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24/02/2013 at 11:52
SamMurphyRuns wrote (see)

That pun was in honour of Tenjiso, just in case he drops in 

Hah! Now I know why my ears were burning!

Well done with the new PB, Mel.  Are you now targeting 4:15 for the marathon?

24/02/2013 at 12:35
Hi . My HM was at Savigny sur orge, just south of Panam (Paris for the tourists). 1H48. I'm happy with that but I was dreaming of 1h45. Next time. The conditions were very cold and windy, for the 600 runners and the 150 courageous helpers.

Can't wait for your next update, know it's going to be worth.
24/02/2013 at 20:42

Hi Cat....well I can only dream of a pace of 8.50 for an 18 miler....!!!! Well done you!!!...I managed a pace of 10 on Saturday for my 18 miles....!!!! yikeeees..........and that was without a cold!!!......I am staying away from everyone who may even be slightly contagious as the fear of getting sick at this point of my training......!! wahhhh....but its not a good ploy as a nurse!!!!.....haaa my poor patients!!!!.....sorrrrryyyyy!!!!!......

And yes super busy which is why so quiet.....this work and children thing really gets in the way of training!!!!.......

24/02/2013 at 20:43

Yehhhhh....well done PC.....that's fab!!!!....I can only dream of 1 hr 48!!!..... a big HOORAHHHHH for the helpers!!!!!......and the next race is...?????......

Sam and Ruth......any food in Paris sounds good to me!!!! you tell me what to eat and Ill eat it!!.....

Slight amendment with this weeks long run Sam.....I have explained in email.....but i did it yesterday instead of today as I didn't think I could miss my nieces christening for a run!!! family may never have spoken to me again!!!...ummmmmm.....

24/02/2013 at 21:17

Ok so this weeks plan….I bailed on posting it last week due to time constraints!!!!......

Monday - cross train 

Actual - 40 minute cycle……beautiful sunshine and a grumpy teenage daughter…..I will get her out of bed and off facebook and out in the fresh air……I’m sure one day she willl thank me for bullying her!!!!......

Tuesday - 5 mile comfortable

Ok so running up the hills not so comfortable…..but one up there its very comfortable!!!!......Had to run faster as it was getting dark and I got a bit scared being up in the middle of nowhere on my todd!!!!.....just incase there was a random sheep or wolf waiting to stalk a lonely runner out in the countryside!!!!! never know!!!!.....

 Was pretty amazing though watching the sunset over Arundel Castle with only the sheep for company……that’s what running is all about to me!!....

 Actual - 5 miles         time - 49.15        average pace 9.51

Wednesday – Speed

So a slight deviation……not the speed session Sam had planned!!!....Sorry Sam….. but after a busy 13 hour shift…my brain would not comprehend figuring out a speed session….so I opted to just run instead……no thought process required….. I wont make a habit out of bugging out of speed sessions….I do actually enjoy them….just don’t enjoy the thought of them!!!!!

Actual - 5.5 miles       time - 50.34       average pace 9.16

 Thursday – rest

Oh yes and I rested in work……..

 Friday - pyramid hill reps

Actual - hill reps……I ran up and down at 15, 30,45 and 60 second intervals…..all very confusing……I find it confusing to explain what I did let alone actually having to do it!!!!!......

 Saturday - 3 mile jog

Ok so my 3 mile jog turned into 18……! Only a small amount of mileage extra!!!!......Family commitments meant a Saturday long run instead of a Sunday long run….oh a change of routine!!!!.....It was a slow one……average pace of about 10…but I felt I could run forever at that pace!!....not a wonderful route…but I need the practice on pavements……so I ran to Chichester and back……I do enjoy running routes that I drive……it makes me feel like a runner!!..…… sometimes I wonder if I can call myself a runner yet???….. I think maybe now I can…… although I don’t wear a bin bag at the beginning of races…… and proper runners do that!!!

But a very enjoyable run… neighbors thought I was slightly potty when they drove past me twice as they had been to Chichester shopping and then back….. but hey….what do they know!!!!!

 Actual - 18 miles comfortable         time - 3 hours 10mins      average pace 10.33 


Edited: 24/02/2013 at 21:18
24/02/2013 at 21:19

Sunday  - 17 miles comfortable

Ok so now my 17 miles turned into a rest day!!!...ooops…..all these changes I made!!!!.....I thought about doing my 3 mile jog today as a recovery run …..but I had a sports massage yesterday afternoon after my 18 miles…..and I thought I was dying of the flu last night I ached so much!!!!.....I never thought it was possible for my whole body to hurt as it did….I hardly slept and just wanted to cry!!!!!....yes I know im a sissy!!!.....

So another wonderful week!!!!......I have ached and cried and smiled and laughed!!!....but loved every minute of it!!!!......onto week 11!!!!!......

24/02/2013 at 21:29

massive congratulations to my lovely friend Wendy......who always thrashes me up the arundel hills on a friday night......came in best for age today at the Malta marathon....aged 65!!!!...... Go Girl.....!!!!! woooooo hooooo!!!!!!

