Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles

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31/03/2013 at 15:46

Get some protein down you too Ten - milk, yoghurt, cheese, whatever you prefer - you need it to recover - carbs only do half the job remember... Don't make me scoot off to another thread to find Ruth!

Awesome job on doing your run when not 100% and on completely blowing 2011 out of the water! 

I had a lovely tootle - did an extra mile today (in the same time as last week) - mainly down to the kinder wind I suspect but the wind was still nippy out there eh? I had to put my hat on when the sun went behind a cloud and it didn't come off til I got home.

Another topsy turvy one for me next week:

Tue - 40 mins on the bike

Wed - 4hr in zone 2

Thu - 3 hours in zone 2

Sun - 10k



31/03/2013 at 15:54

No need SB - I down 3/4 pint of banana milkshake as soon as I get home from a long run   

Sleepy Bear wrote (see)


40 mins on the bike

4hr in zone 2

3 hours in zone 2

Is this your plan for a day trip to London?

31/03/2013 at 17:29

Snap Ten - I also ran 16m today and found it tough after my Friday 10m race.

Bright and cold again, particularly in that nagging east wind. After my 2nd lap around the village (4m) I stopped at my house, grabbed a drink and slipped off a layer - I then spent the next 2hrs regretting it as I was border-line cold for most of it. 

Pushed on, so 2nd 4m was the hilly part, then 4m flatish then the last 4m hilly again, so a decent enough workout, but I was struggling a bit from about mile 12.

Summary of the stats:

16m @ 8:24 min/m (according to Garmin an exact 26.2 km - my 1st kilomathon)

Run time 2:15:xx ( I had a few equipment issues, so I was actually out for about 10 mins longer.)

Avg HR 127 v about 150 when racing, so plenty in reserve

210m for the month v 167m last year and 531m since Jan 1st

Ache a bit now below the waist and was reminded of the need to avoid the dreaded chafing when I stepped into the shower! Timely reminder to remember the all of the little details.......

31/03/2013 at 18:27

Good advice Mike!!!

It's good to be a girl in oh so many ways

Ten - well done that man!  Lol to London - you'd have to drag me screaming!!

31/03/2013 at 19:52

Really great racing Sleepy and Ten (PB man - excellant) and Mike/Choisty still churning out the mega sessions - it's all inspiring stuff

My plan after Friday was to rest Sat then longish run today and Monday.  Had too good a night at home with my family last night (1.30am finish) that i decided to skip today's run.  Its an awful long time since i have missed a run because of that sort of thing but as its a cutback week its not so much of an issue.  In a way its quite refreshing to occassionally party a bit and skip the run next day - I'm hoping i feel the benefit tomorrow.

happy tapering Mike/Ten/Choisty and happy running everyone else

31/03/2013 at 21:13

Hi all

I am well impressed with the determination and floatyness exhibited here.

I have been very naughty indeed.  I was supposed to do 5 steady yesterday and 2 hours offroad easy [about 12] today, but yesterday decided to accept an invitation to go go for a canal run accompanied by a bike [my first crew!], and set off at 8am. 

When i was advised that the time was 10:25 it didnt even register and we kept going!  

Eventually I twigged that it might be an idea to turn around, having done over 13 miles!  Managed to come back slightly less distractedly and faster but hey ho, 23.9 in 4:22, pretty much exactly 11 min miles.

And today, astonished to feel absolutely fine, went for a jog with my sister, only 4.4 as we had to walk when she got past her limit [this is not my Consiton sis]....came back home, no DOMS nothing.

What's going on?!  

Now have 3 weeks to recover, indeed this time 3 weeks will be at running club parttying I hope.


mcs which mara were you thinking of?    

01/04/2013 at 09:43

That was a big one Reikki, well done and enjoy the taper! 

I just checked my RB handicap.  I reduced it by 2.8 in March and it's now the lowest it's ever been.  In thirteen months, it has improved by 12   I'm not sure if they have updated the ladder positions yet, because they look about the same.

It all gets harder from here.  Out of curiosity I had a look at what difference a four hour marathon would make to my handicap.  It would stay the same!  D'oh! 

