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06/09/2006 at 16:07
I've always trained alone until now, and didn't use any gadgets apart from a watch until I borrowed a Garmin 201, which was hideously bad at picking up signals in the very built-up area where I live but got me into the habit of looking at numbers on my wrist.

I'll still do my LSD runs on my own, but at least for the rest of this year I'll try to fit those in on Monday afternoons between work sessions. That will also get me outdoors in sunlight during the winter months, which is important for psychological reasons. As the runs get longer I'll have to move them to weekends.

Not having time to cross-train much is probably a good thing because I won't go to the gym and wreck my legs for running.
06/09/2006 at 16:08
RD, no snags. I tried running 3 miles at 145bpm and it is much more difficult than it sounds and felt painfully slow. I think the slow degree of progress may be a disinsentive for me but I intend to apply the principle to my bulk mileage runs. Glad you found it useful. I could have used a biology degree to understand some of it though!!
06/09/2006 at 16:54
I also have done most of my running alone and only use my trusty "runners world" freebie watch!.However I am now a member of a club and recently have run in company once a week which really has been great for building up the miles and finding some new routes. I find I tend to push myself more when running alone.. or is it that it just feels harder ?!.

I have thought about buying a Garmin and have read reviews etc but for some reason have not got round to it.. Perhaps that's becuse if i know my speed/HR there will be no excuse for not training properly !!

Also at 5ft 1 with a small frame not sure it will sit ok on my wrist...'nother excuse!!
06/09/2006 at 17:00
QQ. I'm only 5'6 and the garmin is fine. You should go for it, especially with the HR monitor. You're right in that there are no more excuses but it guarantees you are doing the most efficient work out in line with your aims. Splash out, you won't regret it, its an ace but incredibly useful gadget.
06/09/2006 at 17:12
Thanks Mike,

Might well forward your post to my hubbie as way of justifying impending purchase! Actually he shouldn't be too hard to convince as he's just signed up for his first 10K !!
06/09/2006 at 18:36
Hi Guys! Now - tell me honestly, do you think I am being too ambitious in wanting to go sub 4.00? (3.59 would do fine!) This year I ran 4.55 but had previously felt capable of 4.45 without the pesky virus I picked up in marathon week. My half mara pb is 2.10 btw. I should say that both these times were a HUGE improvement from the previous years running (took 80 mins off the FLM time)and - injury permitting - I am planning a really good consistent build up from now onwards.....I did originally consider sub 4.30 but I can't help thinking that I really should be able to make more of an improvement - this time last year I was also 2 stone overweight..so, do we think it's a realistic aim or should I scuttle off to a slower thread?? Thanks!
06/09/2006 at 21:02
I'm certainly no expert having never even run the distance and so can't really offer any helpful advice. However having run a marathon before, you're one(big) step ahead of me
and I'm hoping to go under 4 hours. I plan to train appropriately and so my thoughts are "why not aim high?"

From what I've heard, running the FLM in any time is amazing so I/we won't be disappointed whatever happens.

I would say go for it!

06/09/2006 at 21:20
Kozzie, quack quack talks a lot of sense!

Go for it.

If you don't get there; so what?

The FLM isn't really about times at the end of the day. Whatever happens you will have a blast over the next few months and a day to remember next April. Best of luck to us all :)
06/09/2006 at 21:22
By the way, on the Garmin thing....I could not run without mine. Had a 201 which conked out after two years sterling service and now I have a 305.

They are awesome; worth every penny.

As a 5ft 6, rather tubby welsh person, I find it looks very attractive hanging onto my wrist!
07/09/2006 at 09:05

Did the Hadd 5 by 2.4km test last night. Felt painfully slow at all heart rates except 180 but should now have a baseline to assess progress over coming months. Its
a gentle ways to get a 7.5 mile run in though!

Hello to Kozzie, I agree with the guys' comments about aims. Aim high and in the end who cares if you miss the target by a nit if you've done the best you can, especially when you consider the number of people that can't be bothered to get out there and try!
07/09/2006 at 10:03
Go for it Kozzie. Are you doing any speedwork? It might help your times in the long run.
07/09/2006 at 10:13
Welcome aboard, Kozzie :o) Sounds like you're about the same place as me, except I wasn't carrying extra weight when I set my current PBs so any improvement I make has to be from training alone.

QQ, I'm also 5'1" and have quite narrow wrists, and the 205 is fine, though the strap isn't quite as comfortable as the one on the 201. I took it out for a little toddle around the block last night and it picked up the signals well.

