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20 mile run 2 weeks before?

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10/03/2004 at 15:34
I was looking at the schedules in the current issue of RW last night (just out of interest, I'm not following them), and I noticed that they timetable a 20 mile run on April 4th, i.e. a fortnight before FLM. Why? Every single schedule, book, website, etc I've ever seen will say that the last long run should be no closer than three weeks before the marathon (and a significant number say it should be even earlier than that). A good taper is as important a part of training as doing the long runs - you need to be fresh and well rested on the day.

Is there anyone from RW who cares to explain their reasoning here? Or anyone else who thinks a 20 miler that close is a good idea?
10/03/2004 at 16:20
With you on this one venom.
10/03/2004 at 16:21
me too... I'm planning on doing a max of 16M that day... 20 is far too long...
10/03/2004 at 16:23
15M for me (after some advice from venom!)
10/03/2004 at 16:31
I'm doing a 20-miler two weeks before.

But then my training has been completely ####ed by niggling injuries.

I'm sure I'll be fine. I've done two twenties already, from my experience they've been no big deal. ;-)
10/03/2004 at 16:39
venom - if you're quick you could ask the penguin and coach jenny what they think.....
10/03/2004 at 16:40
yeah all the blurb I read has said that benefit from training takes three weeks to appear
10/03/2004 at 16:42
Bryan - you might well feel fine after doing a 20 two weeks before, but the question is, is there any benefit to doing it? It seems to be accepted that it takes several weeks for the positive effects of a long run to take effect. You might not be hurting yourself by doing a 20 then, but if you're not going to benefit from it, why bother?

I'd still like to hear from RW as to why they wrote their schedules this way...
10/03/2004 at 16:43
then why don't you ask John and Jenny?!
10/03/2004 at 16:45
no big deal!!!!

i can only just walk properly again after sunday! attempted 3 miles on treadmill yesterday was laughable.
10/03/2004 at 16:48
Looks like you got there first, Spans...
10/03/2004 at 16:48
3 weeks is ideal...I'm planning a 22-24 miler on the 20th March, then a final 18-20 on the 27th, then 15 then 10...

20 miles 2 weeks before...wouldn't even contemplate it...
10/03/2004 at 16:51
I didn't think you were going to... and then I got it wrong... sorry... was thinking of sundays not weeks when I typed it!!... not sure about the answer though... I got a bit confused
10/03/2004 at 16:53
I wasn't going to - thought that a) John isn't responsible for schedules apart from the Penguin plan, and b) plenty of other people had more pressing questions.

Thousands of people must follow these schedules, but it's a bit concerning that they seems to be thrown together without any real thought.
10/03/2004 at 16:54
they were looking a bit quiet in there so thought I would ask!!

Can't agree more with you really...
10/03/2004 at 16:55
Venom: It's a race (20 miles) I particularly want to do, otherwise I'd agree with you.
10/03/2004 at 16:57
Fair enough Bryan. Is that Finchley you're doing? If so, have fun, I enjoyed it last year. Hills are tough though (especially the fourth time round!)
10/03/2004 at 16:59
but john's just advised legless directly against doing a 20 miler 2 weeks before bungay marathon

i think you're allowed if its a race bryan ;-)
10/03/2004 at 17:02
Bryan - the advantage I suppose, if you do want to do Finchley, is that it is a 4 lap course so if it is feeling too much you can drop out after 15m... or plan it that way and if you are feeling okay keep going to the end...
10/03/2004 at 17:04
Yeah, it's Finchley, although I didn't know it was hilly!

I've just recovered from Achilles problems - b0ll0x!

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