Crashed and burned again - why did it all go wrong again?

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20/04/2011 at 20:32
I think the heat got the better of so many people. My brother is a seasoned Marathon runner and runs a race of some description every other weekend. He was aiming for sub 4 and ended up with 4.45! He even told me he found sunday harder than the London Ultra (31 Miles) due to the heat/humidity- his top looked like it was covered in salt afterwards mmmmm!

I have only ever done a HM and can only dream of achieving what you guys have done- so top beating yourselves up over it (easier said than done I know).
20/04/2011 at 20:50


Reading all the low points ( post-marathon blues?) Have to share mine.

Nearly missed the start due to long wait for train at Lewisham to Blackheath. Had 2 minutes to spare to  walking to start line so no mental prep, shoes were not tied up how I like them, felt drained at the start stressing about getting to start on time ... flipping disaster.

Aimed to do half marathon as I usually do but at 8 miles my tendonitis decided to say hello, probably due to trainer not tied properly.

So got round on a wing and a prayer. 5.20.19. Cried like a baby over the finishing line and vowed NEVER NEVER NEVERNEVER to do another one....that lasted a day and I now I want to do the New York Marathon next year to put right what went wrong. Can you understand that fellow runners? Because my non-running family and friends can't.

It was the most surreal experience; amazing and awful at the same time.

It was great to 'bump' into andyp and  mattysmum....what were the chances of that? 

The crowd was amazing, totally amazing. Thank you to those who could see my pain at times and called out with encouraging words.

Can't believe it's all over.......................

20/04/2011 at 21:49
If ifs any consolation I have seen nothing but tales of people who have ended up with times slower than they had hoped for. I was aiming in training for sub 4. Then I caught a bug, got injured and all this in the last 4 weeks. But I had done a 20,18and 17 pre illness so was feeling like I could go the distance. I revised my time to 4:20.

On the day I was good through the half turning in 2:05. But from about 15 on I suffered and from about 18 got cramp in my left ham so had to run/walk 8 miles! I crossed the line in 4:50 and was disappointed. But here's the thing:

I have chatted with so many people since the day and told them I ran the marathon. To the average person the effort is running 26.2 miles. It is we runners who put the boundaries of time on ourselves. I have learned that it was tough ( I made it, hundreds didn't), it was hot, it was brutal, it was humid, it was the single hardest physical challenge I have done, but I did it. WE did it. Take the experience as feedback and next time try something a little different, but hold your head up and be proud of your achievement!
20/04/2011 at 22:19

I've read that they reckon that it takes at least 5 or 6 marathons to get a feel for how to run one, pace yourself, get prepared properly etc etc.   

I ran FLM in 2007 and the heat killed me, but also the travelling down, collecting number, trekking across London, catching trains, little sleep the night before .... so stressful and so tiring (before even running the race!).   Since then, I've pb'd at Windermere and beaten my London time at Snowdonia on two occasions!  

So, I wouldn't be too hard on yourself, put this one down to experience, definitely consider running a smaller marathon with fewer logistical problems (I've heard the Wales Marathon is brill!) and have another go!

Remember, it's not just the London marathon that's 26.2 miles

PS   Can definitely recommend Snowdonia - little chance of overheating there!!

Edited: 20/04/2011 at 22:20
20/04/2011 at 22:22
Sue - last year was my first VLM and I didn't stop crying from start to finish! When I crossed the line last year my first thought was how gutted I was about my time so had to reapply for this year. It is an amazing experience and the only thing to do now is apply for another marathon. Your right - my husband does not understand at all I'm very grateful for the running club. Only runners understand!!
I'm going to crack it one day!

Phatboyrunning - Yes we did indeed do it))))

Resolution for next time - stop fretting so much about the time!

20/04/2011 at 23:20

You are all absolutely right! My family, friends, patients, neighbours etc are in awe of me- a marathon is a days entertainment on the telly, watching completely mad people running a completely mad distance!

We have done it, another thing to tick off the list.

I've entered Brighton 2012 this evening, New York is for never know.

Onwards and upwards.


21/04/2011 at 06:06
elgm wrote (see)
Does anyone know how hot it actually got in London during the race ?

It was 24 degrees in the shade according to my hubby who was parked near Regents Park, which means it was considerably hotter in the full glare of the sun.

A lot of people struggled in the heat, which is why so many were collapsing by the side of the road during the race.

21/04/2011 at 20:33
wow I knew it was hotter than 20!
21/04/2011 at 21:50

 Sorry I know Marathon's over now but did anyone else have problems with the trains getting to their starting venue. There was an article in my local paper about that and I thought I and the 'Super Mario 'plus 2 others were the only ones?

22/04/2011 at 18:27
No, I had problems too. Our train was supposed to stop at Greenwich and Maze Hill - after a very, very slow journey we were all kicked off at Blackheath !
22/04/2011 at 23:04
We had to wait 20 minutes for a train from Lewisham to Blackheath, giving us 5 minutes to dump bag and get to 'pen'. Lesson there I guess ...leave a lot earlier.
23/04/2011 at 19:26
complete opposite issue - the hotel I stayed in put on a coach and dropped us off at about 7:15!!
24/04/2011 at 21:58
Will make a mental note of that one! Ran today for first time, felt okay but achilles ached a bit....Thank God the Marathon wasn't this warm

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