Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles

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08/10/2012 at 18:37

That's right, Red Bull... I remember reading about it and thinking, wow, that's hardcore and from your description, it certainly was! Gulp, about Zermatt! But I figured i'm not bad up hills and atrocious down them so it would be my best bet for a mountain marathon 

Oscarr, is it Abingdon you are running? It seems like you are emanating quiet confidence...! So glad that my advice still comes in handy now and again

My hip has certainly been behaving itself better. It still dictates my mileage/pace more than I'd like and keeps my osteopath in the black, but I'm just happy to be out there running and racing - like all of you, I guess!

Wishing everyone happy, injury-free and goal-attaining running!


08/10/2012 at 18:43

Yes, Abingdon a week on Sunday (21st) - this may be my last attempt at a fast sub 4 marathon - have planned more adventurous stuff after this like Cyprus 4 Day/Cape Wrath and The Wall.  Doing The Wall with Sleepy Bear and we have been trying to convince others on this thread plus Bo and Rosie to do it as well 

Just looked at Zermatt - that's quite a climb !!!

08/10/2012 at 19:19

So much going on - I can't keep up!  Well done everybody on the races and I'll try to catch-up with everything, including Choisty's marathon (post), when I have more time after my exam.

Great to see you drop by Sam.  Not too long before you'll be selecting a new bunch of reprobates for torture - I mean training!

I'm a bit nervous posting details of today's run, under the scrutiny of SB/RR.  However.... today I ran 5 miles on the treadie: 1m@10:00; 3m @ 9:05; 1m@10:00 

Knee felt pretty good afterwards.  However, my left calf felt a bit tight, so I gave it a go on the roller.  First couple of sweeps were painful, but then it felt remarkably better!  Really loosened up a treat.

RR - I've tried the ITB exercise on the roller a couple of times, and both times it caused cramp in the calf of the leg I was trying to work on and I had to jump up quick!  Any ideas?


08/10/2012 at 19:32

Ten it's all connected - I have very tight, and very sensitive calf muscles, but they've never cramped up during rollering sessions.  I'd say stretch or roller them out first, better still do your rollering after a bath or long shower is worth a try. 

Choisty I am blown away by your report, all my marathons are sagas, but this deserves to be one, I loved reading about it.

Sam great to hear from you, I enjoyed your article in RW and am standing up typing this - osteopaths rock too! 

08/10/2012 at 19:37
Choisty brilliant stuff mate. Really great reading I could feel your pain and you still had me laughing. They should put this in the magazine it's better than the race reports they write.

Brilliant race as well. Might have been quicker to mention the parts of your body that weren't in pain.

Stairs are a big problem for me right now and some guy was laughing at me grimacing pushing a trolley in ASDA!
08/10/2012 at 19:40
SB don't worry I'm already signed up for the four villages Half in January and a 10k in December. Hehe
08/10/2012 at 20:16

OK, here goes on my run report Forgive me if its not as good as some of the others - I'm a newbie at run reports as well as marathon running.

I'm afraid my stats are in kms, I've converted the final column to miles.

My plan was to run around 09:30 - 09:45 per mile, which was pretty comfortable to start with, and lots slower than I ran my HM, but a lot faster than my longer runs.
The elevation gain here is in feet.
Starting in the racecourse on muddy grass was generally OK. I settled into a pace that seemed OK and my heart rate was under control. My slower paces - kms 13, 19, 21 all corresponded with inclines. I had done 24km in 2hrs 25mins (including a 30 second toilet break in the 11th km). I took a couple of energy gels early on too, after 3m and about 6m. I got through half-way in 2hrs 8mins exactly (my 2nd fastest HM), and felt OK about continuing it, I felt I'd completed my warm-up!

