Fancy achieving a world record at the London Marathon ?

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10/03/2011 at 22:14

PS - had to dip off while posting this, so x-post with JB.

+1 from me too.

10/03/2011 at 22:16

BTW  + 2 it's "existence".

But I like the pieces to camera on the Youtube channel. Very nice and not at all self-regarding.

Cheerful Dave    pirate
10/03/2011 at 22:25


Just go and read the rest of the thread pete, and come back when you've understood it.  I won't hold my breath.

10/03/2011 at 22:29

I had noticed that JB, but thought that I'd be accused of picking on him and being unfriendly to newbies and charidee runners, so I tossed a coin.

It landed on tails - hence petulant.  Had it been heads, it would have been existence.


Tommygun2    pirate
10/03/2011 at 22:31

I would just like to say that the discussion has given me many hours of amusement

The bastards wont let me run unless I prostitutte my elf for charidee, I have have tried 4 times now

But I have run 4 other marathons in that time all have been great but I would like to run it as it is a fast course and the nearest marathon to my house.

I remember watching the first London Marthon and two guys finished together after battling it out.

Now its just an event to tick of your" to do list"

oh and by the way I will be there again at Mud Cute supporting people who have put a bit of effort into it 

I have nothing against charity runner has lessened the race in my view

11/03/2011 at 06:47

PeteDaddy - I hope the money you raise for charity is not used as part of Cameron's `Big Society' to throw public sector workers out of work to have them replaced by charity workers.  I am raising money this year but am very mindful that it is for a specific purpose at my workplace, and is an added extra for people, not instead of someone's livelihood.

And having done Paris Marathon, the crowd support was just as voceiferous as VLM and the atmosphere just as good, even without the attention seeking fancy dressers and `I want to break a world record, look at me me me' entrants.

In local fell races, you have to carry certain kit due to H+S issues.  Perhaps all VLM runners ought to be made to wear appropriate clothing for the event - ie singlet and running shorts.

11/03/2011 at 07:20
petedaddy - wrote (see)

Ah hilarious, and I'll just tidy up the fragments of blundering misapprehension before I quit this thread for more meaningful and intelligent discourse. 

1) I'm not a part of the centipede, which should have been blindingly obvious from what I've said thus far. 

2) I'm not running on a gold bond place; I'm a ballot runner. Oh ho, how silly of you to assume otherwise.

The thought that cheers me the most is that the motivated few who have been waxing most highly on this subject are a tiny proportion that are in no way representative of the spirit of the event. It would be a truly grim endeavour were that the case.

Do try to save some of that energy for the actual event though eh?  

 I think you'll find that there is a strong feeling about the 'spirit of the event' which involves encouraging and inspiring people into the sport of running and then providing an arena for them to excel and achieve to the best of their ability in a great atmosphere, thus raising the standard of UK road running in general.

None of this requires the involvement of fancy dress, charities or even crowds if the truth be known. The crowds are great but if 37,000 people cant 'create an atmosphere' then it would be a poor show.

The level of arrogance in your posts. petedaddy, suggests that you feel  you have the right to tell all those thousands of runners who 'made the event what it is' (No, not the fancy dress runners) and supported it throughout the years how things should be.

Your posts have all the hallmarks of one of those despotic North African dictators....and you know how popular they are!

11/03/2011 at 07:30
Maybe petedaddy has a point. Let the race element die let's turn the whole "event" become a giant version of Race for life and let those who wish to compete,go to other marathons.
Let London have it's own version of the rio carnival and be done with it. It would eventually realise that it missed the competitive spirit it has lost.
New York marathon isn't a fancy dress event it's very sensible and everyone is serious about it.
Maybe that's Petedaddys gripe ? People shouldn't take it seriously it should all be fun, wigs and rhino suits
11/03/2011 at 07:49

Goldbeetle - You're right. The real event could be anywhere. If the British championships were attached to the Abingdon marathon and the course could cope with the numbers, for instance, then there would 50,000+ runners happily heading there each April to have a great time.

The attention seeking fancy dressers could have their day in the spotlight to themselves in London......the only problem being that the spotlight would have been turned off.

