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08/12/2002 at 17:50
Fluffa, did you say on another thread that you've already got your FLM race number for a GFA place? The reason I ask is last year I don't think I got anything until about March and this year I've not got anything either. Any other GFA runners had their numbers?
08/12/2002 at 18:58
I thought we'd all got our numbers this year. I know it was different last year. Might be wrong as I'm not GFA.
08/12/2002 at 19:39
Golden Bond places get pens too - aren't you the lucky ones ;)

Golden Bond entrants get sent a guaranteed entry form the same as the Good For Age people and the runners with places through their Running Clubs which you fill in with what time you think you're likely to run and they allocate a pen to you based on that time.
08/12/2002 at 19:55
Thanks for the info running muppet.
09/12/2002 at 20:59
Just reread my GFA info and says that we won't get anything now until we get the registration form at the beginning of March. So I can stop worrying now and just get on with the training.
10/12/2002 at 11:06
the number you have is the registration number, you will not get runngin number until march. I have run it 3 times now and i made the mistake of thinking my registration number was my running number... WRONG wait until march.....
10/12/2002 at 11:26
Gaynor - in previous years they gave us reference numbers. This year for the first time it is described on the notification as the running number. Hence we are all assuming ...
10/12/2002 at 11:31
sorry haven't had my confirmation yet as getting a place via my running club, so have had no info. hadn't realised this. thanks for letting me know.
Well we shall have to see.
10/12/2002 at 12:26
When i did in 2001 was in pen 3 and took me 4 minutes to cross start.
I would have found it harder to run any quicker (even if i could have) due tu numbers and also all bottles on floor- I had twisted my ankle 1m before so was v paranoid !
10/12/2002 at 16:05
I got my running number on my acceptance form (# 55461). My place was a GFA and my acceptance form came through with the Marathon magazine a couple of weeks back.

10/12/2002 at 18:15
MM, I haven't had anything through, not even the magazine. Do you think I should phone them or wait a bit longer?
10/12/2002 at 23:29
I'd give them a bell
11/12/2002 at 08:49
Having run at all 3 starts, I can confirm that Blue (not Red) is for the elite and championship entries followed by the ballot entries in finish time order. The Green (GFA) start has the least numbers. At the front they put all race celebes (TV Chefs etc). At the front of the Red over the last couple of years have been the oversea's entrants. This can make for a slow start since they are not time graded.
Iron SwissBobby    pirate
11/12/2002 at 09:30
Brian You mean that I will be at the front for the start? hurray
11/12/2002 at 10:10
I'm a bit of a obsessive paranoiac (a natural consequence of being a marathon runner no doubt), so like Llama Man, I'd give them a bell. I noticed that Drew + Achilles have also had their GFA runner numbers through as well so I don't think you'd be jumping the gun by giving them a call.

11/12/2002 at 17:27
Thanks mm and Llama Man I'll try to ring them tomorrow. I hope they've not missed me out, they've taken my money!
11/12/2002 at 17:31
My cheque was only cashed on the 11/11 as I left it until quite late to decide to run it again. So that could be why I've not heard anything, but I'll still ring them.

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