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28/02/2007 at 10:16
Hi everyone,

Am planning on doing my first marathon and following the RW sub 4.30 plan.

Please tell me this is normal:

My legs feel like lead.
I fall asleep in my dinner.
Have put on half a stone.

is this normal and will it all be worth it ?
28/02/2007 at 10:22
Hi Sarah,

I felt the same way last year when I did my first marathon.

Put on half a stone basically because all I was doing was running and eating.

It was definately worth all the effort though.
28/02/2007 at 10:23
Yes, Im afraid, totally normal!! My legs feel very achy, Im very tired all the time and have put on a few pounds, but its definately worth it in the end. I have found the pounds tend to drop off a short while after completing the marathon.
28/02/2007 at 10:31
Thank you for the words of encouragement.
just got in from a 6 miler which felt like 10 as I was running into the wind.

i think self doubt has crept in and am wondering if I am being a bit ambitious!
28/02/2007 at 11:16
Sarah AP

As it's your first just enjoy it and get round. What ever time you do will be a PB.

Then if you decide to do another marathon which most people do, you will know what it's all about and how to address your training to improve on your first time.

My tip is just make sure you do the LSR don't worry so much about miles but time on your feet.

Good Luck.
28/02/2007 at 11:28
Thanks tigerrunner. You're message has spurred me on!!
I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP .......well not yet anyway!
28/02/2007 at 15:15
Hi Sarah AP

If it helps I'm a first timer too. New to the whole running thing and working towards the FLM. I feel tired the whole time too and I'm not quite sure if I've put on weight but do feel quite bulky and constantly eating so am guessing that is quite normal.

Don't let the self doubt creep in. I bet not that long ago you didn't think you would be able to run 14 miles and you did! I had a wobbly moment when I was on my 9/10 mile runs and felt like i couldn do it but as I get further along my training it seems more achievable. I'm not expecting it to be easy but mentally and physically i'm a lot stronger than I started and I bet you are too! Good luck!

28/02/2007 at 21:16
Hi laura,
good to hear from a fellow first timer.

I am doing a 16 miler this weekend and just hoping for the wind to drop!

What are you running this weekend.

01/03/2007 at 09:37
I am running a 16 this weekend too, am following the Hal Higdon novice programme.

Feeling a bit bleurgh today actually. Was meant to do 8 last night but I only managed 2 just feel so drained at the moment, continually tired and every morning I get up I can't wait to get home and back into bed. It'll pass though, am just going to use the cross trainer today instead.
01/03/2007 at 09:43
Hi Laura and Sarah,

I'm a first timer too and so pleased to read that I'm not the only one to feel drained and lacking in energy! Feel exactly the same and was losing motivation - it helps a lot to realise that its probably normal!

Doing 16 miles today In the wind! (argh). Wish me luck.
01/03/2007 at 10:51
now i'm really worried ! this too is my first marathon but i feel great for the training , cant wait to get out there every time , and have lost about 3/4 of a stone ! maybe i'm the freak in all of this !
01/03/2007 at 11:09
The RW sub 4:30 is the same plan I'm following, although I started it 4 weeks early, so it says 20 miles on Sunday, but will probably cut this shorter because of a half marathon on 11th March.

I do feel tired, and have actually lost weight since the plan started at Christmas. However, I realise now that I need to eat more and that losing weight is not such a good thing during marathon training.

Legs feel OK though... try to stick to the plan's pace as it varies between slow and brisk runs that make a huge difference to time. The only way I can judge this is by using a heart-rate monitor that I try to follow as closely as possible (last night: 6m slow; Tuesday: 6m fast - same route, but what a time difference!)

Good luck - remember that getting through the plan in its entirety is probably the hardest part...
01/03/2007 at 15:59
Sky Blue Sam I wouldn't feel worried at all! In fact I wish I felt like that. I feel great for all the training but do feel a bit demotivated more often than not. I just keep thinking of the final goal though to keep me going.

Hi Jennsie, how did your run go today? Hope it was a success. I am doing a 16 on Sat, it is already looming on my shoulders, mind you once the first hour is done it doesnt' seem so bad.
01/03/2007 at 16:46
Hi Fellow first Timers!

Good On you Sky Blue Sam I am hoping the 'feel good' factor will kick in here soon!!

Had an appointment at the chiropracter today so didn't run.

Planning to do 16 on Saturday.Haven't planned my route yet but my friend bought me a garmin for christmas. It is proving to be invaluable.
01/03/2007 at 18:33
Hi everyone,
I am a first timer as well, was really worried because i felt exactly the same as what you hae described, i had put on weight was contantly eating and my legs felt horrible. I have read all off this and it has encouraged me even more.
Do you have any god training tips for the weeks running up to the event???
Thanks Everyone
01/03/2007 at 19:18
hi sarah-first timer

I remember my 1st London thought I had not done enough training how can my body cope with all this extra running

felt like c**p most days
why do my legs feel like sponge
Im not getting any fitter
yes you are its just that your running faster

any way did the race crossed the line and my 1st thought

Im going to come and do this again it was brilliant
01/03/2007 at 20:05
Hi all,
I'm on my first and feel like i'm not getting stronger at all. Must be i guess but seem to have trouble running at a slower pace and keeping my HR down. Got caught in a really heavy hail storm yesterday in a t shirt, superb. Can't beat a good bit of weather.
01/03/2007 at 23:16
"My legs feel like lead.
I fall asleep in my dinner.
Have put on half a stone"

Brilliant isn't it, welcome to the world of one of the toughest events in sport, and after it's all over, the bragging rights are with you, because you will be, a marathon runner.
02/03/2007 at 08:55
laura , i am by no means an expert at positive thinking and the like but i just try to put myself 'in' the marathon while i am out on a training run , trying to imagine what it will be like to see family and friends on route , the atmosphere before the race and what kind of pose i am going to strike for the cameras WHEN ( not if ) i cross the finishing line ! think of all these things and you should be buzzing - it works for me . sarah , how good is that feel good factor going to be when you fly over the finishing line ! girls , just remember a lot of non runners are looking at you with a great deal of admiration . think about that when you are out training and do 'em proud !
02/03/2007 at 10:51
Morning all

Sky Blue Sam I'm loving your positive thinking. I must say I'm quite good at imagining the day myself when I'm on my long runs and I always start to feel a bit choked up about how amazing its going to feel on the day! And I'll be damned if I don't cross over that finish line!

As you can tell I am feeling a lot better today ha! Was really miserable and fed up yesterday but back to my normal self today. I can't tell you how much reading everyones posts on all of these forums helps. It really does pick you up to know that some people feel the same as you and there are also lots of people who've been there before us and can give us the pep talks we need to get back on track. I don't p ost much on these threads but spend hours and hours reading them! So thanks everyone :)
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