Calling all FLM race entrants

RW is looking for super-keen forumites to train for next year's race

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13/12/2007 at 20:45

Nominating:   Mark Jacobs

Reason why we should train you: on the WAISTer forum last year we lived though his training, he was planning every training session, organised and commited.  Then horror upon horror he got injured but still managed to pull it off.  We would like him to run FLM and to actually enjoy it.

(he also suffers from toothache at the moment and needs cheering up.........and a kick up the butt to get him going!)

13/12/2007 at 20:46
Why do you need help? We're merely discussing a difference of opinion here.....!
M...eldy    pirate
13/12/2007 at 20:51
my two penneth

I was surprised how many people with '1' post suddenly appeared and I (me personally) questioned the motive behind it,  someone looking for a bit of quick training or someone looking for a reason to join (what may be preceived) as a closed community?
There will be both sorts of people, the 'freeloaders' (for want of a better word) and those that have been lingering on the sidelines looking for an excuse.
50% will stay I suspect.  Those that are not picked out of the Freeloaders will leave never to be seen again (til next year) and we will gain some more forumites for the site.

What it has done tho is to encourage all the regulars to pitch their appeals as well so everyone has an equal chance,  if you are not in it - you cant whinge!

I still question the motive of a small percentage of 'passing trade' but its Dan and colleagues decision and I trust them to make the right one !

<<kissy kissy hug hug>>
13/12/2007 at 20:55

But you'll still vote for me though Meldsypoo?

Nadolig Llawen - happy? 

M...eldy    pirate
13/12/2007 at 20:59
I did you daft old tart!

Its just as well I dont have a place or you would all have to vote for me  
13/12/2007 at 21:00

What don't you get from my perspective?

It seems you don't get what I'm trying to say so to make it simpler, why did 2 newbie posters get pissed off at the seemingly cliquey nature of some of the posts on this thread?

13/12/2007 at 21:00

i'd like to second panic medic too for all the same reasons that snaily said on the previous page.

13/12/2007 at 21:01

Excuse me, was that MELDY going 'kissy kissy hug hug'???!!!???

Dawg, I didn't think she did that even with Klaggers!!!!

However, to the business at hand: can I join Snaily in seconding PanicMedic (Mark JAcobs)? We all saw that it was hard going to fit in his training around his job as an emergency medic, but he stuck to it with great determination until injury struck last year. This year he's absolutely set on preparing for FLM with just as much determination as last year, but maybe with more prudence so he avoids injury. He's someone who both as a runner and as a person both deserves and would benefit hugely from the kind of training support that RW could give. I'd really love to see him get the chance!

<sidles out very carefully, being sure to avoid stepping on toes of any newbies/first timers/forumites/established runners/veterans/under-3-hours folk/over-6-hours folk cos they ALL deserve the training really>

13/12/2007 at 21:05
I vote Mark Jacobs (panic medic) too
Ye Olde Dragon    pirate
13/12/2007 at 21:13

Mark Jacobs (panic medic) for president - if not, a place on the RW trainee team 'cos he's greeeaaaat!

He also does a good job at helping save lives and training in between those 'not training friendly' shifts that he has to work.

13/12/2007 at 21:18

Name: sean stanger

Reason why we should train you: hiya,  i'd love to be trained up correctly to improve my form and running techniques. This would be such a fantastic and valuable course for me. Just over a year ago i was a right fat lazy lump, and one day, feeling very sorry for myself i phoned in sick to work, i was messing around on my laptop and decided to join a gym. I was very very weary and to be honest, very scaried about going!!! Anyway i got shown around the local fitness first gym and signed up.

 Long story short, within a few months i lost all the fat and got myself a trainer and he started training me up. I liked running on the treadmill and found that i was quite good at. ( i used to avoid all types of sport at school!!) My trainer said to enter a race to give me a goal to achieve towards, so thats how i got my running bug. and i just love the feeling of being out running with everybody else, and knowing that i'm doing it for really good causes.

Now  i've completed loads of local 10k's and getting a PB of 39:45. This year my goal was the do the Great North Run running in aid of the NSPCC and i used the guides off this site which helped me loads, but i was a bit lazy and slacked off a bit. I did it in 1:35, 34 secs. I was so proud of myself, I'm very self critical of myself and i was stunned.

I've just entered in for the next 3  Great North Run's, so hopefully i'll beable to beat my pb again.

When i found that i'd got a place in the Flora London Marathon with the NSPCC i was truely gobsmacked, now i'm a bit scaried hoping that i'll be fit and good enough for the day, and also the money i need to raise is on my mind, i want to do everyone proud who has supported me!!

so this is why I really want your help, to give me a prod in the right direction, i'm keen and very motivated.


Marathon goal:3:30

Marathon PB: n/a

13/12/2007 at 21:53

Well, it seems that it was one of my early posts that stirred up a hornets nest!

There were 2 points made in that post.

1) I rarely visit the home page and wouldn't be encouraged to do so in order to see the progress of someone I'd never heard of. I would look if it was someone I knew a little. So, depending on RW's agenda, that might have an impact on who is selected.

2) There are some regular posters who give a lot of support to fellow forumites. I would like to think that the forum could offer them something in return.

It was not meant to be cliquey, nasty, unfriendly, unfair or, in some way, elitist. However, as it seems to have been interpreted that way so be it

13/12/2007 at 22:31
Name: Sarah Halliday

Reason why we should train you: Just over a year ago I did my first marathon in NY and after following the Runners’ World sub 3.45 plan I amazed myself by running it in 3.41. Since then racing has taken a bit of a back seat as I had our 3rd child in August.  I carried on running throughout pregnancy (I even ran at 41 weeks pregnant!) and started back run/walking 4 weeks after my son was born. I’m using my good for age place this year in London and would love to get under 3.45 so I can qualify for FLM again. I could do with any help I can get to keep me on track while I juggle my training with looking after my new baby and 2 other children.

