Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles

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03/11/2012 at 14:11

I've just seen the news about the NYC marathon.  Gutted for you FH and everybody who has flown over to take part .  It wouldn't have been surprising if they had made the decision a few days ago instead of leaving it so late.  

I hope you can at least enjoy your break in the city.

03/11/2012 at 18:37

Can't believe the NYM did that - get everyone there so that the airlines and hotels still get their cash - I'm hacked off in a cynical kind of way - bad, bad organisers!

Are you supposed to be running tomorrow Ten?  Are you sure?  Please don't hurt yourself more!

Nice %s everyone.

How was your day with Sam reiki? 

Brain ache for me after my day at college.  Back again tomorrow for more - just fuelling up so the old grey matter can keep up.


03/11/2012 at 18:46
Ten good luck tomorrow - the weather will not be an issue you'll be loving it so much.

Oscarr we got a couple of honourable mentions! Awesome day, absolutely brilliant, we did a MP based progression run and a lactate threshold track session interspersed with the usual practical and inspiring advice and theory.

It does look like my longest run needs to be the weekend of Coniston though, and that I should race the Reading half the week before.

Bring it on, what a positive day!
03/11/2012 at 19:24
Reiki, great you had such a good day.

Sleepy - I'm in the same cynical camp re NY - they even waited till most folk had gone through the expo as well so the traders got their profits plus the airlines, hotels and restaurants with ,say, 20,000 visitors to the city - very crass indeed. Reckon that's one race well and truly off my to do list.
03/11/2012 at 20:33

Talking of the Reading half - I've entered that, my company are supporting their staff with the entry fee repaid and training support.

04/11/2012 at 07:33

SB - shhh - no doubts please 

Reikki - thanks.  

It's grey, miserable, cold and very wet.  At the moment all I'm missing is a high wind (don't worry - gale-force gusts have been forecast) and the prospect of snow to make it a typical race day for me   Still, looking on the bright side, it beats perfect running weather and being unable to take part through injury (i.e. like my last two races).  

TBH it's not the running itself that bothers me on days like today - it's the hanging around before and afterwards in the cold and wet.  I will have to concentrate on the warm christmas pudding with cream that will be my reward when I get back home 

Right.... time to get ready.  Ciao for now.

04/11/2012 at 08:13

AC - re Reading and your firm, that's cool!

Weather foul here at the minute and gearing up for 1st XC race of the Oxford Mail series 2012/13. 1st of 5 and we have a contingent of +/- 70 from the Club (mainly juniors) and I will be surprised if we make a full Senior Men's team. Hey ho, I was 3rd in the V60's last year so Ihave my standards to maintain....or improve upon, and I treat this series as my first steps towards Boston in the spring. Report back later...

Good luck to other racers (Tenjiso) today.....

04/11/2012 at 08:27

Chucking it down relentlessly here n an East London so dark I'm glad I have a day of planning and pilates ahead, and I Was going to say something about the Christmas pud, but actually I'll be digging out some pressies today to prep for my trip to York next weekend.    

04/11/2012 at 12:11
Sleepy - just been combing the net for some articles on ultras - found a good site at with loads of good stuff which makes a lot of sense - the message seems clear that there is no panacea schedule and that it's very much what suits the individual, their experience, current fitness level, target race and expectations (which for first one is to finnish and forget time completely) - building endurance gradually over the weeks is an obvious point with lots of slow long runs with walk breaks, practice fuelling etc - think I will spend a few weeks to read and digest the advice then plot my own schedule then it would be good to compare notes

Forgot, we can chat about this next Sunday - are you and Ben still coming to Datchet xc ?
04/11/2012 at 16:51

Hey all - just back from today's massage course!  Now enjoying some quality sofa time - want to get rid of the sniffle and tickly throat!

How did you get on Ten? Mike?

oscarr - sounds fab - will have a look.  Yip - I think we're heading down Saturday and should be there bright and breezy on Sunday.  Will aim to get there at least an hour beforehand.  Meet you at the Marlow flag or failling that at the start??  NY is also officially on my "don't bother" list!

reiki - glad you had a great day and have a plan for the way forward. 

04/11/2012 at 17:49

1st XC of the series today reminded me that I'm not fit enough for a mud-lark! It was 12 noon as we set off and we should have been in a local Cotswold pub, with a pint and a roaring log fire nearby, not chasing each other around 3 laps of a very hilly, very gloopy Oxfordshire hillside....

Don't know any results yet other than I think I was 5th/9 home in our team and therefore count towards the team score of first 6, which makes it worthwhile! Actually, I was just 8 seconds slower than last year on the same course, despite being able to run in my road race shoes last time as it was so I am pleased with that. 

Need to do a lot of hill work, but that is why I'm doing XC, so all good stuff!

04/11/2012 at 18:44
Mike - sounds like fun! My xc season starts next week at Eton (Datchet runners) and is the first of 7 races across the winter in the TVXC league, all on Sundays at 11:00 am.
04/11/2012 at 19:16
Sleepy - is Ben running on Sunday? I may warn our guys on weds night that they are running for second place, tee hee!
04/11/2012 at 19:54

I made it to the start line of the Stevenage Half Marathon today! Even better..... I made it to the finish line too! 

