FLM 2009 are you in?

Any one in today 2nd October?

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05/10/2008 at 14:48

I'm in  No. 12,509

4th time lucky.


05/10/2008 at 15:19

I've been rejected again this year, that makes it 9 rejections out of 9 ballot applications. 

 Anyone else been this unlucky???

 I ran it in 2005 after the five rejections in a row.  Now look forward to a guaranteed place in 2011 (provided I get my ballot application in on time for 2010 - nearly missed it this year as was in hospital after having a baby!  I was a bit out of the loop and didn't realise you had to do it online - thought I had til August to get the paper entry in). 

I think Begsie has a point about bequeathing and it's perhaps horrid to say but I'm not going to bother next year.  I've bequeathed every year so the cynic in me says I'm worth more to them being constantly rejected than being accepted.   The amount I've paid in rejected fees over 9 years I could have almost bought myself a bonded place!!

Good luck to all you who have got a place and commiserations to those of you in my position.

05/10/2008 at 16:50

IM in hahahahahahahahah

been tryin for years on and off


05/10/2008 at 18:59

Swittle did the liverpool 10k today (5/10/08) was a good run found it hard for the first 2 miles, then settled down.  Was happy with 1 hour 5 mins as not done much training due a cold.  Was nice day sun came out was nice in the park. 

Rachael stupid question from me I guess you mean Wednesday 8th?

05/10/2008 at 19:44
That's a very impressive time, Sarah and I'm glad you enjoyed your day. Bet you'll break the hour soon

The sunshine you had certainly cheered up runners in the two Sandstone Trail races in Cheshire today. I went for the shorter, 10-mile version but the rain over the past week had done its worst and the 5 ploughed fields, 1 after another, did for my legs
05/10/2008 at 20:07
No for me
05/10/2008 at 20:09
Wow im in and will be running FLM 2009 the delightful news arrived Sat morning
05/10/2008 at 23:59
*fingers crossed postman delivers me some good news tomorrow*
06/10/2008 at 09:39
I bequeathed and the post has arrived today (Monday) and still no news. Is anyone else in the same boat ?

Is the accepted post sent out alphabetically ?
06/10/2008 at 10:32
5th rejection for me. So 2010 it is then, even have a GFA as backup now - no way they'll be able to keep me out next time!!
06/10/2008 at 10:47

I'm in too! For all those doubting bequeathing (which included me), my acceptance form said I was rejected in the main ballot but had been one of the 1000 drawn from the bequestors list. This was my third year of trying, I had bequeathed every year and was not planning to do so next year if rejected again. However I will now carry on bequeathing in future for this extra chance!

 Happy training everyone......

06/10/2008 at 10:59
I'm still waiting and I bequeathed.....
06/10/2008 at 13:33
Still no magazine today...I didn't bequeath but hoping to get in on the ballot at the fourth attempt. So frustratated at the wait, and called the FLM number on their website. They think that everybody should receive acceptance/rejection magazines by Wednesday at the latest. They will will then have a database available to call and check with them if still any issues. Also tried calling my bank to see if any payment due out tomorrow on the credit card, but they can't tell me!!! aaaargghhhh the waiting is torture
06/10/2008 at 17:42
Kevin I have done the same with my bank for passed week, but they been just the same as yours.  Rang the FLM office this afternoon and got told I should have the mag by Wendesday.  It is complete torture, fingers crossed we hear tomorrow.
06/10/2008 at 17:55
Just quick question for those lucky enough to have got in FLM 09.  Has your money been taken out of your accounts yet?  Just wondering with it being the 7th tomorrow, which is the end of the agreement on Wordpay.  Also those who aren't in does your agreement still say operational??  Thanks for any help.
06/10/2008 at 19:32
Still waiting.
06/10/2008 at 20:43
im in and im well pleased this will be my 4th flm bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/10/2008 at 21:02
I'm in 2nd year through the ballot and i have never bequethed as always ran for a charity. Good luck to you all.
07/10/2008 at 10:50
Still bleedin' waiting here too .

Stephen R wrote (see)

David Birrell http://www.justgiving.com/davebirrell wrote (see)
Anyone know what happens to the deferred places?

I have a deferred place and the "Congratulations" mag arrived on Friday, same as the people who won a place in the ballot.

Only worrying thing was the Acceptance Form, which has on it  "SEX :  U".  What does that mean?  Undecided?  Last time I looked I was a Male!  Definitely marked the right box on the form.

Thanks Stephen, I was thinking of the places that become available in the current race when someone defers?
Searso wrote (see)

i have received my acceptance mag, but im not sure whether to be happy or offended.  The FLM seems to have decided that i'm a female!! 

 They have clearly seen the pics of my pained expression around 22miles in my previous outing!

Just a suggestion guys but - get your hair cut?
07/10/2008 at 17:27
Well rang up today again as still no mag, spoke with a lady on Tuesday and she reassured me that my address was correct and would be sent up north to me.  Well spoke with the a guy today who said it had gone to my old address down south (the lady lied ) The address had been changed with them 2 weeks after applying this year as got made redundant so moved back home.Anyway I am not in this year, the guy said they'd send me the mag out but already looked at my dad's so no need for it.  Onwards and upwards to Edinburg instead and will try again for London next year, when the Richard chap has got his mucky hands on it all.2007 - not in2008 - in2009 - not in

Well done on those who got through and big sorry and maybe next year to those who didn't.

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