Marathon pb: 3.41

Marathon goal: 3.44.59

13/12/2007 at 22:42

ooh, I haven't read back apart from this page

 but here's my pitch

Name: nsc aka northernslowcoach aka MEl

why we should train you: joined in on the forums spring 2006 after my disgust at only managing 5 mins on treadmill and bursting out of my size 16 clothes.  Was made very welcome on a long term thread (for me and my extraordinally big belly) and due to hard work and a lot of support did my first half mara last year. 

Had the honour of meeting lots of thread contributers and with their support signed up for dublin marathon this autumn.  Followed your 4:30 plan to the letter and was chuffed to bits to run with another forumite (never met before dublin, thank you Oatcake) till around 20mile mark and finished in 4hrs 36. 

Was amazed to get home from dublin to find my cheque had cashed on the second attempt and will be starting the 4:30 programme on christmas eve. 

Would love the support for training as I am moving hospitals (am a therapy radiographer) and my commute time is to increase and will have to give up my cosy gym membership) and as I have a constant battle with my weight would appreciate help with nutrition and eating to fuel.

 I raised money for my friend's little girl who needs help to be able to walk and will be running london for her too

marathon pb: 4hrs 36

marathon goal: sub 4hrs 30

13/12/2007 at 23:40

I know its too late and this is probaby going to fall on deaf ears, but can I nominate Mick and Phil?

What a cover story that would be!

And real runners for a change! 

Do2    pirate
13/12/2007 at 23:50

Been away for a couple of days, so just found this call to arms, so...

Name: Dad Of Two

Reason why we should train you: Perhaps it was fate that you mentioned 2:55 in the opening text? Having returned to running in 2006, and becoming a regular on the sub-3 thread, I've managed to do three 2:59s in 13months, using 3 different styles of training, and three different approaches to running the actual race, but improving by just 15 seconds across the three events. Call it a mid-life crisis if you like, but I simply have to beat my PB which was done in my first ever marathon back in 1996, FLM 08 could be my last realistic chance of achieving this before I turn 40!

My 4yr old boy took my latest marathon medal in to school this week for "show and tell". When I saw his teacher today, she asked if I had won the race, as my boy seemed to think I had - apparently he was dead proud - setting a good example to my kids is one of the reasons I returned to running - with your help I can give him (and maybe even his class mates) even more to aspire to.

Marathon goal: Sub 2:55

Marathon PB: 2:55:31 (Montreal 1996)

13/12/2007 at 23:53

And I second NSC - she is very supportive of lots of forumites and runs loopy distances in all weathers!

She is a committed runner and won't let anybody down!

14/12/2007 at 00:10

 Hi all !

This is a scary (!) second ever post  as one of the newbies who responded to the original message. I've only been running seriously for about two years and I find the running community incredibly friendly. I understand absolutely how regulars want to support the forumites they know, and thats obvious from the number of people seconded. There are definitely a lot of interesting characters on here. For example just from looking I'd like to follow the progress of Little Stoker who seems incredibly dedicated to his running and lots else.

I do actually read the forums quite often, and my 11 year old son has often said why don't I post something. I guess probably because a lot of the threads seem to be from people who already know eachother - I'm not saying thats unfriendly or cliquey, its just that it has made me a bit uncertain of how to get involved. Also there are so many threads - which ones do you hop onto ?

I read the original message as 'do you want to get involved ?' Which is why I posted - its a start point. Yes of course a coach would be great, and has probably given the likes of me a bit more incentive, but it wasn't the only reason.

Thanks to those who have put in a good word for us new names anyway. Will I post again ? Yes I hope so if anyone is interested.....

Bets of luck in the race to all on here whether you get to be one of the four or not.

14/12/2007 at 00:16
there seems to have been quite a lot said on this thread about old vs new!

I posted a comment on the tri thread a little while ago that seems to have been interpreted by some as saying that certain people are exclusive rather than incusive. For what it is worth, I was never actaully saying that . I was simply making the point that some forum postings ( partculatlry references to disabled people as "spastics" or whatever the expression used was) did not make this forum a friendly sounding place....

anyway, I look again today and i see the arguing here and in particular this guy called Barlos (Tri God) calling the posters on here (in another thread) "sad" and I am, now convinced that this is not the place for me! I am not overly sensitive and I am not "sad" but I don't want't to be associtated with those that share his views. Stop telling me (please) that he and his fellow poters are nice guys if you meet them. I have not met them and, on-line, they come across as the last kind of people I would want to spend time with.
14/12/2007 at 00:28

Here's my last word on this - hope it helps Meldy and pal to understand things from the point of view of a new member of this forum (I can't speak on behalf of others of course).  The running I've been doing up to now has been on my own. 

When I told someone I work with that I had a place in the FLM he recommended Runners World to me (his wife had successfully followed one of the RW training plans when completing her first marathon some years ago).  He forwarded me a link to the RW site and when I accessed it I saw the little box on the left hand side of the home page headed up 'FLM Index - RW are here to help' (go on have a look - it's still there!) Oh, great I thought - help - just what I need.  I registered and made a post.   Not a 'freeloader' in any sense of the word or someone looking for or needing an excuse to join in.  Just someone trying to find a bit of support and to link in with a community of runners with experience at all levels (and even a little bit of light-hearted banter, perhaps?)  The offer of training from RW would be a fantastic opportunity but at the end of the day all I want is to be able to complete the course on 13 April - I'll accept any help I can get - whether that's following one of the printed training schedules and reading tips in the magazine or on the forum.

Anyway, I'm off to bed now - wonder if anyone's going to be counting forum posters in and out over the next few months and saying 'told you so!!'

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