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11/10/2006 at 11:30
Hi all :)

I had a good 6 x 1000m session at the club last night, so feel a little less taper madness today thank goodness! Easy 3 later today, 7 tomorrow over hills then no more than 10 at the weekend will do me for this week.

I'm intrigued to know what you'll be wearing on the day V-rap! Abingdon will be one of my less elaborate marathons costume-wise - I shall be in my club top & shorts.

My marathon PB is 4:01 so just a couple of minutes off will be enough to make me happy!

11/10/2006 at 12:44
Well done, Tiger :o)

Reports of my descent into taper madness were slightly premature. A 200g dose of chocolate last night provided an instant cure and the munchies have completely gone today. I obviously underestimated the amount of extra fuel I needed after Sunday's race.

I'll be in modified Hallowe'en fancy dress for Abingdon. You'll see :o)
11/10/2006 at 13:56
LOL! I shall look forward to seeing that! I still have some red devil horns I was given at a Hallowe'en London social back in the days when it was held at the SJT ;-) Perhaps I should bring them along if you need something to put on your head!
11/10/2006 at 14:12
It'll be 8 miles for me today at around 8.45mm pace, then a very easy 10 miles on Friday and a handful of little gentle runs between then and next Thursday just to stop me from going completely crazy. And one indoor climbing session.

Then there's the garden to be put to sleep for the winter, a couple of rooms to be decorated, some bookshelves to be assembled, hundreds of children to round up and feed, and I'm sure I could put a little more effort in at work ...
11/10/2006 at 14:17

Well everyone seems to have done excellently well since I last posted.
V-rap well done on your Windsor Half and 10K you are absolutely storming. A sub 3:45 definately looks possible.

Well I did a 10K at the end of September and I have still yet to get the elusive sub 50! 50:39 at this one, although I have been told that it was a particularly hard course and not a PB one. The good news is that I did get my PB in the Henley half last weekend in a time of 1:54:29...a whole 5 mins faster than Reading, so I feel like my training is paying off.

Hope everyone is having a good day,

12/10/2006 at 11:29
5 miles this morning. My fastest time since my disasterous marathon in Rotterdam in April. Recovering from an injury and seems to be going quite well so far. I'm within 90s of my PB so I feel my speed is almost back to normal. 24.25 miles this week so slowly getting there on the distance front as well. No running for two days now then a planned 11.25 miles on Sunday.
12/10/2006 at 12:04
HRR, Well done on the recovery, and good to see you setting goals and clocking up the miles.

Once I've ran a certain distance, or a longer route, I know that its achievable, and never allow negative thoughts on that run to convince me to stop. I guess we are all setting new individual benchmarks all the time, and so for you, feel super confident about the first 9.25 miles, coz you've cracked that, then its just a wee 2 mile run home after that.
It worked for me last week when I was well chuffed to do 11 miles, then on Monday I ran the same route with extra confidence, and didn't bat an eyelid at adding a couple of miles for 13.2. The motivation for me was to be able to say I can now run a half marathon on my own. You are now at the stage I was at last Wednesday. Just don't overdo it if your injury is still an issue.

You are doing more miles than me for sure. I run Mon Wed Fri, and this week will be the first week I'll have done more than 20 miles, as I've done a 13.2 and a 6.4 with hopefully another 11 or 13.2 on Friday.

Anyway, stay positive on Sunday and keep thinking of how chuffed you'll be when you finish. I wouldn't worry so much about the time. If you have energy after 9.25, then pick it up and finish strong like the gazelle you secretly are !!
12/10/2006 at 12:37
Lots of good training going on. HH, HRR, well done on some splendid progress :o) And wise words as usual from LS. Distances that sound enormous at the start of training have a miraculous habit of shrinking once you've trained up to them and conquered them from below.

I set out yesterday to do 8 miles at 8.45 pace, and am very pleased at having managed to do almost exactly that pace, with nice even mile splits, despite slightly tight hamstrings. My brain had obviously programmed itself to do 8 miles, because the ninth mile felt like hard work.

If I can do that and then do it twice more at Abingdon ... in your dreams, dinosaur!
12/10/2006 at 12:45
You all sound very enthusiastic, that's great :)

BTW meant to say congrats on your Kenilworth time, V-rap! Would you recommend it, perhaps I should try it next year, would make a change from doing local races all the time.

