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30/11/2012 at 08:34

Morning all

Chilly one here this morning but so, so pretty!

Don't know where this week's gone but already it's Friday so that means it bike ride day!  My road bike is officially going into hibernation now and my MTB coming out to play (cos the roads are getting crappy).

My strength training sessions (yesterday) are no longer leaving me sore which is good but that's maybe tempting fate and next week'll be a killer LOL. Or maybe my jog/walk with Rascal afterwards is helping. After 5 weeks of strength training (only once a week) and a reduced level of aerobic/cardio training (with no regular speedwork) my body fat is down 1.5% and my lean muscle mass up by the same.  Will be really interesting to see how those figures change when I start to get back to normal training levels.  (And no I don't care about the figures per se just the up/down trend over time - you know how I love to do science on myself LOL.)

Talking of which - factoid from the physio who was teaching us last weekend - did you know that lactic acid only stays in your system for around 2 hours after training and so therefore can't be blamed for any soreness/stiffness/tiredness after that (which I then presume is down to micro-trauma and free-radicals).  No longer is the lactic-acid build up excuse to be tolerated

Only a month to go before I stop being a lazy bones (and enjoying my rest phase) and start building my miles again.  Am still resisting the temptation to let my heart rate creep up and sticking to the lower zones which apparently will stimulate my body to produce more fat burning enzymes (which doesn't happen at higher carb burning heart rates).  Perseverance is a strange test of will power! Maybe one day my HR will be as good as Mike's if I stick at it!

Yay for Choisty and his hill work - we're not old and maybe not that wise - but hills are both if you believe the myth that hills are created by giants lying down

So this weekend - I'm on my course again, reiki and oscarr are doing Perivale? Mike at xc, Ben's at xc (Mids league) - anyone else going out to play?

Bootcamp day out there in the big bad world - making it our one year anniversary!  Happy anniversary guys


30/11/2012 at 09:45

I second that happy anniversary...what fun we had

SB I don't hold with this fat burn carb/glycogen burn stuff, as the body just breaks down fat to replace the glycogen used once you stop anyway.  I believe the simple, pies in miles out rule!

I'm out fo rmy first XC of the year Hants league at Popham...where after this weeks training I will be rubbish, will still be fun stood in a muddy, freezing field before running round it!

Lactic built-up last night 8 x 750m (slightly hilly) at the club all in 2:14 to 2:15, but my legs are tired today probably due to a pint of Newcastle brown afterwards

30/11/2012 at 10:25

Just a quick update, went to Sports Physio yesterday, I have been running with an injury on my right hamstring (scar tissue is present) and I need to build up my core muscles.

To be honest I only ever run and stretch, clearly I should have been working on my core!  I am now resting until January and will be working hard on getting fit, I am looking into starting pilates too. 

Any tips on core stengthening would be great.

Will catch up on posts i've missed this week.

Take care all.




30/11/2012 at 11:25

Scientist SB........I tend to eat when hungry.....still only 75 kilos so happy about there!!! I to need to do core stuff and dont just bone idle when it comes to gym type stuff. The RW mag had some core stuff in in the June magazine if you still have that FH although I am sure if you google it there will be stuff on the tinternet.
Nice recovery run this am after yesterdays effort, three miles in to work which is the shortest distance I can do down the trail which is the exact route the Grindleford G takes. I can go in all directions from here on trails or paths or even road and occasional pavements but on narrow country roads when there is muck and ice around I avoid them if possible. Supposed to be doing a long run of 12 miles this weekend looking for company if I can as find these long runs hard work on my up the MP3 player I guess if I cant drag my brother out.

30/11/2012 at 11:30

Hi all 

Day off for me and I'm going on an Olympic Park legacy tour this afternoon, to which I am not allowed to bring firearms or explosives.  Was hoing for a tui na this morning but it was too late to book one up. 

mcs did you mean the Art of Runnning Faster book?

FH there is so much you can do for core, not that I do!  I would do a search and pick out a few exercises you might actually DO, and that sound like they would target your priorities [e.g. mine are glutes right now], maybe start with just 2 or 3?

Many of the books have sequences that are easy to follow, Sam's for example.

I have learned that actually going to a Pilates class is a good move.  You will do a full session every time.

