FLM 09 - 3.45ers!

All Aiming for 3.45 - 3.59

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23/10/2006 at 20:14
ooohh I like the skeleton tops.

What training prog did you follow to go from 4.40 to under 4?
23/10/2006 at 20:28
HeTiger - well done - particularly after seizing up with cramp. And LifeOfRiley - sympathy on screaming toddlers after that much running! They're bad enough on an average day.

AmandaZ - that sounds great. And am very impressed that you're not too stiff afterwards. I could hardly walk for about 5 days after my first half marathon!

GymAddict - definitely stay here. You're already a whole lot further on than me - I've never done more than a half marathon. And frankly I think I may be in dreamworld with ideas of a 4 hour full marathon. But one can but dream .... !

Velociraptor - love the piccie - what mile was that at? You all look jolly relaxed and happy. I was so ashamed of the Windsor pics - I look like I'm about to pass out in all of them - I didn't even let my mum have the web address!!
23/10/2006 at 20:33
That piccy was quite early on, I think around three miles? It hadn't started raining there anyway!

It's the day after a marathon I always regret working in an office on the first floor ...
23/10/2006 at 20:38
Not sure where "HeTiger" came from. Particularly as you're not!! Sorry about that.

Stairs are bad after long runs I find. I work on the 4th floor and the lifts were out of action after Windsor. Witness much comedy, particularly trying to go downstairs having seized up in front of my computer all day!
23/10/2006 at 22:14
Sympathies on the Windsor pics, pidge! I look very, very unwell in mine too. After the race, I thought XFR Bear and dan dan were exaggerating when they said they'd had doubts about my ability to finish at all, never mind do sub-2hrs, when I passed them at Mile 5 looking like death on legs. Then I saw the photos they'd taken and could see exactly what they meant.

The piccie, as Tiger says, was early on, but I managed to be irritatingly bouncy for 21 miles. RichK took lots of photos during the day (he was EVERYWHERE, bless him) and I'm looking forward to seeing those.

GymAddict, something tells me that you're not going to like this, but letting my gym membership lapse did my running no end of good because I wasn't wasting time and energy doing activities that didn't benefit my running in order to justify the membership fee. Yes, I've got Scottish roots too!

Mostly, though, it's involved a change of mindset. eL Bee said something just a few months ago that shook me out of "plodding" mode and made me take more control of my training and racing, and he couldn't be more supportive of my running. In return, of course, I'll do everything I can to make sure he gets a good pop at a sub-3 marathon.

I've been shopping today, and bought a pair of Nike Vaporflys. Do you think I'm getting a bit carried away?
24/10/2006 at 09:44
AAAHHHH I can't leave the gym. I already look like a sprinter compared to most runners I know,(more muscles than sense) but I do concentrate heavily on strength endurance rather than pure strength alone.

Off to the track at lunchtime INSTEAD of the gym - 800's today methinks depending on how hard it rains!
24/10/2006 at 10:47
Way to go GymA. You know it makes sense and think of all that fresh air.....espescially in Jan and Feb!!
24/10/2006 at 13:19
Thinkng about the long run being only a third of your weekly miles, it makes it rather difficult when, like me, you only run 4 times a week. It becomes even harder when your long run is 22 miles - implying a weekly total of 66 miles!!!!
24/10/2006 at 14:06
Oi, conker man !
How much vinegar did you put on those feet of yours ? With a long run of 22 miles, I think you've overdosed on the Sarson's.
And what do you mean, you "only run 4 times a week " ?
ONLY ?!!!?!!?

Gymbo, thanks for the pics.
I've somehow stumbled my way to doctoring the man boobs off and getting it down to less than 12whatjamacallits, but am now waiting on the image being approved. Does that take long ?

As regards the gym thing, we all enjoy the running, and the ever improving times and distances, but it is not the only thing in life. Fresh air IS grand, but I'm sure you also enjoy the social side of the gym, as well as working on things other than your legs ! You can do both, and still achieve your running goals.

Ms Raptor, if Nike Vaporflys cost more than £35, then 2 things are certain...

