FLM 09 - 4.20 or there abouts.

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13/05/2010 at 13:34
Hi Runsout, good to hear you made it sorry it didnt go quite to plan, but at least you still enjoyed it!

Sarah, Abingdon was fully booked, doh! so wont be doing that. Not sure Nadine was very keen on me training through summer either so it will be another spring mara for me next year.

You will be fine in Riga. You were flying at Cranleigh and hour mile times were quicker in that than I ran at London!!

Happy running all
13/05/2010 at 13:41
Adrian, if it was 20 or 21 miles I would be ok, it's those 5 last miles I am worried about. I guess it's after Dublin but I just have to be a lot more sensible about my pacing and getting it right. I could do with you to pace make me It seems like you ran consistently at London so well done on that. Yep am thinking another spring one too. Can't find one later in the year that I can do. And maybe this time i will do all the training I am meant to (ha ha yeah right!). Hopefully see you at Cranleigh next year then

Have the legs recovered now? What other races are you thinking of doing? I am going to do a few 5km and 10km races and then aim to run a PB at the Cardiff half in October.
20/07/2010 at 13:39
Thought I would confirm that I am due to run in 2011 - I deferred this year due to injury.  Anyone else do this?  Or is everyone waiting for the ballot result?
16/08/2010 at 15:09
Great news Richard. I'm waiting for the ballot result, then if need be might try and get a club place. Bit undecided at the moment as might do a half ironman triathlon instead. I've got the bug this year for tri.

Riga didn't go according to plan as it was about 23 degrees and ended up doing 4.05 after going through halfway in about 1.52 I think. There was also about 5k of cobbles throughout the race I ran the whole thing though and just tried to enjoy it.

How is everyone's training going?

Runsout, you're doing New York aren't you? I'm doing Rutland water on the same day. It's not as flat as the organiser said, but never mind. It's all good training/experience. probably won't run a PB as am behind in my training, but the scenery will be great.
17/08/2010 at 13:12
Planning on doing some half marathons this autumn & have signed up to an "half marathon improvers training group" at my running club.  Not sure what to expect but could be interesting!  Hoping that this will increase my speed before london next year.
17/08/2010 at 20:11

Hi people,

School holidays and cricket season have both had their impact on my running...and not for the good! I have managed to keep to my race a month but rather than running 5 days a week I am struggling to get 3 days in at the moment ( saying that I am doing classes...circuits and vew do board). I did take part in the Coast to coast event that is on going ( go to www.coastergb.co.uk if you are interested) and ran 14.7 miles from Walberswick to Aldeburgh.......lovely and a great thing to part of but I wouldn`t recommend running on pebble beaches..I am intending to do some more...probably late in sept or early october , I am awaiting confirmation from the site co-ordinator.

Yes, I am looking forward to New York....well I was until we had our bathrooms decorated ( long story so I won`t go into it but it has inevitably cost us more money than we planned so my New York fund is somewhat depleted! ). Running wise I really need to up the milage as halves and the coast to coast 15 is the furthest I have done since London but motivation for LSR is low..especially in the heat as I really don`t run so well in the heat....I get what I call heat rage!

Like you Sarah, I am entering the world of tri-athlon..my brother is 40 next year and so WE are doing a tri....not quite sure how that happened and not so sure it is wise at the age of 45 but I have my wetsuit now so there is no going back......I have tried swimming...we did the great Marlow river swim and Bournemouth pier to pier and may be doing the Brighton swim although they are talking of postponing that due to adverse weather. .....all this is because we are doing the Great North Swim.I`m afraid I haven`t tried cycling as I hate cycling...terrified of falling off!

Well better go..things to do...speak soon...keep on running as they say x

30/09/2010 at 20:26

Oh well...that`ll be another No then......nice white jacket tho if a little big...thank goodness for New York!

01/10/2010 at 15:38
Hey runout. I've been meaning to message you to see how training is going for NY. I'm meant to be doing Rutland Water on the same day, but I haven't done any real long runs and now my knee is paying up so not sure about doing it.

You should definitely do a tri. I love it Was gutted about the GNS getting cancelled but had a nice weekend away anyway and my friend found another swim at Capernwray dive centre and had a car so we went there instead.

I didn't get in either Will try for a club place if they have one but not getting my hopes up.
06/10/2010 at 12:45
I am in - did anyone get a place?
19/11/2010 at 11:46
Hi people....sorry to have neglected you but have been busy as you will know training for NY...it was fab..had a great time, enjoyed every minute....( all 4.30 of them!). it was very cold and we were at the start very early as the bridge to the start at Statten Island closed at 7 ( the race started at 10 and I was in wave 2 which started at 10.20 i think! I didn,t push myself but i did keep going slowing down for drinks as I am rubbish at drinking from cups on the go and I was tempted by the bananas after 17 miles but resisted as have never eaten during a race before...
I have never been in a race with such diversity of nationalities.....I stopped on Queensborough bridge to rebandage an Italian mans leg..he obviously had a knee problem and the bandage had slipped and he was really struggling...I don't speak Italian but I think he was grateful! The only I missed was the fancy dress...hardly anyone wore it....no tomato┬žs or spongBob Squarepants in sight! The crowd was amazing and a huge welcome made at each of the boroughs we ran through and of course the thrill of having your name called is always a boost.
All in all I would recommend it to anyone....I managed to enjoy the sights of NY with my hubby both before and after the race and I think all the walking and sightseeing afterwards probably helped ease the legs...I was fine as long as we stuck to level ground...not so hot coming down steps and tricky going up so Empire State building was out of bounds on the monday but managed it tuesday before flying home
Still hopeful of a place for London either through a club ballot or possibly charity silver bond rather than gold but if not will be there cheering you all on and will do Windermere instead. Am doing Cannes to Nice next Novemeber if anyone is interested...sounds scenic and hubby is up for a weekend in the south of france!
Take care and keep on running!
07/12/2010 at 19:17


I have a place for London.....total surprise.....and now I have booked Rome had to think long and hard about whether I can do it as there is only a few weeks between the two but after much thought and discussion I have decided I can do them both as long as I take it easy and am not trying to break any records....! realy really excited by the prospect at the moment but no doubt will be dreading it when the time comes!

The weather has really curbed my running habits of late...not because of the snow but more due to very icey roads and bitterly cold winds..thankfully I am still able to go to spin classes and swimming at my local gym and I have my Vew do board ( a balance board) so I am still active. I have a half marathon sunday which looking at the weather should still be on so I do really need to get out..Sadly my running partner is really struggling both physically and mentally at the moment and has pulled out of sunday and is seriously considering pulling out of London too ...I am doing my best to keep him going...any ideas on reclaiming your running mojo??????

Trust you are all well, have a great Christmas... x

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