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14/05/2012 at 22:35

CC, when I said rest, I didn't mean for just one day. If you have a problem and keep running on it, you are not giving it time to recover and not finding what the problem is. By keep running on it, you might feel that it's OK, but when you say you felt dreadful and your desperate, that say something different.

I have a training partner who picked up an injury over a year ago, she kept running for a while and has not run a real distance for sometime now, every time she starts again, the same old injury comes back along with a couple of new ones due to changing her running style. She is getting depressed about it and she does not run anywhere near the races and distances that you do.

You may feel bad about missing a few races but think long term, set yourself a target to aim for after a lay off. Hope you get it sorted soon.

15/05/2012 at 08:25

Claire - I agree with Viking - give it a bit longer.........do some other stuff. Rest is GOOD.........

Puffy - good effort. Wish I had a 1.40 in me at the moment......not that I'm planning and halves anyway (maybe I should). Busy weekend ahead, and then away in the States next week so not much running at all planned (althoigh Central park will get a visit or two I'm sure). However, building up to South Downs relay on 2nd, South Downs Marathon on 9th (SDM's 100th - just need to make sure I finish ahead of him to see him over the finish line) and town 40m bike ride on 10th. I'm thinking it's a 3 weeks tapering period before the madness of June......although I do have to reccy one of my relay legs as I don't know it.

15/05/2012 at 09:14

OG, I was looking at going to see SDMan complete his milestone 100th marathon, on checking my shifts, I am on nights with Sunday 9th being the last night. Bugger.

15/05/2012 at 12:10

15/05/2012 at 16:25

15/05/2012 at 17:01

Jees !! PT dude had me doing 30 second treadmill intervals this morning.........up to 21.5kph FFS ! Built up from 17 initially, and left the tready running at the same speed so there is no speeding up/slowing down (just straddle it for the rest periods (20 seconds) and then jump back on. Going to see if I can take it higher over time - interesting session to do maybe once a week - doesn't take much time as the intervals are so short.  

15/05/2012 at 21:44
Sounds tough OG

I've applied for a new job, way out of my league, but I've passed 2 stages to get through to an interview on Monday which involves a presentation. I've never done one before or had to put one together.
The job is at the new football centre, St Georges Park, at the new Hilton hotel thats opening. It would be fab as it's less than 10 mins from home.

Just been asked if I want to go for a run on Sunday, 18 miles meeting at Illam, in the peaks...we'll see how I feel and if I'm ready for Monday.
15/05/2012 at 21:51
CC - happy to help if you need it, either on the slides or delivery. Let me know.
15/05/2012 at 22:17

I thought my job was out of my league Claire (sometimes still do!) but I went for it and made it my own, good luck!



16/05/2012 at 12:13

Thanks Chaps, I shall let you know...I have Nigel working on it for me at the moment

17/05/2012 at 07:59

Fabulous week in Sardinia, although got really sunburnt, so didn't do as much running - or even walking - as I intended.

However the enforced rest enabled me to read the Chi running book and I tried out the technique yesterday which seemed to work. However I am not sure how you avoid looking at your feet all the time!

On the basis you can't have too much of a good thing, see the link below - I ran some of the 3 Forts with the guy in the 100 marathon vest next to Nell.


Edited: 17/05/2012 at 08:03
18/05/2012 at 16:31

I listened to the Marathon Talk podcast interview with Nell this morning. What a great down to earth person.......

I'm starting to get through mt MT backlog a bit - some of them are really good.

18/05/2012 at 20:31

OG, perhaps she would agree to be your training partner. I wonder if she's into Chi running.....

19/05/2012 at 18:47

SDM, I bet Nell goes to bed every evening thinking, "what I really need is a run and a fling with a baldy middle aged married man from Burgess Hill!".

Don't give in Daz, play hard to get, you're not just a piece of meat mate!



19/05/2012 at 20:11
Well if you're right Ady Nell will be mine as I am a baldy middle aged man with a beer belly. Daz can't compete with that.
22/05/2012 at 00:44
I bloody can - more baldy, more middle aged, more belly......so there ! Beaten you on all three counts.

Reminds me of a conversation at work once. A guy I worked with was feeling a bit down and said 'I'm fat, bald and ugly, and single at 37'.......the pa helpfully replied 'you're not that bald'.........
22/05/2012 at 06:48

Perhaps Nell has read this and is now working herself into a lather! "Eh up lads, I just can't choose - it's evens in the burping competition and your farting is coming on nicely after those mushy peas - what is a good northern girl to do?"

22/05/2012 at 22:36

I HATE mushy peas...........

25/05/2012 at 17:38

Helloooooo ? Anyone there ??

Light week of running for me as in NYC again. Managed a couple of early morning Central Park loops (practice for November ). Relay reccying on Sunday as South Downs Way 100m relay next weekend and don't want to get lost.........

26/05/2012 at 22:18

But looks are not everything, so I'm told!

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