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14/02/2013 at 14:25

Afternoon Sarah Asics!

Ha ha! Yes - whoops! … I tend to have a bit of a tendency to waffle … and take too many photos… Sorry!! Glad you made it through to the end without falling asleep!!

14/02/2013 at 14:25

Afternoon Derrick!

Ouch! Hope you’re leg is feeling better after your fall! Can’t believe you get yourself all better and then fall over! Thought that was the end of the snow but then had some more last night … it doesn’t seem to have stuck around though.

14/02/2013 at 14:26

Afternoon Sarah O!

I *would* be tempted to try for a slightly faster time, but this race I’m going to stick slightly under as per orders from above! I’ve got Silverstone half in a few weeks if all goes well on Saturday! (Can’t believe the time is going SO fast!!)

I bet York marathon will be lovely! Is it in the city itself?

Yes … definitely need a headtorch for Thunder Run! It’s trail so for the night runs you’ll need your own light! I’ve just got a new one and it’s been fantastic! You want a link to it?

14/02/2013 at 14:26

Evening Andy!

That’s what someone at work said! She said, “I hope you shouted at him!” and I told her of course I didn’t as he was unconscious and she said that she’d have pinned a note to his clothes!!! I’m a little concerned about what’ll happen if I do anything to offend her!!

I’m a little bit concerned about how eventful these runs are …! But hopefully I’m getting all of the interesting bits out of the way in training so Paris Marathon will go smoothly!!

14/02/2013 at 14:27

Afternoon Brolish!

The night run was my favourite part in my lapped run last year! It felt like there were a lot less people running the night parts … just a long line of headtorches bobbing along through the trees!

14/02/2013 at 15:01

RRR- i think you should write a running guide (with pictures of course). Your posts have been great to read.

Hopefully no more eventful runs!

Have a great run on Saturday and eat more carbs than you usually do tomorrow!

14/02/2013 at 15:30

I second Ruth's idea!  I have this book: but perhaps you could create a similar version for your area... surely running tourist's near where you live would enjoy a guide to run by pictures

14/02/2013 at 18:14

Evening Ruth!

Ha ha! Thanks for the compliment! That would be my ideal job – paid to run and write about it! I wish!

Yes definitely – fingers crossed for nice, boring uneventful runs … although I’ve still got 7 weeks left. I’m sure there are a few more adventures to have yet!!

Carbs and juices and pick’n’mix are all bought and stashed in the cupboard, handbag to eat accordingly!

14/02/2013 at 18:17

Evening Angela!

Ooh that book looks fab! Have you done many of the runs?

I’ve got a couple of Warwickshire walks books for this area but the directions aren’t very easy to follow. My only concern is that I end up having so many things happenm to me on the runs, I’d end up putting people off … or they’d be disappointed when they had a nice uneventful run!!

14/02/2013 at 18:20

Week 9, Day 3


Goal: 11 miles at 8:30 – 9 min/mile

Actual: 11.3 miles at 8:40 min/mile

This run was thankfully uneventful apart from a brief stop off at Asda about Mile 7.   In hindsight, going to an ‘All You Can Eat’ chilli night an hour before the run probably wasn’t one of my brightest ideas. Although I was running a lot better AFTER I stopped at Asda.

My legs were feeling quite tired for this run. I’d like to be able to blame this on the VO2 Max cycle test I had 4 hours earlier but that was only about 12 minutes long. So probably not an excuse I could really get away with.

3 things I saw on my run: a fox running across the road in front of me and into the hedge, a drunk man trying to climb over the railings into the road, snow on the banks sparkling in the light of my headtorch.

Garmin Info Here


14/02/2013 at 18:45
I did some of the runs when I used to live in London, but I have always found that if I make running inconvenient by having to travel before I start running (other than races) I'm less inclined to do it. I know what u mean about directions though- I have a traffic free cycling one for Essex and struggled to follow a route that just went along a river and back- they should upload the route into the GPS for u like a satnav
Happy valentines day -I'm taking an extra day off in celebration...
14/02/2013 at 20:48

well done on the run in the circumstances, and yes, most runners (probably 99.99%)  would not gorge on chilli, a hour before a longish run and I don't recall that in Ruth's previous dietary advice!

