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13/03/2013 at 21:15

Sarah Asics.....If you pop in.....some advice....not for meeeee, but my eldest daughter who has a left sided groin strain.....I hope through running and nothing else!!!!!......she also has a sore left hip.....any advice.....???...I have suggested she rest it, do some gentle stretching and perhaps go and see my lovely sports therapist.....but of course I am her mother and she would never like to take any advice off maybe if we have some advice in writing from you....she may listen!!!!!.....

I wont tell you I am niggle free as I might break the magic......!!!

13/03/2013 at 21:47

Hi ksizzlepod......that's a good question, and one that I was going to be asking!!!!.....also carrying your own water...!!??.....

I use a hydration belt...but it only has one pocket for everything, and then pouches for water bottles.....i stuffed all my gels into the pouch for a water bottle and had my jelly babies and music IPod thing in the main pouch.....but my friends laughed at me i seemed to have so much stuff!!!!!....I have tried various belts..............I have found the most comfortable ones are the thicker more substantial ones that sit on your waist and you can tighten them so they cant move.....but you do need to practice with them.... the first one I had, had a woodland burial!!!.....But I really think it is trail and error.......I'm struggling to find a belt that has everything I need.....I'm thinking about just adapting one I have.....

I also cant decided whether to bring my own bottle of water...just in case!!!.....I don't like the idea of only being able to have a drink when I'm told I can.....what if I want a gel and there is no water station for a while!!???.....I found on my recent half marathon and the race on Sunday....the water stations were really busy and a few times I just ran past and didn't bother.....oOOOOOO all these decisions!!!!......

I don't know where else you could carry your gels etc if round your waist isn't an option!!!.....I hope someone else has a cunning plan!!!!.....have you tried a hydration vest???....

13/03/2013 at 21:56


Congratulations on completing 20 miles - a massively long way, whatever pace you do it at!

One piece of advice that I got from an experienced marathoner was; when you get to the race venue, join the queue for the loo.  When you have been, rejoin the back of the queue, shuffle to the front and go again.  Keep circling in the loo queue until the race starts. 

I tried that on my 20 mile Spitfire and it worked for me!

13/03/2013 at 22:16

Hi Mel, 

Im with cat.on.mat with this one, go as much as you can before a race, even if its just nerves making you is in my case haha. Went 3 times before the start of GNR and even then needed to go again less than 3 miles in, ooops maybe too much water sipping through nerves too. 

On training runs I have stopped taking water with me recently, just make sure im fully hydrated before I leave and have a pint of cordial waiting for me (made up before I leave) when I get back. 

At my previous halves I usually take water with me at the start in a plastic bottle so I can just throw it if needs be. Then take water from every station, even if I dont need it so I carry it till then next one then replace it. Not the most economical way I guess but I do then always have water, which when it comes to Mara training you need for the gels. 

I did read on a thread somewhere else that someone sellotaped his gels to his water bottle, not sure how well this works, could be a worth a shot to trial! 

I usually take my phone in an arm band with a single key in the back of it, or in the tiny pocket in the back of my running shorts. Neither of which are big enough for multiple gels plus phone and keys 

I have tried a running belt in the past but it just annoyed me so much during a run that I dumped it in a bin half way round my training run, ooops. 

I may have to position friends/family on route to hand out gels haha. 

14/03/2013 at 08:33
A very entertaining last few posts.....I once had so many gels stuffed into the small pocket at the back of my running tights that builder's bum was a real risk!! It also tickled me the thought of so many gel belts lying discarded under hedges etc, ditched by irritated runners. Sorry not to be able to add anything useful to the debate, just made me smile
14/03/2013 at 09:38

Hi Mel, I'm here have been keeping an eye and don't want to comment if all going well!!

Yes has she been doing more running with you? Try the Thomas stetch with her over the edge of the bed and see how tight that is. If that doesn't help then defo see your magical lady!!

Hope that helps and keep up the great work 

14/03/2013 at 12:19
Hi ,

Arent RW or ASICS going to supply you with a personal Pacer. They could carry your picnic for you! I have a vest and shorts with pockets but I won't be wearing the vest on the big day, plus I will have more gels... conundrum! I cant eat all the gels before the start, can I ? GU Chocolate, great with ice-cream.

Don't worry, someone sensible will be along soon to answer it...... RUTH!

Although I have my camelpak I drink and take gels on the 5k makers as if I was at a water station. Concerning the stations, go to the end, there is always a lonely helper standing there with a bottle stretched out.

Hope all is well, take care.
15/03/2013 at 11:37

melaniejayne wrote (see)

Hi Ruth.....I'm a very slow runner you it could be 30 hours!!!!!...........having used the jelly babies and gels on Sunday...I couldn't take a jelly baby every mile as I would feel sick!!!! just every now and again will be my plan....along side gels.....who would have thought I would actually grow to like gels!!!!

Thank you for the pizza advice although it does make me feel a little sad!!!

What the total carb intake in an hour again????

