do you ever go on a day pass or do you totally avoid the area?

24/06/2013 at 15:32

DS2 sorry to hear about your injuries. and your dilema's. The end to end would be a fantastic achievement but at the end of the day there are other rides but you only have 2 knees!

The festival does bring a huge amount to the local area and so many people benefit. From catering to stewards (which get paid) A lot of local schools supply people and this brings funds into them.

I used to go with a local carnival club, would be up there from Sunday to the following Monday after it finished. Not now though as I am no longer a  member and with kiddies and all that. 

Love to go back again and will at some point when the line up is better.

26/06/2013 at 23:37

Hi, sorry I haven't been on here for a whole, been a bit of a busy week and we don't have Internet sorted at our house yet so I'm having to do this on my phone which I a bit of a nightmare. Thankyou for all your kind messages and good lucks for moving. The move actually went quite well. It was a long day, from 7am until 11:30 pm but we got quite a bit done. Drove up to Newcastle afterwards arriving there at 1am so it was a pretty long day but it was nice not to be able to do anything but chill for a day. The athletics at Gateshead were fantastic ad my night out in Newcastle fun, managed to let my hair down and get drunk knowicould wouldnt be running in the morning. Attempted a run on Sunday when I got back to york but I could only manage 5 miles before my foot started to hurt. On arrival back home it was then back to unpacking. Been at work all week and wa working 8-9 today so it's been another long week. I tried another run yesterday ad only managed 4 miles before my foot started hurting again. It's really getting to be now as I'm scared of loosing fitness and speed, I'm supposed to be doing the three peaks on fri and start marathon training on Monday...just hope it recovers by then. It does seem fine when I'm walking so I'm hoping it will be ok for the weekend...if not I will be on the ibuprofen!!

So sorry to hear about your knee Going knowing how I feel at the moment makes me understand what your going through. Maybe just try to stick to cycling and see how the knee goes and if its ok go from the lands end to jOG cycle.


glad to hear that you knee is on the mend tigger with youcomment on FB today...fingers crossed you will be fine for TR24. What swimming event is it down at Treeton dike?

congratulations on the acceptance on a house it one of the ones you had mentioned above? 


26/06/2013 at 23:39

Never been to Glastonbury but went to V and thy sounded the same with pint glasses of pee being thrown around...the shower I had when I got home was the best shower I've ever experienced. Hope it's not like it at TR!!

I wish you was my neighbour Jen!

Addy the race was fantastic, synch a lovely atmosphere and horgeous scenery. I hope to go back many of times. Have you recovered completely from comrades now? What do you plan to do next?

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