01/04/2013 at 10:24

reiki - ya naughty ikkle monkey LOLOLOL - gotta love an impromptu adventure though!

Ten - they seem to have been doing some admin on rB and now parkruns are showing separately to road 5ks - the ladder seems to have reverted to updating once a week - so check back on Thursday to see if this weekend made a change - don't think mine will have improved BOOOO

oscar - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO you rebel - hope you're doing doubles today

01/04/2013 at 14:22

Shocking behaviour all round. 

Ten I think you will overshoot the 4 this time.  Nothing silly from now on, wash your hands a lot and eat your beets. 

My visitors left, so I went for an Aqua Jog this morning, now settling in for a catch up on mags and books. 

02/04/2013 at 10:46

Well what a long weekend, some amazing runs and activity in general on here.  As I was at the in-laws I couldn't check in apart from the mammoth session.  The next day I did the local park run with my daughter, as she wanted to go sub-30...and blew it away 27:22 her legs ached the next day.  I went out on a 20 miler through swaledale, absolutely beautiful, and included a snow drift that towered over twice my hieght! ran at easy pace until the last 3 miles which were at 5:35 (should of been MP doh!), followed by another 10 miles of swaledale beauty yesterday. but bye'eck it tw'er cold!!!

02/04/2013 at 11:18
reikirabbit wrote (see)

Ten I think you will overshoot the 4 this time.  

All being well, my plan is going to be even splits allowing for terrain/conditions.  I'll aim for 9:09 pace and see how things progress.  Hopefully I'll make a better job of fuelling and will be better prepared to push through the inevitable bad patch.

Sub-4 is obviously the dream goal, though I'm aware that it's a mighty big ask to get a PB by around forty minutes.   Normally I would set another couple of goals as a fallback, but I think on this occasion I will simply accept that the closer I get to four hours the happier I will be.

Choisty - sounds a great run, though I thought 5:30 was your easy pace   Congratulations to your daughter on a great PB!

Oscarr - party animal!

02/04/2013 at 11:53
Nice one Choisty!

Ten you're going to do it.
02/04/2013 at 12:15

Ten - agree with Choisty, from what i see from your times and training i also reckon you will do it - don't worry about the big gap from your last PB cos you have trained completely differently this time so treat it as your first one - good luck with the rest of the taper

Paris on Sunday

02/04/2013 at 12:56

I'm with the guys Ten - it matters not what has gone before only what is coming up!!!

Time to start the sweepstake folks - the right to eat a whole pack of jaffa cakes in a day is up for grabs...

I'll start shall I?  My guess is 3:56:22

Go Ten, Go Ten, Go Ten


02/04/2013 at 14:38

No pressure Ten none at all
02/04/2013 at 14:52

Ten - have you done a half recently? what time? + 10K time?

02/04/2013 at 14:54

Ten, you'll do it, I took over 3hrs 10min off my marathon PB in 2004

02/04/2013 at 16:24

reiki : 3:54:59

Sleepy : 3:56:22

That's be nice wouldn't it Ten - you'd be home before you'd started just about

02/04/2013 at 17:38

LMAO Choisty - world record is on the cards then   

I wish I shared your confidence in me Reikki/Sleepy!  Seriously.

Oscarr - Silverstone HM this month was 1:50:04, 10K last August was 49:50 (49:55 gun time), 5K this week was 23:32.  I have achieved what I set out to for the shorter distances and I'm well happy with that.  Just need to crack the big one.

I have some interesting stats about my training , but I won't post until after the marathon 'cos I don't want to tempt fate!  But yes, Oscarr, you are right that I have trained differently.  It's a big experiment for me.

According to the Doctor, it can take 2-3 weeks for my son to break out with Chickenpox if he caught it from my daughter.  No prizes for guessing what this could coincide with.   It wouldn't be a taper if I didn't have something to worry about.  In addition to the weather, of course.

02/04/2013 at 17:38

I'm hoping for 4mins off this predictions go

3:54:37, kicking in the home straight to a crescendo of noise from the crowd

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