14/02/2013 at 22:15
Your thread moves so quick...its going to take me ages to catch up when im back from my travels!

Good luck this weekend, cant wait to hear how you get on.

Thankyou brolish and sarah...had better add a head torch on to my list of things to buy (this list gets longer and longer all the time). A link would be great, thankyou sarah

Hi Andrew...thankyou for the proper date for the Yorkshire marathon....would be gutted if I missed it! Do you live local?

The Marathon starts in the centre and goes out to the villages and back. I might try and run a few sections as part of training

I once tried running 3 hours after spag bol and was sick....really dont know how you do it Sarah!
Edited: 14/02/2013 at 22:16
15/02/2013 at 00:10

Week 9, Day 3


Goal: 8 x 800m starting every 5 minutes at 6:42 min/mile (14.5kmph)

Actual: 8 x 800m starting every 5 minutes at 6:42 min/mile (14.5kmph)


I cheated on this session. I’m very sorry … but I feel I need to confess.

After a day nursing a poorly 3 year old who has been alternating tantrums and sulks and attempting to cook a meal this evening (after setting the smoke alarms off and doing the ineffectual flailing with a tea towel and then surreptitiously trying to scrape the burnt bits into the bin), I decided that getting to the track tonight was not going to happen.

So toddler finally in bed, I sat down, ate my food (eating around the black crunchy parts), watched a film … and then went out into the garage and got onto the trusty treadmill. And did the intervals on that.

15/02/2013 at 00:39

well done on session - you did it which is what counts. Most would have done reps and then eaten than other way around though!

15/02/2013 at 09:03

Hi Sarah Osborne

I live in West Yorkshire (north west of Leeds) so York is less than an hour's drive away.  I guess you live in the York area if you're planning a few training routes around parts of the course?

I'm hoping the route is as flat as the organisers publicity suggests it is! 

15/02/2013 at 09:05


Another eventful evening I see

I got my Silverstone race pack and number yesterday.  You got yours yet?  Race pack arriving always builds up the anticipation.  I'm starting to worry about race day travel arrangements now though

15/02/2013 at 13:59

RRR - sorry I haven't popped in for a while. You lot post so much I've had to stick with Ady for now and just pop my head in here from time to time.

Are you carbo loading today like Ady? I bullishly said I'd do it with him (and Steve) thinking it would be bliss but I'm just stuffed!

Anyway, best of luck for tomorrow (I did get that right, you're all running Dorney - correct?).

sarah osborne wrote (see)
Thankyou brolish and sarah...had better add a head torch on to my list of things to buy (this list gets longer and longer all the time). A link would be great, thankyou sarah

I can second what Brolish and RRR have said - torch is essential. If you don't have one you'll have to tailgate someone the whole way round 

And get a good one if you can. The cheap ones are useless. I have an LED Lenser H7 and it was way better than most of the ones I saw people with last year.

It has variable spot size and intensity and runs off 3xAAA so easy to replace when the charge goes. The lamp can be tilted too which is very handy for running as you can point it at the ground just ahead of you.

I've seen other torches recommended on here as well but I can only go on the one I have and it's really good. When comparing brightness look for the lumens rating. I think this one is 180. The Petzl Tikka XP2 for example is only 60.

Edited: 15/02/2013 at 14:00
15/02/2013 at 14:29

Hi RRR, Are you running Dorney tomorrow? I know your doing Silverstone soon too.

What are you planning for tomorrows run? Good luck!

15/02/2013 at 14:54

I have that headtorch too Malcs its an excellent bit of it for doing jobs in dark corners too as well as running at night and early mornings too.............

Did a 17 miler last Sunday and have had a steady week, 14miles so far,not enough, did a 10k in 47 mins yesterday into headwind and back.........muddy trail run so pleased with that. Only 21 days till I do a race so need to keep at it. Not really done enough long runs so must get another one in this weekend...........finding a job has taken priority.........

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