SB I have scales that do %fat %water etc, don't know how reliable the results are.  I saw the article in RW and know I'd be faster slightly lighter, but my biochemistry dictates that I eat a lot to obviate BE spikes and crashes, and the difference would only be a few pounds, so I'm not sure whether to pay any attention beyond the pies approach.

I know my brother is very fat adapted ad I'm not, but he has liek a thimble of porridge before a marathon against my bucket of oats, pp, berries etc; and nothing during whereas I'm a 7 gel girl!



30/11/2012 at 12:09

No it was the Sky Team, mental Chimp half of the brain book, will scout back and find it on here when time......enjoy the tour of the olympics sounds good.

30/11/2012 at 12:48

Ahhh but Choisty - your body can only break down fat for energy in the presence of sufficient oxygen which can only build up if you're working comfortably enough to allow it to do so otherwise it will go for the easier option of blood glucose and/or glycogen (while your stores last) until you slow enough to metabolise fat.

Which is a) why it's called aerobic conditioning and b) why you need to keep you HR low enough to cope with the CO2 you're producing and c) training at the appropriate level encourages your body to produce more mitocondria (the body's power station cells) and enzymes so that you can utilise more fat more readily before you run out of glucose/glycogen without having to slow so much.

Ok so you can argue that as you train harder your breathing rate increases so you'll be taking more O2 in but then you'll also need to flush out more CO2 and lactic acid.  Glycogen produced energy only lasts for around 90 seconds anyway and a little bit of lactic acid is produced every time you produce energy this way.  So yes - there is a degree of truth to what you say but as I understand it you can train your body to metabolise fat more efficiently and lactic acid build up will be less crippling is the point I'm getting at.  I also like pie (That actually just really helped me with my revision having to think that through - so thanks )

But enough - I can't eat textbooks and type at the same time.

LOL reiki - I know what you mean about reliability - that's why I go by trend not the actual figures.  You can only aim to take the readings at the same time each time you do it and plan to roughly keep all other conditions the same - ie hydration - I guess you can note the % body water too and then over time you will get a picture of whether higher levels of hydration  increase the fat % readings or lower them!  As long as my visceral fat (that stuff around your organs vs that which sits under your skin) isn't going up and my clothes fit I'm happy!

Really glad I went out on my chunky tyres today as I came across a poor chap who'd just come off his road bike on the ice we have here today.  Ouchee - made him promise to go get his collar bone checked as he took quite a wallop.  Be careful out there folks


30/11/2012 at 13:48

Just picked this up off another thread : 

Running 2 much

Interesting article given that we've just been talking about training intensity - I'm especially liking the quote:

"No amount light to moderate exercise is harmful" in support of my fat-burning-intensity thinking!

Any other thoughts? 


 (ps just tried to access the full article to get further info on how they're defining intensity but it costs £24 - it's here if anyone wants it...;heartjnl-2012-302886&type=ppv&ppv_type=article&

Edited: 30/11/2012 at 14:19
30/11/2012 at 15:33

thirty mins to the weekend a gently plod home four miles easy, as encouraged by SB put the fire on and tea and a film with junior I rugby tomorrow think we might just get slaughtered by the all black men!!! Happy weekend all.

01/12/2012 at 15:52

Yowsers SB that's scary!  My marathon running is light to moderate i assure you in any amounts. 

On those scales I have been able to decrease my fat % by drinking a beaker of water.  Which is encouraging in terms of accuracy, but it still varies quite a bit.  I consult it rarely.  

Up the Hammers!


02/12/2012 at 07:17

Morning all - Perivale 5 for me this morning - reckon it will be the first time i will have raced in running tights it's that cold !! Look forward to meeting Reiki.

02/12/2012 at 13:17

Good race this morning at Perivale.  Great to me you Reiki and your friends and thanks for donating all the goody bag cans of London Pride (now got plenty to keep me busy watching the footy later today !!)  Congrats on a quicker time than last year.

My time of 37:06 was very pleasing (7:25 avge pace) with a good last mile in 7:00 dead.  Nice street run with a lap of the athletics track to the finish.  This is an avge pace a lot quicker than my 10K time earlier this year which was 7:46 so well pleased. It also shows to me that the hard training and events a week before (Cyprus) left me better prepared for today rather than fatigued - this is probably down to the year of endurance running i have done as well but tells me that with the right prep a shorter pre-marathon taper period could be better for me than the more cautious approach taken in the past.  At my age i do need recovery periods but if you have the fitness in you then a shorter taper could leave you better prepared for race day peaking - here ends today's "thought for the day" 

Shower then see if my beloved footy team (Sunderland) can get their act together at Norwich at 4pm (with a few London Prides as well )

How's the study work going Sleepy?