You ARE getting carried away !

You CANNOT have Scottish roots !
24/10/2006 at 14:38
The 22 miles is one run I plan in Feb/March not this week!! And that depends on getting in the Ballot. If not I'm going to stop running for 2 months and get my foot truely sorted: white wine or balsamic thats all we have in the house. Which do you reccommend?
24/10/2006 at 16:08
The only time I ever use vinegar is when I treat myself to a white pudding supper !
24/10/2006 at 16:39
Is that one where the blood is replaced by lard or is it just connective tissue?
24/10/2006 at 17:41
Mainly gristle, cartliage, crushed bone, floor sweepings, bulls bollock, pig snout, butchers elastoplast, a drop of sweat, a handful of oats, and a soupcon of dandruff, deep fried in a delicious batter, best served on a bed of chips with a side order of a huge pickled onion, and washed down with a cheeky 500ml bottle of Diet Coke whilst reading a Bill Bryson book, between appointments, in early February, approx 7.45pm, in the Golf, parked up in some glamorous location like Macduff, with only Nina Simone for company.

P.S. I eat 3 weetabix in skimmed milk for brekkie, never use salt on a meal, cut the fat off all meat, dont allow fizzy drinks in the house, poach my eggs, never fry, spend a fortune on fruit, drink water in the car everyday, no sugar in coffee etc, only go out for maybe 6 pints on a Monday night, and so feel justified in occasionally treating myself to the culinary equivalent of crack cocaine !

I would recommend we all try one the night before the marathon.
24/10/2006 at 17:45
Am I the only veggie on the thread?
24/10/2006 at 17:49
Gristle etc could hardly be described as meat, so I think you are safe to enjoy one on a technicality !
24/10/2006 at 18:25
You make it sound SOOOOO appealing, how could anyone resist. I love your justification - I do the same for my coffee addiction.
24/10/2006 at 19:20
I'll be a veggie this weekend because I've got veggie friends visiting, and since my oldest daughter and the oldest Buzzlet are veggie too (well, actually, they're not, they're just fussy eaters, cos they both eat fish) I think there will be a lot of tofu and lentils in the Cavern cauldron.

I think a decision was made last night that it would be financially worthwhile to buy a weights bench and some of those big pennies with holes in the middle rather than joining a gym. Roll on pay day!

(To me the gym social scene is all about wobbly girls chatting as they walk at 2mph on adjacent treadmills, scrawny old ladies wearing tight lycra and tight facelifts desperately trying to flirt with the instructors, and waxed blokes teaching one another free-weight techniques that are bound to get them injured. But maybe I've just been to the wrong gyms.)

I don't think it's universally agreed that your long run has to be no more than a third of your weekly mileage, HRR.

25/10/2006 at 09:59
The thing with the gym is that after I finish I stretch better and for longer, I do much higher quality strength work (i.e. more press ups, situps etc) than I ever do in the house and so I get more all round fitness than I do when I only run. I also do more cross training as warm ups.

I think maybe you have just been hitting the gym at the wrong times. All gyms have the people you describe but there are always a few serious ones too. I go at lunchtime when it's really quiet and only the dedicated nutters are there.

Although last week there were some young trendy blokes in their early 20s trying to do weights - only they couldn't cos I had the size they wanted (oh how I laughed to myself!!!)

25/10/2006 at 11:56
Loving the picture LS!

I love white pudding. Is it true that they fry mars bars in Glasgow or is that just a myth? Sounds really nice!

The Ripped Dap loves nothing more than to sink his teeth into a rare/medium steak.

Abingdon runners......how you feeling today? Any soreness?
25/10/2006 at 12:28
The deep fried Mars Bar originated in a wee chippie in Stonehaven, in the much more desirable and picturesque North East of Scotland, which proudly tells the world this fact with a large plaque on the wall. In 40 years time, the owner has plans to open a shop selling portable defibrilators to the locals who were the gullible schoolkids of today.

Mr Dap, I couldn't believe that the photo Gymbo sent me just happened to be an informal snap of myself taken a few years ago !?
What are the odds ?
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