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17/10/2002 at 13:37
Ran 2002, my first marathon. I had initially thought i could do it in 3.30 but then when I entered I didn't know much about running (thought I could just calculate my time based on a five mile run!) Still was on target for 4hrs making 2hrs 7seconds at halfway. Then the 'war' wound kicked in at 15 miles. My physio had advised me to aim at 4.30 prior to the race and I decided that since I was enjoying the crowds I should take his advise so calculated that I could walk for 3 minutes at every mile marker for the last ten miles so as to reduce strain on the injury (apologies if I am one of the people who stopped dead in thier tracks that the club runners are moaning about). Still I completed in 4.26. Cried tears of joy as I collected my medal (22 years of saying next year I'll run it), and could walk down the stairs forwards the following day!

I've entered next year but only so that I can beat that 4 hour time. Also I have now got a bee in my bonnet to do London to Brighton and need to get a sub 3 hour marathon for this. (and in the future fancy the Paris to London that some of runners are discussing elsewhere on this site - subject to the wifes not filing for divorce at the mere mention!)

I did hear London is for possers\beginners\fund raisers, other marathons (Nottingham etc.) are for serious runners after a decent time. But working at Tower Bridge and running the mid five miles a couple of times a week as part of my training how could I not enter London.
17/10/2002 at 14:52

Just tell your wife you are taking her for a romantic weekend in Paris (driving there of course). Once there, you can nip out for a run while she's shopping (i.e. the marathon - I'm sure she'll manage to spend 4 hours shopping), then casually ask if she'll drive a bit of the way back, as you and some friends want to jog a bit in the French (then English) countryside. By the time you get to London, she'll be so impressed that she will be egging you on round the marathon. ;-)
17/10/2002 at 16:58

I'll be running again next year - just heard this morning that I have a definite Gold Bond place with Anthony Nolan.

I hadn't run since school last time (2001), though I was going to the gym three times a week (and not enjoying it). Gave up the gym, and trained for FLM instead. My longest run in training was 18 miles, and was managing a steady 9 min/mile pace throughout.

A fortnight before, the dodgy disc at the base of my spine went: I managed, through use of my physio's exercise regime, to get it straight in a few days, and ran anyway. This was probably my biggest mistake.

On the day, I blew up totally, my legs were in agony, and I took an hour longer to finish than my training times said I would.

Seeing the physio a few days later to see why my legs were still in so much pain, she explained that it was my disc that was the problem, not my legs - it was "reflected pain" I was experiencing - and that I probably shouldn't have run. And then put my back straight (again).

So my aim this time is (a) to work on my back and ensure that it's strong enough to cope, (b) start training earlier (done that), and (c) assuming I manage (a) and (b), to beat my previous time by an hour!
22/10/2002 at 21:46
I ran my 1 and only marathon in 1992 in 4hrs 27m and still have great memories of the day.
Have a charity place for 2003 and feel i must break the 4hr mark.
Have started training in eager anticipation and have my first 1/2m on sunday.
Roll on April 13th
23/10/2002 at 06:51
If anyone is thinking of training for the FLM, around about December issue, RW run a printed programme to get you round in certain times, and I have to say they are excellent. It takes a lot of the thinking out of what you need to do and gives you a great programme by whuch to follow. The only difficulty is fitting it in!

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