24/02/2013 at 21:47
Excellent. 18 miles after PB last week at Dorney, plus training and busy workload. You're not slightly potty ... . My next race? A little run on the 7th April.

Ruth - followed your advice for hydrating and Carb loading. Thanks
25/02/2013 at 09:07
Hi Mel, thought I'd pop in again! Massive congratulations on your Dorney Lake PB. You're not just a runner now, you're an athlete!! I love that word!

I did 18 miles on Saturday too at almost exactly the same pace as you! Not sure I could have gone on forever though...I agree that it feels like an achievement to run somewhere you would normally drive to and then run back again!

If it's any consolation, I was also aching everywhere. Later in the day after my run, I thought I'd sneak off for a little nap....but I couldn't sleep as everything was hurting so much!! I couldn't do my recovery run the next day either....

Anyway, here we are at the start of another week. Bon chance! as they say in Paris!!
25/02/2013 at 10:33
RUTH MCKEAN wrote (see)


That is amazing  well done!

How did fluid & peeing go???

PC91 wrote (see)
Hi (thought I'd replace your name with a Smiley),

Good luck this weekend. Have fun.

Hi Ruth,

Firstly sorry for interfering, I realised after my last message that we should stay focused and mentioning Pxxxx was an unnecessary distraction.

and I have a similar problem of disappearing behind trees. I have reduced sweating by wearing the right clothing thus reducing the amount I drink. However I also use Gu gels containing caffeine which of course is a diuretic. I think I have solved one problem to remplace it with another. Shame, I really like the chocolate gel.

I would be grateful for any suggestions to get the fluid intake right. Perhaps the benefits of caffeine based gels outweigh any inconvenience it causes.

Caffeine during exercise believe it or not is not usually found to be a diuretic (but too much when not exercising and yes it will be). It is likely that during exercise hormones alter kidney function and hence bladder movement. However coffee before a race, if this is something you always do, should also be part of your race morning routine  (unless you cut the caffeine a week or so before) because if you suddenly take caffeine away some people can start to get a headache during the race or before and this could be simple due to caffeine withdrawal especially if a strong caffeine drink and also it can help empty ones bowels prior to race starting!

Getting nervous before a race can cause more toilet visits and also a dry mouth which often leads you to drink lots, as you think they are thirsty but if you feel you are well hydrated and peeing lots of clear or pale yellow urine you will be drinking enough and just wetting you mouth may be all that is needed. Write down what you drink before races at the moment, how many times you pee and is this a "hydrated" looking pee i.e not dark yellow but a pale straw colour then back off fluid and only drink small sips. Are you drinking too much during an actual race?
I am going to start mentioning Paris a lot more now!!

The last part of the above was meant to read "if you start hydrated you should NOT as a rule need to be drinking at every drink station unless the surrounding temp is high"

Steve - mustard is no one of your five a day, nor is jam (before you try that one!).

PC91 wrote (see)
Excellent. 18 miles after PB last week at Dorney, plus training and busy workload. You're not slightly potty ... . My next race? A little run on the 7th April.

Ruth - followed your advice for hydrating and Carb loading. Thanks

How did it go?

25/02/2013 at 10:38

Mel, busy trying to find a decent Italian with lots of options but either too far away  from hotel (although there is one 217m from hotel with decent reviews but no available menu) but hope to have some menu's available for this weekend (can't believe how quick March is coming!).

Are you eating enough after an 18mile run? what did you eat in the first four hours after your 18miler?

25/02/2013 at 15:26

I love your training reports Mel, they're so insightful!

Just popped in to say if you did do Sunday's 3 mile jog today, to switch Tuesday and Wednesday around so you don't have two jog days in a row. I've also stuck some accel strides on to the Tuesday run, so your legs don't forget how to turn over nice and fast  Especially since the planned 5km time trial at training day is now going to be a different session altogether, as Ady, Alex and Sarah all have a race on the Sunday. So here's the revised plan for the week:


Week 11 w/c 25th February RECOVERY WEEK
Tuesday 4 MILE JOG plus 3 x accel strides
Wednesday 7 MILES STEADY
Thursday REST
Saturday TRAINING DAY 4 miles MP plus short speed work on track (approx 7 miles total)
Sunday REST

26/02/2013 at 19:58

Oh Sam what are you going to make us do now!!!!.....????....and how come they all get to play on Sunday and I don't!!!!.............I wont know what to do with myself!!!!

I did my 3 mile Saturday run on Monday....kept it really slow and steady although surprised I wasn't carted off by the paramedics when seen clutching my chest pretending to be Sarah Brightman from Phantom of the Opera.....that's why I don't normally run with music!!!.....So today I did my 4 mile jog, no accel strides upped the pace but did run up a big hill to make it harder......( hadn't picked up your post!!!) sorry......!!!

