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22/11/2013 at 21:04

Runners are so funny... If we aren't talking about running, we're talking about cake!!

Mr P how long is it since ur boss last did a marathon, or indeed a 20 mile training run- if he hasnt been building up an endurance base recently, I'm not sure 4 months is enough to get the result he  might think he's capable of...

i did did an hour run today with 3 miles at marathon pace.  6.5 miles total and in that time there was some stopping at traffic light time- massive improvement on this time last year

got my gym instructor assessment tomorrow, so another early morning drive to chiswick- hopefully that will end the frequnet trips to south west london I've been having- I really really really dislike the north circular!

22/11/2013 at 21:17
Ha ha Mr P bet your boss pulls out a week before the marathon with some injury or another!
23/11/2013 at 08:08

Morning all! Just want to to say some of us new bootcamp folks are taking inspiration from you amazing guys here! Reading through what you've been through at last years bootcamp is scary but exciting at the same time! . It's been really helpful though, to be able to see a little into what bootcamp will be like, really can't wait for friday now 

23/11/2013 at 14:26

Angela - best of luck, hope it goes well for you today! Great to hear that you're seeing improvements when looking back on last year. Doesn't surprise me at all though!

Stan - many thanks. Feel free to send any left over cake in my direction

There's quite a few guys from this thread doing London too. I don't think anyone is aiming for sub 3 though - that would be brilliant, wish you all the best for that. I hope you'll fill us in on your training as it goes along.

Mr P - let's see how the big boss man is when it comes to crunch time. I agree with Stan, it's not over until the fat lady sings. 

Sticky - it's every bit as exciting as it sounds, a real roller coaster ride. There's a large chunk of my life that just disappeared between the end of Nov and mid december last year

Best of luck to you! 

23/11/2013 at 21:08

I think it is a possibility Stan, he has an iffy knee and one day he came in with a huge lump on his achilles which we internet-diagnosed as insertional tendinopathy, he is textbook piling on the mileage too early 

How did it go Angela?  

He isn't  the boss, but I report to him. he last ran a mara in 1999. I think, based on what he tells me, that he will get a sub 4, very respectable, but he will insist on talking himself up, he is not doing himself any favours because I suck it up all day then it just fires me up in training.

I'm in two minds about tomorrow's race...Mrs Puffy doesn't do cold, partly as a result of some treatment she had a few years ago. She just can't get warm again if she gets too cold, so a couple of hours in Conwy ift he weather is like today will be quite an ordeal. Equally, I don't like the idea of roaring off to the seaside and leaving her on her own for most of the day.  Plenty of time to make a decision in the morning.

What is everyone else doing tomorrow?


23/11/2013 at 22:01

Thanks for the luck! It worked! Got a merit for the practical- it's like a driving test- only got 2 minors, then I got A distinction for the paperwork, which is the 'planning gym based exercise' module

good luck tomorrow mr p, I'm sure you'll enjoy the race.

im im planning a toughie of a long run, I guessu can call it 2 mile repeats.  Planning 2'miles at marathon pace followed by 1 mile recovery 4-5 times

24/11/2013 at 08:15

I sometimes think planning is your middle name so no surprise there then!

forecast is a bit warmer so we are off to Conway, then cgoingt o buy swimming costumes for mrs p she starts a swimming teaching course tomorrow.

race number is 1375, they are having the same tracking as Chester 

24/11/2013 at 08:32

Thanks Mr P.  You're not the first person to say that 

Good luck in the race, and in shopping for swimming costumes! I must say I've always found that something v difficult to shop for if it's not the lead up to summer.  Wow swim teacher!  I was just thinking I need to find me one of those...

24/11/2013 at 17:21

OK Race Report...

we got to Conway, or Conwy as it is called in Wales, bright and early an hour before the noon start. We parked a little way out of town to avoid the congestion. It is an ancient town with tiny streets and a good set of walls, and we know how congested it can get. In fact mrs p said loads of people missed the start, but the organisers were pretty clear..."don't roll up at 11:30 and expect to get parked and reach the ain't gonna happen!"

the race starts across the road from the  wonderful Castle, one of Edward the somethings chain across the North Wales coast.


It goes over the bridge in the foreground and the the runners take a left and run along the eastern edge of the conwy estuary, fantastic view out to the open sea and later to Anglesey. I was taking this really slowly, as I knew what was to come at 5 miles. We left the road and continued on a footpath, partly covered in sand, but it was quite wet and not that energy sapping. I was glad of my new shoes though! There were one or two idiots dancing about trying to get ahead where there really wasn't any room, a couple of young lads, one in a red Tri club shirt, particularly annoyed the group of runners I was with. more of him later...