And can you believe 2 wees on Sunday!!!! ...and I actually needed to wasn't just a thought!!!!.....really....does my bladder NOT understand!!!!.....I had my tea and 200mls at 7am......race was at 9.30....and I went for a wee before the start at 9am.....I think I'm going to insert a catheter...!!!!...........

Don't worry about the weeing, I honestly think you will be fine in Paris. I am not a big fan of carrying your water bottles as feel you will have enough opportunities to drink and you may end up drinking for the sake of drinking BUT this is you race and you MUST  do what you feel comfortable doing.

You like gels!! Wow did not think I would ever hear that!

Have now booked the Friday restaurant so here are details for interest:

Al  Caratello, 5 rue Audran 75018, 2-3 minute walk from hotel.

Feel free to have a look at reviews:

No specific menu organized so will have to choose from menu.

You are doing great!

15/03/2013 at 17:55

Hello Mel! A very entertaining catch-up read! Disappointed to see that my post - from the car - saying "HELLO MEL, we're just going past Arundel now and I'm waving!" did not come out  Told you I was a Luddite!

I second Ruth on the 'not carrying your own bottle' conundrum. You honestly don't need it on a big city marathon as there are plenty of water stations. But also agree that if you feel you want it, like a security blanket, then you should take it. Take one you can chuck if you get sick of carrying it though.

As for the how to carry stuff question - I too find this a real bind despite years of running. I find that I'm much better off with a Camelbak (or any sort of rucksack) than with anyting round my waist. A good fitting rucksack just disappears and you pretty much forget it's there. I wore mine for The Grizzly last weekend - 20 miles off road - and it was great. Plus I can store gels in the side pockets and reach them without taking it off. I had a good system going: left hand reaches back for gel from left pocket, right hand puts discarded wrapper into right hand pocket!

For shorter runs though, it's a bit superfluous and I'd then carry a handheld bottle if I need fluid, and put gels in the pocket of my gilet. Running clothing without pockets is a real bugbear of mine  I think it encourages women to run wihtout a personal safety alarm, for example, as nowhere to stow it.

Really looking forward to Paris now but very worried about poor Steve as the clock is ticking. Will be catching up with him shortly.

Wish you all well with your training this weekend

17/03/2013 at 21:07

Oh well none of that helped on my gel/hydration saga...only that when I'm poor I'm going foraging in bushes so I can sell slightly used hydration belts on eBay!!!.....

I'm not sure I want to go for the builders bum look I think I'm just going to go with PC 91 idea and have a personal pacer!!!....You up for it Sam???....Youll be bored just standing around waiting for us for hours!!!!.........and that optimistically includes Steve!!!!!!



Edited: 17/03/2013 at 21:12
17/03/2013 at 21:31

The weeks are ticking away so here we go.....

Week 13…..

Monday – rest 

Tuesday – 1 ½ hour cross train…..Out on the bike…..managed to get all my chores done and get an hour and a half of cross training in!!!....

Wednesday – 6 mile run (1 mile easy, 1 mile Steady, 3 miles fast, 1 mile easy)

Love it when a plan comes together……ran two miles to running club…then they were doing 3 mile speed session……then a mile warm down…..lovely!!!!!...good work out and a good catch up!!!.....

 6 miles       Time - 52.3         Average pace 8.51 

Thursday – rest

Friday – Speed session…..grrrrr…..New trainer problems!!!!.....I tried talking nicely to my new shoes….I even had a stern word with them, but no, the trainers did not want to play with my feet… home I hobbled!!!.....not even a sniff of a run!!!..well a few miles peppered with lace playing the time I got home it was too dark and too late to go back out!!!....and I was a little too grumpy too truth be told!!!!......I don't grrrrr very often......normally over my bladder...!!


Saturday – rest

Should have been a rest, but due to work commitments tomorrow and a 13 hour shift tomorrow, I did my 14 miler today… went well…..although pain in left arch by 9 miles….it gradually was getting worse!!.....I was very sad by the time I got home!!!....

Hobbled for the rest of the afternoon and contacted Sarah physio…..

Massage, Ice, Ibuprofen, wiggle my toes and try to imagine my foot as a bridge!!....hopefully my foot has just had a recent battering due to trying a couple of pairs of new trainers....ignoring the right knee pain at the moment in the hope by tomorrow morning it will be gone…..I am feeling like and old crock!!!.....I have a chafing armpit too!!!!.....Help!!!!....I don't know what to try for a manky armpit!!!!.....( I love this running thing.....makes you feel really beautiful!!!!) 

14 miles        Time 2.21          Average pace - 10.04

Sunday 14 miles: 9 miles @ 10.20 – 10.30 . 5 miles @ 9.50 – 10 Actual- rest!!

....should have been trying to rest my foot and knee, but real life is not going to allow that…..however not so bad…..foot feels tender, and the knee seems about the same….pleased I'm not running on it today!!.....

Rest day again tomorrow, so hopefully by Tuesday the fairys would have worked their magic and I will be all better!!!!......

