ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013

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12/01/2014 at 13:52

5miles done! legs feeling remarkably ok, although I did hobble to the toilet like an old woman in the middle of the night!! No aches or pains now.

Stan, how is your plan going?

I love the pie photo on Malcs thread MrP..nice one!!

12/01/2014 at 18:31
Hi Jenf. I really am jealous at how you rack up those miles. I did 14 miles last Sunday and felt good at the end. However the perils of running on an empty stomach caught up with me and I just felt sick and was in a foul mood the rest of the day....

Next day woke up and my right knee was really not co-operating so I gave myself the week off! Just completed an 8 mile slow run and all seems ok. Even forced myself to stretch and also got out the foam roller at the end! Half marathon next weekend so I 'll be able to see what base I am coming from. Apparently they provide pie and cups of tea at the finish line. That fact may speed me around the course! Hope everyone else's training is progressing better than mine!
14/01/2014 at 12:48

Pie and a cup of tea sounds a novel post race snack Stan! I love it when we have the crepe van at ours! I'm always spoilt for choice what to have on it. My favourite last summer was nutella.Good luck with the Half marathon.

Did another 7 miles last night with club. Did a few miles at speed with the big boys! ( actually it was slow for them..just fast for me)  No running today, I'm going to play with weights this evening, and then run 12miles tomorrow.

Just treated myself to some new trainers, as I think my others had done a few too many miles. Suprisingly noticed the difference last night!

14/01/2014 at 13:11

that's the beauty of running with a group though Jen you can just hang onto someone for dear life every week  and watch the improvements come!

15/01/2014 at 19:03

Soaked again today, but 12more miles ticked off, and still feeling strong  

This weekend has an 18 and a 10mile back to back, looking forward to that!!!!

17/01/2014 at 21:26

Jen - you're a machine! I'm in awe

I am supposed to be doing a mere 16 and the thought of that meagre distance scares me. 

Hope the double header goes well and that you get some decent weather for a change, you flippin' well deserve it!

Stan - great to hear the week off has done you good. Look after that knee! 

Hope the race goes well this weekend, is it Saturday or Sunday?


Mr P - how are you feeling about Sunday? You should be really confident the way you've been going. Needless to say I hope you smash it - best of luck to you!

Edited: 17/01/2014 at 21:26
17/01/2014 at 21:27

Hi, im hopefully back after a slight break...been so bogged down with everything i havent had much time to come on here...I blame breaking bad to be husband wanted to spend some time together (as before i was either at work, running or on here) so we have been watching breaking bad for the last few months...not sure you can call it quality time together but hay! Almost finished series 4!

Been great following your running on facebook jen, very inspiring and you looked fantastic in that photo after your 24 miler....i dont think I would have looked so fresh.


17/01/2014 at 21:28

What race are you doing on sunday Mr P?

19/01/2014 at 15:39

 Happy Happy as I ran 18miles today without getting wet!! I meet friends from my club after 4 miles, did 10 with them, then only had 4 left back to home. I don't know where the miles went!

Yesterdays miles at 5.30am in the pouring rain weren't quite so much fun, but they got done!

Hope races went well MrP and Stan, What pie did you have?

Well I've heard some excuses for not posting on a thread sarah a...but that one is class!

19/01/2014 at 22:13

you must have had all the nice weather...was dreadful in york, heavy rain all morning, quite a lot of roads flooded....but I still actually enjoyed marshalling.  


jenf wrote (see)

Well I've heard some excuses for not posting on a thread sarah a...but that one is class!

Haha...glad you like it!,

19/01/2014 at 23:19
Hey! Race went well thanks Jenf. 1:28 which isn't too bad seeing as my legs still hurt. Left the house in a hurry and forgot my gels so had to substitute jelly babies during the run. I was mistaken with the pies as it was actually Lancashire Hotpot served - appropriate seeing as the race was near Preston. Going to enter the Great North West run next month and see how I go there. Just be feeling good by then and hopefully get a PB!

I still cannot get over your weekly run volume Jenf. When is your next race?

Mr P how did your race go? I want a full race report with pics!

Glad to see you return Sarah. Did you not fancy the Brass Monkey this weekend?
20/01/2014 at 08:55

sarah a - back! Yay! And with a whole new look for 2014. Will you be changing letter each year? You've done O and A, presumably the rest of the vowels will follow before moving onto consonants?

Jen - that is bloody brilliant! Sorry you couldn't have two days without rain, you damn well deserve it. I'm with Stan, just can't believe your mileage. Amazing!

Stan - excellent time there, well done! Sorry about the pie disappointment but hot pot is surely not a bad alternative

How did you find the JB's? I switched to a JB/gel mix last year and it worked really well for me. 

