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No high for me

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20/04/2012 at 11:13

*ponders how "you shouldn't have run it" is supposed to help*

Anyone got a time machine about their person?

20/04/2012 at 11:19

LOL Helen.

Doctor Who is down my neck of the woods quite regularly.  Shall I have a word? 

20/04/2012 at 19:26

Helen- hope the initial post marathon blues are receding. Unfortunately, I think it's that feeillng of "I could/ should have done better" that keeps us slower runners coming back. I have done 8 now, I am getting slower, and I STILL keep thinking that if only I found the magic ingredient ( proper pacing on the day, correct trainig regime, etc) I'd take a leap forward, I KNOW that's never actually going to happen, but hey, call me stupid, my name is down for 2 more this year............I'll never learn.

I've never felt any sort of emotional high on finishing a race- sick, dizzy, cramp, relief that it's over, -yes, but I don't understand where all the emotional thing comes from. You are normal, and if, upon due reflection, you ever feel like repeating the experience, well, at least you know what it feels like, and if you don't , well at least you are capable of learning from experience, which I ( evidently) am not.

Take at least a couple of weeks rest before you try any more than a very gentl recovery run.


23/04/2013 at 12:20

Hi Helen

I did the London Marathon on Sunday (my first marathon) and feel exactly the same way (almost to the point of tears - and I am a bloke !) as I did not achieve the time I wanted. 

I really shouldnt feel so down as it is disrespectfulI to the crowds lining the route who were absolutely fantastic and incredibly generous in every respect however I suspect we are both having the huge come down after the massive high and hope that time will help put things in perspective.  All I can say was that no matter how tough I thought I was mentally nothing could have prepared me for how incredibly difficult it all became after mile 19 - I had to walk - something I had previously thought of as inconceivable !

I know it probably doesnt help much at the moment but you should feel proud of yourself (as everyone is telling me I should be) for completing a marathon full stop.  You are in a very small percentage of the population and its an achievement to be proud of.

I have resolved to give it as many goes as it takes to achieve my target time and that is already giving me some comfort.

Hope it helps to know there is a least 1 other feeling as down as you.

Phew - what a rollercoaster !



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