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24/09/2006 at 16:45
LOL! QQ. I think Mr. QQ & I have a lot in common. Literally still dripping with sweat from a run I am plugging in my faithful Garmin to analyse things. The crazy thing today was that I viewed it on Google Earth to see where I had been on a map. Whats that all about??!! For heavens sake I had only just come from there :D

Hope V.Rapt has had a good day.
24/09/2006 at 18:53
Well done to Mr QQ and to RD :o)

Very hot day at Windsor, and hillier than I remember, and I struggled in the heat for several miles at the start. But eL Bee alternately encouraged and bullied me round at a pace I wouldn't have sustained without him, and we should have an official time of 1.47.53, with which I am delighted.

That's my autumn target race out of the way. The marathon training starts now. Wibble!
funkin-baby    pirate
24/09/2006 at 19:29
1.47 sounds excellent to me. Well done. I just did a good run in and around Richmond park. Ran for 1.40 today, and could have happily gone on for more. I've a few more weeks (until a 10 miler in mid october) and then the real training begins!
24/09/2006 at 20:15
Finished the 10k today in 50:34 beating my PB. so I'm well pleased!!!
But what next.......
Am I expecting too much aiming for 3:45-4:00 if I get a place next year? ( where can I find the calculator thingy?)
I want to run a 10 miler then build up to a 1/2 before new year but how should I schedule my training over the next few months to be ready for marathon next year?
funkin-baby    pirate
24/09/2006 at 20:25
Jayos: have a look through the "Quicklinks" dropdown near the top left of the webpage and try the calculator (which will confirm that you're in the right place :)

You'll also find all manner of marathon training schedules. I've not looked at any of them yet, but Mrs Funkin will be starting one in a few weeks time.

Just like you, i'm hoping for a place for next year.

PS. Well done for getting a new PB. That's great news.
24/09/2006 at 20:27
Very Well done Vrap!!

It's great that you set yourself a target, worked towards it and achieved(surpassed) it .. Fantastic !!

You're right RD you and Mr QQ sound v.similar. There's something about blokes and maps and graphs !! I haven't actually put on the HRM yet but hubbie wore it to mow the lawn yesterday!! BTW have you tried www.gmaps-pedometer.com ( think that's the site) ?

Well done also Funkin and Jayos .. sounds like you both had good runs today

I have used various calculators which I have found by entering "Race Time Calculator" on Google. I'm afraid I'm a novice but I'm sure some of the others will be able to advise on training. With a 10k PB of 50mins I would say under 4 hours is achievable. At least I'm hoping so as my PB is similar and I'm hoping to go under 4 !! (dodgy knee permitting !)
25/09/2006 at 07:38
Well done, funkin :o) Sounds like you're on good form.

And well done to Jayos for a good PB. With that 10k time, you're perfectly realistic aiming for 3.45-3.59 at a marathon next year. And if you click on the grey "Training" tab above, and look for "calculators" on the page that comes up, you'll get predicted race times.

For a marathon next year, you need to be building up a good mileage base now so that you've got lots of endurance work under your belt and well-adapted muscles before starting on marathon schedules.

My chip time for yesterday was 1.47.49. I was 114th woman, and 722nd overall out of over 3,700 finishers. I'm well pleased, and not at all sore today :o) If I can do THAT on a hot day when I was running quite raggedly, sub-1.45 should be achievable at my next half in January.
25/09/2006 at 07:41
We have the map-and-graph thing here too. I write the lap times into my blog sometimes, but have to factor in an extra half-hour of number-crunching-on-the-computer time into all of the Buzzy One's runs. But I'm a technophobe and he helps me with stuff like that too, so I don't mind.
25/09/2006 at 08:41
Well done everyone!

V.rapt, big respect to you. That is an awesome performance, you should be very proud!

Welcome Jayos! You follow v.rapt's advice, ie build a solid mileage base now and you can look forward to a stab at sub 4 no probs.

Looking good funkin! What time you aiming for at your 10 miler? Where is it?

Thanks for the link QQ, will give it a whirl later on.

Less than three weeks to the Cardiff mara! It's strange, I can't seem to get going for Autumn races....I hate running in the summer. My aim at Cardiff is to finish under 5 hours. Come the spring I will be gunning for 3.45! Strange eh?!
funkin-baby    pirate
25/09/2006 at 15:41
RD: i'm doing the (very flat) Cabbage Patch 10 which is Twickenham/Kingston/Richmond.

I originally said to myself inside of 75 minutes would be good but based on recent training I'm thinking 65-70 would be a decent target to aim for (weather permitting). I'm happy with my current long (they seem long to me) runs and its just a case of running the distance I know I can do, but doing it faster on the day!
25/09/2006 at 21:19
The CP10 is on my list of races to do in the future. It sounds great fun. Doing it in under 7mm would be awesome, funkin!

RD, you and I are in the same position. I'm not aiming to set the tarmac alight at Abingdon because I won't have the training behind me for a decent marathon. But I'm hoping to be able to produce a good performance - around 2 minutes per mile faster - at London 6 months later.

I did a reasonable recovery run today and now have a splendid dose of DOMS in my quads. Tomorrow was going to be a complete rest day, but my au pair has declared her ankle tendon injury to be much better and asked me to take her out for a little run tomorrow evening so that'll be three easy miles instead. Which is OK. At the moment there's no such thing as junk mileage for me.
25/09/2006 at 21:56
Wimbledon 10k for me on Sunday. Not really my sort of distance but I'll call it speed work. I'm only running it because a friend (non marathoner) is doing it and because its very near home. At this stage in my London prep it might be quite a usefull work out.

