Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles

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11/10/2012 at 10:34

I'm having a masssage this afternoon now, can't wait, this guy is highly recommended! 

I meant 2:55 @ 20 miles people!  Actually 2:57 would do!

Feeling ready a week before is spot on Oscarr. 

11/10/2012 at 13:33

ENJOY RR. guessed thats what you meant......!!
SB drink plenty you might be dehydrated abit, easy to stop drinking water as it gets cooler and you cut down on miles. All the best with that.
Over 20 miles for this week and enjoying it. Just got a physio roller as per the thread advice a couple of pages back from Ten or FH, excuse me cant be bothered to scroll back. Now what do I do with the thing. Hammies need some work. Better take it home or the boss will wonder whats going on!!!

11/10/2012 at 13:46

mcs - google it then look at the utube video exercises with the roller, plenty of help there

11/10/2012 at 19:41
Spent a fortune in aldi today. Compression gear is soo warm.

3;57:24 for Oscarr.
11/10/2012 at 21:53

Will have to check out Aldi too I fancy the offers at Sweatshop on New Balance gear too

12/10/2012 at 07:32

Lidl also have a compression week - I got a fab small men's top, and 2 pairs of capris, plus a couple of socks and gloves for pressies!

12/10/2012 at 09:13

mcs - did you know there's a parkrun in Mansfield now? It's only just started but I think that might be a bit nearer to you??? You're right on the water front - as it happens I've just started having hot water with lemon instead of my usual coffee first thing - every little helps!  Good luck with the roller - Ben's virtually addicyed to ours!

Booo - wish I needed more kit just now but I have plenty - why is new kit just so darned exciting...

happy news - my new doc is narried to an ironman - hurrah for an understanding lady! whoop whooop.

Ben's finally gone to the see the physio about his flippin' calf!  How many months ago did he break it!!!!  My money's on a micro tear that he just won't let heal cos he's naughty - we shall see...

Right off to see a man about a massage and maybe some resistance training - if he can talk me into it!

12/10/2012 at 10:28

ooooohhhh I want a compression top but nowhere near an Aldi or Lidl the down side of living in the sticks..........will have to get my daughter to head in there and get me one..........fancied setting up a park run here in Bakewell but the whole of the Saturday morning is taken up by the time you do all the paper work, found out all about it and they were keen to get one in the Peak Park but too much comittment for me with family and stuff.................would like to run one nearby but Mansfield is still about 50 mins from me. Never mind I can get out of bed and run up the hills so not complaining and my little bro is proving to be a strong runner so good to run with, keeps me going. Happy weekend all.

12/10/2012 at 12:47

Sorry I've not been by for the last couple fo days...working in Dublin.

When is coniston?..any time soon and I odn't think my legs will let me, I ran for the first time yesterday and my legs were painful and lacked power.  The race was brutal

Can I have a go at the Oscarr sweepstake? my guess is 3:54:37 based on a very un scientific hunch

I may have to swing by Lidl as I could do with socks galore

12/10/2012 at 13:17
Choisty Coniston is the Saturday after the Reading half, so not til March, you'll be great by then.

I had an awesome massage last night, 80 minutes and the man has magic hands, knows running (and dancing) too.

I'm on a train to Salisbury at last, well actually I've been on it for ages but it started moving! Why oh why are there so often major signalling problems, does my head in.

Can't wait to run round Old Sarum!
12/10/2012 at 15:04

RR, there is a XC round old sarum as part of the hants league every feb...nice

12/10/2012 at 15:06

Looking at the three peaks race next year, so coniston may be a warm-up, but would it affect VLM?

If I live in the north I would not run on the road, it would be fell races only

12/10/2012 at 16:41

Well I'm doing VLM, would do Coniston conservatively, very. 

I did the Trail half out of Salisbury 5 Rivers a couple of years ago and it wasn't very trailiy apart from one treacherous bit, then the awful finish through startled shoppers and strollers along the canal.  I jumped a red light in town and won the FV45s!!! Hey the cars all stopped.

12/10/2012 at 17:12

Happy Friday afternoon all!

Choisty - got your guestimate noted! As for Coniston - Nah - you'll be fine - come out to play ... you know you want to.  Would be great to have you along!

reiki - total sympathies - train journeys really suck sometimes!

Am signed up to 10 weeks of core work - who wants to bet I won't be able to move after each session!  LOL - but it can only do me good - the strength work I did last winter really seemed to make a difference so a weekly beasting plus my yoga should hopefully get me through the winter in a mischief-free way!



12/10/2012 at 21:03
It's been too long without reading and then posting ! Just caught up.

So better get straight in with my Oscarr prediction ...... I am really impressed with your training for Abingdon and you have the Zips!! I used said Zips on my half on Sunday and I was flying at the end and felt so strong. So my prediction 3:52.44. I have got loads of faith in you and your running, you will be awesome.

MCS, how is the foam roller ?

AC8 great report and so good to get the 1st marathon in the bank, I did the same sort of time in my 1st mara in 2009 and I hope to go under 3:30 in NY .

Choisty, great report and absolute quality running. Hope you recover from your exploits soon.

I have had cold, sore throat thing this week so not run yet, gutted! Hope ok to run tomorrow as got a club race Sunday. Then it's just 3 weeks until NY, happy days !!

Bound to have missed something, so sorry!!

Oscarr I have to work when you are racing Abingdon but would love to catch up on the Tuesday after if your about ??

13/10/2012 at 10:50
All - thanks ever so much for all the supportive comments, much appreciated, and you all certainly have faith that i can smash 4 hrs (and in FH case by a long way). I think in my own mind I have developed the same confidence and noticed that I was centring on Boston time of 3:55 not just 3:59 which indicates how good I feel. It's a combination of things but the zips certainly have made a big difference.

I'm in west Wales at my sons house for a few days.
13/10/2012 at 10:52
FH - coffee Tuesday after abo would be good.
13/10/2012 at 11:29

Good Luck Oscarr remember run you own race your more than capable and everything is there for you.

Go Oscarr Go!

13/10/2012 at 23:04

I'm back running again after my break. It was a bit strange to be running again, and at first my knees felt a bit uncomfortable, but then as I ran a bit more the pain went away and I felt fine.
I just did a local parkrun this morning (jogging with my wife and kids). I tried to help my wife to get a new PB but she missed out by a few seconds.
I had a chat afterwards with a few runners and they suggest I would see a good improvement joining my local running club (Reading Roadrunners) so I plan to do that. I was also chatting with a guy about a Spring marathon and he suggested Paris *grin*. I was thinking of Brighton. Any thoughts from here?
I'm planning another run tommorow morning - nothing too long, maybe 5m or so.. 

13/10/2012 at 23:43
Anthony, myself and Oscarr are both members of Reading Road Runners and its a great club and I am sure you will improve, I know I have.

Any questions you have just let one of us know.

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