I didn't go for the 305 because I'm a bit of a technophobe and would rather run to perceived effort than to heart rate. Actually, I'd rather run to what my legs feel like doing, but I realise that's a fast track to either a plateau or burnout.
07/09/2006 at 10:19
I'm going to do the Lichfield 10k on Sunday. My 10k PB is around 52.30, but I've done 51.22 in training recently (though the run was downhill overall at that point) and will be having a tilt at sub-51.

I'll do a little recovery run today, probably a bit of speedwork tomorrow, and rest (with some indoor climbing) on Saturday.
07/09/2006 at 16:23
Velociraptor, don't be too surprised if you go sub 50! Strange things happen during the 'buzz' of a race.

Best of blinking luck to you!
07/09/2006 at 16:43
Thanks, RD :o)

51 minutes would be sub-8.30 minute miling, which is about 15 seconds per mile faster than my short training runs. The race atmosphere and a good dose of rest and porridge could make up the difference. I think shaving off an extra 10 seconds per mile to go sub-50 might be asking a little too much at the moment.

I'll crack 50 minutes in the spring.
07/09/2006 at 17:37
Thanks to you all for the great encouragement! I will flippin' well go for it then and see what happens.

HRR - I am just back to doing some speedwork after a foot injury, I agree it is really helpful, so last night did 8 x 90 secs with 45 secs recovery. I plan to do 2 hard sessions each week (speed/hills etc) and then make up the other with recovery/easy/tempo runs. Build on this base up till Christmas and the start a schedule proper in Jan.

I too love my Garmin for the speed and distance bits but I've got the 301 and just can't get the hang of the HR stuff - must try harder! Are the new ones (205/305) a bit more 'robust' in terms of finding and retaining satellites?

V-rap - good luck for Sunday, I'm sure you'll do really well. My 10k pb is still only 56.32 so quite a way to go... Sadly, my pb's were also set this year so mostly post-weight loss therefore I have lots of hard training to do too.

(I have to confess that you and I have actually met! I changed my forum name ages and ages ago but don't get to post that often - you might remember me as Katy and I certainly remember you for the lovely welcome you gave me at Mudchute FLM 05! - Great to 'see you'again - hope all is well?)
07/09/2006 at 21:43
Good for you Kozzie!

Also, impressed with the training plan.. I should certainly start doing some more speedwork. I had a fledgling attempt at some hill reps last evening (very low key) but I guess that's a start.I'm sure I will be more inspired when I get my shiny new Garmin... thanks all for info , you have convinced me !

Good luck in Lichfield V-rap hope you manage sub 51.. and as Ripped Dap says, you never know you may go faster and have to revise your spring target!

I'm planning on running my local Half route on saturday am in preparation for the race itself on 1st October. It's quite hilly so I would like to know that I can get round it even at a jog !

08/09/2006 at 16:25
Thanks QQ - the trouble with a training plan is that I actually have to follow it now to have any chance of improving!

The thing I've found about hills and speed (personal opinion btw - I'm certainly no expert) is that it is all about repetition and quality - what I mean by that is it's no good doing what I did at first and belting up the steepest incline I could find, only to collapse in a heap after about 2 reps....much better for me to find more gentle inclines or speedwork that's just below threshold pace and keep on repeating them (with appropriate recovery) until kn*ckered....

Good luck with your half route - a very sensible plan - which race are you doing?
08/09/2006 at 21:32
Yes, which half, QQ? Hope you enjoy the recce, and your new toy :o)

I remember you now, kozzie! I'm sure it won't be long before you're blasting chunks off that 10k PB.

I've done something funny to a tendon just above my right ankle. I suspect I tweaked it on Wednesday night when I was belaying for my friend whom I didn't realise was about 15kg heavier than me, because it only started to hurt after the run I did afterwards. I don't think it's anything serious but will take things easy between now and Sunday.
08/09/2006 at 21:50

I'm doing Macclesfield Half - which was actually my first real race having started running last year. It's quite hilly but v. scenic and I really enjoyed the feeling having got to the top of the hill at 12 miles knowing it was 1 nile downhill to the finish - I'm sure you've all had it!!

Hope your ankle improves Vrap. Climbing is something I(naively) really fancy doing having had a couple of goes up a wall at Centre Parcs! ( I know it's not the same as the Hillary Step). It gave me a real buzz but I also remember every muscle aching for days afterwards! You never know, the enforced pre race rest may be just what you need !
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