Some useful runs going on from what I'm reading, could be a lot of sub fours next spring.
funkin-baby    pirate
26/09/2006 at 10:59
Velociraptor wrote "Doing it in under 7mm would be awesome, funkin!"

Under the cold light of a new day I think I was being a little over optimistic with that estimate of mine. Nothing wrong with a target to aim for however, although the main target I'll be aiming for will me my wife at the finish line holding a pint for me!!
26/09/2006 at 11:32
Go for it, funkin :o) I can testify to the possibility of producing times in a race that seem inconceivable from training runs.

Enjoy your race on Sunday, HRR :o)

We're having an extended family outing to the Walsall 10k on Sunday, but I don't really want to race another 10k at the moment so I've volunteered for head-counting duty. We'll have at least 5 pre-teens doing the 5k fun run, and it'll be the longest race any of them has run, so the Cavern is going to be awash with adrenaline on the morning. I'll toddle round the 3k "walk" with the littl'un, who's just slightly too little for the 5k (though when she's older she's going to be faster and more competitive than any of them), and try to slip out for a training run myself later in the day.
28/09/2006 at 18:34
5 miles in 40 mins this morning. Best for a long time but still nearly two mins off my PB. Looking for something close to 50 mins for the 10k on Sunday but it will be tough.
28/09/2006 at 20:54
Well done, HRR :o)

14 miles at long slow run pace for me this afternoon, which I found quite mentally laborious. Then I popped in home for something to eat and drink and went out again for two miles at 9.5-minute miling with our au pair, who's a very promising novice runner and is just recovering from an ankle tendon injury.

I haven't had a proper rest day since my half-marathon on Sunday and did over 8 miles at just slower than 9-minute miling last night, so I'm quite happy with today's outing. Tomorrow will have to be a day of complete inactivity because I've got loads of housework to do.
28/09/2006 at 21:52
Having read the above I'm now feeling very lazy ! Well done for getting back there HRR - hope you get your sub 50 on saturday,
V'rap you sound like you're on a roll ! Is your training usually so full on ? Respect!.

I know I said I was going to rest the knee this week but am tempted to go out for an easy 3miles tomorrow am.... If that's ok I might feel more confident for Sunday.. Ah the pre race nerves are kicking in !! Ever feel like you're holding on just a little bit too tight ??
28/09/2006 at 22:40
Running mate is told his knees are shot so my 3 Mon/Wed/Fri 6.30 am runs may be faster without him, but the East of Scotland at 6am through the Winter encourages duvets to be pulled over and snooze buttons to be hit.
Do 6 miles in 43 on a Mon, interval running for 40mins on a Wed, then 8.6 in 65 mins on a Fri. Is this a decent amount at this stage in training for the FLM ? ( I'm 37, 5ft 11, and 13 stone. And male ! )
Probably need a running club to drag me through the dark months and up my distances, and lower my times. Been rejected last 2 years. Put 3.59 as my target time. Any theories on how they decide who gets in ? i.e only so many in each time bracket etc, or fewer from up far North as its farther to travel to London etc. Over the weekend I'll find a training routine on this site and try to work towards that.
The wee velcro ankle weights that I carry in my hands to get the breathing working harder when running with my slower mate....what do the rest of you think....do I still use them, hoping I'll float along without them, or leave them and just run harder. Hopefully one of you lot can explain the benefits and any downsides to me. They weigh 2 n a half pounds each, but I definitely feel I've had a more complete workout after a run with them.
Last thing, I'm useless on computers, and cant work out how to get any kind of photo or character in the wee box next to this.
No run tomorrow as I'm gonna whup an old mate at golf, 14 years after I last whupped him.
29/09/2006 at 09:34
LS, I'd be inclined to leave the hand-weights behind. Adding 5lb to your bodyweight when running won't give you any additional benefits, and holding heavyish weights in your hands will interfere with your running form and make you more likely to get injured.

Serious sympathy about having to get up and run early when you live in the east of Scotland :oS

At the moment you should probably be aiming at increasing your mileage rather than doing intervals - those can come when you're ready to sharpen up for the race early next year. A weekly long run of 8.6 sound fine, but if you can increase that by a mile a week it would do wonders for your endurance. You've obviously got the speed there already!

I think the ballot is random, though conspiracy theories abound ...

QQ, I have been known to accelerate, crash and burn before now, so I'm not going to make a habit of packing quite so much training into so few days until marathon training is well under way! I have limited opportunities to get long runs in before Abingdon, and yesterday was one of them. There'll be too much going on domestically for me to do more than slip out for a short run during the weekend.

I'm hoping not to burn out this time because I'm not wasting energy on "cross-training" activities which don't contribute anything to my running.
29/09/2006 at 13:57
In case I don't get near the computer between now and Sunday ...

QQ, hope you run a storming time at Macclesfield :o)

HRR, all the best for your 10k. I broke 40 minutes for 5 miles in training just days before doing a 10k time that was beyond my most optimistic dreams, and you've been faster before now so I'm sure you'll do well :o)

LS, hope the east coast breeze doesn't blow your golf balls away. I know what it can be like - I lived in Dundee for 5 years. And I hope you win, of course :o)

Everyone else, enjoy your races, runs, tapers or whatever.

My knee's niggling today. Serves me bloody well right for doing too much this week. I've got indoor climbing tomorrow afternoon and hope to be excused domestic-goddess duties for long enough to do a gentle 5-6 miler sometime during the day.
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