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20/03/2013 at 19:59
Hi Sarah.....!!! Well the foot I would say is 90% better..... The knee..... I'm aware of... Especially going up and down stairs and if I straighten my leg...... Although I still have not run on it..... Yes the plan yesterday was to go for a gentle mooch..... But alas..... Monday night..... Oh bruised toe I thought.... Strange..... It got more painful as the night wore on..... Painkillers at 4am.... Couldn't sleep.... Throbbing.... No one to cry to!!!!!..... Yes I am a sissy..... Got up Tuesday morning..... Big red throbbing big toe..... Unable to get shoes on.....!!!! Agggg
Is it an emergency the drs receptionist asks....??.. Well actually... yes!!!!!....So now no running for 48 nail bed infection on big toe!!! ...Antibiotics and potassium permanganate to soak my toe in!!!!.... I now feel a total fraud...!!! And she has told me that wearing flip flops may not have helped my foot or knee.... So I have a flip flop ban....!!!! ..... What else is going to be taken away from me....??? No flip flops... No running!!!!.... Agghhhh!!!!!..... And a purple toe!!!!..... Pants..... This is fairly extreme tapering!!!......
20/03/2013 at 20:05
Hi Oscar....!!! Nice to hear from you..... I couldn't forget for one second of one minute why I am running and I take Martin with me everywhere.... He will especially be in my heart on the 7th as he would be so proud and it breaks my heart just thinking he can't be there to share it......!! So bring on the 7th and everything it means and stands for..... X
20/03/2013 at 20:38

Mel - I get the same feelings when i cuddle my newborn gran kids (7 and 4 months) cos Linda didn't get to see them but what comforts is something along the lines of the saying "don't be sad i've gone, be glad i was there" - rejoicing in the good times and memories is very warming and helps the "getting on with living a full life" which is what they would have wanted, nay, insisted we do - sorry for getting a bit deep (especially since i haven't posted for ages)

Getting excited about things is key and its fantastic you are doing Paris

Your toe etc WILL heal and get better and you WILL be ready for Paris - these are minor trials - you won't lose fitness if you don't run another mile before Paris

Anyway, your heart will get you through Paris

Best wishes. 

21/03/2013 at 09:12

Hi Mel, I'm sorry to read that you are having some foot and knees pains. Hopefully, the enforced rest will help and it will surely help your body recover after all the great training you have done over the last few months.  Your story is so inspirational that even with my fears of getting around the 26 miles I think I will have a lot to ponder on the streets of Paris. Hopefully our paths will cross on the day but if not I have no doubt you will conquer this challenge and have inspired lots of us on the forum to keep going.

21/03/2013 at 10:25

Oscarr - you have made me cry.

Mel - at least you have the hard work already done and just need to maintain so try and keep smiling!


21/03/2013 at 10:48
RUTH MCKEAN wrote (see)

Oscarr - you have made me cry.




21/03/2013 at 12:44

Hi Mel,

what a week you are having. While your toe is sore have you seen your lovely sports massage lady as a great time to iron out all those niggles especially into your back which is probably holding your hip flexor and quad tight causing the knee pain. Also walking funny with your toes won't have helped. Has the arch settled down now? Don't panic!!

22/03/2013 at 06:20
Hi Ruth,

I'm interfering (again). I'm in Paris the Thursday evening just before you arrive. If I can help then let me know, in box me. Alex is bringing weetabix but can get them here. Somethings or brands we can't get in France, like creme eggs. Of course shops in Paris but I live near hypermarkets. Bottled water, bananas!

I presume you're already sorted out. Good luck.

Hi , Ruth has thought of everything, you even have a toilet in your room. :-P . Hope you're feeling better.
25/03/2013 at 10:23

PC91! Thanks so much for offer - l will let you know if need some back up!

25/03/2013 at 10:25

Though the below might be useful information/reminders.  

  • Before you travel really think though your nutritional needs for the Friday & Saturday - you be amazed how organised with snacks before you go will make sticking to your nutrition plan so much easier. Put yourself in control of what you snack on  - just takes a little thought  & organisation.
  • Don’t eat out of boredom, eat to plan.
  • Do not try any new nutritional strategies; stick to tried and tested foods. Do not be tempted to try any ‘freebies’ in your arrival bag/goodie bag before the race starts.
  •  Do not be tempted at hotel to eat anything too different at breakfast, remember you have Monday morning to eat what you like!

Race day: You should still drink little and often before the start but be careful about drinking too much because of nerves. If have dry mouth just wet your mouth with your drink to avoid an early pit stop but The race eating strategies do not need to be complicated but the foods or fluid must be tried and tested prior to event.

Post race – although you are not eating to refuel for next run you will  feel better the next day and protect immunity if you try and eat some carbs & protein as soon as you can. After race rehydrate also – 500ml as soon as you can can then sip for rest of day of fluid. If struggle to eat after race try sipping on a fluid with some carbohydrates in it such as a milkshake/smoothie/ice cream or a sports drink or cut food into small portions for example quarter a sandwich and just nibble on a quarter at a time (when no appetite large amounts of food can seem daunting so best to present yourself with small manageable amounts).