Split Time Moving Time E-Gain E-Loss Avg HR Max HR Calories Pace per mile 1 5:52.8 5:51 6 8 138 157 62 09:26
2 6:01.1 6:01 17 9 147 153 86 09:42
3 5:55.5 5:54 14 5 145 155 83 09:30
4 5:51.3 5:53 7 17 144 155 81 09:29
5 6:00.7 6:00 9 0 146 154 84 09:40
6 5:59.9 6:00 0 12 144 149 80 09:40
7 6:12.1 6:12 15 0 148 152 85 10:00
8 5:56.5 5:57 15 24 143 151 74 09:35
9 5:56.2 5:56 0 10 141 145 65 09:34
10 6:04.9 6:05 8 3 147 152 81 09:48
11 6:36.1 6:02 0 3 145 151 81 09:43
12 5:56.5 5:56 3 0 147 150 78 09:34
13 6:09.6 6:10 5 0 148 151 80 09:56
14 5:54.9 5:54 2 0 148 151 76 09:30
15 6:02.0 6:03 0 10 146 150 69 09:45
16 6:01.8 6:01 1 0 149 151 78 09:42
17 5:51.7 5:51 2 2 150 153 73 09:26
18 6:03.8 6:05 0 4 151 153 75 09:48
19 6:08.6 6:08 15 0 152 154 76 09:53
20 6:08.3 6:09 0 14 153 155 74 09:55
21 6:27.5 6:27 11 0 152 155 82 10:24
22 6:02.3 6:03 7 0 157 158 86 09:45
23 6:06.7 6:06 2 6 155 158 80 09:50
24 6:12.3 6:12 0 9 153 156 77 10:00
25 7:50.4 7:50 0 6 140 153 53 12:38
26 6:27.2 6:27 11 0 151 154 77 10:24
27 7:48.7 7:49 11 7 145 152 66 12:36
28 6:49.6 6:30 4 8 147 153 57 10:29
29 8:21.8 8:22 12 0 140 154 59 13:29
30 8:59.4 9:01 2 12 125 142 24 14:32
31 8:12.3 8:12 4 0 130 146 33 13:13
32 8:22.1 8:22 0 12 128 147 32 13:29
33 8:37.9 8:37 7 6 135 151 50 13:53
34 7:49.2 7:49 11 9 134 154 51 12:36
35 9:45.9 9:46 0 4 123 150 33 15:45
36 8:38.0 8:32 14 5 132 150 54 13:45
37 9:03.4 9:03 4 4 128 148 48 14:35
38 7:06.2 7:07 0 3 140 153 71 11:28
39 8:07.2 8:06 0 8 141 153 82 13:03
40 10:52.4 10:52 11 0 130 150 64 17:31
41 8:52.5 8:54 0 12 125 144 44 14:21
42 7:51.1 7:50 2 0 140 152 79 12:38
43 2:05.4 2:05 12 6 154 157 31 10:25
Total 4:57:13.7 4:56:10.0 245 239 141 158 2874 11:18


Edited: 08/10/2012 at 20:24
08/10/2012 at 20:23

Luke you did so well, those trolleys always find my injuries!!

Meant to say your report was great, and AC8 walking is often a sensible strategy. 

Looks like you have learned a lot about fuelling too. 



08/10/2012 at 20:25

I lost half of my post! I'm going to re-type and finish off...

08/10/2012 at 20:46

I ought to also mention that I ran the first half with a guy I made contact with on this website, he and I seemed to be of a similar standard. I paced him well for the first half before I started to slow down a bit.
Moving on to the 2nd half of the run, at 25km I took an extended drinks break, I thought a bit of a walk would be no harm. I also took on an energy shot that was handed out. I then pushed on for a couple more kms, but found myself starting to struggle. My legs were starting to get tired, and I felt like walking a bit, so I did. Then 28.5km in, done in 2hrs 57.5 (17.7miles) I started to walk a bit more, (15metre incline). I was not alone in walking and was not sure whether I should try some more gels, my stomach was a bit upset and there were a few people throwing up by the side of the road that I passed. I was also not sure whether to drink anymore. I was tired of the orange energy drinks by then too. So, I walked as positively as I could.
The spectators in the villages were great, they called out my name and offered encouragement, jelly babies and even chocolate biscuits (perhaps I should have taken that up - I'm sure I could have digested that!). Coming into the city the hills up which in normal circumstances would have been inconsequential became a bit of a battle. I kept calculating my predicted finishing time ( I like doing the maths).
At 15.1m in 2hrs 27 I was on course for 4hrs 20mins. I'd done 17.6m in 2hrs 56 – still on course for 4hrs 30, but then I was walking more. With 6miles to go, done in 3hrs 30, a fast 6miles for 4hrs 30, with 3 miles to go a 30 minute pace would have given me 4hrs 42, but it was a very different experience to the HM I did in July, where the countdown spurred me on to run faster and made me think, only a 10k left, only a 5k left etc and I was able to speed up. Here I just shrugged, jogged a couple of hundred metres and then resigned myself to walking some more. I did realise that I was at risk of missing a 5hr finishing total so I put in a bit of an effort to jog on the downhill bits. Then with 600m to go I ran all of the way to the finish (a slow jog first and then the last 150 metres with the finish line in sight, and my family (wife, my 3 kids, mother and father) cheering me on I overtook a fellow runner and crossed the line with relief and pride.
After picking up my T-shirt the guy I'd overtaken congratulated me and shook my hand. That was a very nice touch. I have many personal memories, of the fellow runners who I walked/jogged with after about 18miles, a lot of them seemed to be struggling more than me but kept at it, The volunteers at all of the feeding stations, many of them children/young adults were so cheery and made me feel a lot more cheery. I lost count of the number of people shouting my name en-route.
After the race, my recovery seems to be going well. I've had so many congratulations – from Facebook, my work colleagues, this forum and my family. The fact that it was so difficult and challenging has made the achievement all the more satisfying for me, and I have even more admiration for my fellow runners/walkers/joggers who have managed this distance.
In terms of future plans, I realise that I was under-trained for this distance, I need to run more longer and harder runs to give myself a chance of getting through a marathon at a pace I can sustain. My immediate plans are to rest, lose some weight, and then consider whether to work on speed and/or stamina. I'm also considering joining my local running club. I'm going to continue running parkrun, which I really like.


