FLM 09 - 3.45ers!

All Aiming for 3.45 - 3.59

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05/11/2006 at 13:51
That's excellent so soon after a marathon, RD. Well, actually, it's silly cos you should still be resting, but you know what I mean! It's great to hear that you've got 14 miles in your legs a week after a hilly 26.2 :o)

I quite fancied racing the Shepshed 7 today, but it was full. So I talked nicely to the kids, popped on my Vaporflys and went and did a little tempo run. 7.5 miles in 59.31 minutes, with which I'm happy. Did miles 2, 3 and 4 at my aspirational 10-mile race pace, eased off for a couple of miles, then wellied mile 7 just for the hell of it.

That's 45.5 miles this week, and I'm planning to do around 51 next week, but none of it speedwork.
05/11/2006 at 15:13
Well done RD and Vrap on your runs. 14 miles for me as well today. Beautiful autumn day running on the Thames towpath. Home to Chiswick Bridge then back again. Paced to perfection at 9 min miles with a slight negative split. A very happy road runner indeed.
05/11/2006 at 15:29
Good Running Chaps!!

HRR, you are dead right, wasn't it beautiful out there today?! I was across the Hafod mountain today. Was going to go over Llangynydr but there was a terrible accident there the other night. Four girls died in the back of a car, they were all tennagers. The lads in the front were ok. Did not seem right to run over there earlier.

However, it was a superb day, I love it when the weather is like this.

Good weather & Good Running = A Happy Bunny
06/11/2006 at 09:48
Lots and lots of miles going on - making me feel very lazy. I ran a slow, hilly 10 at 8.15 on Saturday morning (for which I think I deserve a medal - had to get up earlier than I would for work!!!)

Felt really tough and now have a sore throat and head of cotton wool - so looks like an easy week for me till I get better. Still, loving the weather at the moment, crisp and sunny and last night the fireworks were lovely and everywhere.
06/11/2006 at 10:15
GA, 8.15 on a Saturday morning is VERY dedicated :o) I hope you make a speedy recovery from whatever lurgy has descended upon you.

My legs have been completely untroubled by yesterday's run (which, scarily, averages out at the sort of pace I'll need for a sub-3.30 marathon) and I've got a 10-miler scheduled for this afternoon. Looks like a good day for it :o)
06/11/2006 at 11:38
Mornin' All...
Can I join In?
My Cheque was cashed this morning so that means im in yeh?

Now goin to read back over the previous posts...
06/11/2006 at 12:04
Welcome Stace.
06/11/2006 at 12:28
Hi Stace :o) Welcome aboard!
06/11/2006 at 12:43
Did the Flying Fox 10 Sunday. Finished in 1:22. Forgot how hard the second half of the race was. Never really got going, but tried to pick the pace up in the last 3/4 miles.
06/11/2006 at 13:13
Welcome aboard Stace!!

Quinn, good solid performance yesterday. I take it your pleased? You should be.

My shins feel like someone has taken a sledge hammer to them this morning. Light recovery run tonight.
06/11/2006 at 13:33
RD Wanted to run it under 1:20 but not that disappointed with how it went.

Next aim is to increase my long runs so im doing close to 2h comfortably.
06/11/2006 at 13:38
My cheque has been cashed, does this mean i'm in. Cant remember what happened when I was rejected before! Cheers all
06/11/2006 at 14:00
Delighted to report a PB 10K of 44:58 yesterday at Billericay, which is a bit hilly too. Especially pleased after slooowww marathon at abingdon 2 weeks ago.

I have another easier 10K in two weeks, so will see what I can do then.

Well done all for your runs.

06/11/2006 at 15:00
Well done, Quinn and LoR :o) Great times all round!

Jon, if your cheque has been cashed and you didn't bequeath, you are in. If you bequeathed, you need to wait till December to find out.
06/11/2006 at 15:48
Phoned the FLM organisers today. I AM in with my 5 rejections - apparently I am just being ever so slightly impatient!

I'm now wearing a grin that will scare the wits out of all my patients this afternoon.
06/11/2006 at 17:10
Fantastic news Vrap....now for the training!
06/11/2006 at 17:24
Indeed, HRR. I suppose I ought to do some training ;o)

10.65 miles at just under 9mm pace this afternoon. At least I don't have to start tweaking the dates on my schedules now, and if eL Bee really is in (which looks likely) it means not having to juggle two sets of warm-up races.
06/11/2006 at 18:15
LoR, that is great news. Smiling from ear to ear on your behalf!

Well done jp2 you lucky so and so.

V.Rap!!!!!!!!!!! Phew!!! You and eL Bee can relax a little now and really gun for that pb. I think 3.45 is a modest target for you actually. I am sure sub 3.30 is there for you if you can stay injury free. YOU MUST NOT LEAVE THIS THREAD THOUGH :0)

For one reason I would miss you....:(

Just about to head out the door for my recovery run of about four miles. Its dark, cold and foggy....cant wait! This is why I run, I just loves running in the Autumn/Winter.

Catch yer later dudes...
06/11/2006 at 18:48
Welcome to the thread.
Although I'm a sweaty sock , the nom de plume is from the 13 happy years spent in Bristol, specifically Little Stoke.
There seems to have been thousands agonuisingly just over the 4 hour mark. A bit of support from us and midnight runs through St Pauls, and we'll get you easily under 3.45.
How was the Bristol half ? At least the Portway is flat.

Missing Bris'l.
Have a pint in the Taps for me!
06/11/2006 at 19:22
Thanks RD and VR (how do you shorten Velociraptor anyhow?!)

I'm definitely in FLM as I'm running it for Whizz-Kidz and by tomorrow night I should have busted my target of £1,500. If anyone is interested in the story, have a look at the website at http://www.lifeofriley.biz/Events--Photos.aspx.

If you do, I'm afraid you'll have to cut and paste as I don't know how to do the hyperlink thingy.

Thanks all and wish me luck for the fundraising, LoR
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