Here are some useful snacks with estimated  carbohydrate content that you can buy or travel with easily:

  • 6” baguette with generous spread of  jam or honey: 70-75g carbs
  • 200ml carton of orange juice and 2 slices of malt loaf (pre-sliced size) – 60g
  • 250g sorbet – 50g carbs
  • Fruit scone  with lots of jam : 45-50g carbs
  • 200ml of orange juice = 20g carbs
  • 500ml of diluting juice or squash = 35-40g of carbs
  • 1litre of orange juice  = 100g carbs (could have over day)
  • 1 crumpet and teaspoon of jam plus 500ml of isotonic sports drink – 60g carbs
  • I hot cross bun and 200ml carton of fruit juice – 45g carbs
  • Bagel and generous spread of jam or honey – 50g carbs
  • 1 large banana  & 200ml of fruit juice 45-50g carbs
  • 250g of fruit salad & low fat yoghurt (the sort of think you can buy at station pre-packed before you broad train) – 50g
  • 6 jaffa cakes  (52g carbs)
  • Blueberry muffin – 56-65g carbs  (often high in fat as well)
  • Average cereal bar  (20-25g) & large banana total of  50-55g carbs
  • 500ml low fat milkshake = 45-50g  carbs (but again check label)
  • 150g 10-12jelly babies -  48g carbs
  • 30g of Fruit gums  -  27g carbs
  • 300ml drinking yoghurt = 35-40g carbs (but you can check label per 100ml)
  • snack pot of pasta, aim for tomato based sauce but should be around 40g of carbs (again if buying check label and make sure total fat is less than 5g)
25/03/2013 at 10:51

Hi Mel - sorry to hear about the toe/knee issues. I had a similar issue earlier in my training when I got an infected toe and tried to carry on and my uneven gait caused my knee to strain a little. I'm hoping your situation is indentical. i only missed a couple of days whilst the toe settled and then I found myself running normally again and the knee returned to normal.

You've trained brilliantly so a few days off here won't hurt especially since you are in the taper. The general niggles will soon recover.

Two weeks to go - can't wait to see how things go in Paris. I know you will have an amazing day and an amazing performance and your girls will be so proud of you.

You have the whole RW forum world willing you on!

25/03/2013 at 16:53

Hello Mel

Just catching up with your thread - how's the toe, foot and knee? Hopefully at least one is better and one is gone completely! Did you manage to get out for a jog today?

As Oscarr says, you won't lose a discernible amount of fitness even if you don't run again before Paris while these niggles resolve so don't worry too much.

26/03/2013 at 16:52

Hi  ,

How are you ? I think you and Steve should do a three legged marathon, between you both, you should have 2 decent legs !  I think a forced rest is a good thing physically although it's tough mentally.  I find it too easy to get carried away on the shorter runs during taper, I push myself harder than I should.

Ruth has suggested we can carb load with Jaffa cakes, that's 96 for me ! And after the race, 500ml of fluids, that's about 6 glasses of champagne !  I don't drink champagne so you can have my quota , I'll swap them for your jaffa cakes.

Take care

27/03/2013 at 10:30

How is everything Mel, we are all routing for you xxx

27/03/2013 at 14:54

Hey Mel - how are you doing? We're all routing for you!

27/03/2013 at 22:21
Hello......I thought with less running I would have more time!!!!!......yes all is better!!!!!! Hip hip hoorahhh!!!!
No problems with the foot arch....the knee has sorted itself out....and my purple toe is slowly coming back to a healthy pink......not sure I'll keep the toe nail, but thats the sign of a real runner isnt it?
I think I only missed 2 runs last week (7 miles) with a bit of jiggling around, and I'm back on track this week......just in time to taper properly!!!
Made the most of my non running and did lots of bike riding and swimming and had the magic massage lady come and fix me!!!! feeling good and ready to get on with it now!!!!.......
THankyou for all your lovely words of support......!!!
My daughter said to me tonight ( who is 17 and very independent!!!) as I was going out to do my speed session......I'll be really pleased when this marathon is over so you stop running...!!! Oh dear.....I don't think she really understands!!!.....
27/03/2013 at 22:30
Hi Oscar.....I like that a lot....'don't be sad I have glad I was here.....!!!' It really touched me!!! Thank you x

Hi sarah 6...... Yes I hope our paths will cross......what time are you aiming for again.....?.....I think with 26 miles...that's a great deal of pondering time....!!! Can't even chat to the person next to you as we wont understand them!

Hi ds2..... Oh sorry you had a similar's soooooo painful!!!! .....i dont know how you could have run.....i must have been a right sissy!!!....I was very aware of the gait issues it could have caused which was one of the reasons why I nipped it in the bud quickly with antibiotics and hobbled bare foot!!!!....hopefully it won't brother in law keeps telling me to have my toe nail removed!!!!! I don't think so!!!!!......
27/03/2013 at 22:34
That's great news Mel. Hopefully one day she will.

So glad you are back on track. Good luck over the next 12 days. You can't do much to make you perform better now but you can do lots to mess it up. Take it easy and respect the taper.

Go Mel
27/03/2013 at 22:36
Hi that's a lot of information.......good job you mentioned it though......I'm not sure I would have thought of taking snacks with me!!!!.....sure you can't come with us!!!!!

Hi SAm.....sorry I have been pretty pants!!! ....... Yes I managed the 9 miles on Sunday.....after a massage.....a bit stiff....but all good!!! No problems at all......
So in total......I did the 5 miles on Thursday......4 miles on Friday.....9 miles on I missed a 4 mile jog and a 3 mile steady.......
Then this week i am back on track and following your plan to the letter......!!! That's it now......all my niggles gone in a week please!!!! Not to return if you don't mind!!!!.....
27/03/2013 at 22:41
Hi sarah physio......all seems to be going well.......the magic massage lady has worked her magic and sorted me out......given me more stretches to do......!!! But all is faithful brooks are well and truly my best friend again !!!!......I even bought another pair just to keep them company.....
I have to say you physio's are amazing!!!!!!!!......
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