And it would be interesting to see how many of the 'get someone else to buy me a way in' charity place people would still be so keen  to raise money for charity if places were plentiful and and they could have as many as they wanted.

And the crowds would be interesting once you've stripped out the relatives and supporters of the 50,000 who are in Abingdon and who move around the course on race day supporting their runners.

And dont rely on the drink stations - the hundreds of people provided by local running clubs to man the stations would be off in Abingdon.

So what is it that 'makes the event what it is' exactly.....I think some people may be quite surprised.

I think the real acid test is who would still be there if there was no TV and no crowds? You would still need a ballot thats for sure because you would still have 150,000-200,000 regular runners wanting to take part but what you wouldnt have is the attention seekers and tick list merchants.

Edited: 11/03/2011 at 08:04
11/03/2011 at 08:35

Good idea, I've often thought that. And it seems that it would be a win-win situation for everyone.

I must be one of the few who has never been attracted by "doing London" - I don't understand why it has such appeal and cachet, particularly when you look at the sort of event that it has become.

But I do hate noise and crowds, so that might explain it.

I also don't understand why people who want to run it as a race, still enter, yet complain about the crowds and lack of potential to achieve PBs etc.  I could never see London as a course with PB potential. 

It looks as though there are two breeds of runner - so two breeds of race would be appropriate.

LIVERBIRD    pirate
11/03/2011 at 09:01

I'm the opposite.

I AM attracted to the crowds. I like support. As for the TV - they can piss off. Not interested in some sycophantic overpaid BBC Z lister sticking a microphone under my nose to ask me who I'm running for.

Unless of course they want to hear my rant about running being a hijacked sport in which case I'll gladly give them a few seconds of my marathon to share my unpopular views.

And I'll start with Parkrunfan says....

11/03/2011 at 09:03
You are a Champion LB.......
11/03/2011 at 09:03

Hey, dont go getting me a bad reputation!

Rob, I think  your keyboard is malfunctioning - it keeps posting the same post at random intervals.

Edited: 11/03/2011 at 09:05
11/03/2011 at 09:19
Just keeping the mood light PRF....
11/03/2011 at 09:23

Post 1 - Well debated point

Post 2 - 'You're a champion xxx' (Rob22)

Post 3 - Well debated point

Post 4 - Well debated point

Post 5 - 'You're a champion yyy' (Rob22)

Post 6 - 'Oh, and you're a champion too zzz' (Rob22)

Post 7 - Well debated point etc etc

Okay, I see what you mean....

Edited: 11/03/2011 at 09:23
11/03/2011 at 09:36
11/03/2011 at 09:59

If that guy (pete daddy) spent as much effort on running as posting his long and boring diatribe, he would piss all over the caterpiller !!

LIVERBIRD    pirate
11/03/2011 at 11:32
Happy Friday guys!

Look - I brought cake! Now all shake hands and get stuck in.
seren nos    pirate
11/03/2011 at 11:58

as I said before .............I love the fancy dress and the charity runners of VLM...............I think they make it a great event.................

and yes I believe it inspires a lot of people to run..............which can only be good for the nations health even if they don't become world champions...........

The elite peple can't be that worried by the charity and fancy dress runners at london.............they keep on coming back year after year and I haven't read anywhere any of them saying they won't go to london as its a spoilt big carnival............

London has evolved form the first days...............good job or people like me would never be allowed to run it................

It was only 1984 that women were allowed to run the marathon in the olympics for heavens they were not strong enough to cope with the rigours.........times change

as long as people are exercising and having fun then what on earth is the problem........if you are fast enough you should never even see any of them..............

Until running gets the money of football and some other sports then we will not have the level of champions that we used to have .....full stop............. not VLM's fault...........

I do agree with the caterpillar being wrong though.......impossible for it not to impede people in the race.........

I also object to the guy 3 years ago carrying some balloons and was only wearing a minute took me a very long time to get past him.............I seemed to be running straight behind him for ages..............before i could bring myself to overtake.........

11/03/2011 at 12:02

+1 to Seren nos. Been trying to sum up my feelings and that just about covers it.

editted to add: Nice cake. Was hungary. Now more hungary!

Edited: 11/03/2011 at 12:03
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