26/02/2013 at 20:06

Hey Ruth......Maybe I should ignore your last question.....!! I was a little naughty after my 18 miler......I had to rush out super quick for my massage..( like 20 minutes..... badly miss judged timings!!!) only managed 2 oat cakes with cashew butter, and a glass of chocolate milk.....then a tesco dash....then finally sat down to trout, sweet potato and loads of veg......and a sneaky bar of coconut was for experimental reasons only....and no it doesn't go!!!.........what a waste of good chocolate!!....

I thought you were telling me the restaurant you were looking at was 217 miles from the hotel!!!!............

26/02/2013 at 20:16

Wiggly worm!!!....ha athlete.....not sure about that!!!.....I'm quite happy with accepting a 'runner' title!!!.....We will keep the athlete title for you!!!!......I'm so pleased you had the same awful post run experience as me....well not pleased you were hurting....but  I'm secretly pleased it wasn't just me being a complete woose!!!!..........I never knew my body could feel like that!!!.....

PC91.....please excuse my geographical ignorance, but I had to look up Savigny Sur looks come you get to do the amazing races and not Bognor Regis or Scunthorpe like normal people!!!!.......????......oh yes 7th April!!!!...Yikes.....its coming round so fast..........What time is it your aiming for???.....I might need a pacer!!!!.....

27/02/2013 at 07:08
Sorry , I don't mean to hijack your thread. I've been to Savigny twice and the first time was for my dummy run. The HM fitted nicely into my preparation although I wouldn't live there. I live on the edge of the Valley of Chevreuse which is beautiful woodland, I haven't been very adventurous due to the weather but I'm looking forward discovering new routes in the summer. You don't move to France to earn millions $$$$ but the quality of life is far better. La vie est belle. It appears from your lovely photo that you have some gtreat training runs.

I promise I'm not stalking you but I would like to do Brighton next year. Many moons ago I was a student there.

Hi Ruth, I ate little and often during the Carb loading, 10g per kg. Planning breakfast 3h before, a drink and a banana. I enjoyed the structure, I felt in control and focused on the race. Water is stocked with the carbs, I rinced my mouth before the start and drank very little during the race, didn't feel thirsty. I felt great.

Saw your video on refueling, more good advice. However I realised that I had made a big mistake, I was reading your comments with the wrong accent. .

I have no preference for the restaurant. Thanks again for the advice.
27/02/2013 at 08:32
Hi Ruth, Mel and I had the same experience after our 18 milers, both of us were achy and exhausted. Mel had oatcakes, cashew butter and choc milk. I had choc milk (200ml) and a hot cross bun, with eggs on toast about 2 hours later. Without giving too much away, I see from an earlier post that we both weigh the same too!!

It would be great to have your feedback on our refuelling strategies. In my case, I suspect that part of the reason I was exhausted is because 18 miles is a long way.....?!
27/02/2013 at 22:03

Mel - I meant to say earlier that I am so impressed that you managed to get a teenager to do a 40 mile bike ride,  My 3 kids are all slightly below teenage, but they just laugh when I suggest they come out for a run with me.  And they have to be bribed to come out on bikes (eg icecreams halfway)- and when they do agree, its nowhere near 40 miles.  

28/02/2013 at 19:43


I've been avidly reading these forums for weeks now, you've been my cyber marathon training company, so I thought I'd finally say hello. Melanie, you were round about my level when you started, but you're way faster than me now! It's incredible the speed you've improved at, it's been great watching your running get better and better. 

I have an injury question for Sam or for Sarah maybe. I have been diagnosed with tendinopathy on the top of my left foot (after running in the mud). I have seen two physiotherapists who both have said I can run on it, although it hurts to walk and run at the moment. I'm not sure whether to trust the advice. They have said if it gets prgressively worse then to stop running, but I'm scared to try, what do you think? I'm only into my 5th week of a 16 week marathon training programme, and it's my first marathon. I haven't run for 2 weeks now and the foot is exactly the same (despite icing daily and ibuprofen). How much running can I miss before the marathon's a bad idea? Like Mel the futhest I have run in the past is a half marathon and that was last October. 

28/02/2013 at 20:31

That's OK hijack away!!!....Ill just trip you up at Brighton next year.....I wont do it in Paris....too many people might see!!!!........Sounds like you have chosen to live in a beautiful part of the world!!....makes such a difference when you have amazing running routes on your doorstep!!!....I think you may have been a bit more successful with the carb loading pre half....I over ate and felt really heavy the morning of the race!!.....blahhhh....need to change my tactic for the big one!!!....

I would agree with you wiggly worm....perhaps the 18 miles had something to do with being exhausted!!!!.....I would normally eat more after a long run, but I badly mismanaged my time....running out for a massage followed by tesco was a very bad idea!!!!.....( especially when I bumped into a very old boyfriend from many moons ago.....) ummmmm yes maybe I'm not aging quite so well after 18 miles.....!!

Hey cat....that made me laugh......40 way 40 mins!!!!.....and there was a hot chocolate stop mid point!!!! really think I could get her out of bed for nothing......normally I would have something thrown at me!!!!.....I think the threat of being locked in a cupboard and whipped with a big stick helped too!!!!!!....( any child protection officers out there....I'm joking!!) 

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