I've sent off my FLM application, just have to wait and see now ...
12/10/2006 at 13:10
Thanks, Tiger! I'd recommend Kenilworth without hesitation. It's most definitely a PB course if you like gentle undulations. And it's a nice friendly well-organised easy-to-get-to race, and I'll slap a reserved sticker on a Cavern bed ...

It's possibly my favourite half-marathon apart from Keswick, which is gorgeous but is only a PB course for the spindly-legged fell-runners from the local clubs.

Are you going to do FLM in your usual flamboyant fashion next year?
12/10/2006 at 13:18
Hello everyone,

some stunning runs since I last posted!

Funkin, good luck this weekend, you will breeze it.

V.Rap - I didn't get your message about going for a run till I got back this morning. Thanks for he offer though. Instead of running I did quite a bit skulking around Broad Street!

Marathon this weekend! Can't believe it! I am so un prepared. Never mind, get this out of the way and then start thinking about London during November.

Got to get back to work now, cath up with you all later ;)
12/10/2006 at 13:24
Am going to dive in here - my FLM application went in a couple of weeks ago. I only started running a year ago, and this would be my first ever marathon (if I get a place, unlikely, but you never know!), so maybe I should be aiming for a more conservative time. My 10k PB (I've only done 2!) is 46.30, and I've done one half marathon (Windsor) in 1.47.40. Velociraptor I think we must have pretty much crossed the line together on that one! My best possible imagined time for a marathon would be 3.59.59, though the sensible side of me says I should be just aiming to finish.

Anyway, have another half mara in 2.5 weeks. Then will wait and see what happens with the applications ....
12/10/2006 at 13:29
That would be fab V-rap, will bookmark the date for next year :)

Must think about a costume for FLM, yes!
12/10/2006 at 15:19
Hi Pidge :o)

If you looked back when you'd just finished at Windsor and saw a couple of skeletons crossing the line behind you, you weren't hallucinating from the heat - that was eL Bee and me trying out our Trailwalker team kit for next year. I was the one who looked on the verge of extinction, having just been dragged for over a mile at 7mm pace.

Which half are you doing next?

With that sort of speed already in your legs, you'll have no trouble doing more than "just finishing" your first marathon :o)
12/10/2006 at 19:11
Hi Pidge, Sub 4 looks good to me with those times. Just need to put in a few long runs before April :-)
12/10/2006 at 21:17
How exciting Velociraptor - I did indeed see you on the way round - round about 9-10 miles if I remember correctly. If only I'd known at the time, I'd have said hello! I must say the sight of the skeletons cheered me up no end, as my legs were getting a bit tired at that point. I also remember hearing some kid shouting "Mum, look, how cool, two skeletons!" so you were a definite hit with the non-runners too!

My next half is barns green ... will see what happens ...

Thanks for the vote of confidence HRR - at around the 10 mile mark in Windsor, I did say to myself 'what kind of nutter would do a marathon, when 13.1 miles feels this bad!'.
13/10/2006 at 16:46
Gulp!! Less than 2 days to go........
13/10/2006 at 17:39
Hey R.D. I'll send you some calm vibes...I can only imagine the anticipation of running 26 miles ! . Also some calm vibes to you V'rap.. Made any flapjack today ??

Hi Pidge Hi Tiger...

I'm still taking it easy.. have only run 12 miles this week and suspect fitness is ebbing away Still have knee niggles which kind of takes the excitement out of training as not sure whether it will lead to more problems. Ho Hum.. perhaps I should join an injury thread.

Meanwhile hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys their races.. I'll be thinking of you Sunday !
13/10/2006 at 18:02
Rest and carboload mightily and have a cracking race, RD :o) I look forward to reading your report afterwards.

((((((((QQ)))))))) Hope your knee settles. Are you doing anything about it?

I'm not making flapjack but I made a rather gorgeous experimental orange and hazelnut cake last night and am about to make a batch of chocolate chip brownies. Since my teenage daughter moved back in I never have any overripe bananas to make banana cake because she eats them as quickly as I can buy them.

I went out for my last pre-Abingdon 10-miler this afternoon and got my first taperniggle. It's just a silly calf cramp and I've fed it a big dose of carbohydrate. The taper really does start physically now, though mentally I've been tapering all week.
13/10/2006 at 19:11
Good luck everyone with your runs this weekend.
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