Due to inconsistent training and my gammy knee I was a bit reticent about having a target, but hankered after a PB – preferably a sub-2 hour to boot. I felt that this was within reach, given that I would have been pushing for a 1:50 a few months ago... c'est la vie. As usual I picked another grotty day for running. The drive to the venue was treacherous in the torrential rain, and it showed no signs of easing up. It was cold and the rain was still heavy at the start of the race. Thankfully I felt comfortable pretty quickly once we got going.

I started farther up the field than I should have, mainly because other runners were slow to make their way to the start line in the crappy weather. There were still slower runners in front of me, but I was able to get into my stride nice and early. After a few miles I realised that I had accidentally triggered my Garmin well before the race and my cumulative time was showing around thirty minutes more than I had actually been running! I didn't let this faze me, as I only had to continue to keep an eye on each mile split to have a good idea how I was doing. If I kept all miles within 9:09 pace, I would go sub 2 hours.

The first couple of miles were a gradual incline and my splits were 8:40 and 8:41. I felt fine and decided to continue around this pace since it felt natural. The course flattened out as it went by the lake during the most pleasant miles, my pace was 8:37, 8:30, 8:44 and 8:40. All timings are direct from the garmin, but they weren't far from actual so I stuck with them since I was up on planned pace anyway. At this time the rain stopped and I began to heat up a bit, but not enough to feel really uncomfortable (I simply unzipped my ultralight jacket a little). I was wearing running tights, and believe these helped to ensure I didn't suffer any cramping of the quads like I had in my other cold races when I wore shorts. My knee grumbled a fair bit after five or six miles, but was forgotten again a few miles later.

I slowed in the middle section shortly after the start of the second lap. Initially this was due to an incline, but I think I fell into the trap of sticking near runners who were slowing down around me. Nonetheless, I kept my worst miles within two-hour pace. The splits were 9:08, 9:06, and 9:06. Back round by the lake I allowed myself to gradually speed up on the declines and flat, comfortably clocking 8:35 and 8:30 through miles ten and eleven. Then going back up the incline to twelve miles I reminded myself how I was able to keep pushing up the inclines at the back end of my training runs. I was happy with 8:55 and able to speed up again for the last mile-and-a-bit.

How much did a sub-2 mean to me? Well here's a list of my half-marathon times since 2009:  2:02:47;  2:04:04;  2:03:55;  2:02:05;  2:02:10;  2:01:34.  

It meant a lot!  

The finish line clock showed a smidgen over 1:55:00 (five seconds I think). I stopped my garmin on about a gazillionth of a second under 1:55. Too close to call whether it's 1:54:59, so I'll have to wait for the results to see the chip time. It doesn't really matter though. What does matter is a PB by six-and-a-half minutes!!! That's roughly 0.75 miles ahead of my previous best. Get in there!!!   

Chuffed to bits. I've broken the hoo-doo at last!  

Fingers and toes crossed that my knee doesn't suffer after-effects and I can continue to build from here. My next booking is the Silverstone Half-Marathon, and I would love to go sub 1:50 as a stepping stone to that marathon target. You know, th

04/11/2012 at 19:59

I was saying... the target that a few of us are chasing (but it got chopped off the end of my message)

P.S.  The christmas pudding and double cream was devine.  I deserved it 

04/11/2012 at 20:10

Awesome Ten!  What a performance.  I am delighted for you that you have cracked the magic 2!  And it sounds like a good race to do.  

04/11/2012 at 20:17

Thanks reikki 

STOP PRESS:  Official chip time.....(drum roll)...... 1:54:58.  

So, my age grade has improved from 55.49% to 58.67%.

It's all good.


04/11/2012 at 21:30

Well Ten - a huge step up for you mentally! In decent conditions you can go even faster.......and if you knee problems can be managed you'll fly.

04/11/2012 at 22:17

Congratulations Ten! I now have a new target to go for in my next HM  
I'm pondering doing the Gosport HM in a couple of weeks.. *hmm* I've not done any long runs since my marathon 4 weeks ago, I guess I should consider that before taking the plunge  

05/11/2012 at 08:50

Ten and one of these for being slightly naughty but I forgive you.  Wish I was nearer so I could practice my massage on you - tight quads and ITB = unhappy knee - maybe try a bit of self massage - just do long strokes from knee upwards (towards your heart) when your legs feel tight.  I'm a fan of ibuprofen and / or arnica gel - but any oil you are happy to use to prevent you dragging the skin will do.  Just do what feels like it's loosening the muscles - that's all I do when I have DOMS and can't get to see anyone.  Always helps enough to get me moving around so that the blood can flow to the area and work its magic!

Mike - you also deserve some .  Top ten finishes are always worth pudding as far as I'm concerned

oscarr - that's the plan - he had a pretty good run at the relays on Saturday but not sure how hard he's planning to race. His calf is hopefully improving now but I've still not managed to talk him into entering 26.2.  The idea does makes me chuckle though - hey Steve - here's a first timer aiming for sub 2:20 LOLOLOLOLOLOL - now that concept might sell a few mags hee hee (maybe next year though - he's not dismissed the idea totally unless he's just doing that humour-her-indoors thing that husbands are renowned for )

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