17/03/2013 at 22:10

oooppp...Missed a run....

Tuesday - Along side 1 hour 1/2 on the bike...also managed 4.2 miles.....pootle about......Time 37.53........Average pace 9......I love days off and sunshine!!!!.....


18/03/2013 at 05:04
Great write up Mel. My running activity consists if physio, rolling, glute exercises and stretching, with a few gentle runs in between. I did get 2 miles before my knee started to give me grief on Sunday - it was good to be out though and my younger son came with me on his bike. He was very patient on my walk breaks - I'm still having a brief walk every 5 minutes - it gets me further than constant running.
Not long until your big day - I hope you're looking forward to it - it sounds as if it's going to be great.
18/03/2013 at 08:41

Mel - can you let me know if there is anything you are concerned about (other than weeing and I do believe once you start running in Paris you will be fine). Your plan prior to marathon is to eat as normal but increase supper snack on the Thursday & Saturday (add some bread & jam or bowl of cereal) and have small carb based snacks grazing throughout the day (from cereal bars, jelly sweets, fruit based smoothies or milkshakes) so that you are eating 3 main meals and 3 snack each day on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. What do you think you might want to eat the evening before race at restaurant?


18/03/2013 at 18:47

Oh Mel, what's going on with that foot and knee? Honestly, I turn my back for one minute and there you go picking up niggles left right and centre!

It does sound as if it could be shoe-related. Stick to what you know if you suspect any problems caused by footwear. Keep up the ice and make sure you stretch the toe extensors. You do this by gently pressing the top surface of your foot on a soft surface (carpet) . ie. you are bending your foot, toes curling under. Hpoe this makes sense!

As for chafing - my best suggestion for a remedy is a bit pricey but it blooming works - it's by cycle brand ASSOS and it's called Cycle Repair - it's a gel and it works wonders  keep me posted on the foot and knee please!

18/03/2013 at 20:25

Hi Mel - you must be starting taper very soon and once your little niggles clear up (which will be very soon) you will be raring to go in Paris.

I hope you enjoy the whole experience no matter what the outcome and please remember why you are running.

All the best for Paris and i look forward to reading all about it on here after.

18/03/2013 at 20:39
Hey Sam..... We are like a bunch of children.... You go away and we all play up!!.... I am sitting as we speak stretching and massaging my left foot..... With a bag of peas on my right knee..... And a big glass of red wine!!!!....

Have to say I'm mortified your making me use cycle repair on my armpit!!!!!! Iv heard it all now!!!!...... But will of course give it a go!!!!.....

Short run tomorrow and going to go along a disused railway track it try and reduce the impact..... Will let you know!!!!
18/03/2013 at 20:48

Hope all settling again Mel. Back to the good old shoes and hopefully all will settle very quickly.

What were they both like walking around today? When did the knee come on? was that after the trainer saga tto or has that been grumbling for a while? Make sure you stretch out your hip flexors go back to the good old Thomas stretch over the edge of the table. have you another massage booked in? Good time to have one as you are now starting your wind down period. Keep me posted.

19/03/2013 at 09:04
Hi ,

How are you feeling ? How did your run go on the disused line? Be careful your train-ing doesn't go off the rails on your new running track.

Got a solution for our gels, give them to Sarah, she has a dodgy belt and keeps losing hers and we can pick them up later. Although when I ran the 20k in Paris before I knew what gels were, I thought there had been an accident with a Colgate lorry with so many little tubes on the floor. I'm getting a cheap bumbag which I'll bin half way round. I don't think you should take a gel when you feel like it, I think it should be planned.

Yesterday I did my last run around Bois de Boulogne, 2 loops by joining the finish with Trocadero. I got lost both times trying to cut through the small streets. I wanted to check out the hill at the 32km mark but it's more like a slope, especially for someone has been training on the Sussex Downs. I hit it after 29k on my LSR, no problem! Of course I think it will seem like Everest to those who started too quickly. *note to myself, don't be cocky*. The last 10k was surprising flat, long endless roads, perhaps a bit boring however it will be slightly busier on the 7th.

Loads of trees! We're 50 000 (Steve included!!) And most will be on the course for over 4h, so it's normal to have a pit stop. 2 minutes on a 4h race is not going to make a difference, wrong pacing could cost 20+mins. The unwanted pause can be positive, take a breather, lighten the load. After Ruth's advice I'm no longer anxious, Carb loading helps stock water and rincing a dry mouth works for me. You'll be fine.

Let taper madness begin! But will I see a difference? All the best.
20/03/2013 at 19:43
Hi impish..... Nice to see your plodding along although slowly bless you..... Your a very patient woman!!!!.....

Hey Ruth.... The restaurant looks lovely.....!!! Good choice!!..... Ill eat anything, so if advised not to eat a big fat pizza..... Ill go for a pasta dish....!!!
As far as any nutritional worries..... I don't think so..... You have over the weeks been drip feeding me info..... So I feel pretty good!!!!.... Thank you!!!!!....
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