22/01/2014 at 14:46

Lancashire Hotpot sounds nice post race!

I wasnt allowed to do the brass monkey Stan as im a member of knavesmire harriers so we all have to marshall. Im not sure why put they wanted 160 marshalls...heard its the best marshalled race in england! Whats your HM PB?

I love JB - i always run on them. If we can use them for diabetics having a hypo they can be used on me!

Haha maybe when I get bored Malcs or if I need to revamp my style

22/01/2014 at 16:43

Stan my next race is the Ulltra at end of March, didn't want to get book anything before it really.

I'm not so impressed now with my mileage since I've heard people talking about P&D marathon plans, they are doing not far off the same!! I managed another dry run today though, so happy happy . And that doesn't mean I ran without alcohol!!!

I cant do JB, they make me need toilet stops, but I can do jelly beans! what's with that?

22/01/2014 at 21:04

Sorry Stan missed your post, it went very well, 1:40 xx but a bit of shin paain since so I am resting up a little wathching back to back breaking bad.


22/01/2014 at 21:19

hmm think I shall have to investigate 'breaking bad' when I've finished 'Lost'.

hope shin better soon Mr P

23/01/2014 at 14:22

Hi jen I cant do jelly beans...they take too much effort to chew! I was only averaging 45 miles a week for my marathon - when I looked at P&D it panicked me alittle...but everyone is different. If my mum did any more than 50 miles a week she ended up injured so ive always tried to keep below that just incase. You have to remember that youve got a busy job and you havent the time to run all day. I think your doing fantastic.

Where are you up to Mr P on breaking bad? were on a little rest after series 4 whilst we do this crossfit for two weeks then series 5 commences! its great isnt it? I would highly recommend it jen..its exciting and has you on the edge of your seat.

Edited: 23/01/2014 at 14:23
24/01/2014 at 09:40

jenf, I started watching breaking bad, and quite liked the first series, but when i started on the 2nd series, I decided it was far too violent, so stopped watching... am such a wuss!

Sarah, last week when I did 40 miles, it was the furthest I've ever run in a week.  I plan to get upto a 50 mile week in this campaign.  I can see me trying to follow P&D at least once, but I agree that lower mileage is better- I think what is even better is maintaining a relatively high mileage throughout the year... I've been quite happily on 20-30 miles per week since recovering from my last marathon, whereas I know there are others that start their spring marathon campaign thinking they are higher, but in reality, from too many missed runs are more like 10-15 miles average, if that!   I think that's why there are lots of niggles coming out now, after 5-6 weeks of significantly higher mileage.

Mr P, sorry about your shin pain- I saw your post on Malcs thread about rest.  I definitely think with a hard half marathon effort like that you deserve extra rest, and perhaps shouldn't have run again until Wednesday.... you live and learn

Thanks to your reminder, I have now booked my hotel for Manchester- rather more expensinve than when I looked when I booked my marathon place!! Annoyed I left it so long.  The hotel is on Talbot road, which looked as if it wouldbe walking distance to the football ground- I wanted to make sure of that just in case road closures stop us driving there to park...  I've just checked google maps and it says 4.5 hours from colchester, but I think that's just in current traffic... hopefully it will be a quicker run on a Saturday morning  Getting excited! I've never been to Manchester

Nice race there Stan, I can't remember, do you have a marathon place yet?  I didn't realise you were from Lancashire... I'm very proud of my Lancastrian roots... although I've never actually been to Bolton, which is where a lot of my family are from...

Malcs I love JB on carb loading day, but I find it totally impossible to chew whilst running!!  I find it hard enough to drink from something that isn't a sports cap, and usually end up choking myself!  

24/01/2014 at 11:59

Interesting what you say there about base weekly mileage Angela/Sarah. I'm currently reading Mo Farah's autobiography. His coach says 'you have to build up a lot of miles in your muscles before you can think about running fast. First comes distance, then comes speed.'   I'm looking forward to that then! speed may be coming my way! lol

This weekend I'm away on a social with the running club ladies. Somehow I have to fit in a 14 and a10 mile run. Hmmm, loooks like early morning alarm calls for me!! But at least I will have a change of scenery.

25/01/2014 at 07:33 that where I went wrong at york marathon? Should have been doing double the mileage before I attempted a sub 3:15? I found it hard to fit in more than 50 miles a week, but that was when I was doing a lot of netball too. For my last marathon I guess I could have ran more than four times a week but I was also trying to be around for Chris after's so hard juggling hobbies, work and family life! whats his book like Jen?

will you get to go to the Trafford centre whilst your there Angela?

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