24/11/2013 at 17:38

After three miles or so, the course leaves the riverside and cuts across the neck of the Great Orme into the town of Llandudno to the entranceto the pier, then cuts left again and the climb up  the orme begins...

 Thin isquite gentle, but there is a further climb around the bend, if you don't know it is coming it is a heartbreaker, so still taking gently at this point. There's a couple of good descents though, and I was keen to make ground by letting myself go.

the climb to the highest point was really tough, and I started to feel sick...tbh, I thought "here we go again, end of race and walk of shame." but it never got really bad and I reached the top, you can just see the roof of a cafe top left above the castle-like building in the picture.


There is a water station here, and I was a bit annoyed at experienced racers just stopping dead to get a drink, just an excuse to stop I thought. There is a short descent and climb after this, then it is hell for leather down the hill!


24/11/2013 at 18:42



I took stock here, seven miles in, a long downhill, sickness was passing but I was quite hot, so I held back for half a mile or so then I went for it...I must have passed two hundred runners down that hill, hitting 6mm pace at one point,...and yes, there is Red T shirt, pretending to have cramp  So I gave him a hard stare as I passed him.  A mile on he came level with me but I was absolutely flying by then and let him get on my shoulder before going again...I never saw him after that though!

I was really comfortable now, seven twentyish, and passing people all the time, proper Sarah mode! We turned up onto the bridge and I thought for a second I'd overcooked it, the castle suddenly looked very far away, but I just kept going, I saw mrs Puffy just before the line and I was so pleased, crossed the line with a huge grin and felt like doing it all again.  My time was, wait for it, 1:42:34, a course record 

After a rubbish London, a rubbish Chester, to turn in a course record by 34 seconds three years after my previous best in my first half for over a year was a real vindication of my approach and training plan. I was so relieved!

So I would like to say a big thank you to you all, Sarah & Minni's thread and now this one have been a source of advice and motivation for the last year or so, who knows, we might finally go all the way and put it to bed in April with a 3:30 thanks guys


24/11/2013 at 18:45

well done Mr. P that is frickin awesome! So happy for you, what a great time!  And very pretty pics!  I. Hope ur relaxing with a beer

24/11/2013 at 19:12

Brilliant race report Mr P and well done on that PB! Lovely pics too.

24/11/2013 at 19:41

Thank you!

Just got my splits...

7.59,  7.48,  8.03,  7:51,  7:49,  8:17, 8:28,  8:04,  6:45 lol!  7:28,  7:43,  7:26,  7:49, and 1:26 for what the Garmin says was .21 of a mile at 6:49 pace so I'll take that!



24/11/2013 at 19:46

Mr P - wow, amazing result! And what a report too. Scenery looked amazing!

I reckon that 3:30 is looking very likely now. Just need to keep going as you are - don't push too hard and I'm sure you'll get there.

Angela - excellent result in your assessment, you must be very pleased!

Littlemissactive - well done on making bootcamp this year!

24/11/2013 at 20:27

Oh...I don't count the 2009 result, it was def. A short course.


25/11/2013 at 19:31

Mr P - how are the legs today? I'm sure you'll take any aches and pains given the performance!

How did the boss like those apples?!

My cold has improved but I'm might bunged up. I won't go into any details, just google  mucus

25/11/2013 at 19:46

I felt good Malcs, but towards the end of the day my hamstrings were hurting a bit.  Boss did 15 yesterday, and seven on Saturday and Friday .  He never talks about times though.


26/11/2013 at 09:23

Sounds like you've come out of it quite well Mr P - another sign you're in good nick.

Is the boss man doing any races between now and April? You'll have him, you know you will and on the off chance that you don't you'll have your sub 3:30 to console yourself


26/11/2013 at 13:08

 Mr P !! Great race report, n the photos are stunning. May have to put on my list to do, although if its pelting down with rain as it usually is in Wales it may not look as pretty!  Yep, Mr P for a VLM 3.30 !!

Well I've clocked up a few miles in the last few days. 19 saturday ( meant to be 18 but I got lost in forest again!)  steady 5 on sunday , and a speedier 5.5 last night in club run with the big boys  and I'm feeling GOOD! Weights this eve as a rest!

Malcs really hope your mucus free by Friday! and good luck littlemissactive n Sticky88, I hope you all have a really great day.

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