02/12/2012 at 14:52

Hi again Oscarr 

Brilliant to meet you today, and well done on a cracking performance. 

It was quite a twisty turny course folks, the pavement was dead uneven and all, plus the winter sun was blinding, at my height anyway!

I think I did 40:44, a progression run, starting with 8:15, then 8:08, 8:01, 7:59, 7:54 and the last bit at 7:50 pace.  As usual i took the corners pretty wide, but I'm seeing the physio tomorrow and will ask him about ankle flexibility this time.  It's a case of lots of little lift and drop actions to take a corner, and running over distance that bit more than was necessary as always. 

Still I'm pretty happy with the run, especially as neither hip flared up at all,and from left knee there was just a token protest early on.  

Gorgeous day out there, it could have been so different, and indeed will be. 

I felt very energised afterwards and not stff at all, came home and made a load of maize and coconut bread, roasted sweet potatoes, but shockingly the chicken I put in the fridge to defrost over a day ago was still rock hard, so am waiting for that to come into play. 




02/12/2012 at 14:55

Great time Oscarr, well done!

With all the ice around, it looks even more slipperty than last week.  I decided not to risk injuring my knee and ran a safe easy 10m run on the treadmill while listening to talk ultra.  The knee feels fine - no doubt I will have no pain at all by the time I see the specialist this week after months of waiting  

Following last weeks disappointing run, I'm glad that this week felt genuinely easy at 10:30 pace.  I would have run further, but ran out of time.  It was damn cold, which probably helped to keep my heart rate well below my recovery ceiling.

I must get my marathon training outline sorted.  Only 19 weeks to go 

02/12/2012 at 15:02

Good running Reikki.  I don't blame you for taking it easy around corners on a day like today!

I can see a flaw in your plan to defrost things in your fridge   I'm guessing you flunked 'O' Level Science? 

Edited: 02/12/2012 at 15:08
02/12/2012 at 15:45
Good run yesterday just over 10k XC hants league in 36:55 ran conservatively too nice to pass people throughout the race and get some racing in.

Good day all round by he sounds of it good racing, am mere winning plus England wallop the all blacks!
02/12/2012 at 16:20

2nd Oxford Mail XC today at Culham, nr Abingdon and right next to a very high river Thames. So high, that 80% of last year's course was underwater....So we had 4 x 1.1m laps of the plateau above, with a descent and rise to the floodplain on each lap.

Manic start as usual  - my 1st lap mile under 7 mins, but that didn't last! By the 3rd lap I was dead but held it together to get the 4.55m distance done in 34:09 (7:30 min/m pacing).

No idea on overall placing until Tuesday's results, but I was 5th/7 for our team so happy enough with that and the fast start will hopefully help in my next race (sunday 9th - Andy Reading 10k road race).

A cold start to the day and the weather was glorious. I noticed after I had finished that I still had my sun glasses on from the drive up - not often you can say that about a race in December!

02/12/2012 at 16:22

Great racing Choisty, Reikki and Oscarr - should set you up nicely.


02/12/2012 at 16:47

Ten I think you'll find that the fridge is not as cold as the freezer.  Perhaps the differential is currently inadequate, I do think it is unduly influenced by the seasons.

The only science I did for O' Level was physics, and I was the only girl in the entire year to pass it.  We only did the camera/eye comparison for two years because the ripple tank didn't work, and that failed to feature on the day.

But luckily some of it was at least semantically within my grasp so was able to banter on sufficiently to be awarded a 5.  Or maybe the common distribution curve 1974 was in my favour, eh?

MInd you what passed for science at a convent grammar in Belfast at the time was the proposition that you can smell protestants and/or that they are dispoportionately likely to wear brown trousers. 

Obviously I did check with the several brown trousered samples and indeed they confirmed that theory.  

It was all very annoying and I only went in on Thursdays.



Edited: 02/12/2012 at 16:49
02/12/2012 at 16:58

Brilliant post Reiki..

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