09/10/2012 at 08:25


I walked bits of mine too AC8 - nothing to worry about there!  I'm really glad you had a positive experience - too many runners forget that we're meant to enjoy our running!  You didn't have the best prep as you know and it shows great mental strength that you did it anyway!  Just imagine - what you'll be able to do with "ideal" prep next time - or the time after!  The strength will come as you notch up the years of training - I've heard that you don't begin to show what you're capable of until after 4 - 7 years of consistent training ...

Luke - trolley / zimmer - one and the same ???

Right - going back to read Choisty's tale in full - you really must have had a good day to have remembered all that - will be brilliant reading I'm sure


09/10/2012 at 08:47

AC8 - thanks for a great, heartfelt report and brilliant that you gritted your teeth and completed it, very well done.  Sleepy is right, it can take years of consistent running to achieve your goals - that may sound daunting but look at it positively in that you can relax away from the idea of immediate results and take a longer, more relaxed view.

09/10/2012 at 09:11

Awesome report from Choisty thanks for that, my daughter is off horse riding up at Edale today............glad you had such a memorable day such a brilliant race format for the speedy guys and gals. I love to run along the Edge above Edale and round and down to Castleton. Lucky to live up here.
Well done AC8 excellent effort for a first marathon, with a family to do the training is tough and you made it round well done and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Enjoy a recovery few weeks and then get back to it.
Son in law and I are at Coniston so see you there chaps. Choisty reckon you could win that race, its road 13.8 miles, bit up and down but a fantastic setting. Its on a Saturday at 11 am so you can drive back down Sunday after enjoying the Lakes and a rest Saturday night. Trying to persuade the other half to run it.

09/10/2012 at 12:41
The more of us the better for Comiston!

AC8 your report was like being there, well it struck a few chords with me,

Well said SB, enjoyment is paramount! I totally love running, and I am often in races, of conversations, with people who sound like they don't.

And 100 years from now nobody is going to be talking about my marathon times.

At the same time I do have an inner drive to be the best I can be, something that can threaten the fun, but I can always see where I made choices that influenced the result, and for me the adaptation between maras 1 and 2 was extraordinary.
09/10/2012 at 13:40

Beautiful sunny and cold day here.. cycled into work but just had to pull on the shorts, trainers and head out at lunchtime. Turned into a 10K up the Trail to the first tunnel and back in 46.45 with a 360 degree turn in it and a few dogs so pleased with that........want to get abit quicker on the 10K time. Whats your best folks?

09/10/2012 at 14:22

It's funny how realxed I am waiting in for a delivery man before I go for my run today - if I was back in marathon training - I'd be fretting by now if I hadn't been out!  What's the bet he/she'll turn up at 5 to 6.  What a waste of a day ...

Know that feeling mcs - 10ks have never really been my thing - enjoy the longer beasts far more so I'm stuck at 46:54 for the time being.  Am sure that'll improve as my base pace picks up though! (She says hopefully, one day)

reiki - it's getting the balance right that's tricky isn't it?  I'm as guilty as the next person for winding myself up sometimes but then ultimately the more I relax and enjoy my run the better I run anyway!

Choisty - cracking report - agree with mcs; come to Coniston.  Ben's running too so you two can play silly-fast-peeps and wear each other out!

09/10/2012 at 14:53
47:09 for me, very easy course though!
09/10/2012 at 15:38

Hey folks

Since I'm committed to doing The Wall I thought I'd try to do some good at the same time and raise some money for special children like the young boy in my brother-in-law's family.  Anyone willing to place a bet on my (and oscarr's by default, as I'm going to stick myself to him so he can't leave me behind) finishing time please go here:

Guess 2 Give - The Wall

(Last year's winner's and last place times are shown to help you guess)

50p of every £3 donation goes into a prize fund for the winner of the best guess - the other £2.50 goes to The National Autistic Society.

As you all know - this will be way beyond any previous mileage attempts so I figure as a "special event" ...

Edited: 09/10/2012 at 17:46
09/10/2012 at 22:08

Hello everyone - I've been following this thread and the series leading into gay Paris for many a month now and have gained a great deal from all they professionals or amateur like me.

Anyway, I'm a Berkshire based runner and may have passed the odd one or two of you on the Kennet & Avon towpath between Newbury (where I start) and Reading. How many of you are signed up for Abingdon, 'cos at the very least it would be good to at least meet and maybe run a mile or three together?

Question: AC8 - are you also on GRW and in the Reading area?

09/10/2012 at 22:29

Hi Mike GRW? I don't know what that is.
I'm in the Reading area - yes. 
I've not signed up for any races coming up, but I am looking to continue my progress by running more half marathons, another marathon - in about 6 months. I'll try running further up the Kennet and Avon towpath - maybe all the way to Newbury
I might pop up the Thames to Abingdon to support the run there & have a day out - will see if my family want to come along.

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